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Multiple Settings It's Spooky Season [Partner Search!]

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the dream chooses the dreamer.
My name is Hal. I am looking for a long-term partner(s). To begin with, I'll tell you a little bit about me!
  • I am 20 years old.
  • I am a film student.
  • I am an avid reader.
  • I'm a ballet dancer and color guard coach.
  • Eastern timezone.
  • Looking for 1-2 new roleplays.
  • I like to chat OOC. Pinterest boards, playlists-- I'm all about it. I hope you will be too.

Guidelines/Comfort Zone:

In terms of literacy:

  • I prefer well-formed sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.
  • I'm not a huge stickler on length, but I prefer longer posts. Short posts are okay occasionally, but I prefer a minimum of three decent-length paragraphs.
    • HOWEVER... I am very flexible. I am okay with shorter posts as long as the roleplay can be fast-paced (quick responses).
  • I'm not too picky about age. My rule of thumb is no more than 4 years younger than me. If we could've been in high school together, then I'll be okay with it. As long as you're literate. I understand that just because you're young doesn't mean you can't be a wonderful writer/contribute to a roleplay.
  • I will respond quickly as long as I am interested and hope that you can do the same.
    • HOWEVER... My life gets hectic and I know that yours will too. All I ask is that you keep me posted if it'll be a while.
  • I am only comfortable playing MxF relationships. Thank you for understanding!
  • I don't like to do canon x canon, just canon x oc.

Spooky Season:

  • Paranormal romance. Ghost x human... something along those lines.
  • Vampires! I'd prefer to play the human for this option.
  • Small town murder mystery (set in autumn!)
    • This could take place in a boarding school as well. I love, love, love the dark academia aesthetic.
  • College slice of life set in autumn.


  • Six of Crows (Kaz, Jesper, Matthias and Nina-- I don't care)
  • Marvel (Loki, 1940s Bucky Barnes)
  • The Hunger Games
  • Divergent (but like, make it good... so just the divergent universe)


We are Young; We are Free! (He/She/They)
Hey there! I’d be up for doing some kind of Marvel role play with you!

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