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  • Hello! The name I go by on here is Strawberry_Milk but if you’d like you can call me strawberry or berry! I go by she/her pronouns and am 21 years of age. For that reason I would prefer to only rp with those 18+ At the moment I’m mostly looking to rp the fandoms I’m craving as I don’t want to take on too many partners, but don’t be afraid to reach out or ask! I am not currently looking for original/non-fandom rps at this time.

    I don't currently have a writing sample available but would say that on average my replies vary from 250-500 words. Of course, this number can be larger, depending on how interested I am in a roleplay or how much my partner writes. Typically, I do my best to match my partner's length but occasionally will find myself struggling to write the same amount. I would consider myself to be a semi-literate to literate writer.

    I am currently a college student and so that is my priority first and foremost. Rp is a hobby of mine but it’s not something I want to feel pressured into doing. I usually do my best to try and reply weekly, but if college is super hectic or I’m not doing well mentally it may be less than that. For that reason I may not be the best partner if your preference is quick and frequent replies.

    If any of the fandoms listed strike your interest, please pm me so we can plot there!

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i'm always up for a good soulmate!au. naruto? i'm pretty confident in playing deidara and hidan, only slightly less so with itachi.

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