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New Member
Hey there! I'm new to this account, but definitely not new to RP Nation- just wanted a new start with a new account.

I'm a pretty easy partner, so here's my info.

I don't have many rules, mainly just preferences.

- I don't like one-liners. Longer messages are important to me! They don't have to be a book, but at least give me something to work with.
- I'm ghost friendly. I know that we all have done it before, so I won't fault you for it. I might send you one message to check in, but after that, I won't bother you anymore if you decide not to respond!
- I really prefer MxM roleplays. I'm a gay guy, so it's just my personal preference. I will occasionally make exceptions for some MxF and FxF roleplays, but it's on a case-by-case basis.
- I don't really do oc x canon roleplays, but again, on case-by-case basis I will double to do them, as long as you do a canon x canon ship for my side.
- Currently accepting most oc x canon roleplays, because I'm not having much luck here! So come at me with your ideas!
- This one is important, I do not do any adult x child roleplays. I don't care if the child is aged up, or the adult is aged down. Don't even ask about it, please.
- For any of the fandoms listed, feel free to ask me about other ships!
- I'm happy to move onto Discord! I even prefer that sometimes, since it's easier for me to remember to respond. Just let me know if you want to!

I'm happy with pretty much any plot, but here are some of my favorites:

- Family plots! I honestly just love family plots, they're some of my favorites. They're especially nice when they develop- like start out as just a romantic relationship, then having a family. That Sims life. I have a bunch of children I've designed for most of my ships, so just ask if you're interested in one!
- ABO AUs- not too interested in the more... unusual side or the sexual side obviously, I really only use it so that my ships can have biological children that actually make sense. We can totally ignore it or not use it at all, I just like having a logical (well, kinda) explanation as to how they could have kids, since I like family AUs so much.
- Romance plots- this speaks for itself, I don't really like non-romantic roleplays. Sorry!
- Supernatural/mythical creatures/aliens/etc. They are just kind of a cool twist.
- Soulmate AU's!
- Wholesome stuff in general
- But honestly, anything is good with me! Just propose your ideas to me. I have a lot of fandom-specific ideas that aren't listed here as well.

Now, here are my fandoms!

Preferences are marked by the amount of *'s.
My favorite/craved ships will be in italics, and the character I'd like to play is in bold. If neither is bolded, I'm fine playing either.

My main fandom, and always my favorite!

Zenitsu x Tanjiro (This is my all time OTP!)
Zenitsu x Inosuke
Zenitsu x Genya
Kanao x Nezuko
Giyuu x Sanemi
Giyuu x Sabito
Obanai x Mitsuri

Ask me about others!

A bit more niche, but still one of my favorites.

Epel x Jack (My OTP from this fandom)
Azul x Jade

Ask me about others!

Sebastian x Agni (My OTP from this fandom)
Sebastian x Bard
Sebastian x Wolfram

Ask me about others!

Kurapika x Leorio
Meruem x Komugi

Ask me about others!

Thank you for looking! Comment or DM if you're interested!
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