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Pando Pox

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Howdy, It's a pleasure to meet anyone reading this. Feel free to call me Andy or whatever other nicknames come to mind like Pando or Pox. I'm in my mid twenties, I'm from the state of Texas and my pronouns are they/them/him.

You might be able to tell from the title of this thread that I'm looking for a few partners to write fandom role plays with. I'm interested in a number of different verses from Television to Video Games but to maintain interest I'm going to keep the fandoms I post here limited to the few I'm really craving. That means my overall list is much larger if you want to ask about it... But anything listed here is definitely a preference an sure to catch my interest.

I prefer to role play over Discord so if you feel likewise then feel free to dm me asking for my tag or with your own.

And without further ado, the fandoms.

Looking for Shang Chi or Peter Parker. Willing to play almost anyone.

CW Reign
An oldie but a goodie. Will always stan and look for a Francis or Leith. Can play Sebastian or anyone else.

Top Gun
Either version, but I'd prefer Maverick. Looking for Rooster or Fanboy. Can play Maverick, Iceman or anyone else.

Umbrella Academy
Looking for Sparrow Academy Ben. Can play literally anyone.

Bodyguard (Netflix)
Obviously half the reason is because of Richard, but I digress. Looking for a David Budd against a m!OC and I have ideas. Can double with any other fandom if desired.

Hunger Games
Book & Movie Verse. I have an idea for a m!oc against Gale later in the series and I would be happy to double up.

The Boys
Play a soft Dom!Frenchie for me please? I'll play anyone else in return.

Fate: Winx Saga
Looking for Riven. Willing to play Sky, Bloom, Beatrix or anyone else.

Stranger Things
I really need this. I have ideas for both Jason or Dmitri and while minor characters I’d really like to play against them. Definitely down to double up on request.

For All Manknd
Probably a niche, but if I do find someone I'd love a Danny Stevens and yes I have an idea.

Looking for Lip Gallagher or Ian Gallagher. Willing to play almost anyone, including Kevin or Veronica.

The Quarry
Play bisexual in denial Ryan or awkwardly flirty Dylan either against each other or to a m!oc of mine and I'll play anyone else in return for you. Big crave!

Detroit Become Human
Play Connor for me, I'll do anyone else in return.

I have an idea for a Cayde 6 x oc!Hunter if anyone would be down to play Cayde.

I have a few ideas, lmk if you're interested in this and we can discuss ideas and lists.

I'd prefer you dm me instead of posting here unless you can't dm for whatever reason. < 3
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Fate: The Winx Saga had caught my eye. Also, it's second Season starts next Friday.

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