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Fantasy Ending an Empire

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Super Powers, Supernatural

Dragon Slayer Arcos

Stealer of Thunder
What would you do if you possessed power?

Once, our world was a beautiful place, full of sprawling forests and crystal clear lakes and rives. Snow covered mountains and powerfully pure oceans. Majestic creatures of great power could be seen across the land, and cities and towns existed in a type of harmony with nature and her creatures. Until a certain selfish creature began a quest to gain power for himself. Alone and without allies, one would think he would fail. However this selfish being's mind was sharp and he knew many ways to entice those around him. Slowly, but not so slowly, he gained a following. And this would be the spark that would engulf the world in a raging tempest unseen in history.

All nations fought against him, but this selfish creature had bestowed a power upon his most faithful followers, one that maintained their advantage time and time again. Town, cities, and kingdoms were crushed as armies were obliterated before their might. Eventually the fighting ended, the selfish creature had won. Asserting himself as High King, he created his own empire, Mor'Danos. From there, many new laws came into effect to suppress the population, including the suppression of magic across the empire and allowing only those under the King's good graces to use it.

300 years later..

The Mor'Danos empire is thriving today, having conquered the entire continent of Thangaera. The High King is the same creature that began his conquest over three centuries ago, having extended his life through unknown and powerful magics. While the cities and towns flourish to an extent, there is a strong fear present in all people. Any form of defiance is met with brutal punishment. If people are deemed useless to the empire, they are sent to a slave camp to work until they die from exhaustion. If anyone is discovered using magic, they are arrested immediately and sent to the Capital to be trained in the use of their power and bound to the King with an unbreakable spell for the rest of their lives.

It only takes a spark of hope to cause an inferno...

This where we come in. A small group of people has formed, unable to accept the world as it is, they seek to break the cycle of fear and darkness. Alone our powers will be insignificant, but together we can bring about change. There will be danger, fear, incredible sacrifices and character developments. Betrayals and the story of underdogs rising up against opposition. There will be no promise of victory, and the resistance may be wiped out, once and for all. But with a bond forged through fire and steel, anything is possible. Every choice will have a consequence, and every path will have more than one end. Our story is about to be written, so lets take our first steps into destiny.


  • Three rules of Magic:
    • You cannot bring back the dead. Trying to do so will result in your death
    • Overuse of magic can damage the body and result in permanent injury or death
    • The Law of Equivalent Exchange is inviolable, magic has a cost and that cost must be offered in exchange for the effect
  • There will be multiple races. Players can create up to 3 characters. 1 Main and 2 subs, but they must be aware that the subs can/will eventually be killed off.
  • You can be Good/Evil/Neutral. However, any form of relationship must be approved with the corresponding players.
  • Character developments and subplots are welcome so long as it doesn't distract from the main plot.
  • This will be a casual RP, but there will be expectations on post lengths and posting regularity.


Lucky Laki Malakis
Would say both, dependent on type. Say maybe basic elemental and healing maybe just spell something stronger possibly shapeshifting or transmutation can be set as abilities.

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