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My Interest Check
Really just craving a Medieval Fantasy interest check, I wouldn't mind it being DnD or BG3 inspired either if you like it's something I'm willing to try !
I am most comfortable with MxF, my OC being female in the pairing, it's just what I'm most experienced with.
I'd love to plot with you, if you have a specific plot in mind I would LOVE to hear it! If not, then we can work on something together, I'm a fan of twists and turns, and surprises of anything unexpected.
I do have a witch OC already for Medieval if that ties into a plot you may have. But I can write up a different one to fit as well, just let me know!
I prefer writing Descriptive/SemiLit/Lit, usually my writing length is two slightly larger paragraph's, I can try to go further as well seeing as I do my absolute best in matching my rp partner. Romance is a MUST for the plot since it's my favorite genre to add, but I enjoy a slow burn, building chemistry, and I also enjoy drama, thrills, angst, etc! all that good stuff.
Also 18+ please!
Anyways, PM or respond to this threat if interested! I prefer RPing in PMs or discord. Quotev is fine too if you have that.
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I'm interested! I may have an idea if you want to PM me and hear the details.

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