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Mateo Nolan
Prince of Marina
Bed Chambers.

Evelina ( AnimeGenork AnimeGenork ).
Honestly? Mateo wanted to just place that comfortable satin-cased pillow on his face again. God, it was so comfortable.

He watched as his wife, wow that had a weird ring to it, pranced away from him and into the bathroom so she could get ready. He couldn't help but adore the way she flustered at his touch, the way her cheeks turned red with every kiss he planted on her skin. Her soft skin. How her eyes shone when he thanked her. Mateo could not help but wonder where she came from, and what was her background. How did it feel to finally start living the life of a princess?

As she disappeared behind the oak doors of the bathroom, Mat slowly rubbed the sleep out of his face, already feeling the sharpness in his head subside just a little bit. With a swift movement, he got himself up and let his pants drop to his ankles, kicking it off to the side. "What to fucking wear," he muttered before he went to analyse the packed suits he had hung near the mirror. He hated the suits but he knew his butler was under strict orders from his father to keep him looking prim and proper. What an ass. Controlling his life even though he was not here. With a sour taste in his mouth, she unzipped the cover of the suit took out the black pants, and slipped it on.

He looked at himself in the mirror, leaning in to check his gorgeous face was still picture-perfect as ever, a smirk dancing on his lips. Running a hand or two through his golden blonde hair so he could slick it back, scanning every corner. He was brought back by a soft knock from the... bathroom? With a twirl of the head, he noticed it was Evelina coming from the bathroom. Mateo could not help but chuckle, "This is your room too, you know princess."

Taking the white button-up shirt, he swayed it around him, shrugging it on his torso as he listened to her next question, "For sure, I am quite starving now."

His fingers danced around the buttons upward leaving half of it open which was more his signature style after all. He lowered his pants a bit, tucking the rest of his shirt inside to appear somewhat neat. Zipping and buttoning, he secured the leather belt around his waist. As she mentioned the aspirin he nodded, "I doubt I will need it but it would be safe to have some handy in case my head decides to be a little son of a gun, hmm?"

He commented with a small laugh, he slipped on his shoes and went to do the most tedious part of the fit, the damn cufflinks area. He tried to button the buttons around his wrist only managing to do one side. He gave out a loud groan before deciding to leave it as is, "You know what... screw it."

Turning on his heels, he opened his arms and extended them warmly to Evelina, "My my, you are stunning, darling." He gently took her hand and slowly twirled her around as if showing a room filled with people. "Time to grace the dining with our presence then, before the others empty the tables," Mateo motioned towards the door leading to the outside corridor and opened the door, lifting his arm so she could loop hers through so they could motion out.

If only mother dearest could see him now.
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Frederick Edwards
boyish prince
dining hall
food time!
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N/A ; Diane
Freddie nodded enthusiastically. “We should definitely do a large family meeting! My mother would love to meet yours, I’m sure, and the siblings can distract each other while we endure the classic parental interrogation.” He may have been new to marriage, but he wasn’t new to the idea of parents getting their children’s business. He’d seen it plenty with Tommy’s attempts at preteen dating. “If you want, you can even invite them to the castle in Daintree whenever they want to visit. I’d hate to keep you from them just because we’re married.” Freddie laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck. He really hoped he was being a good husband, offering that. Because he was sincere—separating her from her family just because they were married? That wasn’t a life!

But man, did Freddie feel like a lucky man. Not only did she actually hold his hand (!!!), she actually giggled at what he’d said. It was a self-confidence boost after an entire morning of self-doubt and awkwardness. He really was such a lucky guy for having married such a sweet girl.

The flip side to this boost in what little ego Freddie has was that he was prone to rambling Diane’s ear off before they even reached the dining hall. He at least had the courtesy to say “Please tell me if you want me to stop” before he started in earnest. If they hadn’t been holding hands, maybe she would’ve had more of a chance to run away beforehand.

“The Four Kingdoms Castle was built for special events that involve all four kingdoms. For the most part, it’s used for diplomatic state meetings between kingdom ambassadors and the Four Kingdoms Ball. I’ve only been here a couple times other than the ball—it’s like a rite of passage for royal heirs to come here while training to become king or queen. I think they have us here because there’s never been a whole quadruple wedding thing before, and I guess they wanted us to all get to know each other? It’s comforting being around other young newlywed couples, I guess.”

Over the course of his rambling, they reached the dining hall. The first couple there, in fact. Choosing a chair at random, Freddie pulled it out as his father had taught him and gestured to it. “My lady.” He smiled and sat in the chair beside it, waiting for the other married couples to arrive so breakfast could be served. “Sorry about all the rambling—my mother has told me before I sometimes forget to let silence do all the talking.”

As breakfast drifted closer, Freddie inhaled deeply. “Mm, breakfast smells really good. This will give us plenty of energy for that castle tour.” He stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth and rubbed his stomach, as he often did to make his littlest brothers laugh. Hopefully it would work on Diane, too.

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evelina volkov
orphan cinderella
dining hall
amazed & timid
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Frederick & Diane ; Mateo
Even though the title was accurate, Evelina still wasn’t used to the idea that she was a princess. And, well, she knew she had been a bit silly to knock within her own room. A tint of blush rose to her cheeks as she twirled a strand of hair around her finger. “I-I know, but I didn’t want to interrupt if you were still changing.” Which he was. She kept her eyes glued to her feet as he finished putting on his shirt.

She drifted over to the bottle of aspirin and pocketed it. “Then I’ll bring it just in case.” Her head tilted as she watched him struggle with his cufflinks, wringing her hands. She wanted to help him out, but she’d never helped anyone with cufflinks before. Maybe she’d have to learn how to fasten them in case he needed it later. It was the least she could do.

Having been shunned by just about everyone in her life, Evelina wasn’t used to anyone holding their arms out for her. She stepped slowly toward him, waiting for the moment when he’d realize that maybe she wasn’t actually worth the attention. But then he was complimenting her and twirling her, and she felt her cheeks flare red. “W-well, you’re, um, looking very nice, too.”

Taking a deep, calming breath at the thought of meeting other people, she linked her arm through his, a warm feeling rising up through her chest. This was… nice. It was nice to finally have someone not pull away from her the moment she got close—even initiate said closeness! Maybe this marriage thing had been just what she needed to finally feel wanted. That is, if Mateo still wanted her.

She hoped he did.

Most of the walk to the dining hall was spent with Lina craning her neck as she took in the enormous ceilings and the elegant decorations. She’d heard of this castle, of course, but before the ball, she’d never been inside. Even during the ball, she hadn’t realized there were bedrooms in the castle, though it made sense, considering the castle’s purpose. Now she was going to staying here? The idea that she was a princess now was becoming a little easier to register the more she experienced it.

Upon stepping into the dining hall, Lina saw there was already another pair there. Her voice squeaked out a hello, her hand tightening on Mateo’s arm. Should she sit next to the other girl? Would that be rude? Or across from them? She wasn’t sure if there was a protocol to breakfast like there was surely a protocol to other things for royals.

Helplessly, she glanced up at Mateo for assistance. He knew what to do, right?

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Maisie Korlov
The Unlucky Cinderella
Dining Hall
Brekkie time

izayoiix izayoiix

Maisie's cheeks reddened at the compliment. Of course, Will was supposed to compliment her- that's what married couples did. She smiled as she looped an arm around his.

"I feel a tad underdressed," Maisie admitted. She cursed herself for not asking a friend to borrow some nicer clothes. Noelle would have done so in a heartbeat...if she wasn't a million miles away. "You look amazing, the outfit suits you well." She figured he had an image to keep up with. It only made sense he would need to dress up for a royal breakfast. And then she would meet her new family.

Maisie let her mind wander a bit as they walked down the halls towards where they would be eating. The palace was truly a sight she never would have thought she'd see. It had the elegance she always read about in books, it was almost too beautiful for words. Maisie thought back to the ball, and the events leading up to it. Her parents had left her to clean the mess that had been a product of a nasty drunken fight that morning. She'd heard there had been a ball happening and had expressed the want to go. But the dream had been shut down almost as quickly as it had been created.

She wasn't sure why she had left her new life for her old one, maybe she wanted to believe her parents loved her. It hadn't taken them long after her return to go back to their old ways. They isolated her, punished her for the smallest things. Maisie had been forbidden to get a job. She hadn't left that rundown house in weeks and was starting to think she would die there.

And then there was a knock at the door.

Originally, she believed it to be her parents or one of their friends. But the knock persisted until her curiosity had gotten the best of her. She hadn't expected a fairy godmother to be at the door. While she had been acutely aware of magical beings existing, Maisie never believed she would experience magic personally.

She never in her wildest dreams thought she would be dressed in a beautiful gown and attending the ball. Past Maisie would have scoffed if she heard she would meet the love of her life and become a princess overnight.

Maisie wasn't even sure she fully believed herself right now. This all felt like something out of a beautiful dream and she was scared she was going to wake up at any moment.

"What are your siblings like, hm?" She looked up at Will, her eyes full of curiosity. She wanted to know how it felt to have siblings, to have a semi-normal family. Maisie had been so caught up in her thoughts, she almost didn't realize they had entered the dining hall. She briefly locked eyes with the other couples before looking up at Will. "I'll um...I'll follow you."

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diane kim
the optimistic cinderella
dining hall
hungry, optimistic

frederick AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
Thankfully, her new husband seemed to be very lighthearted. He was definitely a family guy, something that definitely spoke to her, and he was trying his hardest to make her laugh, make sure she was comfortable. It was nice to be treated as if she was something to be treasured...to be cared for. She was so used to caring for everyone around her, she had forgotten what it was like to be looked after.

It was refreshing.

Diane couldn't help but smile as she gave his hand a thankful squeeze, trying to convey how grateful she was for his efforts. She appreciated the care. And the little peak into how royal life operated. She'd had a vague idea before, but seeing as she was now a...princess? She'd definitely have to learn more.

"Thank you, I'd...I'd love to have them over..." she agreed. "I'll admit, that was what I was worried about before the...marriage. Not being able to see my siblings." she explained. "This is all just...very new, it'll take some getting used to." she smiled, hoping to reassure him that she had no regrets. She was just a little unsteady at the moment, but she'd get there. She'd figure it out.

She always did.

As they entered the dining hall, she smiled as Freddie pulled a chair out for her. Diane smiled, gratefully, getting herself comfortable as her fingers gently tangled with the hem of her skirt. The smell coming from the kitchens was definitely enticing. As someone who spent most of her days in a kitchen, she was definitely looking forward to trying something from what should be one of the best kitchens in the kingdoms.

"Yeah, it definitely smells amazing." she laughed softly, agreeing with him. "I'm sure it will!" she perked up, thinking of the tour she was promised. Something nice and easy to look forward to, to ease her way into learning to be...royal 101.
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william nolan
the uncaring prince
dining hall

maisie Aeris Aeris mateo revalia revalia evelina, frederick AnimeGenork AnimeGenork diane @me
Will wanted to wince at her first words as he re-entered the room. She'd noticed the different styles of their clothes. He wished it was different, not wanting to make her uncomfortable, but unfortunately things kept making their first morning together so awkward.

"Yeah, uh...sorry." he mumbled. "Thanks....Sorry, just...old habits, expectations..." he trailed off trying to explain, though he feared he was only making things worse. "It's not a big deal, I just...only own certain types of clothes..." he paused. "I'm not making this better am I..." he sighed.

At Maisie's request to learn about his siblings, he tilted his head, trying to think on what he should say. He had three, all younger, and they were all a pain in his ass. Don't get him wrong, Will loved his siblings, and he did his best to look out for them but good lord if they didn't annoy him half to death. The thought made his lips quirk up, he hadn't been away long, but he already missed their rambunctious actions.

"Well, there's three. All younger. Well, four if you want to include Mateo, you probably saw him yesterday. He's my cousin, from Marina." he began. "There's Matthew, he's next in line. Bit proper, more studious then I'd ever be, much to my parents pleasure. But he's a good kid. Lilian, she's the only girl, spoiled beyond belief. She's a spitfire and a half, don't let her sweet and innocent act fool you when you guys meet." he chuckled.

Talking about his siblings always managed to loosen his tongue. Hopefully he wasn't rambling too much, boring Maisie. She had asked, so surely she wasn't getting bored? He cleared his throat, catching sight of the doors leading to the dining hall. Almost there then.

"Tobias is the youngest, he's the baby of the family to be honest. He's a good kid, an angel compared to the rest of us honestly. he described, his smile becoming more relaxed and open. The one thing that always worked to relax him, working again.

As they made their way to the door, he paused, opening it for her, waiting till they were both inside before he stood next to Maisie once again. He raised a brow at the other two couples already inside. He was surprised to see Mateo, seeing as it was still considered breakfast time.

"You're still alive, then?" he announced his and Maisie's presence, directing the words to his cousin. "The way you were drinking last night, I would've thought you'd still be unconscious." he smirked. Glancing at the two other women and the other prince in the room, he looked back at Maisie. "Maisie, this is the cousin I mentioned, Mateo Nolan. Otherwise, I'll be honest....I don't remember the rest of your names." he ended with a shrug.

Blonde hair...huh.
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Eleanor Matthews
Abused Cinderella
We should all have name tags
Eleanor grinned as he laughed with her but her expression quickly softened as he spoke, a small blush spilling onto her cheeks as she lowered her head for a moment to look at the floor before looking back up at him with a smile on her lips and her eyes widened slightly almost in soft wonder "Thank you" she practically squeaked before clearing her throat to change the conversation.

If she was being completely honest, Isaiah's compliment had completely thrown her and she found her hands anxiously moving towards her hair in seek of comfort. She wasn't used to compliments, to have someone completely happy to be in her presence and even go as far as call her beautiful, it was uncommon and just reminded her of how vastly her life was going to change. No more insults, no more things thrown at her, she was going to be happy and royalty and yet it all still felt so delicate as though one wrong move could crumble this idealistic life she had stumbled into.

Eleanor forced herself from her thoughts as she stepped forward towards Isaiah "you look very handsome as well" she commented as the grin found its way back onto her expression as she briefly looked him over. "Right I suppose we better go for breakfast" as she spoke, Eleanor twirled in her spot and began walking towards the door.

"Oh I hope there's pancakes, they're my favorite breakfast food." Her arm linked his as they walked down the corridor towards the dining hall. "What's your dream breakfast?" she asked him turning her head slightly to look up at him briefly before focusing on the walk ahead of them. She was pretty sure she had fallen somewhere around here last night and decided she was better off not reenacting that this morning and so she kept her eyes trained ahead.

The voices talking in the dining hall could be heard from about half way down the hall and Eleanor couldn't decide if she was happy or not with being the last ones to arrive. She just hoped they hadn't waited too long on them but as they walked through the big doors it became obvious that most people were only arriving also.

"Morning" she greeted to the room as they entered. She scanned the room, taking in all the faces as she tried her hardest to remember their names but found herself drawing a blank. Her eyes landed on two blonde men talking to each other and as she looked over the slightly smaller of the two she felt something strange, a sense of familiarity and something else that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She bit her lip as she forced her eyes of the mysterious man and looked back towards Isaiah.
Isaiah Cole
Prince of Salten
the dining room

Ellie neverbackdown neverbackdown
Isaiah blushed softly as Eleanor compliented him as well. He may be used to getting compliments from the people of the kingdom, and girls falling at his feet but since it came from her, the girl that he was going to spend the rest of his life with. He was a little shy, it was like he was never called attractive before or handsome. Still that flutter that was to come with someone you love, even crushing on never came. All he felt was a warmth, and sense of protective instinct in the girl who was shyly looking away from him. He swore from that day on, that no one would hurt her not when he was here. That he only wanted to see a smile on that sweet beautiful girl's face. It was like he felt a need to protect her from the world. He smiled softly at her as he nodded following her out the door.

As they headed towards breakfast, he listened as she pointed out that she hoped that they had pancakes as they were her favorite breakfast food, he made sure to remember that for future notes. He chuckled softly at her question as she put her arm through his. "My dream breakfast is waffles, well blueberry waffles. We grow them fresh in our garden. " He said softly to her as they walked. "I don't eat that much meat for breakfast so I skip the meat for the fruit salad and maybe a yogurt." He adds on as he thinks about it. He took after his father in this aspect, as his father wasn't a major fan of meat either. He wasn't a vegetarian by any means but he wouldn't mind non-meat plate either. Isaiah was the very same. His mother, on the other hand, was a major fan of meat. It was weird, he remembered an argument that he saw between them about this subject. It got so bad that even the cook who was a good friend of his parents, ended up telling them both to shut it. He remembered laughing with his siblings as his parents were scolded for having such a stupid argument. "Let me get the door." He told her softly as they approached the dining room hearing voices already coming from it.

Isaiah honestly didn't care if he was the last one to the party, the less he had to interact with the other princes, the better. They may have all grown up with each other, but none of them truly knew each other. Aside from maybe the cousins. Plus he wasn't technically the firstborn, he was the second youngest, and the third in line but as a rule in the kingdom, the oldest doesn't always have to take the throne, and since both of his older brothers didn't want to take the throne, it left it to him. He wasn't about to subject his baby sister to that bullshit that was politics. But since he was the third son, he didn't hang around the others that much growing up. It was mainly his brothers who hung around them during the balls and meetings. He opened the door for her as she walked in, saying morning. He sighed softly as he walked in as well, glancing at the table and stopping at the brown-haired woman by Prince Fredrick. It was like he knew her from somewhere. He softly shook his head before saying "Good morning."

He took Eleanor's hand softly, as they walked to the table. Pulling out a chair for her, waiting until she was seated, and pushing it in softly. As he took the seat beside her. He waited for breakfast to be served. Isaiah noticed that she was slightly nervous and took her hand and whispered to her so the others wouldn't hear him "If you want to leave early or anything, take my hand and squeeze. Even if you just want to hold my hand, I'm right here ok?" He told her softly as he softly squeezed her hand. Damn royal conduct or whatever, his job was simply to take care of the girl beside him.

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Mateo Nolan
Prince of Marina
Bed Chambers.
Relieved, Flirty, Hungry...

Evelina/Fredrick AnimeGenork AnimeGenork , William/Diane izayoiix izayoiix , Maisie Aeris Aeris , Eleanor neverbackdown neverbackdown , Isaiah r e i r e i .
Upon the next sentence that his princess muttered, he blinked twice, "I appreciate the kind consideration for my privacy but please... feel free to interrupt any time you deem fit." The blonde continued to struggle against the contraption known as cufflinks as he shot her a flirtatious smirk with his signature one-eyebrow-raised smile, enhancing his chiseled jaw which was quite a Nolan trait to have. The prince was so not used to keeping himself up on his mantle that privacy was not something he loved to withhold. Especially to his princess now. He would hate to disappoint any given pleasurable chances he may get to explore with her any time soon. Being considerate about walking on him naked was something that he did not want her to be troubled with. Evelina was different from the females he courted and heck even males. They never let their eyes peel off any inch of his exposed skin. Heck if he did not know any better he would have been offended.

First wedding night jitters and whatnot.

Mateo could not help but chuckle as his fingers danced along his buttons, leaving the top three unbuttoned for aesthetics purposes, "You can look you know, out of all the ladies I would hate to think I am not a pleasant sight for my wife.". Wife... that felt weird being said willingly by the young playboy prince. Following his comment and readiness, he sauntered towards her, lifting her icy blue gaze to his own sea blue one by her chin resting on his index finger. He needed to try and make her feel more comfortable with him. Many depicted him as a prince running around from one bed to the other without a care in the world. The blonde female in front of him, as much as marriage was against his morals, was his princess and his mother always emphasized treating a lady right. For heaven's sake up there, it was because of his departed mother he was in this mess and so, he needed to continue playing by her rules.

"Thank you by the way," a pointed finger aimed at her pockets where the familiar bottle that cured his booming headaches, "For the... pills, I mean.". He patiently waited for Evelina to loop her arm through his so he could proceed with escorting them toward the fine dining room that awaiting them. Bowing his head to the compliment she struck him with, "I do well to compliment you after all," he proceeded to sling his fair share of compliments to keep her on her toes a little bit. The woman in front of him was not subjected to much physical affection or compliments from the few conversations he had with her this morning. It was sad, honestly. Mateo would be blind if he said she was not attractive... she was blonde on top which scored her extra points. That being said, he was trying his utmost not to objectify her. No, not Evelina. She was not some common whore, escort, or bar wench he usually found running around, after all.

The more they approached the dining room, the more that sweet scent of both savory and sweet breakfast options cooking in that kitchen, the more his stomach was clawing his insides for some food. Taking aspirin on an empty stomach was usually a bad move for him but he was desperate to enjoy his first breakfast as a newlywed. That and also knowing there were other princes and princesses in the same predicament that he would love to mingle with. A quadruple wedding in the Four Kingdom's Castle? That was a golden spectacle for the common folk. For Mateo, it was another excuse to get hella botched and drunk... not to mention hitched. Literally. Noticing Evelina's awe at the palace, he smiled, "So? I take it you are not from a royal background, are you? This castle is a bit overkill for my taste but they definitely love to go extra for special occasions, if you know what I mean.". He can't quite put a finger on it but he got this feeling he had seen Evelina before. Was she from Marina? Did he ever court her? Not that he would ever remember...

As the pair entered the dining hall with a push of a door, they were greeted by a loving couple who were more in their senses than Mateo ever was but they seemed to compliment each other well. Apart from the courting actions that seemed excessive for Mateo's taste, it was one way to do it. It would do good for the young prince to take some notes. Mateo gave the male and female a gentle bow of the head to bid them a good morning. Giving the gorgeous brunette a longer bow instead of giving the courtesy of kissing the palm of her hand upon encounter. It was a short while till he heard a familiar male voice coming shortly behind them. The voice addressing him confirmed his suspicion, "Alive is a close call, my brother. Lovely to see you did not suffocate, either," he kidded ever so briefly letting go of Evelina to shake his cousin's hand and pull him into a bro hug, patting him on the back. Once he let go, he turned to loop Lina's hand through his arm again, securing his return to her. The comment mainly arose as the Nolans were known for their free-range lifestyle. Neither males were expected to put a ring on a female's finger, to say the least.

Seeing William with a shy and beautiful brunette on his arm, he couldn't help but give him a cocky smirk, "A-ha, this must be my new cousin-in-law, then," he took his vacant hand and grasped the brunette's hand, "Mateo, pleasure is mine, Maisie," and with that he kept his eyes locked with hers as he placed a soft kiss on Maisie's hand before lowering it again. He returned the common gesture of introducing them to his wife, turning the attention ever so subtly towards her, "Evelina, this is my nonchalant cousin, William, and his wife Maisie. Will, Maisie, this is my wife, Evelina," still that felt quite weird to say, rolling off his tongue. If Will caught his gaze, he would sense that thoroughly. Especially when he noticed that his cousin's wife's style was so different from their own. The glance towards his cousin spoke wonders to the other platinum blonde. Mateo was not one to judge but as much as the Nolan 'twins' shrugged off their formalities, they were ingrained to keep appearances. Thankfully, he did not encounter that issue.

Catching Evelina's silent cry for help through her tightened grip on his bicep whilst he was in mid-conversation now, he gently placed his other available hand on top of hers to soothe her with assurance, closing his eyes briefly as if saying that it would be okay and she can simply follow his lead through all of this royal chitter-chatter and what not, a nod of assurance if she may. "Shall we proceed to the table?" he smiled down to Lina before escorting her to the table opposite the first couple that had sat down earlier. The overly courteous couple. He paused for a good two seconds before he noticed how most males took out the chair for their lady and so he did. Gently placing her hand down, he slid the chair for her to sit and slowly pushed it closer to the table so she could sit snuggly on the broadened table. Mateo always hated how unnecessarily long and broad these tables were. It would not do good for a drunken prince to keep raising his voice to get his message across.

Looking back to his cousin, he jerked his head towards the empty chair beside him so that he and his new cousin-in-law could sit beside them. He needed his partner-in-crime by his side. In all of the people within the Four Kingdoms, he was the only familiarity he had from his life. He needed William.

He tugged slightly at his button-up shirt to sit down freely with a hand over his abdomen as he did. Noticing that opposite where now William and the brunette were to be seated, was now occupied by another couple. He was still getting into grips with his bearings that he did not notice them. He knew roughly the princes in this room, excluding William. He knew William like the back of his hand as they practically grew up together. But the two males in front of him, since he was not a ball kind of man, he wasn't one to mingle with them. Mateo did vaguely recognize the darker-toned male sitting next to the blonde female.

That blonde female. Mateo found his gaze linger on her for a tad bit much than comfort. Not even realizing. The gaze followed her till the mystery blonde sat down at the pleasantries of her husband. Her voice brought him back to the dining hall before he addressed her good morning, "Good Morning, you two seemed to have quite the night. How were all your evenings at the lovely Four Kingdoms Castle, aye?" Mateo addressed the rest of the table's occupants in an ever so amused tone as if it was a big deal act. In reality, he recognized the clenching of the head and those hooded eyes anywhere. The later blonde was hungover. She had the same look Mateo was trying desperately to hide.

She was vaguely familiar to him, especially from last night's events. In reality, he was quite doozy so the blonde could have easily been his wife. But if she was, he wished he had the swift drunk recovery she had. His wife, yes. Mateo remembered she was right by his side before he cleared his throat, facing his princess now, "So, what do you feel like having, darling? Sweet or Savoury? Unless you want to ditch the menu and have me," he kidded under his breath not to embarrass her but his cousin probably heard that from beside him.

Mateo needed a good recharge of food before he could mingle with the other parties on the table.
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Frederick Edwards
boyish prince
dining hall
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Siblings ; Diane, Eleanor & Isaiah (sorta), Maisie & William (ish), Mateo & Evelina (a little more than others)
It was all good and well that he was getting himself all settled and comfortable with Diane, because naturally he was going to be massively uncomfortable with the rest of the couples joining them for breakfast. Not that he doubted all the royal parents, but what were they thinking with all this? Sure, it was nice having others who were new at this around, but so many? Yeesh. But he supposed if he was going to officially be king soon, he might as well get used to socializing and being polite. That sort of stuff.

Freddie tried to calm himself down by pouring himself a glass of water already on the table. Taking a sip, he watched the Nolan cousins greet each other. How lovely for them to have gotten married at the same time. At least they knew someone else. Though he didn’t know them well personally, he at least remembered their names. His parents had made it a point of making sure he remembered the names of the other royals of the Four Kingdoms—something about decorum and always greeting other royalty and nobility by their names. Just saying “Your Highness” wouldn’t cut the mustard. And, well, considering all his siblings, he had a knack for remembering many names.

Was he offended that the favor was not returned by William of Faydin? Not in the slightest. Though, he would be the first to admit there was a twinge of annoyance. Just a twinge. Guy looked too scary for Freddie to say that out loud, though. Raising two fingers and nodding courteously, Freddie said, “No worries. Frederick, call me Freddie.” He gestured magnanimously to Diane. “And this is my beautiful wife, Diane.”

The fourth couple weren’t quite as forthcoming, but in all fairness, it seemed the blonde was nervous about this whole thing. Then again, Frederick was well aware that Isaiah wasn’t much for talking. Hopefully Daintree and Salten’s relationship wouldn’t suffer because he wasn’t sure how to talk to him… But enough politics! Since Freddie was all too familiar with nerves this morning, he simply chose to bow his head to Isaiah and his wife in turn (maybe he’d get to at least learn her name at some point?).

Not that he was eavesdropping or anything, but as Freddie poured a glass of water for Diane—surely she was parched from all the tension in the air too?—he heard Mateo and William introduce their wives. Something struck him about the name Maisie. He glanced up, cocking his head at the sight of the fidgety brunette. Maybe she lived in Daintree? He couldn’t be sure. There was something familiar about her, though. Maybe he’d just met someone with that name. It was a pretty one. He felt a little bad for her, having married into the Nolan family, but also because she was dressed entirely different from any of the other three. Freddie wouldn’t have personally minded, but he wasn’t sure how William felt about it. Not that any of this was his business.

So anyway. The other girl, Evelina, looked like a frightened deer. She looked like she really needed a hug. Perhaps he’d have to ask one of his siblings to run into her for expressly that purpose. Although, based on Mateo’s not-so-subtlety, he was plenty prepared to give her affection. As much as that thought made him want to spit out his water. Oy. His fault for thinking in that direction.

Taking another sip of water as the Nolans and company finally sat down, Freddie noticed Mateo staring a bit at Isaiah’s wife. Great. Was he going to have to step in for that, too? (Why did he feel the need to take care of everyone around him?) He shot a glance at Diane, wondering if she’d noticed at all, but he wasn’t going to kick up a fuss on the first morning. Instead, as Mateo more officially greeted them all, Freddie smiled. “I went to bed early. Had to check in on my siblings this morning. Advance apologies to anyone who runs into them; they’ll probably be rampaging through the hallways after breakfast.”

“Speaking of… I hope breakfast arrives soon. I’m famished.” He was blatantly ignoring what little he could pick up of Mateo’s flirting, but he also wanted to move on to the official castle tour with Diane. It was so soon after greeting her this morning in full capacity as her husband, but he felt loads more comfortable with her than he did at this table with everyone else.

Yeah, compromise and being polite could wait for after his first full day with Diane.

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evelina volkov
orphan cinderella
dining hall
mentions ; interactions

N/A ; Mateo, William & Maisie (sorta), Eleanor & Isaiah (but not really), Frederick & Diane (not that she talked to them)
Evelina couldn’t really look at Mateo as she admitted, “N-no, definitely not. I, um. I live alone. My parents are gone.” It was the first time she had ever said that out loud, even though she’d been living with that truth for several years now. Still, because so many people around her seemed to despise her upon first meeting, she had not wanted to use pity to get them to like her. It was probably obvious that she was alone and an orphan, right? Until now, she’d barely spent more than a few minutes in the presence of another person who wasn’t a customer or her landlord.

The moment they entered the dining room, she was startled by a voice addressing—oh, not her (why was anyone asking if she was still alive?), but Mateo. Evelina slightly ducked behind her husband as he addressed… uh… oh yes! His cousin! She knew that! She was a native of Marina, so she at least knew the names of the Nolan princes. Sorta. Still, as William approached, Evelina’s eyes widened a bit. It wasn’t the slight similarity to Mateo that surprised her, but rather the fact that he seemed familiar beyond that. But that couldn’t be, unless she’d spotted him out with Mateo at some point? Yes, that was probably it. She didn’t want to seem rude, so she lowered her eyes, only lifting them once he said his wife’s name.

Maisie. So she was her… cousin-in-law, right? Oh, she seemed to be having a hard time with all this, too. Mateo properly introduced them, and Evelina gave Maisie a shy smile. “It’s nice to meet you.” I hope we can be friends. If she hadn’t feared the brunette would run away, Evelina would have said the last part out loud. But she did sincerely hope they could be friends. It would help with the adjustment to have someone else who wasn’t sure how this whole royalty thing worked.

She couldn’t even look at William again despite being introduced. Evelina worried that one wrong look and she’d be in trouble.

As they approached the table, Evelina was already prepared to pull out her own chair, but then Mateo was doing it for her. She blinked, confused for a second, before sinking into the chair and trying not to make a noise at how comfy it was. Much better than the hardback chairs in her tiny apartment. Evelina wasn’t sure what to do with her hands, so she folded her hands neatly in her lap, waiting for breakfast.

The last couple filed in, and Evelina recognized immediately—thanks to Mateo—that the blonde was hungover. Her hand drifted to her pocket, which still held the aspirin, desperately wishing she was closer to her so she could offer some relief from the pain she seemed to be in. She couldn’t tell if her prince, however, would be welcome to such interference. Would he find it rude that Evelina offered to help? Maybe she’d wait until breakfast was more firmly started. It would do the poor girl good to eat before taking any aspirin.

So, yes, she didn’t notice that Mateo was also staring at the girl, so distracted was she by her swirling, anxious thoughts. Her hands began their nervous wringing again, and she shifted her eyes down as she wrestled with her thoughts. She barely noticed the response to Mateo’s greeting from the prince across from her, but then Mateo was addressing her. Evelina really had to get a handle on how easily startled she was this morning. Looking up at him, she turned an intense shade of red at the last part of his question, casting her eyes down once more. Oh God… was this how married couples talked? “U-um…” she began, very eloquently, “S-sweet is just fine. I’m happy with anything, really.”

Right as her stomach started to grumble a bit, finally impatient with the slow progression of things, the other set of doors to the dining room opened. A whole host of servers appeared, placing platters of breakfast foods on the table. Pancakes, scones, biscuits, sausage, hash browns… Evelina’s eyes widened to mini saucers as she took in all of the food. Now her stomach was really grumbling as the delicious smells filled her senses. Gosh, this was more food than she’d ever seen in one place!

“Bon appétit!” one of the servers, presumably the chef, said, before ducking out of the room with the rest. Evelina glanced around the table, not wanting to be the first to partake of the feast before her, but the prince across from her—Frederick, she remembered—reached for a pair of tongs and took a couple of pancakes. Still, she wasn’t sure what the protocol was, so she poured herself a glass of water first, allowing some time for the rest to take some food before she also filled her plate with some pancakes and sausage, as well as some of the delicious hash browns. Glancing around, she spotted one of the syrup boats nearby and poured a little bit on her pancakes. Yummy! Just like her father used to make.

Before she began eating, she made sure to place her napkin on her lap, just in case. One could never be too cautious with maple syrup. She picked up her fork and dug in, an immense and unfamiliar feeling of satisfaction filling her at how delicious the pancake was. The widest smile she’d probably had all morning spread across her face as she murmured, “Yummy.”

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Maisie Korlov
The Unlucky Cinderella
Dining Hall
Oh my god I'm going to cry

William, Evelina, Mateo
izayoiix izayoiix

"It's nice to meet you both," Maisie stood awkwardly next to William as he introduced her to his cousin and wife. A quick sweep of the room only confirmed her previous statement. She wasn't just underdressed, she was severely underdressed.

Her vision blurred as tears threatened to fall. Surely Will was embarrassed to be seen with her. What if he decided to revoke their vows by the end of the day? Could that happen? Maisie wouldn't be mad if he decided they weren't a match after all. It would just add to the list of things that have gone wrong in her 23 years of life.

Maisie's worries were quickly put to the side as Mateo and his wife invited them to sit with them at the table. She reached up to wipe any tears that had fallen before looping an arm around Williams once again.

Her eyes widened at the sheer amount of food that was being brought out to all the couples. Is this how royalty ate every day? She couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy, not just to Will, but all the princes around her. To think while she struggled to learn how to feed herself since she was a child they hadn't had to worry about when their next meal was going to be served to them. It wasn't their fault of course- she knew that. No one has control of the life they are born into, just how you choose to live your life.

"I don't think I've ever seen so much food before!" She turned to her husband, as he was the only one she felt remotely comfortable talking to. "I baked a lot at home, but I could never imagine making this much food!"

She hadn't noticed the brunette prince earlier, as she'd been too in her head. But now, as she poured herself a glass of orange juice, the feeling she knew him from somewhere was painfully obvious. Perhaps she'd seen him on TV? He was a prince after all.

There was another feeling upon seeing him though she couldn't quite place it. She also couldn't explain why her heart skipped a beat when she first saw him.

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diane kim
the optimistic cinderella
dining hall
oh wow, this is...a lot.

freddie AnimeGenork AnimeGenork isaiah r e i r e i
Diane wasn't exactly...surprised as everyone finished filing into the hall, all eager for breakfast. Logically, she knew that there were four princes, and therefore a total of four wives for them to marry. However, her memories of the last night were still a little fuzzy and she hadn't eaten yet. Forgive her for being startled as a small group turned into eight people, all looking as awkward and uncomfortable as she felt.

She swallowed nervously, running her hands over the fabric of her dress, brushing her fingers against the hem, trying her hardest not to give into the motion and grab the fabric tightly. It certainly wouldn't be a very ladylike look, and heaven forbid she made a fool of her husband on their first day as husband and wife! Freddie seemed nice enough that he wouldn't mind if she did, but she couldn't put her poor husband through something like that. Especially not in front of the other royalty.

Lord almighty, this was not going well.

A tall and icy seeming man spoke with a very monotone voice. He greeted the blonde couple with such familiarity that they had to have been close before the ball. He introduced his wife, Maisie, and eventually he was revealed to be named Will. Mateo, Evelina. Okay...okay she could remember those names.

She flushed, smiling lightly, raising a hand just a tad, in an awkward greeting. Clearly her husband had a way with words. Normally Diane wasn't so easily flustered, but something about today was just turning everything on its head. "Nice to meet you all," she greeted.

As they were all seated and the last couple arrived, she thought she might manage to catch a bit of a break. Nerves and hunger really weren't working well together, and everything was starting to smell delicious. The final two didn't introduce themselves, but they both seemed anxious as well, so she didn't blame them for hurrying to take their seats. Surely they'd all get a chance to talk later. She hoped.

There was just...something, about this final prince. He seemed...familiar? She didn't think she would have ever had a chance to meet him before yesterday, but there was just something that wouldn't leave her alone. If only she could remember his name. She could feel it, she knew his name, but for some reason she couldn't place him in her memory. It was extremely disorienting, and Diane wished she could switch her focus, but she doubted she'd be able to leave this alone. If she thought hard enough, obviously, she'd manage to recover her memory, right?

Tearing her gaze away from the quiet prince, she forced herself to remember her husband. The man she'd married only just yesterday? Taking in the way his gaze darted from couple to couple, she frowned. Reaching her hand out, she placed hers gently on top of his. Squeezing gently, she waited for his eyes to turn to her. "Is everything okay?" she asked softly, worry filling her eyes. "You seem a little tense."
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william nolan
the uncaring prince
dining hall
so many people...hungry

maisie Aeris Aeris mateo revalia revalia evelina, freddie AnimeGenork AnimeGenork isaiah r e i r e i eleanor neverbackdown neverbackdown
Smirking as his cousin - practically his brother - pulled him into a quick hug, patting him on the back, Will was more than happy to return the favor. It was nice to see a familiar face. Although...something about the woman his cousin married, Evelina, he reminded himself, was extremely familiar. More than the fact that she was now supposed to be his cousin-in-law. He felt like he knew her.

He pushed the thought from his mind. She wasn't his wife. He couldn't afford to focus on her, not only was it rude, it was extremely disrespectful to his own wife, and that was something he refused to do. He would not disrespect the woman he'd married by focusing on another. Maisie deserved better than that, and so she would get it.

"Nice to meet you," he greeted the blonde woman, as well as the other couple in the room. Diane? He thought that's what the prince said his wife's name was. And...Frederick? Oh, now he remembered. Yes, Frederick, prince of Daintree. He should...probably work on making a better impression than he already had. Hopefully this didn't come back to bite him in the ass, that would be the last thing he needed. He was already worried about making sure his parents didn't scare his wife. He wouldn't let them touch her of course, not like they had him, but she was already nervous and the last thing she needed was to deal with their...cold ways.

"Apologies." he nodded towards Frederick and Diane. "It's been quite a morning, I'm still trying to piece everything together. It's nice to see you all again." he continued. At the feeling of another arm wrapping around his, he glanced down. Clearly he was wife was upset and nervous. Well, he would definitely have to change that. "Here, let's join them," he murmured to her softly, securing his own arm around hers so he could lead her to the table.

Quickly pulling out a chair for her, he waited for her to be settled before gracefully sliding into the seat beside her. "Everything will be okay, once we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way, things will start to calm down." he leaned over so he could whisper into her ear. He reached over, placing his hand on top of her own, trying to offer a small bit of comfort. He couldn't say he understood what she was going through, but he could at least try to offer what comfort he could. Even if it didn't come naturally to him.

As the final couple joined them, Will vaguely recognized Isaiah, the prince of Salten, who entered with his wife. He didn't know much about the final prince. He was pretty sure he wasn't the first in line for the throne, but had ended up the heir anyway. He didn't understand exactly how Salten ran their line of succession, but he'd heard his father ranting about it enough to know that it wasn't done the normal way.

Honestly, he was almost jealous.

Maisie quickly drew his attention back to her, with her exclamation over the food, causing a small smile to grace his features. It was...refreshing to hear such excitement over something that was honestly so simple. At least, it was simple to him. "Well, take as much as you'd like," he told her, his voice low. "There will be plenty of new things to sample, especially when we make our way back to Faydin." he added.

He paused, catching a glimpse of blonde out of the corner of his eye. Normally, he wouldn't think too much of it, he was used to blondes, his cousin was one, after all. But no, this was a different one. Will could feel his eyes trying to turn to look at the girl sitting next to his cousin, but he resisted. He couldn't afford to accidentally start a scandal because another woman looked familiar to him. No, his focus was best left where it was. On his wife.
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Eleanor Matthews
Abused Cinderella
Breakfast Hall
So like this is normal??
As Isaiah grabbed her hand, Eleanor turned to look at him with a soft look on her expression before a smile graced her lips at his words "Thank you" she whispered back as she gave his hand a small squeeze in gratitude.

When the mysterious blonde man replied to her, Eleanor looked up towards him with a hint of amusement on her facial expression as she wondered if he meant her current hungover state or if he was referring to her antics from last night. Noting the tired and pained eyes that he was clearly so desperately trying to hide she decided to let the comment slide without worry, after all hangovers see hangovers and they were in the same boat. To be honest it gave Eleanor some relief seeing another person as hungover as herself, especially since everyone else at the table seemed to be okay, nervous but in general terms ok.

As the food began to arrive out, a look of disbelief flashed on her face as her eyes widened at the sheer volume of plates being put in front of them, doubts that she was really awake began to swirl in her mind again and without much of a thought as to what she was doing Eleanor lowered her left hand to pinch her right arm hard. She winced slightly at the pain it caused before a grin played on her expression as she suppressed a laugh growing in her throat at the change in her situation, she truly was living in some kind of fairytale going from scraps to a feast fit for a kingdom.

... I am awake .... This is real ... Maybe I'm actually dead

Afraid that her reaction was a bit over the top and would help draw conclusions towards the past she wanted hidden, Eleanor quickly looked around the room and was relieved to see she wasn't the only one who was surprised with the breakfast. While the princes all seemed unaffected, she noted a few gasps and wide eyes on the fellow princesses.

"Wow" she muttered softly as she looked towards Isaiah as if that would explain why she had pinched herself and nearly laughed at the sight of some food that was probably pretty normal to him "oh they have pancakes ... and waffles " she commented with an almost sing song voice hoping to move the conversation away from her momentary madness as she reached forward and picked up the tongs to place a pancake and a waffle on her plate before taking some sausages and hash browns as well.

Once it seemed she had a reasonable amount of her plate, or maybe just over a reasonable amount, Eleanor forced herself to place down the tongs and not in give into her hungover mind's desire to put everything on her plate all at once. She didn't need to look greedy or starved at their first breakfast together and she was already worried that the sheer amount on her plate was un-lady like but as soon as she took the first bite of her pancake all worry washed away and she was consumed by her food and its healing properties.

Once finished her plate, Eleanor placed her knife and fork neatly down together before she took a sip of juice. "So is that a common breakfast for royalty or just for the special occasion?" she asked curiously to the room, she had initially thought to direct it to her husband but if the eight of them were supposed to spend some time together before all travelling home, she decided it couldn't hurt to get a conversation rolling between them all.

Isaiah Cole
Prince of Salten
the dining room
hungry and watchful.

Ellie neverbackdown neverbackdown
Isaiah just softly smiled at her as he stated "We are in this together now, I got you. " He smiled as the food was brought out. He softly chuckled as his wife pinched herself. Knowing that she probably hasn't seen this much food growing up as a citizen and not royalty. In his kingdom, they tried to make sure that no one went hungry but it was hard when money and the farms around didn't have a good year, but he knew that his father did his best to help out in the ways that a king should, like sending out troops to collect food from other kingdoms, stocking up so if they run into this problem again, they had a backup plan. It was all things that he was planning on keeping on as the new king.

He just nodded to her at the food. "I know, I'm going for the waffles of course. Please enjoy yourself, this is going to be what breakfast is like back at home." He informs her as he picks up the tongs and puts 3 waffles on his plate along with blueberries and some other fruit. Completely ignoring the sausages and the other breakfast meats. He pours a glass of orange juice and coffee for both himself and his wife, making sure to check to see if she is eating well. He wanted to make sure she was comfortable and well. His hand was softly placed on her thigh as a comforting reassurance that he was by her side. Isaiah then looked up to see the other princess, Diane looking at him. Something in him stirred for the first time.

It was like a memory trying to come forth, and he shook his head trying to clear the fog from his mind.

Isaiah needed to stay focused on his kingdom and his wife. They are what mattered now, coming back to the conversation, he heard Eleanor ask a question to the others, keeping his mouth sealed, he ate as he waited for them to answer. He knew that he should probably speak as well, but knowing his personality, he rather not. These other princes weren't like him, they were born to lead, and he chose to instead. Maybe that is why he never felt like he belonged with them.

They knew what they were supposed to do all along, while he just did this so no one else had to. He wasn't raised to be a king, but he chose to be because he didn't want his sister to be forced into the role.

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𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐩 𝟏
one week later.jpg


mistaken cinderella


It has been a week since the first breakfast with all four princes and their new princesses. Honestly, we thought they'd have more memories of their real true loves, but c'est la vie, I suppose. Especially in a fairy tale.

As it is, the newlywed couples have spent an entire week together, and while on the outside, it appears that everything is just peachy... perhaps it's not truly. Not that I would ever wish ill on my godchild or the others, but this has to be fixed someday, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Ah, well.

Still, I'd hate to see anything bad happen to any of them, all because of a magical mistake...


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Mateo Nolan
Prince of Marina
Chambers > Gardens
Trapped > Intrigued...

Eleanor ( neverbackdown neverbackdown ) | Evelina ( AnimeGenork AnimeGenork ) [mentions].
Mateo was getting rather agitated in this enormous castle that was not even his own. Not that he minded the company of the other princes and lovely princesses but he was desperately missing Marina. He was missing his home. The young prince was not used to being surrounded by so much soil and stone - he missed the ability to run to the shore and feel the sand in between his toes as the small waves washed over them. The warm yet refreshing breeze brushed gently against his face and hair as the sun kissed his skin ever so beautifully.

Oh, how he wanted to go back to Marina. He wanted to show his wife the beauty that enveloped his kingdom even though she was native. He knew she didn't come from quite a swanky background and so he strived to show her all the things she had been missing out on. The life of luxury. He wanted to show her all the things fun, of course. Mateo was desperately trying to brush off the princely duties that were awaiting him as he had to return to Marina as a newlywed and accomplish all the traditional conquests the King was ready to slap him with.

His father... a monster he was desperate to keep Evelina from. Knowing very well, he would be harping about having an heir and make sure he consummated his marriage for it to be legitimate. With Mateo's history of bed-hopping, despite not keeping his desires well hidden, his father was always scolding him that he wanted to see no bastards coming behind the palace's walls. Mateo was truly unaware if he did accidentally create bastards but as far as he was concerned, he was always careful, albeit loving the thrill. It all came to his now wedded life. Around two days after he was wed, he always tried to divert his attention and energy towards her in order to seal the deal between them, as it should. The prince was already feeling horrid enough he did not remember how it felt to bed her and to top it off, being drunk for the major part of the wedding, the least he could do was compensate her with some pleasure.

Evelina, however, seemed to have been quite hesitant every time he approached and frankly, he did not want to scare off the person he had sworn his life and freedom to. Therefore, instead of the playboy prince that he usually was, he turned his energy to be the gentlemanly prince. Making sure to slowly ease her into the pleasuring process day by day, his wife slowly accustomed to and agreed to let him make love to her officially sealing the second part of their marriage. He could already hear his father harping out about thinking of the Kingdom, the least the couple could do was have a little bit of fun while they could. He knew he was having fun but he could still feel his wife a bit hesitant, scared of him whenever he suggested such courses of action. Let's face it, he was used to having his nighttime fun and the fact this was not a daily or at least once per two days was slowly getting him impatient, even though he understood perfectly where she was coming from. Even if she was not completely vocal about it. It did not feel right for him to pursue her if she was not entirely comfortable with the situation.

It did not help that Evelina was gorgeous and so hard to resist when she was with him for the majority of the time. He adored it when she would flush bright pink whenever he flirted with her or heck even complimented her.

Boy, he really needed to get out of these expensive confines.

With a hum of frustration, the blonde stormed out of his chambers and slipped two hands inside his coffee-coloured suit pants as his black loafers started to click against the marbled floor of the never-ending corridors he had to walk to see a fraction of sunlight omitting at the targetted distance. To say he was desperate to feel the heat would be an understatement right now.

As the male approached the side entrance to somewhere he did not know where he was going to land, he grasped the ornate golden door knobs and opened the two doors to swiftly slide outside into the fresh air. He inhaled and exhaled. It wasn't the same salty sea air he was accustomed to but the fresh outdoor flora was a good second. Running his hands through his golden blonde locks, he let out a sigh of relief, unbuttoning the first few buttons so the sunlight glistened on his chest. Shit, he picked the wrong day to wear black.

Finally being able to breathe, the man shielded his eyes from the light as he noticed he was now in the courtyard... palace gardens? Wherever he was, it was very pretty. As he graced the soil he was walking on, the grass was perfectly trimmed, everywhere he looked. Blue eyes looked around to notice the pretty flowers that were giving out vivacious colours. If only he knew what they were called. However, he noticed one particular flower batch in the eastern part of the gardens. Dahlias. His late mother's favourite flower.

He couldn't help but slowly kneel on his haunches to not get his pants soiled and lifted the pretty creamy white petalled dahlia at the top of his palm. Inhaling softly the sweet scent, "Mother..." he muttered under his breath as he slowly picked it up and kept it in his hand before he was brought back to reality but certain humming... or was it singing?

The source of the voice was harmonious, alluring even. Whoever it was, it was getting closer.

Teo gently stood up and yet again placed a hand in his pocket as he kept the dahlia in his hand close to his bare chest. It was a song he used to hear his mother sing, 'Perfect' was it called? His mother always used to sing it to him in hopes he would grow up to teach her young man how to treat his special lady and how he would know when he saw her that... she was the one. He sighed, remembering his own mother's beliefs and if she could see him now.

With a tilted head, he slowly moved towards the source when he saw a beautiful blonde twirling around in the middle of the garden patios as she was singling ever so lost in her own world. The corner of his lip slowly turned upward as he proceeded slowly towards her and halted only a few feet away as he did not want to disturb her the dancing only led her closer and closer towards his direction, mesmerised. He did not even realise how close this woman was until he felt something collide against his chest as his hands gently grasped at each of her upper arms to steady her, saving the flower from a crushing fate. "... I don't deserve this, you look perfect... tonight," he sang in the best low voice he could as he ended the song she was singing to complete her piece of work.

Teo looked down at the blonde in front of him with a smile, "I must say, you have a lovely voice, your Highness." The male gently bowed his head as he could recognise the female in front of him was one of the princesses that got looped in the quadruple wedding scenario. He can never forget a hungover look much like he had in that spectacle of breakfast the day after everyone got roped.
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Frederick Edwards
boyish prince
hide and seeking
mentions ; interactions

Siblings, Diane, William ; Maisie
Having a week off should have been a dream come true for Freddie. He was married to a beautiful and kind woman, he had more time to spend with his siblings, and for the first time in months, he didn’t have to attend any stuffy council meetings. Just the fact that he was able to sleep in until eight o’clock alone (even though he always woke up at the crack of dawn anyway) should have been enough to convince him that this honeymoon had been just the break he needed.

Too bad he was full of all this damn anxiety.

The first day after breakfast was fantastic. As he and Diane had planned, he’d taken her on a tour of the castle. It was good practice for when he’d have to show her around the one in Daintree, though he was sure he’d rambled her ear off once or twice… or three times. Yeah, he needed to work on that. At least his home was a lot less complicated than the Four Kingdoms Castle—this place was huge. No wonder they’d held the quadruple wedding here.

Uh, anyway, after that, Freddie introduced her to his siblings. They managed to behave, for the most part, though Nate had asked what it was like to kiss Freddie, and, well. He’d gotten distracted chasing Nate around to noogie him in retaliation. So while he’d managed to try and be as kind to his wife as possible, he’d also shown her how wildly immature he could be. All in one day, too!

It was all he could do to prove that he was, in fact, an adult. He had two years until he had to officially become king, so he had to shape up now. Marrying Diane was supposed to be the first step to growing up, and already he was messing that up. Though he was growing more comfortable with her as the days went by, a part of him still wanted to impress her, show her that he wasn’t just a boy in a grown man’s body. Even though he felt like he was.

That was part of the problem, though. Wasn’t he supposed to feel secure enough around his wife to be himself, no matter how silly he was with his siblings? After all, she’d mentioned she had siblings of her own, right? So what was he so afraid of? It was a weird feeling. Unlike the awkwardness of his first day being married, this was a feeling that wasn’t going away over time. It was almost like there was something wrong, though he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Freddie sighed as he roamed the halls. Surely this was an extension of the nerves he’d had when he’d woken up that first day. He was still new to being married. All the doubt would shed away as time passed, right? Right…

He scratched his head as he peered around. For at least part of this morning, he’d promised to spend some time with his siblings, if only to spare Diane any more of Nate’s teasing. Brianna, Nate, and Ian had wanted to play hide and seek, as the Four Kingdoms Castle had plenty of new hiding spots to explore. Even Tommy and Talia had wanted to play, though they’d offered to help Freddie seek. He may have been the oldest by several years, but he was still one person. And, as Ian liked to joke, his eyes were “soooooo old.” Honestly, he was starting to believe his brother.

Well, this “old man” had full rights to ask for witness testimony, right? Sure he did. New territory, new rules, or some made up thing like that. Freddie wouldn’t normally resort to halfway cheating in hide and seek, but he had a lot of cards to pull if any of them protested.

As he turned the hallway, he spotted one of the other guests several feet away. “Hi! Uh, sorry to bother you.” He jogged up, realizing that he recognized the woman in front of him. The brunette princess… uh… oh! Right! Maisie! He remembered wanting to ask one of his siblings to give her a hug to ease her nerves, though he hadn’t followed through. Freddie hadn’t wanted to step a toe out of line or something. Plus, her husband was kinda scary. “Maisie, right? Uh, if it’s alright to call you by your first name, haha. Um…” This was going great.

Freddie cleared his throat and tried again. “Um, have you seen any kids running around? Probably look a lot like me, but shorter and much younger?” His eyes darted around, and he whispered conspiratorially, “We’re playing hide and seek, but this place is huge. Don’t tell them I asked you, alright?” He straightened and smiled brightly, trying to seem for all the world like he wouldn’t be tackled by all of his siblings if they ever found out he was interviewing witnesses. Obviously, that would be skewing the results if he did mention it.

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evelina volkov
orphan cinderella
need. bathroom!
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Mateo ; William
Lina was supposed to be happy and in love. She was supposed to be enjoying her honeymoon with her new husband and look forward to her new, not lonely life as a princess. All of these things were supposed to be true, so why did she still feel like a failure and a waste of space?

Mateo had been so patient with her, too. Even though he wasn’t saying anything, she had an inkling that she was a bit of a disappointment to him. She was his wife, and yet she could barely stand to—ugh, she couldn’t even think about it without getting all red in the face!

Being a native of Marina, of course she’d heard some things about the prince. Lina had never really put any stock into it, though, because she’d always been more focused on working and paying the bills. The rumors were proving to be at least somewhat true, as evidenced by some of their interactions in the past week, which made the fact that he’d married her even more confusing. It wasn’t as if she wanted to be hesitant; she was just nervous. They hadn’t known each other very long, and she still hadn’t really gotten used to waking up next to him or holding his hand. But she could tell that it was bothering him, and that fact alone bothered her.

She’d only been married for a week and she was already failing at it.

Not that this was a surprise, of course. Her string of bad luck was sure to follow her, no matter what suggestions of happiness Nadine had given her the night of the Ball. Even with a fairy godmother on her side, the cosmic forces that dictated her life still saw fit to take away the good things in her life. It was only a matter of time before Mateo realized that this had all been a mistake, and she was made to be a disgrace of a princess.

The stress and nerves were really getting to her. She’d slipped out of their room earlier in the morning, hoping for some fresh air to take away some of the tightness in her chest. Of course, without Mateo to guide her, she’d gotten immediately lost. Lina had no idea how long she’d been wandering the hallways, but it was long enough that she was staring to feel the effects of time. Once again, she could not find the bathroom. Just her luck.

Lina could tell she looked a bit silly, wandering around with a vacant look on her face as she peered around, trying to determine which of these ornate doors might be leading to a bathroom. Was there even a public bathroom in a castle this large? Or were they all private? She had no idea if all of the rooms were taken up by guests of the royal families that weren’t the princes and princesses. And if she knew her way around, she could at least find the ballroom and go from there. Oh, why had she gone wandering about on her own?

She was starting to wring her hands, and her bladder was so close to reaching a point of no return. Lina had a talent for holding it in, but anxiety tended to make this ability worthless. Much like herself. It was really taking a lot in her not to break down crying. At least then she wouldn’t be so desperate.

Just as she was thinking of starting to sprint down the hallways, she turned a corner and bumped into someone. Of course. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” Lina stepped back quickly, holding her hands up and shutting her eyes tightly. When the other person didn’t immediately start screaming at her, she cracked open one eye. Through the welling tears, she saw a blurry image of a blond man. It was a different blond from Mateo, though… oh! His cousin.

Instinctively, Lina inclined her head, keeping it bowed in apology. “I’m so sorry, Your Highness, I didn’t mean to run into you like that.” If there was anything she didn’t stutter through, it was apologies. “I was just, um, looking for a bathroom, and I got really, really lost… but that’s no excuse. I’m sorry!”

She wiped at her eyes quickly, hoping to hide that she’d been about to cry when she’d bumped into him. Peering up cautiously at him, she asked, “You… wouldn’t happen to know where the closest bathroom is, would you?”
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Maisie Korlov
The Unlucky Cinderella
She don't even know tbh
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Freddie, Will
izayoiix izayoiix

With her first week of marriage down, Maisie was feeling anything but the honeymoon phase. She was happy- of course, she was happy. In fact, she was thrilled to be spending the rest of her life with her true love! Those feelings felt more at face value than to heart though.

Will had been nothing but good to her since they met. He was patient, gentle, and everything she had ever wanted in a significant other. But she just couldn't shake the feeling she wasn't exactly who he had wanted. Maisie wasn't a native of Faydin, but she had heard the rumors of the Nolans. No matter how much or little Maisie believed in fate, she just couldn't wrap her head around how she and William were meant to be.

Maisie shook her head in a weak attempt to clear those thoughts. That wasn't fair to William... she'd appreciated him and did love him, truly she did. And she hoped those feelings were reciprocated. Unfortunately, growing up around parents who hated each other as equally as they hated her didn't help her perception of love. Instead, she formed what love was through books and movies, which usually proved to be unrealistic more than half the time.

Even when she was miles away from home her parents still somehow managed to ruin something important to her.

"Watch out!"

Maisie's attention shifted up towards the voice. Three younger kids were running down the hall full speed towards her and from the sheer panic in everyone's eyes no one had time to stop. In a matter of seconds Maisie was on the floor, slightly dazed and confused until a bunch of laughter brought her back to reality.

"We're really sorry, we're playing hide and seek with our brother." The young girl said through laughs. "Don't tell him you saw us though, okay?"

"I won't, pinky promise." Maisie held up a pinky before lifting herself off the ground. "I hope you enjoy the rest of your game, and be sure to win!" Her heart ached a bit as the three ran off again towards the library. What she would give to have been as happy as those three when she was a kid. Still, the encounter left her feeling a bit less tense than she had been.

Only a few seconds had passed before Maisie found herself running into yet another person. She gave the prince a small smile as he explained the situation. It made sense now that she was looking at him. The three kids she had seen earlier were a spitting image of Frederick.

"Maisie is fine, yes." Her smile brightened. "I may have seen some kids running through here. I may have also promised I wouldn't give them up." Not telling Frederick didn't seem fair. The palace was huge and Maisie herself was having trouble navigating the halls without help. She couldn't imagine trying to find three kids who seemed keen on not being found. "Have you read any good books lately? I just finished one about folk tales."

She hoped he understood her sudden conversation as a hint and not anything else of the sorts. It still felt weird after all, talking to someone who wasn't William, especially the very man she felt confused about.

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william nolan
the uncaring prince

Evelina AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
(m.) Maisie Aeris Aeris Mateo revalia revalia
Married life was…an adjustment. It had been a week since he’d first woken up to his first day as man and wife. For the longest time, while he knew it had been expected of him, Will hadn’t really thought of himself as marriage material. And here he was, fairly sure that he was struggling.

He wasn’t sure exactly how to interact with his wife. Maisie seemed like a decent person, and while he knew he was stand-offish and unaffected at times, he truly didn’t want to hurt her with his blunt words and cold demeanor.

She didn’t deserve that.

Will wasn’t sure how he’d managed to become so thoroughly enamored with the brunette, but he wasn’t against it. He was…happy? Well, as happy as he could be with all of his responsibilities keeping him busy. Everything still felt off at times, his emotions having almost a disconnect when it came to his wife.

The man knew he’d fallen in love the night of the ball, he’d been amazed and thrilled, though he hadn’t dared let such frivolous emotions take over his features. William Nolan was not one to risk his father finding an issue with his conduct. One would think that being such an important social event between all four kingdoms would be enough to possibly quell the older man’s wrath, when in fact it did the opposite.

Time only made things worse, prolonging the amount of time the harsh king had to sit and stew in his rage.

Will would never let such a wrath fall onto someone he cared for, thinking for most of his life that he’d probably never fall in love. So it was a shock for it to have happened, especially with how swift the whole thing had been. He wasn’t one to complain about efficiency though, so he didn’t question it. He was…happy, and that was something good.

But he’d woken up the following morning with his memory fuzzy, bits of memories not making since, not unlike when he’d let himself go when he was out with Mateo and ended up drinking too much. But the blonde didn’t remember drinking that much, it was supposed to be his wedding day, why would he risk forgetting any moment of such an event?

Everything was just slightly out of place and it was beginning to drive him insane. It had been a week and he still couldn’t make sense of everything. He wanted to be happy and content with the life he was beginning to build, but some part of him just couldn’t help holding back.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair as he continued down the corridor. He wasn’t one hundred percent sure where he was headed, probably looking for Mateo, but he’d take whatever sense of normalcy he could find.

Finding the plan he’d come up with acceptable, he made to take more note of his surroundings, rather than continuing to wander aimlessly, the decision was taken from him as a small form collided quickly with his own.

A voice followed, making hurried apologies at the contact, his arms shooting out to grab the woman in an effort to help steady her. She took a few quick steps back, causing his arms to fall back to his side, as he regained his own balance. Will blinked, narrowing his eyes slightly, trying to remember why this woman seemed so familiar to him.

’Blonde…’ he thought, tilting his head to the side as he considered why the color of her hair was sticking with him so much. He could just barely make out the tears that were beginning to form in her eyes and he winced. One thing he absolutely did not know how to deal with was a crying woman.

He didn’t even know why she was crying! What the hell did he manage to do that had caused such a reaction! She was the one who ran into him, not that he was upset about it. Accidents happened, so why was she in such distress?

She hurried to bow and a small frown graced his lips, not sure why, but the sight of her lowering herself before him stood out as wrong. As she spoke, something in his memory sparked, providing one reason why she seemed so familiar.

Evelina. The wife of his cousin.

Will cleared his throat, uncomfortable with his new…cousin addressing him in such a formal manner. “I-it’s fine.” he began, running a hand down his shirt, habitually looking to smooth any wrinkles. “And Will is fine,” he continued. “We’re family now, yes?” he added with a twitch of his lips, that being all he could manage amidst his confused state.

As she asked for the location of the bathroom, he paused, looking away from her and down the hall, looking for a placemark to remind him of what part of the castle they were in. Catching sight of a familiar tapestry a few feet down, he nodded to himself.

“Yes, of course.” he answered, arm raising to gesture behind her, towards the direction he’d already been walking. “Right this way, my lady.”
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diane kim
the optimistic cinderella
lost in the moment

Isaiah r e i r e i
Frederick AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
With a smile on her face and a skip in her step, Diane was more than happy to gently climb up onto the nearest bench and take another step onto the tall stone frame that made up the large fountain in front of the castle. The gorgeous structure was right in the middle of the courtyard that led to the entryway of the extremely large building that she now temporarily called home.

The brunette had been married only a week, and while things were fine, going perfectly, even! She still felt like things were a little tense. Her and Frederick got along splendidly, but there was a weird sense of awkwardness whenever they were alone together.

At first, Diane thought it was just newlywed jitters, but surely those would have faded by now? She was a married woman now, and surely her husband would want to progress their marriage positively?

The only solace she could find in the situation was that he seemed to be struggling as much as she was. So at least it wasn’t just her, ruining everything. Although, a marriage took two people, surely it wasn’t all on her shoulders? She was in a partnership now. If she had concerns, she should work them out with her husband.

She nodded to herself, finding strength and a sense of calmness flow through her at the decision.

Frederick’s siblings had stolen him away early this morning, so Diane had found herself left to her own devices, and truly, she didn’t mind. She found it cute how much they all loved each other, that they had such a close relationship. It warmed her heart, making her think of and miss her own siblings that much more. While she was enjoying getting to know the other girls and learning more about how the royalty really were, she was desperately looking forward to moving into her new home and getting to have her siblings and mother come and visit her.

In the end, Diane was left to her own devices, having decided to give exploring on her own a try. She was pretty proud of herself, having managed to find the entry to the castle, and the sight of the well kept grounds, with its wide open spaces and beautiful greenery, left her breathless.

And with an itch in her legs.

As she wandered further outside, admiring the decor, it was the fountain that she was now climbing up onto that had stolen her attention. Normally she wouldn’t recommend trying to balance on the lips of a fountain, but the stones that made up the top seemed wide enough to allow for movement.

So here she was, standing alone on the lip of a stone fountain, the wind blowing gently in her hair, trying to steal her sunhat. However it was the gentle mist that sprayed her face and arms that gave her a new sense of calm.

Closing her eyes and lifting her head to the sun, she grabbed her hat in one hand to keep it in place on her head while her mind began to play a song that only she could hear.

Without even realizing what she was doing, her body began to move, twisting and turning in small movements as her legs started to move, beginning to dance.

It was easy for Diane to lose track of herself, lost to the song in her head as her body followed the rhythm, dancing around the circle of the fountain. She was smooth and graceful, lost in her own little world, humming to herself, completely unaware of her surroundings.

She’d completed a few laps around the fountain already, when her clumsy nature kicked in. The spray from the fountain had left some water in her path, and with her eyes closed - having memorized her dancing path - she didn’t see the slippery surface.

With a sharp gasp, her eyes flew open as she slid on the damp stone, losing her balance and falling backwards. Waving her arms wildly for a moment, Diane squeaked in fear as she was unable to regain her balance and fell backwards, off the stone and towards the ground.

Her eyes shut tight and she tried to brace for impact, only to feel arms at her back, wrapping gently around her and halting her fall. She gasped, eyes flying open in shock, darting up to see her savior, only for a flush to crawl up her neck at the sight of one Isaiah Cole, one of the four princes, and someone that confused her endlessly with how familiar he seemed, when they’d only met that first morning.

What was he doing here?

“Um…t-thank you…” she squeaked, only making her stutter more noticeable. Good grief, Diane! Get a grip!
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Eleanor Matthews
Abused Cinderella
The Gardens
We'd make a good duet
revalia revalia
It had been a week and while Isaiah was everything and more she could have wished for in a husband she still felt that something wasn't right, something was missing. However, she put this down to the major adjustment in her life. Up until two weeks ago, Eleanor was used to being on her own, fighting for what she needed and now everything was handed to her, there was no more fighting, no more struggles but yet she didn't feel content. If anything she felt on edge, as though waiting for the other shoe to drop and for reality to hit.

In the hope of getting her head straight in her own peace and quiet, Eleanor had excused herself and strolled towards the gardens, the ones she had spotted on the very first morning in her less than ideal state. A soft smile played on her lips as she walked through the beautiful walled gardens, walking slowly as she took in every flower and plant in her vicinity. It was beautiful out here and she couldn't help but feel relaxed underneath the warm sun and surrounded by the beautiful colours.

As she approached the centre of the garden, Eleanor looked back towards the castle and a grin crept onto her lips as she realised it was slighlty obscured in vision. Realising it was the most alone she had been in over a week she knelt down to look at the flowers beside her as she began to hum lightly to herself. Brushing her hands gently of the delicate flowers, Eleanor bent closer to sniff some of the more colourful and rare ones as she fought the urge to pick them. She still wasn't overly sure of the royal etiquette yet but she was certain that picking flowers from the castle gardens would be a huge no.

Standing up, her hum began to form into words as she closed her eyes and let the song consume her. It began with a slow movement of her hips until she got lost in the song and the idea of being on her own, completely hidden from view and she began to twirl with her eyes closed, a childlike grin on her expression unable to hide the happiness she felt in that current moment.

"When i saw you in the dress, looking so beautiful, I...." her singing halted suddenly as she gasped inwardly upon hitting a solid figure in front of her.

Shit, Eleanor well done ....

For a moment, Eleanor stood frozen, face still pressed into the strangers chest, eyes shut as she wished for the ground to open up but in a complete turn of events the stranger finished her song. Confusion overtook her before she felt the ability to move her limbs again and she took a step back as she looked up at the man in front of her. A soft smile playing on her lips as she looked up at him.

"Thank you, as do you" she commented sincerely.

"But please call me Ellie, Your Highness is way too.. um ... formal for me" she admitted as a hint of nervousness played on her tone. She was unsure how the Prince would feel about her diminishing formal titles but to be honest it still gave her a chill when she was referred to as such, it was going to take a lot of getting used to.

"I'm sorry for, well twirling right into you but the flowers are lucky you caught me i suppose"
she laughed as she tried to surpress her embarrassment from the whole ordeal but she couldn't help but notice how her embarrassment seemed to be lessened , how she immediately felt comfortable with the person in front of her and with everything that happened. Maybe it was due to him being as hungover as her on the morning after the wedding and he had helped her anxiety then just through company but whatever it was she knew she shouldn't linger on it.
Isaiah Cole
Prince of Salten
the courtyard

Ellie neverbackdown neverbackdown izayoiix izayoiix
Isaiah was thinking about the days so far. Things with his new wife, with Eleanor were good. She was pefect in every way but it was like...it wasn't right. He cared for her, he even loved her. He loved how she slept so peacefully at night, he wanted to protect that peaceful adorable girl with all his heart. They haven't even kissed since their wedding day though, nothing really moved forward in their relationship. It was like they were stuck in this awkward stage of friends.

They weren't friends, they were married. They were husband and wife.

Isaiah was taking a stroll through the courtyard thinking about all of this, after Ellie had excused herself for a walk. He decided to go on one himself, to think about their lives together. When he happned across someone falling. He hurried to catch them. Once he had, he breathes out "Are you ok?" He asked her as he helped her back up. He glances up to see that, it was Diane, one of the princesses. "You are welcome, I'm just glad that I manage to catch you."

Something in him strirred for the first time, after looking into her eyes. Something he couldn't put a name on, that made him want to know her more and more. "How are you today Princess?"

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