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Multiple Settings Looking For Long term 1x1 Partners

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A Mooshie Moo
About Me
Hello everyone!
My name is Mooshie or Moo or Moo-Moo or really whatever you want to call me =w=
I'm a long time RPer that recently lost my RP partner and I'm looking for new rps to fill the ever growing void in my heart.
(JK... Mostly)
I apologize in advance for how long this is. I'm trying to keep it short.
Anyways, A little about me for those that are interested <3

- First, let's get this out of the way. I'm 28. I'm older, yes, but I'm happy to RP with people that are younger.
Also happy to RP with people that are older!

- I've been writing fiction for 17 years and RPing for about 15 years.

- I'm dyslexic and have a phonics disorder. I'll switch up words and spell things wrong.
Just let me know please but be kind =w=

- I'm LGBTQ+ friendly. I'm Genderfluid myself. I don't care what pronouns people call me, I usually go by She/Her to make life easy.

- I'm OOC friendly and I love talking to people! I love learning about them and making friends!
Please don't be afraid to talk to me.

- I'm really not ghost friendly. I get attached to people. I get it if you don't want to RP anymore and yes, life happens.
Life always comes first. But please, if you are able to tell me that you no longer want to/are no longer able to RP, please do. I promise I won't be hurt or upset.

- I live in PMT time zone but I basically never sleep. I'm always active and will post at least once a day.
But if you're also active, I'll post more. It really depends on how often you're on.
I will let you know in advance if I won't be around.

- I have an autoimmune disorder and a plethora of mental health issues. I get sick a lot but that usually doesn't stop me.
I work part time, so I'm around basically most of the day (for the time being).
I'm also bad and will sneak my phone basically any chance I get =w=

- I use mature themes and words. Both my characters and I swear a lot.
I like dark themes and twisted plots.
I've always said that plots at like Twist Ties.

- Very little to nothing triggers me and I basically have nothing that's off limits.

- I would much prefer to RP over PMs but I can also do a forum. I prefer not a messenger off site until I get to know you better.


What I Look For In A Partner
- Going for the obvious here: Please be 18+. Like I said... I play mature themes and I like romance. I really do.
- Please be semi- lit at the very least. I'm not looking for paragraph upon paragraph of writing for each reply, but at least more then a few sentences.
I usually write between 200-800 words.... Sometimes more if I'm setting something up.
I like to describe things a lot.

- Please just be willing to communicate with me. I can make plots and tell stories, but I want to create things with other people.
I love making things and creating worlds, characters, relationships.

- Please be willing to be flexible and understanding. Sometimes I can't do certain things.
I do have bad mental health and physically health days.

- Please don't God Mode. I don't mind meta characters or ones that are basically Plot devices or a deus ex machina, but don't use them all the time.
Please be true to your character and the scene.
I try to live by the rule "Yes and...". We're building a story together, so what would make it interesting?


Writing Samples
I have a couple of writing samples here for people if they would like to look at them.
I haven't written and posted a thing in awhile but you can get the basic idea of my style from these.
I will warn you, different characters will change the way I write and speak.
I'm too much of a method actor for my own good.

Sample one - Written November 2020
Sample two -Written December 2019
Sample three -Written March 2013 (I just really like this one)


The Characters I Play
I play mostly male characters but I do have a good amount of females too.
I basically will always play multiple characters, including throw away background characters.
I have a ton of babies to chose from who I love dearly.
I draw my characters and have written ref sheets for them.
I don't care if you only have a picture for a face claim or only have a written description.
My characters are all diverse and come from different backgrounds, creeds, sexualities, and life styles.
They have different bodies and I try to make them real.
I also will play Canon characters! I prefer to play OCs but sometimes canon characters are a ton of fun to play as well.
I always try to stick to the character but I will always put my own spin on them.


RP Preferences

Any gender/Any gender

Poly Relationships
Canon/OC (not my fav, but I'll do it)

Superstar/Fan (and/or stalker)
Rockstar/Fan (and/or stalker)
Hunter/Supernatural creature
Supernatural beings in general
Student/Teacher (with in reason please)
Forbidden Romances
I'm open to suggestions~

Science Fiction
Harem settings
Basically, as long as it has magic in it, I'm down.

- Teen Titans
- Supernatural
- iZombie
- Owl House
- Gravity Falls
- Harry Potter
- Ouron Highschool Hostclub
- D&D (I'm still learning)
- Starbound
- Buffy The Vampire Slayer
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- X-Men
- Zootopia
- Kindom Hearts
- Fallout world
- Pokemon


Basically taking magic and supernatural beings and putting it in modern day San Francisco.

Magic exists, but the world isn't ready for it. Creatures and non-humans have to hide their powers from the world.
There are safe havens and communities that exist for these people; both good and bad.
Most people just want to live their lives.
Then there are the people who want to revolt and fight against the norm. Most think that they're superiors and humans don't belong in a world full of greater beings.
Then there are those that fight for the rights of humans. They protect other mutants but want to keep their world safe.
A secret government organization, underground layers, hidden cities, and gay night clubs await here.

Harry Potter meets Ouron Highschool Host Club

Welcome to the magical world of Hogworts. Students go about their every day lives.
The Hogwarts Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys and girls, with too much time on their hands, entertain young students who also have way too much time on their hands.
Maybe even forbidden romance with teachers.
Magic, romance, teen love/angst, and hidden secrets await you here.

This can be in a fantasy or sci-fi setting. I also have a modern setting for this. Basic harem type setting.

There is a powerful sultan that likes to collect pretty things. In particular, they like to collect pretty people.
They are very picky about who becomes a part of their collection but they treat them well... as long as they obey.
They collect all kinds of magical beings and creatures and enjoy their company.

Castlivainaesque world

The world is cast into total darkness where creatures of the night rule. Humans are rare and far in between.
If they do exist, they are either slaves to rich demons or they're hunters.
Every nightmare exists here; Demons, vampires, and werewolves, oh my!

Sub plot 1
On the edge of the world, there is said to exist a crumbling castle that threatens to fall into the void.
It is said that there is a great and powerful secret that lies in this castle that no one has yet to find.
Truth is, no one knows where the castle is or if it's even real.
But someone has to know the way, right?

Sub plot2
There is a said to be a human who hunts down everything and anything but his targets are never random.
A lone powerful hunter said to be working for an ever higher power.
He has never lost a fight and is known as a true threat amongst the elite.
Could he be stopped? Should he be stopped?

Basically Kingdom Hearts.

The worlds are made up of Light, darkness, and the in between. There is both in everyone, creating different shades of grey in their hearts.
There are people who fight against the darkness, known as Keyblade Warriors.
There are people who fight for the darkness, known as Nobodies and Heartless.
Classic good vs. evil
But not everything is black and white, sometimes things are not as they seem.
Travel between different worlds and interact with the characters/plots inside them. Both Disney and outside Disney.

Fallout/Apocoliptic Wasteland setting.

It's been over 200 years since the war that left the world in ruin. People have made do with what they can.
Cobbled together settlements and cities pepper the wasteland.
The dangers of the new world are plenty: Raiders, creatures, nuclear waste, feral ghouls, and so much more.
People just do what they can to live their lives.

Sub plot 1
A small settlement has started to grow. It's lead by a man with a strange accent that is kind but strict.
He takes in anyone that needs a home, as long as they earn their keep.
People come and go, but most people stay. It's a safe place for most everyone.
Everyday life is hard but they made due with what they have.
There are strange people that live in the settlement but everyone takes care of eachother.

Sub plot 2
The Institute is known for creating synths: realistic robots who act like humans. Some don't even know that they're synths.
Each scientist has created their own synth, created to their own perfection and liking.
These synths are made to be helpers, nothing more.
But secret romances between synths and their creators happen.
Kept in secret, when discovered what do they do?
Give up the synth and have them be deactivated or do they run and face the outside world?

Sub plot 3
The wastelands are an unkind place. The only way to survive them is to be even worse then what's already there.
Raiders roam and take everything and anything.
Murder anyone in their way, pillage settlements, and kidnap anyone they want.
A large group of Raiders have gained a hell of a reputation as being ruthless and heartless.
Their leader, Ember, is a cruel man that likes to play with fire and commands his people with an iron fist.
Those that come across his group are either killed or shed their old identity and become a part of the most powerful gang in the Wasteland.


If You're Interested
If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you!
If you're interested in RPing with me, feel free to either PM me or post the following.
  • Tell me your name, age, and pronouns please <3
  • What are you interested in RPing? Any specific plots/worlds or pairings you'd like to do?​
  • Tell me your limits and triggers.​
  • Is there anything you absolutely won't do/play.​
  • (Optional) If you'd like to share an example of your writing feel free to!​
I also have smaller worlds that I would be happy to talk about.
And I'm open to ideas!
I'm happy to do anything~
Sorry again this is so long!
Thank you everyone!​
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24 marek and he a fight role play would be nice whit the blob from the x men my only trigger is i guess senual images i have seen ton of those images on twitter so im takeing a break from twitter not sure wen im returning to the #openrp hashtag other then that im mostly doing fight role plays because i like do to fight role plays and i guess there is nothing that i wont try but please no triggering images like sensual or horror why horror because i dont like to watch horror movies but i meybe can do horror text role play but no images and im a first person and a one liner most of the time so if you are intrest in a fight role play then feel free to reply


Uh, oh! Spicy!
Hey, there! I'm Peryton; 31; She/her/hers. I would love to write something with you! I'm especially interested in the "Cast in Darkness" plots (I think I have a few characters who would work well here!) and the "Hogwarts Host Club" plots. I also like God/Human and Supernatural/Human plots, especially in a fantasy setting.

I don't really have any limits to speak of, as long as it's appropriate in the moment. I have many samples, but most of them are from fandoms you aren't looking for-- If that doesn't bother you, I'd be happy to send something along! If any of that sounds interesting to you, I'd love to get in contact and start something up! <3


Junior Member
SL, 21 He/him

I saw your in the kingdom hearts fandom and would love to RP it. If not we can discuss non fandom plots

None really come to mind but I will let you know if I think of anything

Hope you consider me


New Member
Hi there, My name is Sylvee. She/Her pronouns, please. I am 25 a mother to three beautiful little monsters. That said, posts are erratic, I will get something up for you in an appropriate time frame. I love your Supernatural and Collector plots. There isn't really anything that I won't rp apart from the rules here. I will not limit myself, nor do I have any triggers. Somethings I may not have much familialrity with but I'll try. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon(:

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