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Looking for a long term partner for either a collaboration or something already set. Got a couple ideas below. If interest, let me know.

The idea is still a bit fragmented in mind but the gist is.....when they were kids, a group of 6 missed one of their friend's birthdays, which would've made them a group of 7. Say there were about 12 or 13.....coming of age and what not. The kid ends up dying the day of his birthday and they're all pretty crushed about it. In their little hide away from adults and chores, they mourn said friend and one of them says I'd give up one of my birthdays to see him again.

They take out a tablet of paper and each write I owe you 1 birthday and put it in one of those tins that cookies used to come in that is constantly faking people out with thread or beads etc in it. They do this for years, a way to not miss each other's birthdays- not miss out on life. Anyhow, for some, life goes well. For others, not so much and a good portion of life is spent in a struggle. They keep up this tradition of meeting and writing there message, added to the tin to the point of having to compress the sheets. At one point, I think somebody irons them just so they'll fit.

Fast forward to the two that've had life the hardest. Not so much they deserved it but they kind of just always were short on making the right decision to make life just a little easier and as life happens, those friends start to pass away. The ones that live the hardest, the ones who wish it would all be over, those tend to be the ones that live the longest. Somehow that tin, with all it's good intentions, with all its promises years, it finds its way back to these two old and forgotten individuals and once it's opened, those birthdays set the clock back for them by 40 years (they can't take up the years they promised.)

2. Rather expand in conversation but the gist is the world is dying. Humanity is surviving by a conglomerate that mandates the oxygen saturation in dome like structures. The planet can be regenerated but it means sacrifice and a very special reset button.

3. Ever seen the film *Love Me If You Dare*? It'd be something along those lines.

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