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Multiple Settings long term partner search ! (fxm) fandoms and oc's

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dreams are everywhere
hey there ! as most of you probably are too, i'm stuck at home, completely alone, bored out of my mind. this is the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of roleplaying in. now that classes are online, i'm able to respond pretty much multiple times a day. with that in mind, i'm looking for someone who is also active (doesn't have to be multiple times a day, a response every 1-2 days is chill).

here are some other things about how i rp which should match my partners:
- i don't write super descriptively, but pleeaase no one liners (i do 1-2 average paragraphs)
- i prefer playing females (fxm), but if my partner does too, we can double up and play a gender each !
- this is only relevant for if we're doubling up; i like to create my own crushes for you to play; you can do the same ofc, im just super picky hahaha
- my grammar is shit oorp, i promise i'm way more literate irp
- i like being friends with my partners, this isn't mandatory ofc but i'm just letting you know i don't mind oorp chat (:
- 17+ please, i'm 18 so i prefer partners that are closer to my age
- let me know if there's something you don't like !! i'm very open and i'm not mean rp, should be fun
- i love fluff, so romance and fluff is crucial to me
- i only use realistic face claims irp, i'm not a huge fan of drawings personally im sorry

some fandoms + genres/themes i like rn
- the maze runner (crush: thomas)
- harry potter (crush: oc or cedric)
- suits* (i have a massive crush on harvey)
- ancient/older setting (rome, greece, egypt, england, etc.)
- gladiator x emperors son/daughter ??
- pirates
- marvel*
- mafia or gang au (honestly have never done one so i wanna try)
- slice of life highschool
- zombie apocalypse
*not caught up

im open to suggestions so shoot me a message !

*currently kinda craving having gideon as my crush from call of duty advanced warfare idk (i always have like 5 different cravings at once which you'll see below (: )

NB: i may be practicing social distancing, but please understand that i won't be spending every minute of my day on this website. i'm sure we all have other things we need to deal with, so please just understand this (:
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