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Deep Blue Sea

Never Give Up
About me and rules!!

Hello, my name is Ali. I am currently going to school to become a vet tech! I am a little rusty on doing roleplay, but I am trying to get better

-I am okay with FxM, FxF, and MxM ( I would like to do an FxM, but for your half, I don't mind who you would like as a canon crush)
-Please use realistic face claims
-Please no one-liners (Let me know if you get writers' block, trust me I understand I sometimes get it also)
-I am ghost friendly, meaning if you are gone for awhile we can start off where we were at. Please try to let me know if you need a break. I will understand.

-Please be okay with doubling

Marvel Universe
(Peter Parker, Starlord, Loki)
Harry Potter
Star Wars
(Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
Once Upon A Time
Vampire Diaries
The Resident
Grey's Anatomy
The Witcher
Peaky Blinders
Sons of anarchy

Country girl X City boy
Bad boy X Good girl
Mob boss X Bystander
Supernatural creature x human
Supernatural creature x Supernatural Creature

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Bird of prey
I see your tags include hp but its missing from the list. Is it low priority? Are the pairings lower priority too?

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