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Lost and Confused...I think
As Columbus waited patiently for Synnøve to talk to Éanna he began to bounce on the heels of his shoes, wondering what valuable information on his attacker guy Éanna would give him and the lovely so he could track him down and give him a very stern apology for getting in the way bad enough to allow himself to get shook by him. However, instead of getting an answer from the bird, Columbus watched in shock as the bird punted the princess in the shin before running off! Columbus gasped, "That was real rude! I understand he's probably chasing after the one who shook me real violent like, but kicking people in the shin is really messed up! Don't worry Miss Princess Synnøve, I'll take care of this!"

Columbus spun around on his heel a few times before opening up the school store once more and walking inside, quickly scurrying to the back as he looked for band aids, taking awhile to find the right size, then try to find the appropriate brand, and then facing his hardest challenge, choosing between a Hello Kitty themed box and a Superhero themed box. Columbus rubbed his chin in thought, 'On one hand, the Hello Kitty ones are classy and cute! But comic books are a huge market now" Eventually, the zombie snapped his fingers and gasped as a genius idea popped into his head! Picking up both boxes, Columbus began to take out bandages from each box and rip them in half before sticking both ends back together on the opposite set, making each band-aid a weird cross between a Hello Kitty and Superhero theme. Columbus nodded at his work, only slightly disappointed he couldn't somehow combine the boxes together. Walking by an aisle, Columbus quirked a brow and waved at a student he saw wandering around holding pencils, "Oh, um...Hi sir! We're not open right now, so uh...welcome to the School Store, enjoy all the wonderful things we have in store and um...what was the exiting one....oh yeah! Come back again, the store is always your friend! That means you have to leave, so just put the money on the table and someone will put it away I guess..."

With a shrug, Columbus walked back outside and held out the box of band aids in the palms of his hands, presenting Synnøve with a box of now half and half themes band aids with closed eyes and a wide, toothy smile, "Here ya are! I know they say band aids and stuff are only for little cuts, but they always make everything feel better, so I figure maybe the healing magic thingamajig in them will work on hurt shins as well! You should really look into shin guards, just in case a loyal servant to you ever tries to kill your shins again you'll be ready next time Princess Synnøve!"

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jackal fuzukoto

when chris had closed the distance between them it made the shifter's eyes stay on him with such a look of surprise as the other male leaned in. he almost expected a kiss due to this closeness and he could feel chris' breath against his skin. his voice as well as choice of words sent chills down jackal's spine. when he had stepped back giving jackal a little space and started to speak again the shifter bit his lip listening to him. he then was quickly shaking his head in response to chris' assumption before looking at him. he exhaled softly calming himself a bit as he started to relax a little now."no,no. not at all,it's actually the opposite. i'm very much single..."he answered and bit his lip looking away a bit becoming a bit disheartened. his mind started to fill with thoughts of a certain gorgon he oh so loved dearly but knew he couldn't have. he didn't deserve him and he probably moved on. he felt like he didn't deserve anyone for that matter though. those thoughts made him ache inside and he wanted to cry. his eyes now staring down a little bit with a look of obvious heart ache.
"i mean...there is someone i have feelings for but...i believe they have moved on by now..." he told him and shook his head trying not to think about it he inhaled then exhaled then inhaled and exhaled breathing trying to calm himself down.

he needed to relax again. thinking about it even more let alone talking about it would only make him feel quite a bit worse. maybe he should take his chances right now even if it would only hurt him in the end. what did he have left again? nothing. maybe he should take his chances on this sexy goat of a boy and see where it leads him. shaken from his thoughts his ruby colored eyes looked at those beautiful heterochromic eyes of his roommate's with a slight blush hitting his cheeks at his words. his cat ears pricked up and he stepped forward narrowing his eyes only just a little with his gaze on the satyr. " i wouldn't be too sure about that.." he told him exhaling and slid a arm over the other male's shoulder. his cat tail flicked side to side behind him as he pursed his soft lips with his gaze still on chris. "after all you still don't know me,nor do i you..." he murmured licking his lips eying him like he would a small mouse as a very feline purr rose in his chest. the larger male seemed quite interested in him,his curiosity peaked with this attractive male. "are you sure you don't say that sort of thing to all the guys? plus, i don't think i'm anywhere as attractive as you are and you could practically have anyone you want but instead you are here talking to me of all people." he said as he moved his hand down the satyr's side drawing his nails down his skin over his hip. he leaned in drawing his lips close to his ear. "anyways,my name is jackal and i'm not sure you are aware but i don't think i'm what you're looking for.." he whispered and nipped at his ear before pulling away and went to finished getting dressed finally covering up those abs of his.


After chewing on the chunk of bread Megan put on a sweet smile, hoping that this guy was up for some sort of conversation. However her kindness dropped immediately as this other female opened their gob, Megan's eyes darted over to the girl as she listened to what she had to say, giving her the meanest of the mean looks. As the girl said her piece Megan became disgusted for a split second before adjusting her face to what it previously was. "Oh my God, Becky. This guy is like such a pervert." She muttered, inconspicuously turning to look at her friend who's face was also full of disgust. Her attention was quickly grabbed by the guy again when he allowed the girls to continue sitting, but his attitude towards letting the prettiest and smartest girls sit with him was shocking, so shocking that both of their mouths dropped before they stood up "Pft, like so over it. Right, Becky?" Each of the words Megan spoke took her disgust and embodied it.

Already walking away, Megan planned on seeking a new clear table but Becky decided to take her time walking. Megan turned around, planning on having a go at her friend for being slow but was surprised to find the boy acting like neither of them even existed. "My God, he is like so totally rudeee." She thought aloud. As Megan watched the guy while waiting for Becky to walk faster she saw him start to shout something with word her dad would say "WOW, L. O. L. What a loser weirdo! Can't believe you thought he was like cute, Becky!" Megan laughed, not being able to contain herself while she watched this guy. Only then did she notice the other table with some cat girl and weirdo knight guy who the guy was shouting at. Each word the guy spoke was more embarrassing than the last until he pulled out a knife, and when that happened Megan was no longer laughing and was murmuring random noises in her shock. "O.M.G, Becky! This loser is gonna kill us!" Megan shrieked, dropping her food tray she ran away with Becky closely following behind, retreating to the courtyard.

Mr Freddo

Shrieking in his school??? Mister Freddo didn't think so! Hearing the poor girls cries for help the little frog teacher spat out his tiny black belt and tiny police siren, strapping the police siren on the belt he wrapped them on his back. "Je vais vous sauver les étudiants sans défense! Je vais frapper le malfaiteur avec mes compétences! À moins qu'ils ne soient aussi étudiants! Dans ce cas, la détention pour vous!" The frog frowned a mean frown, he hopped onto a table and looked around for the criminal. Je savais que ces 10 années de pratique de mon kung fu avec des moines de kung fu ne seraient pas vaines! Mr Freddo thought, so happy he could put his skills to use, not so happy with the circumstances though. As he looked for the criminal he saw a abandoned tray on the ground, a trail to find the degenerate! He hopped back off the table and investigated tray, nibbling on a piece of the abandoned food while he tried to find more clues on the tray.



Secretly a Werewolf Killer

Syke Cria
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"Why," Syke began, having never before seen a film she finished with an expressive, "yes!" She imagined that, given there were so many roles to play - anybody could be. Though she was secretly relieved the kitsune's actions didn't indicate she actually was an actress, her future reading of Cosmic Love Katana was unspoiled! For now; she and that naked boy simply must have gotten in the way of Cayman and that ghoulish kitsune's performance from earlier. Or, at least, that's how Syke saw it.

"You'd probably do very well in the business!" Syke hopped up and wiggled her arms about floatingly, "If you were ever interested in it, of course," she gave that particular sound which was her laugh. Syke, though she had not seen a movie, found the glamour and glitz very interesting; she had read many articles by actors and directors throughout her few years and came to know that if you looked young for your age you could act younger and therefore have an easier time with it, seeing as that you already had the life experiences of someone from that age bracket! Or, something like that, she imagined.

She cleared her throat with a little 'ahem' before GURGLING IN UNBRIDLED HORROR!! OH NO! That Terrible Kitsune Was Approaching Them! Fearing for her small life being snuffed out in a single flick of agonizing pain, Syke ducked behind Kast, slipping all the way down her back and landing on a pillow. Taking the case of the pillow in her hands, Syke managed to pull a little bit of the corner over to Kast. Obviously doing a great job at hiding the kitsune from the edgiest gal in school. Syke, for the life of her, could not imagine their being any relation between the two.



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<~broonie flufferbutter~>
<~~boogie monster(aka boogie man)~
<~current form: female/male~>

broonie cocked their head a little listening to yui's decision to call them brownie senpai. it wasn't exactly the monster's name per say but it really didn't bother them. after all a brownie was a type of chocolate pastry and there was far worse things he could have called them. a playful smirk then spread on the boogie monster's pale lips as they tilted their head gently still staring at him and leaned over drawing a tentacle under the smaller male's chin. that blush on his face only made him cuter and broonie couldn't help it,she wanted to tease him. "oh wow,already giving me a nickname. i'd have to say brownie is a interesting choice,is it because you have a like sweets perhaps? or maybe it's close to my name?" she asked before moving and leaned close to his ear. broonie's voice suddenly changed a little with a new deepness to it. "or perhaps it's both, am i a sweet to you?" broonie asked before moving back away a little bit with a giggle shaking his hand. broonie's own hands were surprising soft with a bit of fluff near their wrists."yui huh? i like that name. hmmm..yes,yes, i can cook though i must warn you i'm kind of a vegetarian so if it involves meat i can't help you...though from the looks of it you are baking something no? baking is more my strong suit anyways hehe." broonie answered. the monster now had a lack in the chest area which was the opposite of what they had before. they still had a similar appearance a body structure except the monster had become more so a male now despite his still feminine appearance. it wasn't like the monster's clothing changed either as they were still wearing that pink baby doll tank top and skirt along with stockings and boots.

broo gave a big toothy grin not exactly acknowledging the fact their gender had changed so suddenly as for broonie this was kind of normal. sometimes they could control it but at other times it just straight up would happen at random which they had gotten used to. gender bending among broo's kind wasn't entirely a common trait but it wasn't unheard of either. this kind of thing was a rarity and very sought after as was their white hide. such things were seen as a mark of the all seeing moon lord whom the boogie kind worshipped and it was considered his blessing which was one of the reasons why broonie was still held in high regard despite his beliefs. the other was his father being a high standing alpha. broo was somewhat thankful to these things, they didn't know what they would do if their father had disowned them entirely and if their community had decided to get rid of broonie. such a existence would be a lonely one and broonie dearly loved their father. though, if it came down to just broonie or their father,broonie would have gave up on things back at home. being at this school was their chance though,a chance that things could change for the better. the monster exhaled softly and without thinking was still holding onto yui's hand as they started to walk a little. "so where do we need to go??" he asked. " your senpai is at your service,hehee."

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Twiddling her thumbs, Kast cast a few glances in Syke's direction as her cheeks turned a bright pink. "Y-Ya really think so, eh?" she asked, a hopeful chirp appearing in her voice. Was she really actress material? Did she really have what it took to be on the big stage and become a star, catching everyone's attention in a beautiful dress and living her dream as someone that was popular? She didn't want to admit it, but the concept was quite alluring to her. She always did want to be someone that others were able to look up to. Just as she was about to brainstorm with the leafy student, however, she felt them crawl down the back of her clothes.

"WHADDYA DOIN' IN MY DRESS," she yelped, her body tingling as Syke scaled her back. Luckily, it didn't last long, and only after Kast's initial shock was she able to connect together what her companion was trying to accomplish. Or, at least, she knew what she was trying to do, but not exactly why she was doing it. Maybe she thinks I'm cold or somethin'? Flashing them a smile and taking the pillow into her arms, she stroked a finger over the plant girl's flower head. Gah, she's so cute! I just wanna plant her in my backyard or somethin'.

Then, the monotone voice of her older sister rang in her head, snatching away Kast's small snippet of joy and refocusing her back to the reality she wished so passionately to avoid. Kast was stunned by her sister's question, taking a few seconds to let it seep into her pores. "I mean, ain't it normal for family ta stick it out for each other? I love ya, Sis, so I ain't gonna let no romance novel wannabe say nothin' 'bout ya! Ya woulda done the same for little ol' me, yeah?" Turning back to Syke, she cupped the fragile being into her hands, placing them on her lap. "Family has gotta stick together, right?"

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Angelica still refused to look the orc girl in the eyes, afraid of her terrible performance. As the girl knelt down Angelica started to slowly move her gaze towards her, fully connecting as the girl showed concern. "Y...yea I'll be frangely fine...Just a little piddly bruise. They can't get me down!" She cheered, jumping back up again she was now as tall as the kneeling down dorm-mate. Ha! take that tall people! I'll find a aloperty way to rise above you! Both in and out of business! Angelica wobbled on the unsteady surface of her mattress "Woah" Angelica muttered while steadily creeping off what was once her bed and onto the floor. Hearing the girl attempt to say her name again made a little grin creep onto Angelica's face. "Close enough." She said in a cheery tone. As the tall girl continued Angelica tried to get her to stop "No no! It's yapperty fine! I swear! I have no money anyway!" Angelica flailed her arms in-front of herself as she spoke frantically but it was no match for the tall girl being able to manoeuvre her hands around the tiny girls panicked state. As Angelica was once again lifted up she couldn't help but curse her tiny size, but also the people who took advantage of it.

Arriving at the canteen Angelica was still being carried by the orc, she tried to ask the orc a few more times to put her down but begrudgingly turned her pleas for freedom into mutters as the orc seemed to really want to take her new 'friend' to the canteen. Still being held up slightly by the orc Angelica tried lightly kicking to see if she could reach the floor, but her tiny size continues to torment her. Angelica looked around at the crowded canteen and was surprised by the verity in weird looking folks Wow! look at all these fancy dress people! Its weird that so many nerrady people do it but you know what! I wont judge you any longer! Because that is a bad business practise and I'm all about those good prabbedy practising! Plus all these people will one day be my customers! HAHAHAH! JUST YOU HOPPAGLY WAIT!!!! As Angelica's mind thought about her future business ventures she burst out into cackles.



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Upon the pair's arrival to the cafeteria, Atourr set the smaller witch down within a few steps into the room. The large orc glanced about the area, then back down to her roommate. "How Angelelica feel now? Do she need Atourr to carry her to food stuff?" The girl asked in her broken English, once more the concern for her newly-made friend positively shining through her words. However, it seemed to be just a matter of seconds until the room went quiet, save for a bit of a yelling-rant by a certain neko-lover. "Ah, excuse Atourr.." She spoke to Angelica in a rather low tone, attempting to sneak past students to get a better view of what had been going on in the room. It was then that she spotted it.. One student had pulled a knife on the other! Atourr knew this could only mean one of two things; That he was assisting his friend in carving some sort of meat, or that he was threatening the other poor, defenseless boy! Well, defenseless excluding his armor..

In a seemingly calm manner, the Orc approached the duo. It was then that she did something that was a bit.. Odd. She gripped the knife-wielder by his arms from behind, lifting him with an exceeding amount of ease. In one swift move, the male was over her shoulder as if he was a simple sack of rice. She took the knife from his hand, bending down and discarding it to the floor where it could not be of any harm to anyone. Atourr's attention then turned to the metal-clad male in front of her, "Fight is no tolerable on school grounds! Especially not with such, what.. Such.. Harming weapons!" The green girl proclaimed with pride. "Please, no more fight.." She mumbled out as if more of a plea. Once more grabbing Nekomancer by the arms and lifting him off her broad shoulder, she placed him back onto the floor, forcing him to extend an arm. Next, she would grab Raziel's arm as well, forcing him in the same movement. Awkwardly, then, she smashed their hands together. Though, not literally, of course. Making the two shake hands in a rather stale and still tense air, Atour spoke once more. "Now.. Now you two make up, okay? No more fight, yes.."


Roland Graves

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    The entrance to the School Office

Having a long night, and then a day time school? This wasn't going to be easy. Roland just closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. His messenger bag swinging at his side, as he started to make his way to the office. A quick sip from his drink, a cup of cold coffee, as his ears were flattened against his hair, making them look like particularly odd fur patches on his skull. His exhausted eyes flickered about the hall, but he sighed. Great. He'd place a hand on the door- and there were work gloves on his hands. He would grumble, as he pulled them off, and sticking them into his bag's outer pocket. The leather would hopefully forgive him, as he pushed the front door open once more. Wait. He'd step back, backpedaling as he glanced up at the sign. Could he wear his hat? Maybe? Did they have rules about that?

Oh well. Hat would be needed to help him sleep in class, if he couldn't keep up. So for now, he would grab his newsboy cap, placing it on his head- thankfully, he could just keep his ears down underneath the hat. Granted, he looked like a regular human at this point- nothing really stood out with his hat on. Simple, easy, and he didn't need to do anything to hide it! Granted, being a nightworker was a particularly brutal job for- and he was getting sidetracked again. But he would push the door open, looking about- where was the office? They were usually near the front door, right? Right. He'd step in, plucking a small slip of paper out of his bag, and unfolding it. "Lakoria. Yep. Right place." And so he pulled out the folder, starting to go through the record sheets, making sure he had everything on hand.

"Uh-huh...transfer records, identification, birth certificate, proof of independence, immunization records, contact forms, yada yada yada, pa's permission for me to be independent, so on and so forth." Roland just listed off everything, before yawning. "And one cup of coffee, that needs to be drained."

He'd promptly do that, before tossing the cup in a nearby trashcan. The place did smell freshly clean- you know, that nice scent of cleaner and all. He was intimately familiar with that, having to get the corpse smell off him so many times that it wasn't even funny. Granted, he was smelling beautiful today- did he grab the lavender? Maybe? He couldn't really remember. Going through scents like candy was a fun experience with his job, as he could go 'Hey, that smells actually decent, and doesn't murder more people than need be!'

It wasn't long before he snapped the folder shut, sliding it back away into his bag, as he moved to knock on the door to the school's office- intending to step in, and give a friendly wave paired with a smile to anyone who actually was able to greet him.

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luminatti "natti" digiix

somehow,some way luminatti had made it back to his dorm room over the night and ended up sleeping like a rock. he ended up waking up that morning as his screen flicked on and he stretched out mimicking the sound of a yawn. pausing in mid stretch the demon gave a soft whimper in response to his soreness as his body was in quite the amount of pain. a sharp pain then surged through his head making him freak out a little. "ow ow ow owwwwwwwwwwwww it hurts! IT HURTS!" he yelled as his screen showed his eyes welling up with tears and he started to hold his head in his hands. he was starting to think that maybe he had taken more damage from yesterday that he had expected. well this couldn't be good.

not good at all. the last thing he ever needed was head damage and with how hard he hit his head both times the day before it was a surprise that natti's face wasn't even cracked. taking a few deep breathes natti looked around the room quickly taking in his surroundings. the room was dimly lit with sun peaking through the window and it seemed quite barren of any life around him. from the looks of it his room mate never came home. "well,that's disappointing...i wonder where they are?" he mumbled as he slowly pushed down his blanket and slid his legs over the side of the bed. his tail pulled itself from the wall curling around him and he sighed. maybe his room-mate took one look at him and ran away. nah. that couldn't be true. could it?

either way he probably should go to the nurse's office. he was not feeling too good. getting up off the bed natti walked slowly over to the dresser grabbing some clothes and getting himself dressed. he choose a pink and yellow pastel button up and some matching jeans as well as boots. having gotten dressed to what he hoped would seem at least a decent enough for him to walk out and about in. of course natti couldn't imagine what people were to think of him if he were to walk out in his pajamas no less. 'oh how embarrassing that would have been...' the mere thought of it sent cold shivers down the tv head's spine and shook him to the core. he could imagine the laughter and the looks on people's faces. such things were very terrifying even for this little lone fear demon as ironic as it seemed.

opening the door to his room natti walked out of his dorm room and made his way down the hallway and found his way out the door then into the school somehow. the demon was walking a all funky and holding his head in his hands with a low moan.
everything just hurt. this was a bit too much for his liking. he was ashamed of himself a bit too. his mom would have been peeved if she knew what natti had done to his head. wandering through the hallways of the school in a state of confusion natti was feeling even more light headed that before as his sight started to become blurry and strangely colorful. he was seeing stars, no it was the entire galaxy. or that's what natti though he was seeing as glowing ectoplasm was seen leaking from his head and his antenna sparked. after a while natti ended up stumbling into a wall with a loud bang and whimpered stumbling backwards as his screen cracked and ectoplasm poured out looking like a nose bleed as his screen glitched out. "OWWWWWWW!!!!!" he yelped all teary eyed holding a hand over his "nose" area.natti hadn't found the nurse's office like he hoped but instead he found the cafeteria and was standing in front of a vending machine. "you hit me in the noseeeeee!!!!!" natti whined yelling at the vending machine like it was a person and was obviously mistaking it for eanna due to his head damage. "bird person first you kick natti in wall then hit natti! stoop teh bulli meh ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS!!" he yelled for all to hear pointing at the vending machine but he drooped over wobbling and fell against the machine exhaustedly. "why is nurse personflesh? ohhhh.." he asked the vending machine.

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Lost and Confused...I think
Dibe watched as her roommate once again got a bit flustered and weird at what was, admittedly a pretty cute voice break, one that made Dibe begin to giggle to herself as soon as the werewolf turned to grab her backpack. Watching Rosie stand beside the door, Dibe nodded as she was told to say when she was ready to leave, though a slight wave of anxiety began to wash over her as Rosie said that, 'W-wait, people don't say take your time unless they want you to hurry right?! T-that's some kind of unspoken rule that nobody speaks about r-right?! Prima awnser me!"

Dibe picked up the kinda-invisible corgi that had been curled up in a ball besides her and held it under it's front legs and shook it until an annoyed voice spoke in her head, 'God, fine yes it is an unspoken rule! Now you better put me down and hurry if you don't want to be looked down upon by your roommate...."

Dibe's star shaped pupils widened as she felt herself go a bit pale, 'O-oh gosh! O-okay, I can do this...I-I just have to rush to put on some new clothes and- OH WAIT! I picked out some first day of class clothes just for this occasion! I'll just put that on and I'll be fine..." Dibe stood from her bed and walked over to her modest dresser/mirror. She didn't have that many clothes or anything she needed, but she did the occasional buying of cute looking clothes or stuff when she could afford them and got the very rare chance to buy something not from the school store (which she had avoided like the plague given how nothing there really appealed to her). Opening her top drawer, she did indeed see the super special first day of class set of clothes she had prepared about a week ago. It had based purely on aesthetic choices instead of any sort of academic need, but it looked super duper cute and made her look like the cool quirky kid that everyone would like to hang out with! least she hoped it would...

Quickly stripping down to her underwear (And berating herself internally at the fact that she wouldn't be able to take a shower until gym time at latest) Dibe put on a frilly pink shirt that was layered almost like a skirt before then putting on a pair of blue jeans with the designs of various fruits and junk foods sown into the fabric. After that she doned the most important part of the outfit, a varsity jacket with a yellow stripped collar and solid yellow arms and a pink body. On the back of the jacket, there was a big pink number 12 that had an orange in the loop of the 2, a design that was repeated on the shoulder of each arm of the jacket. Dibe looked herself over in the mirror and felt happy with how the outfit had turned out, and how quickly she'd managed to get ready so far!

Dibe got closer to the mirror and looked at it with determination, 'Alright! Now I just have to do the makeup, which I can totally do! I can salvage...whatever disaster I put my face through yesterday. Totally! It'll just take some uh....some...' Dibe opened her drawer once more to dig through her clothes until she reached the bottom and found her stash: pastels and neons of every color in the book, mostly lipsticks, eye shadow and nail polish decorated the bottom of her drawer (some of the nail polish had admittedly been used to actually decorate the bottom of her drawer with more pictures of cartoonish looking fruit but nobody needed to know that...). Dibe tapped her finger against her lips as she thought, going back and forth between her appearance in the mirror and the makeup in her drawer, 'I-I....My hair, and the lipstick and the....forget it! I'll just put some stuff on and it'll be okay!'

Grabbing a handful of products and throwing them on her dresser, Dibe began to go to work, getting lost as she felt herself nervously sweat at the time she must've been taking to get ready, 'Just some yellow here, pink there and...oh god it must have been like five minutes already! That's way to long...' Dibe didn't really register Prima walking onto the dresser and yawning, but she did register what the dog would say next, 'Actually it's been fifteen minutes...'

Dibe stiffened suddenly before scrambling back to finish getting herself together, now with fresh panic as she realized just how long she was taking to put on the finishing touches! Putting on yellow eye shadow over black eye liner, a nice pink lip gloss, and thanking everything that made the universe she had put on yellow nail polish the day before, Dibe hurriedly put on heart shaped earnings and then tied her hair up in a ponytail with a nice pink bow, making sure to leave bangs that fell just above the eyes. Taking a few steps back and looking over herself, she nodded and put on a smile, she looked nice, 'I look horrible....' Dibe felt her shoulders slump, 'People are gonna be able to see the old makeup over the new stuff, I just know it! I can see it if I squint, so that's gotta mean everyone standing more than ten feet away will see it as well! What am I going to do? Maybe...maybe I have time to run water over my face and start over?'

'Actually you don't, it's been twenty two minutes and your roommate is probably irate at the moment...if you really want for the old stuff to not be noticed, you do have that set of really distracting even goes with the fruit motif.'

Dibe shuddered as she looked at the pair of yellow sunglasses hanging off her mirror dresser combo. The glasses themselves would look fine if not for the fact hat on the rims of it there were cartoony plastic fruit that hung off the ends. It looked majorly tacky, and while someone cooler and better looking than her could pull them off, Dibe felt deep down that nine out of ten times it would look dumb on her. Heck, she'd only bought the things to put over Prima and take pictures in the first place before she remembered pictures of Prima didn't show up on her phone so she just had a bunch of pictures of floating glasses! Sill though...they would hide her shame...

With a sigh Dibe doned the sunglasses and picked up her backpack, hanging her head in shame, 'Oh god, Rosie's gonna think I look like a total loser! And then she's gonna tell all of her super cool friends, and then we won't ever be friends, and then I'll be laughed at and she'll ask to change rooms and I'll be alone again! Oh god this day is going to be social suicide and I'm gonna be alone and-"

Dibe sighed and wiped her teary eyes under her glasses, 'Well....might as well get this done with then.' Sniffling a bit as she accepted her fate, Dibe stepped forward and tapped Rosie on the shoulder, "Um...h-hey, sorry I took so long, but I-I'm ready to go and uh...and stuff so....yeah." Dibe rubbed the back of her neck and shuffled a bit as she closed her eyes, "Um...sorry to be so forward, but when you tell all of your friends and stuff about how dumb I look, could you leave out the stuff about how I looked when I woke up please? I just...I'm sorry to tell you how to tell your funny story and-f-forget it! Just..." Dibe sighed, "Yeah...just go on and let me have it, tell me how dumb I look, I understand if you don't want to walk out with me looking like this..."

The lumbering giant made his way on Lakoria's campus as a blissful scene washed over the behemoth's face while he kept his eyes forward. The occasional glance from students was imminent when one brought this colossal being's frame into the picture; in fact, a majority of the student body kept their distance from him, afraid that he was going to trample over them without a care in the world, which wasn't that far off, considering his tendency to be absent-minded. Luckily for Nikolas, he was too caught up in the breeze on his face to pay any semblance of care to anyone around him, finding the confines of his own mind peaceful enough for him. Not that he meant to be rude, but how could a bear possibly pass up this gorgeous scenery? Not him, that's for sure.

He brought his hand through his hair, it having been ruffled from sleeping in for a majority of the first day. Nikolas had been so tired from his trip to the school that he had passed out on his bed the moment he had found his dorm, so it isn't difficult to say that he was a little behind everyone else in terms of "gossip" that was going around the campus. He wasn't big on participating with others in talking behind another person's back, but he did believe it was a sign of being "in" with social groups. If anything, maybe it was better to just listen and keep your mouth shut, that way nobody had any reason to dislike you, right? Stopping at a bench, he reveled in his own theory that he came up with all by himself. Maybe he should bring it up with someone and be congratulated for his philosophy?

Right as he was about to sit down and take a breather (yes, he got tired from just walking around the school), he was halted by what looked to be a girl, uh, resting on the bench with some sort of beverage in her hand? Now, Nikolas being the very bright and thoughtful person he is didn't think very much of this at first glance. Maybe it was one of those Journey kids that simply loved to party and fall asleep wherever they want Elliott, but there was something specific about this girl that was very different from the usual. SHE WAS SO SPARKLY. Like some sort of gemstone in the middle of a field of dirt, this girl glowed so brilliantly on this sunny day. Nikolas compared her to a star, perhaps his own star, even. Was this a miracle presented to the Russian bear, a blessing that was finally gifted to him after his revelation from earlier? Both stunned and awestruck, the boy simply loomed over her, staring down at the innocent girl with a somewhat unsettling regard.

He had half the mind to touch her, to feel the crystals that made up her hair and bask in all of her glory. He abstained, however, pushing past his greedy temptations and staying in complete silence. Nikolas supposed that she wasn't going to be too fond of him touching her without permission. So, what was this bear going to do in a situation like this? Ask permission, of course! Waving a hand in front of her face and shoving his face into her view, the grizzly being gave her a toothy grin. "Can touch hair?"


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