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"You're right, it's really him! Come on, let's go!"

Well, that solves that mystery. No need for any Scooby-Doo investigation here. Before Frank had even finished taking the camera lens away from his face, though, Darkness had already begun shooting down towards the kid - she called out that his name was Kazuma - leaving Frank to wonder how you can wear so much armour and still move so quickly. Even with the Exosuit, which basically moves your limbs for you, it'd still be a laborious task to move so fast.

"Hey! Wait up!" Frank cried, running after her, trying to make up for what felt like a mile of distance in a few seconds. As he ran, though, he paused for a second - it would be impossible to miss. The nurse lady he saw before was undressing, right in the bushes! Any man would have admitted it was a sight to see. During the one moment when nobody was looking - when Darkness was ahead of him and everyone else was busy doing their own thing, something possessed Frank to reach for his camera - something just completely took over the function of his body. Still following behind Darkness, as to make sure he did not look suspicious, he carefully raised his camera, looked through the lens, and...


"Fantastic!" Frank exclaimed to himself, hopefully not too loudly. He breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't have the flash activated.

They reached Kazuma in no time at all. Frank, slightly out of breath by how fast he suddenly had to run, offered a "hey, good to meet you" to Kazuma, but decided to stay relatively quiet while he and Darkness spoke to each other - they had plenty they needed to hash out with this reunion, instead deciding to listen in to their conversation.

Darkness and Kazuma knew each other and were with each other when they got here, so even though this kid looked pretty young, it would be worth tagging along with him; Frank thought he'd be easy to work with, because, compared to everyone else here, at least, and besides the strange costume he was wearing, he seemed like a relatively normal guy. Perhaps more importantly, he was an actual human being - amongst all these other characters, Frank felt like people were the minority here.

Frank was a little stunned after listening to Kazuma's heavy vent. He wasn't about to call him out on it - not yet, things are tense enough - but yeesh. Either Kazuma or his party must be harder pieces of work than Frank imagined.

"Anyways, we should probably go find them..." Kazuma finished, the frustration still apparent in his voice.

"Yeah, we were just about to check out the shack. Pretty much everyone else piled in there - maybe the other two are inside. Come on, let's get - "


"Whagh - !" Frank stumbled, caught completely by surprise - he frantically looked around for the source of the voice before looking up at this massive, human-sized ant creature, clad in full warrior armour and brandishing a huge two-handed sword. If this thing wanted to, it could probably eat all three of them alive right now. Frank tried to hide the fact that he could feel beads of sweat forming on his forehead, just in case he could smell fear or something.

"I heard talk of a Paladin. Pray tell, which god do they serve?" The ant creature began. Frank had no idea how to address this - he assumed he was talking about Darkness, but he doubted very much that she knew what it was talking about either. Quickly, the creature added:

"I'm K'Thix'Rax, proud Spellsword of Xom, a pleasure to meet you both." He then turned his attention to Frank, giving him a nod of acknowledgement and a "greetings to you too, stranger."

Well, at least he was friendly. If he had any intentions of eating them alive, he at least didn't intend to do it yet. Besides, creatures had been trying to eat Frank alive for the last 72 hours - he was hoping that he could stop it from happening if it did, but armoured, medieval ant creatures and zombies are two completely different ball games. Nervously, Frank cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Well, uh, greetings. It's good to meet you too. I don't know about any Gods, but the three of us were just about to check out this shack. We're looking for..." Frank paused, trying to recall the description that Kazuma and Darkness had given him "... some kind of loud, blue-haired archpriest, and a kid dressed like a wizard." Frank took this moment, now that the situation was more relaxed, to raise his camera and take a quick snapshot of K'Thix.


Frank smiled to himself, looking at the picture he had just taken. Zombies, spec-ops cover up, completely out-of-this-world creatures - if he didn't have the biggest scoop of his career before, this would definitely seal the deal.

"I mean... the more the merrier, right? You can tag along, if you wanna. Let's see what's in here..."


"Well... if you had to pick a time for your machine to go out of control, Mr. Ford, you couldn't have picked a better time for me, at least. The zombies were finally about to get to me." Frank added, after listening to Ford's spiel. It looked like Frank was at least partially correct - some horrific catastrophe did happen to bring them all here. Now, he was just hoping that they could work to fix the situation and just solve this thing.

Frank looked back at Darkness, Kazuma and K'Thix for a brief moment, as if for some kind of confirmation that they were hearing what he was hearing, only to find out that, after Frank turned his back for a full minute, they were already having a situation. Darkness was already, for some reason, squirming with pleasure, face red like a tomato as she held Kazuma, who was clearly taking the situation pretty hard. Darkness might enjoy pain, but one look at Kazuma now told Frank that he sure was feeling a lot of it - and not enjoying it.

As for Frank, he had mixed feelings about the situation. Sure, the machine going haywire had just saved his life from up there on the helipad, but he had to get back. The people of Willamette needed to hear his scoop - the huge story behind the mall, and the cover-up of the government. They deserved to know. Additionally, he felt some kind of obligation to help the people he was with - especially Kazuma, Darkness and this ant creature - to get back home. For the most part, they seemed like alright people. What was he going to do now -

Wait a second...

"Hey, you guys, hold on for a second!" Frank said to his group, his face suddenly morphing into a huge, ear-to-ear grin. Why would he need to settle for just one scoop? Look at this place! If people heard about the work they were doing here, it'd revolutionise science! And not only that, but Frank would be the first to report on it! This, plus Willamette? He'd be a photojournalist of legend! Frank urgently stepped forward, eager to speak to Ford:

"Hey, excuse me, Mr. Ford? I-I'm Frank West, photojournalist. Can I ask you something?" Frank began, holding up one finger.

"Could I please get a few pictures of this thing? This is revolutionary! Not only is it gonna make you big, it'll make a huge scoop! Could I..." Frank stopped himself. He had let himself get too excited. The portal was still broken, after all. Even if he reported on it now, what would the readers say? They'd want to see it working, how it worked, what it did. That means it's not only in everyone's best interest to get the portal working again, but it's of interest to Frank in particular, because he really wanted to report on this thing.

"Alright, um... how about this? I help you go get the parts you need to fix it, and you give me the exclusive on the whole thing. How does that sound?" Frank offered, a genuinely excited smile on his face. Ford seemed passionate about it - why wouldn't he want his work to be known?​
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We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

  • Within moments, things within this circus show just got more ridiculous. Some Russian immediately got up and, visibly agitated, began waving a rifle around. Under normal circumstances, Cole wouldn’t really be concerned since he could take a few bullets before dropping dead. But things weren’t normal. Without electrical powers nor Conduit abilities, a gun could easily drop him like any other regular human being. Thankfully, some other people- the photographer and the modern soldier- calmed the gun-wielder down enough for things to de-escalate.

    With that out of the way, Cole began to listen to a talking cat meowing about how the crazy-colored wolf “got what he deserved” or anything like that. He had a suspicious feeling that if regular animals could talk this was exactly how a cat would react. In his experience cats hated dogs, and vice versa. Of course, some people claimed that they could live in harmony, but MacGrath had never first-handedly seen any instance where that turned out to be true. It probably didn’t help that he didn’t own a pet, anyways, so his experience with cats and dogs were relatively limited.

    Shockingly enough, the wolf didn't start barking angrily nor turning the kitty into a quick snack. He began asking for the kitty's name, to which the snobby animal responded with a "Miss Luckett". The Conduit would have probably hauled that annoying cat off, but he was temporarily distracted by a screaming Mabel Pines inside the scam store. Honestly, Cole could care less, since there was so much to address- Not just the squeaky little girl who'd been chased by the nutjob ax lady, but everyone else. Seriously, with a talking pony and a drill sergeant forming an alliance-in-the-making, Cole could never imagine anyone writing this sort of stuff up. Too ridiculous to be a dream.

    ...And as if that wasn't enough, a couple woke up and stood up in front of the group nearly naked. Cole immediately groaned quietly before turning around, looking away out of politeness as Lyle and Clara began changing near the Mystery Shack. At least that answered one question- looks like not all of them had been brought back from the dead, since those two certainly had looked like they'd been enjoying each other's company before realizing they were in the middle of literally nowhere.

    "Yeah. Might want to, er, go into the woods next time before you do that," The Electric Man commented to Lyle as the two went indoors to talk to the inhabitants of this world. After a few moments, the two apparently believed the pony to be the leader of a new group- a group that seemed to be rapidly expanding by the moment. Cole wasn't too sure about trusting all those people just yet; with such unfamiliar people and things surrounding him, though, he knew others would naturally band together in order to try and at least mitigate the strangeness. Hell, maybe he needed a team.

    After a giant-ass pause, the equally-large troll claimed to just look how he seemed. Cole didn't buy it at all, despite the saddish look. He couldn't help but feel distrusting, especially since the guy nearly had an outburst over just someone shouting. However, his interest quickly shifted from the troll to the giant horror show that was turning out to be the "group" that was now turning into a "crowd". He could easily see the horse, the ex-naked couple, the two soldiers, another talking cat (this time bipedal and not a breed Cole recognized), a big-ass buff fish... Man, that list went on and on. It wasn't just that horde teaming up, either- he could see a few other people talking to each other outside making their own group.

    Before he could observe the other group, he saw some moron in a tuxedo with a penguin flat-out bust down a door even though the damn thing was unlocked. As if being in a strange world wasn't enough, it seemed that the Conduit really was amongst idiots. He couldn't help but facepalm at the sight and the screams from the old man indoors that followed... and groan as an armored futuristic man broke through a window and a polarizingly-different armored Greek ran after said suit, probably screaming insults in his native tongue.

    "Looks like some people really do have all brawn and no brains..." MacGrath groaned quietly before the Ant-Man who he didn't quite trust began speaking to him, explaining about how he couldn't change his looks like a normal human. Cole merely frowned, shaking his head in response as he quickly realized his addresses were misinterpreted.

    "No, no, no. That 'looks' part was just... Well, about your giant friend over there-" He pointed towards Epsilo- "but yeah, that little declaration of yours back there isn't exactly gonna nab you any new friends here." He folded his arms about the "killing" part, before snickering quietly.

    "I mean, even though you haven't given me a great first impression, you haven't tried to shoot my brains out or eat me for lunch, so that's a better start than most of my encounters," He commented in a reference towards the Militia and the Corrupted, respectively. Thankfully, nobody from either faction had seemingly joined this group of misfits, so Cole wouldn't have to Amp down some hick or a swamp monster any time soon.

    Meanwhile, the Greek and his armored friend began a garbage-throwing contest, hurling random junk at each other before the Stan fool came out, yelling at the former before Doomguy began doing something. Unfortunately Cole didn't have long to watch this amusing encounter play out, as the yellow talking dog and an equally-yellow mouse came over to introduce each other. Well, the former did- as Isabelle and Pichu, respectively. His gaunt expression seemed to lighten up just for a second to a more neutral pose before nodding at both of theirs, and despite the two's looks he wasn't afraid to shake their hands. He'd seen way weirder things- or creepier, depending on one's perspective- so this was pretty tame in comparison.

    "Cole MacGrath, at your service. Well, somewhat." He thought about mentioning his Conduit powers that had been taken away, but quickly decided against it. He quietly listened to Isabelle name the other two guys- unfortunately the ant (who he could kind of trust) and the troll (who had, unfortunately, still garnered some of Cole's distrust), before folding his arms.

    "Yeah, sure. Just don't stab me in the back and I think this'll work. Ish." The ex-courier commented towards the latter two, before looking back at the garbage-hurlers to see a giant glob of pigeon turd smack the old scam artist right on his shoulder. This time, he couldn't hold back any cold emotions, and couldn't help but snicker as the man stomped back indoors, visibly furious at the poo on his suit. Kinda served him right, in a way- the guy was such a Scrooge that it was hard to feel bad for him.

    Just before Cole thought everything had calmed down just enough, some kid wearing a beanie walked up and explained he had seen Cole on TV. He suppressed a groan, only echoing it internally. Chances were the guy had seen him on one of two places... There was only one way to find out, really.

    "You probably saw me on a broadcast labeling me a terrorist-" Cole couldn't help but manage a dry grin remembering the Voice of Survival and the USTV reporter both calling him that- "or Zeke's little stunt asking any single women to date me. Either way, yeah. I'm Cole." He shrugged when the guy asked him about where the hell they were.

    "Well, unless Seattle is in Oregon- or this Gravity Falls place, I guess- I don't think you're where you last believed you were. Because I sure as shit am nowhere near New Marais nor Empire City." MacGrath commented as he glanced at the makeshift group that seemed to be starting to become his- the wolf, the troll, the dog, the mouse, and the ant. And the Conduit. Really, all they needed was the pony to switch sides and they could literally call themselves the freak-show. Maybe get some money on the side if they went around visiting circuses and posing for them.

    Speaking of the troll, apparently he wanted to go inside- the guy seemed to be like a vampire, and couldn't handle any sort of sunlight. Cole internally pocketed that information into his mind for later juuuuuuust in case he did get betrayed by the giant.

    Meanwhile, as the cat continued harassing the calmer wolf, Cole couldn't help but feel just a little bit irritated. Okay, the first few insults were hilarious and funny, but the fact that she just stated she literally thought of humans being lower on a caste system was just annoying. Sure, that's probably what all pet cats would say if they had any sort of speech abilities- Good thing I never bothered with cats- but man, did that push his buttons. The Luckett Kitty was lucky he didn't have his powers- otherwise he'd probably have flat-out used a Kinetic Pulse to hurl the cat into the woods, never to be seen again.

    The Conduit sighed, scratching the back of his buzzcut head as he glanced over to Isabelle, who had apparently wriggled out of Epsilo's grasp and looked over to see...

    Oh, God. As if the naked couple wasn't enough for the day.

    Turns out Valentine had chosen exactly the wrong time to change out of her nurse outfit into something equally-skimpy. Cole couldn't help but groan quietly, averting his eyes to the horror that would probably follow from that.

    "Is it really that hard to find a bathroom..?" He complained, scratching his chin as he stared at the Mystery Shack (unaware of the similar horrors going on inside the house). Thankfully enough, the ant bought a new distraction, wandering off to talk to a ranting boy, his blonde female companion, and some kind of cameraman. Turns out that interaction would only hold MacGrath's attention for a few moments, though- a blue light caught his attention in the Shack, in turn prompting the Wolf-thing Zacian to declare everyone should go inside, too, even going so far as to stand in front of everyone. The human pulled out his Amp, albeit didn't extend his weapon just yet. He couldn't be too cautious, right?

    "Let's see what the hell is going on, then," The Demon of Empire City agreed, stepping around the wolf in a more aggressive stance before jogging over, checking out the elevator that seemed to be the source. He hesitantly extended his arms towards the glowing vending machine that had protected the elevator, hoping for some electricity to start flowing towards his hands...


    "Damn," was all Cole said as he waited patiently for the rest of his ragtag "team" to follow along. Thankfully, it wasn't that big unlike the horde that some other groups had made; six people- or members would probably be the better term- not including the other human wasn't too large, but not too small neither. Cole was fine with that.

    Either way, his group reached the downstairs place just in time to hear another old man declare that everyone had apparently been sucked in through the ruined portal that stood in front of their faces. People began bombarding him with questions- questions that Cole felt was wise to listen to for the most part.

    Apparently everyone was either healed or crippled when entering this Gravity Falls dump. Or, in Cole's case, both healed and crippled. Sure, he was fit as a fiddle (not a big-ass one like Zeke), but he didn't have his electrical Conduit powers. As much as it was irritating to be zapped in a pool of water, he felt all but too vulnerable without lightning at his fingertips. He didn't realize just how much he could miss such a burdening, responsible life until it was gone, ironically enough.

    And turns out they were all in a new "universe" where they could be stuck for just a day or as long as years. That was not comforting at all to hear. Sure, everything was theoretically cleaned up in Cole's world, and meant he didn't have to go back, but he sure as shit didn't want a new life sitting around in the middle of literally nowhere!

    Either way, the underground base turned into an absolute horror-slash-shitshow. The kitty cat began antagonizing the complaining boy, causing him to start flailing about. The bipedal cat got mad over a pulled tail, with the talking pony obviously having no clue what to do now. As Kay (or whatever the ant was called) put his sword into the ground, Cole couldn't help but extend his Amp and plant it into the floor too, watching the mess get bigger and bigger, until...

    ...Until a dragon girl literally ate the whole slug-cat thing.

    "What the hell..?!?!" Cole groaned quietly. The next thing he knew, that dragon-kid would probably devour a whole body in order to satiate her hunger. Unfortunately enough, Cole seemed to have jinxed this a bit too much, since the nurse-woman went ahead and apparently covered a dead body with chocolate before offering it to the child. This scene was starting to turn into a giant comedy-turned-wrong, and the Conduit was so bewildered by it that he nearly missed Ford's next salvo of answers. Thankfully, he wasn't that tunnel-visioned, and managed to pry his eyes off of the horror show to listen to the old man talk again.

    To be short, the guy could rebuild the machine quickly if everyone got to work. Apparently there were some materials he needed, but that was it. Surely there had to be a catch, right?

    Turns out that catch was that it sounded like someone big had drained his powers. Someone who'd apparently been big enough to warrant fear from the old man just by thinking about it. Yeah, it sure as shit sounded like they'd have to hurry up.

    "Well, what are we waiting for? I mean, is there a reason why you haven't started collecting parts? If getting outta here's as easy as gathering stuff, then I think we can manage it considering how many of us there is." MacGrath commented, taking his Amp out of the ground and sheathing it as he approached Ford.


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--Kakogawa Hiryu--@thatguyinthestore @FactionGuerrilla @bunkergang {Open For Interaction}

As disturbing as a young child devouring the disgusting looking cat was, it's nothing he hasn't seen before. Considering that he's been turning people into literal monsters hours before he got here, that girl may as very well be a predator to the thing. But alas, it was soon spat out thanks to the local nurse.He didn't bother trying to see if she was fine...It had nothing to do with him nor the situation.

"Hate to ruin your parade, big guy, but we're literally stuck here." Hiryu spoke up, tapping the big, bald guy in the back. "If we try to go through the forest, we end up back at the shack. The kid over there said that were being pulled back in by that portal even when we try to go somewhere else." His head tilted to Dipper, as if saying he explained that to him.

Morgana still in shock with what had just happened walked over to Slugcat. He picked the creature up and looked at it making sure it was ok. “I’m not sure if you can understand me, but I hope you’re all right.” Morgana bit his tongue not exactly wanting to say what he was about to say. “Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but, I think we.... “cats” should stick together. I’m not a cat though!”

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Zenos shrugged, following the others inside. He could see the vaguely familiar figure moving towards him from the edge of his vision, and yet did not stop. If it wanted to talk to him, it could come to him - could follow. The Garlean had to duck to enter the shack, the curved spike on his pauldrons scraping harshly against the wood. Nevertheless, he pushed through, down to the basement, listening to what they had to say. with an air of undisguised frustration - and more than a hint of arrogance.

Their explanation was... vague. And not particularly helpful, Zenos thought. A long, irritated breath out. As he caught Felix's smug look, he shot back his own, frankly murderous glare in return. This was no science that he knew of - no science that anyone knew of, as far as he was concerned. No different from witchcraft. Primal sorcery. The crown prince folded his arms once again, tilting his head - hair cascading over red-and-black armour. There was some commotion nearby - the young dravanian girl had apparently eaten some sort of cat. Perhaps a Miqo'te? Tsk, primitive, but... irrelevant.

Now, Zenos took a long look around the room, paying particular attention to the screens and portals. While he was no engineer, he knew enough of the Magitek that had saved his nation to know that this... was different, somehow. There were similarities, yes, but... this was different. Perhaps he should have waited for the familiar... being. Talked to it. Something with technical knowledge could be the only escape from this place.


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They blinked as they were suddenly picked up from the ground. Their tail swung from side to side, and they stared up at the feline looking over them with concern. He was saying something, and they didn't know what, but they could only imagine that he was trying to be comforting. Even with the other visibly wincing at some of the words, like he didn't quite want to say what he did, they appreciated the thought behind the message.

With that, they licked a stripe across the other's cheek—a sign of affection amongst their kind, though they weren't sure if that was true for everyone else.

@Sayo-Nara @marc122

Morgana was happy that Slugcat seemed to be ok. Even though he could tell that Slugcat couldn’t tell what he was saying, Morgana could still tell that the message somewhat got across. He was taken aback a bit by the lick. “Well I’m not really a licker so uh... ah I have an idea!” Morgana loosened the scarf around his neck and gave it to Slugcat. “Here you can keep this. I have an extra one anyway.” Morgana opened one of the pockets on his belt and took out another scarf. He fastened it around his neck and smiled.

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The villainous duo were left to their own devices as Lyle left. Peepers looked at his boss as the skeleton looked downtrodden "What are we going to do C-Peeps, we're stuck on this lame planet with no way off and my powers are gone." He slouched against the wall. Peepers went over to Hater and patted him on the arm "Don't worry sir I'll do everything in my power to get things back to normal. In fact let me speak to this Stanford he seems to have more knowledge than his clone." Peepers straightened up his posture and began backing up into the vending machine, falling down the stairs and landing face down on the floor. Luckily for him he didn't have a skull so he was fine.
He listened to Stanford speak and calmly address all questions given to him. But most importantly he mentioned a way to get everyone back where they came from. Unfortunately the Watchdog was in the back, his question would likely go unaddressed if he wasn't seen, so he pushed his way through the legs of the others finding his way to Stanford. "What are these things you need? They can't be that hard to get." He asked with a hand held out seemingly expecting an orderly list.
Meanwhile Hater leaving Peepers with the question asking and work approached Soos, he'd taken interest in his keyboard playing "So what other sounds can that thing play?"

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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

Benedict stared, “Ah, I see.” He clapped, “Josh, to our room, being in your body is...quite gross.” Josh then picked Benedict up, and carried him back to the room. Benedict tugged on Josh’s Tuxedo, “Alright slave, we will both walk across-“ Benedict stopped to take a breath, then he continued, “In an equal fashion, then go back to normal, file a swell report for “Them”, then...continue our reading nook time.” Benedict said with a hint of glee in his voice, “Now, let us begin.”​



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Kanna Kamui

Kanna finally calmed down, although still shaken. She wipes her tears looked at the face of the person he is carrying her. Scary it may look, but in those eyes shows sympathy on the dragon girl. "W-Who are you?" Kanna asked.



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After several minutes stuck in Darkness' grasp allowing him to calm down, Kazuma had finally fully processed everything that had happened to this point. He woke up outside of a wooden shack with a bump on his head and his money missing (but his sword still there), a little girl flirted with him, a cat threatened him, he reunited with one-thirds of his party, a giant ant talked to him (he ignored it on purpose in an attempt to keep the amount of things he needs to process to a minimum), and now he was learning that it was all due to an old guy with six fingers in a dirty coat.

"Darkness. Darkness!" He yelled, trying to get Darkness' attention. In his struggles, it seems he got her arm around his neck -- which means he started to lose his ability to breathe.



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Miguel turned back to the group he was with and decided he best get to know those that he had yet to meet. He cleared his throat a bit before speaking.

"So... what's everyones story?" he asked, genuinely curious. "And what does everyone propose we do next?" he added in question. He wanted to help the process of getting home move quicker but, while they were here, they might as well get to know each other.

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They marveled at the piece of yellow fabric they were given. It was soft and smooth to the touch, not at all like the usual coarser cloths that they've seen some scavengers wear. They watched as the other pulled out an identical scarf and tied it around his neck. Copying his movements, they now sported a nice little yellow scarf around their neck.



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Ekkeen "Reckoner" Traksa​
Status: Alert​
Actions: Calculating Course of Action​

While the chaos went on, Traksa was silent as she listened to what Ford had to say.
So, apparently some sort of anomaly had brought her here. The Skirmisher listened on-apparently conventional means would not lead to escaping this world. No, the way to get out of here would be to get some materials for a portal out of here.
Throughout this entire time, Traksa hadn't said a word as she quietly took in what just happened. Due to some trickery that likely originated from a force that, for once, wasn't the false gods, Ekkeen was sent here.
So, find the parts of the portal and reactivate it. Not a problem. Traksa registered everything happening right now-not the usual tactical objective. But it would be the way to get home. Still saying nothing, she quietly listened to her allies continue speaking. Traksa still wasn't fully oriented with the situation, but she expected that she would slowly understand what was happening.
(open for interaction, this is basically me catching up here)​


Huh, I wonder what to do next...?
"Okay? Sorry for offending you... I guess."

"As you should be.", she flicked her tail for emphasis, making a cocky, 'I am better than you'-like pose.

Julie was... bored. The male human-kit's reaction had proven to be incredibly underwhelming. There had been real change in voice tone, or behavior, nothing that she could really savor about it. To be honest, it was more like she was being completely dismissed which left her ego restless. The cat's ears twitched with outrage at the fact that, they weren't giving her enough attention! Hello, a powerful Youkai has addressed you, introduced themselves and you're not even curious? Preposterous!

Her annoyance only escalated upon overhearing the catnap commentary. Didn't matter if they could be right, and this weird apparatus thing had indeed interrupted her return home to a very well earned night sleep, the audacity of the pair of kits! What was that supposed to mean? That she was 'cranky' with lack of a proper rest? Ruuude and thoughtless. Her mind ran with the need to make it even, this was a new score to settle, she couldn't leave it alone.

That's when she had seen it, a picture frame with a glass surface, sitting up neatly on top of one the consoles. The Siamese let out a pleased purr at the idea, slowly but surely making her way over there. Mustn't be too obvious though, so she paced herself, acting as if it was all part of her normal exploring, even hitting more turned off buttons as she passed by. At the right table, however, she had taken a while really musing over the plan, feigning innocence, just looking this and that way as if had been taking in the environment of the bunker itself. Yet she wasn't.
Deeming her wait enough to not raise any suspicions, Julie got back up, stretched herself and then made a dash to the edge of the console. As she lept back to the ground, she made absolutely sure to hit the back of the support, in a way that the whole thing would topple forwards and get knocked over from the surface of the black console box. Oops! My bad~

She quickly ran outside of the portal room, looking forward to getting back up into the shack and finding something else to do. But then, Julie had been met with the elevator's door. Oh no... The Nekomata hadn't really had a problem with going places since she had gained her powers, in her other forms she could just do the same things that the humans did! With no need to have a second person to help. Buuuuut, the panel. The elevator's panel was quite high up for her now... The feline was, not pleased. Also frustrated.

With her stubbornness ablaze, the Siamese had tried reaching for it first, getting up on her hind paws by using the wall as a support and stretching her malleable body as muuuuuch as she could, then her front paws, trying over and over to reach the right buttons. Up goes up and go goes down, right? Seemed simple enough. Yet, it didn't work... The panel had been a couple of inches too high for her, even at her max possible height like this. Releasing an angry growl at the piece of technology, Julie remained silent for a moment, her gaze down as she thought of a new plan to deal with this problem. And then it had occurred to her.

Unsheathing her claws, the cat-Youkai got up on her hind legs again, though this time in front of the elevator's doors themselves. She put her front paws on it for support and then...!

*Scritch scritch, Scritch scritch, Scritch scritch...*

Yes, scratching at the door and begging... Look, she was currently stuck as a cat, okay?? Sometimes one had to swallow their pride to get what they wanted:

"Mabeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!", the feline called for the one person she could and would probably help, "All this science talk is unimportant to me, can we please go back up and explore?! I'm incredibly boooooooored!"

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587835 Just as he was about to try to console Kanna from what had happened,Prompto found that an automation had beat him to it,as it was gently giving her a headpat before hugging back after she had embraced it. Smiling in relief,he was glad that someone else also cared about how the little dragon was feeling after being offered...."that". After hearing it introduced itself,Prompto beamed at the automaton named Fulgore.

“Thanks for the help,Fulgore. Oh and,that's a pretty cool mechanical features you got there.”

Prompto added,trying his absolute best not to geek over how stunningly awesome looking the Fulgore Mk III is.

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Morgana walked over to Fulgore and Kanna. Morgana was more than surprised to see a robot comforting a dragon. “I’m pretty impressed with how good you are at comforting people Fulgore.” Morgana stood there for a second before finally sighing and looking up at Kanna. “If you need any more comforting then I guess I could let you pet me just this once... But don’t be so rough this time!”

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Kanna Kamui

By then, Kanna heard Morgana say about letting her pet him one more time. She jumps off of Fulgore, looks down at the talking cat, and proceeds to pet him gently. "So soft..." She says, now getting a lot more better.

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Morgana groaned at first, but he eventually got used to it. His tail swayed back and forth a bit and he purred slightly. As Kanna continued to pet him he looked up at Fulgore. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something. What exactly are you? You seem like you’re a bit more than some average robot.”

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Fulgore nods to the blond. Before striking a pose, various parts shifting and moving, as if Fulgore was showing off.
"The Fulgore Mk. I was initially planned to have a unit in every houshold, before the prototype was destroyed by Jago. If you are knowledgeable with machines, could you help with repairing my weapon systems?"

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587856 Well,at least she isn't unintentionally suffocating the poor fella like before.

Watching as the Fulgore Mk III's gears started adjusting and shifting itself,causing Prompto's jaws to drop in amazement at what he's looking at. To the gunslinger,this has got to be one of the most salivating technology porn moments he had just seen in his life,a moment he got to see RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS EYES AT THAT!


Luckily,Prompto was cut off from unintentionally swearing in excitement (in front of Kanna at that) after Fulgore had asked if it is possible that he could repair the armament system and get them back online for it. Though as a result,whatever excitement he had displayed was eventually overwritten and replaced with uncertainty.

“Uh....I never really got around to try fixing any machines or getting one to work in my entire life so- hey,wait a sec.”

Walking closer towards Fulgore Mk III,Prompto analysed it's exoskeleton,the inner frame (limited visuals unfortunately),the arms (where the weapon probably is),pondering for a moment before asking.

“So....how did you find out the weapons system's offline? Any damages you got before you got here?”

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Morgana looked at Fulgore for a second with a concentrated look. “Hm... I’ve worked with machines before but very small ones I’m afraid this is out of my league.” He then continued to sit there purring as Kanna continued to pet him.

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Lyle Walt and Clara Bulmer

Mystery Shack Portal Room
Interaction: Clara, Fulgore, Prompto​

Mystery Shack Portal
Interaction: Lyle​
"A demon of dreams..."

A crease appeared on Lyle's temple. Monsters and Skills pertaining the mind were the most troublesome to counter. Like the adventurer with his Charm Skills who almost conquered the north by himself, or Third Generation Head who defeated an army of 100.000 just with a group of 100 knights.

A commotion broke out. Clara turned her head to see a dragon child, as she claimed, being surrounded. Apparently, the girl swallowed something. A nurse was helping her vomiting it out. And what came out... was a slug.

"If so, I think- something wrong?"

Lyle turned to his wife, completely taken aback by her expression. He didn't know she could look so revolted outside of her Growth period. Clara shook her head in response.

"Nothing. Please continue."

he wasn't convinced nothing was wrong, but Lyle continued either way. "from what is discussed, there are also monsters in this universe, so I think we should remain in the group. Safety in numbers, if not for anything else."

Clara assented. There was also the problem of how they would transport the needed materials if they were large in numbers. The noble horse, Luna, could help in such a case. Of course, she wouldn't bring this up now. All information should be withheld until its proper time.

As the pair discussed, they overheard a conversation between a blonde man and a robot. Lyle, interested in the robot, looked to join in.

"Pardon, would you mind if I give it a try? I've built several automatons in the past."

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