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Fandom [Interest Check] Hexside Academy of Magic and Demonics {The Owl House}

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, Magical, Multiverse, Platonic, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


epic gamer

“Education is the real magic”


So tOH is getting its Season Finale on saturday, and I’ve been rather intrigued by the world, more specifically, this system of covens, and the way society is built around it. I think it could be quite fun to explore the school of Hexside more, either in the time of Edalyn and Lilith, or in the present with Luz and her friends, however, canons wouldn’t be such a big part of this, as I’d much rather throw a bunch of magical beings into the mix, and see how they mobilise in this society, will they conform or will they challenge things? It could also be pretty interesting to add to the school’s ever growing mysteries and quirks, as well as adding more to the world anyway. The chosen Era would decide the rules much more, and things could either be quite wholesome and fun, or dark and twisted, depending on the focus, especially with the attitude of the emperors coven.

This is simply an interest check though, Though it’s been gaining popularity slowly, I haven’t seen much around on the site, so nothing is set in stone, and honestly it’s been a hot minute since i’ve been a part of a group roleplay, let alone created and managed one. Buuut if anyone would be interested in a Hogwarts style approach to this school and the surrounding world, let me know!!​


epic gamer
SP3CT3R SP3CT3R GamerKitty205 GamerKitty205 Delinquent Delinquent
Ahh I’m so glad about the interest! Honestly I don’t mind small groups, so if you’d be happy for me to either start up a thread or PMs where we can discuss things, anyone got a particular preference on time setting? I think either could be fun, since we wouldn’t be focusing inherently on Canons, perhaps Eda and Lilith’s school years could be a good focus! But I do love the mystery going down in Luz’s time too, so it’s hard to choose!


The Bee's Knees
anyone got a particular preference on time setting?
Personally, I'd prefer it if the roleplay were set somewhere between Eda's and Luz's school year.

But if I have to choose between the two options, I'd go with Eda's school years.


Oddnesssssss never endsssss
I also think between Luz and Eda's school years would be best. So we don't have to worry about canon events too much, or really at all

But if we go with the two options, i don't really care which one


epic gamer
SP3CT3R SP3CT3R GamerKitty205 GamerKitty205 Delinquent Delinquent

Oh you know what i’m totally in agreement, the years between Luz and Eda would be perfect! perhaps maybe 10-15 years in between? I mean there’s no canon ages given to Eda and Lilith, but I think that time frame gives a good operating window, making Lilith a part of the Emperors coven, (perhaps working her way up to the leading position) and Edalyn selling her human treasures, so the school is pretty much free territory to explore!! I’m happy to design NPCs such as the teachers, or if anyone wants to throw some ideas in, be my guest! I might start a thread detailing all the necessary info, just in case people want to join, if that’s alright? But I’ll start a PM where we can discuss everything like NPCs and such!

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