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Fandom Final Fantasy XIV Canon x OC, anyone?

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Beautiful Nightmare

Never forget to smile <3
I just finished Shadowbringers and find myself wanting for self indulgent shipping. I'm still working through post-Shadowbringers story, but that'll be done soon and the heaviest information has already been spoiled to me.
I'm mainly just looking for some adventures filled with angsty fluff where I can ship an OC with either Haurchefant or Emet-Selch. Trust me, I need it.

- I prefer partners who are 18+ because I tend to write themes that are on the mature side. I will still abide by site rules, but I would prefer it if my partners are adults like me.
- Do not ghost me. It's okay to go on hiatus, I just implore that you let me know ahead of time.
- Full disclosure, I forgot most of Stormblood except for the main plot points. The Xaela arc was awesome, though.
- At this time, I will not play Varis, Zenos, Livia, Biggs, Wedge, or any of the faction leaders - save for Ser Aymeric. I think I'll be fine with anyone else you're interested in, though. This is mainly due to the fact that I think I can only confidently write Ser Aymeric out of those listed above and I wanted to preface this before somebody asked me to playa a character that I would be terrible at. xD
- I am not comfortable playing any teenage characters. If you want to ship with them, we can make up some kind AU that either skips ahead in time, draws the story out over the course of several years, or ages them up.
- I am not a furry. So if your love interest happens to be a person with animalistic attributes, I will still play them as a person for the most part. They won't be acting like animals aside of tail swishes and ear twitches. Sorry about that. ^^"
- I require an AU to better involve my options for love interests, given the circumstances of the story (staying vague to prevent spoilers). Nothing major, just something that alters events a little bit.
- On the topic of spoilers, please let me know how far you've gotten in the story before I ruin anything for you!
- We can follow the main events of the story (with alterations) or create our own entirely. However, I am only interested in canon x OC at this time.
- I only double up.
- I don’t push for quantity over quality, but please write at least one paragraph - five to seven sentences. It helps me write my own responses if I have something to go off of. I would also prefer it if lengths matched for ships (you write as much for your OC as you do for my love interest).
- If you want to play multiple OC's with ships, I'm totally fine with that! I have two OC's with love interests that I would be happy to use.
- Please be willing to chat with me OOC. It helps to ease my social anxiety if I'm talking to people who are friendly towards me and want to talk to me instead of using me for mere entertainment.
- I'm looking for role plays that will last long-term. I don't enjoy dabbling in role plays with short lifespans.
- I'm fine with role playing on-site, on Discord, on Quotev, or in Google Docs. I prefer Discord and Quotev the most, though.
- No Mary-Sue's, god modding, or guilt tripping. We may be the Warriors of Light in-game, but we can't be the sole saviors in an enjoyable rp.
- Please follow the baseline rules of the lore. This includes name lore and backstories. Just make sure your character can blend in as a believable person in the Final Fantasy XIV universe!
- If you have any suggestions for an original race or for a country not yet seen in the game, let me know!
- I won't freak out if your OC is a Garlean or an Ascian, so long as you have a good explanation for the latter. There's already lore you can work with from Shadowbringers, as a start, if you manipulate it a bit. If you haven't gotten to the end of Shadowbringers yet, I'm afraid I'm going to have to preemptively decline your idea.
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