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Yang Xiao Long
(We Live in a Society)

As Yang walked back inside the apartment, she smiled to herself, knowing full well that the arrival within Kowloon was just the beginning; later would spiral into even crazier adventures. First, she got herself an Agumon named Yangalang, and along the way the two would help fight enemies in their path. Now she was about to fight a rockstar that her "dad" apparently thought she would like at first glance, just like she did with the boy band Achieve Men. Who knows what more would await her in the future? Whatever that was, it was going to be one of the most unique adventures she would ever have, short of her two years at Beacon Academy with Ruby.

Now back at her own apartment room, Yang slid the house key into the door's lock, then turned it and opened the door, coming through the short hallway in the process. Placing the package, which she closed on her way back, on the coffee table, she grabbed the fake Ember Celica and wore it, before taking the box back from where she had put it. Now the real fun could begin; she started making her way to the nearest detective, hoping to report the ticket to an authority she found most fit to investigate the kind of activity going on in Cyberspace EDEN. Then it reminded her -- she's got to tell Yangalang about it; maybe he would find fighting a rocker/hacker/something fun. So, she pulled out her Digivice and accessed the application with her Digimon on it.

"Ayee, Yangalang!"

"Oh, uh...hi Yang!"

"You ready to kick some rockstar butt?"

"Rockstar butt?"

"Yeah! The kind where you kick his and his Digimon's tushes."

"Ah! I like the way you think. Let's do it!"

Yang giggled to herself, then nodded, as she continued to look for the nearest detective.

"We're on it."

@Crow (GM)
Mentions: @Veradana (Hotaru), @Jeremiah (The Pale Lady/Swan)


Top-tier Avian Master
As Yang walked through Ikebukuro, she would find someone who might be the one she was looking for, based on the presence he gave.

"There's more than enough cuffs for you and your accomplice!"

This man seemed to be occupied by the attempts to arrest Benedict Cucumberpatch and his penguin Butler, alongside many, many others who were aiding him.

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Yeah, Bitch!
As the commotion continued to ramp up in the internet cafe thanks to the strange monocle-clad man, Jesse quickly burst out of the building. He slid down the road, panting heavily, trying his best to stay afoot amidst the chaos. He simply continued running out, not looking back as he did so. Jesse had no idea where he was or what the hell was happening. He didn't even know why any of this shit was happening, to be quite honest. He literally did not understand any of it. And, not only did he not get answers, but it now seemed like the police were after him too. It was as he ran that he bumped into a certain blonde brawler. Said bump caused him to tumble back and promptly land on his ass moments later.

"Shitshitshitshitshit!" The meth dealer shouted as he looked back, seeing the nearby detective. Luckily, it seemed like he was preoccupied with trying to apprehend the cray British man, but who knew how long it'd be before he got to him as well. His head quickly snapped back to face Yang, his mouth agape and his eyes wide as he desperately gasped for air. "Y-You...!" He shouted as he stuck his finger out and shakily pointed it at Yang. "B-b-blondie!" Jesse quickly stood up to his feet, stumbling around a bit due to the tension around him and the commotion in general. He continued to desperately gasp for air as he tried to look around for any possible escape route. He soon found himself facing Yang once more, which is when he remembered why he spoke to her in the first place.

"G-get the hell outta here, yo! Shit's crazy over there!" He finally managed to stammer out as he turned around and pointed back towards Benedict and all the commotion surrounding him.

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charlotte la bouff
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Lottie’s words caught in her throat at Johns initial sigh, not really being able to read the Cowboy. Her eyes nervously glanced over at Laura who seemed to read her easier than she read fairy tales. As her gaze drifted back to John her eyebrows furrowed, watching him as he stepped closer to her before taking her hands into his. At his dorky, awkward, smile she couldn’t help but offer him one of her own. For once the blonde quietly listened to someone else, not interrupting as they talked. Though eighty percent of it was out of respect, and curiosity, the other part was just pure speechlessness.

She nodded, chuckling in understandment when he described the day as crazy. To be honest she had no idea what was going on anymore, and where they were was a mystery. She didn’t blame him in the slightest for goin’ a little crazy. I mean, who wouldn’t? Unlike him though she didn’t have prior commitments, so she couldn’t relate to that. The blondes pretty blue eyes fluttered open and shut a few times as the other smirked, accompanying her idle smile happened to be pink tinted cheeks. “Well, I should’ve known someone as good lookin’ as you was taken,”she joked back, clearing away any previous tension she carried with her.

Her eyes lit up again before the blonde bounced on her heels, “Wanna know what we should eat? Beignets!she squealed, shaking John by his shoulders before separating from him entirely. She then made her way over to Laura and rested her hands on either one of the other girls upper arms. “My dear Tiana, bless her heart, makes the most darlin’ beignets ever,”her voice got a little more gravely. The princess gave Laura a final pat before standing next to her company, placing a hand over her chest dreamily. “I’d even eat them at my weddin’,”she sighed whimsically.

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Yang Xiao Long & Yangalang
(When You Bring Me Out, Can You Introduce Me as Firecracker?)

When Yang was almost at the internet cafe, she saw a familiar face...running from something? Just the fact that he was bursting out on the road told her that a shitstorm was brewing wherever she was going. The panic on the meth dealer's face might've said it all to her, but little else did she know, various other things happened within the cafe spiraled him into running out of there, especially with a detective now involved. I must be close, she thought, as she listened to Heisenberg's little friend stammer and urge her to scram. With a seemingly confused look, she looked at him weird.

"Huh? Uh...what am I to worry about?"

Meanwhile, Yang herself could barely hold a giggle, as she heard Yangalang lose it laughing within her Digivice. Air blew irregularly from her nose, as a corner of her mouth twitched upward and she held the phone back up to her face.

"Yangalang, p--please be quiet."

"Sorry, I was ju--ahahaHAHAHA!"

Then Yang looked back at Jesse, putting her phone back in her pocket, then said,

"Anyways, I'm just gonna check out to see whatever madness is going on. Catch ya later."

Finally, the Huntress-in-Training continued her way, eventually settling on what appeared to be an internet cafe. She stopped in her tracks and looked through the windows from afar to try to see what was happening. Smoke and other kinds of silly things were happening inside, as far as she could barely see, but that was enough to tell her that earlier, this was apparently what made Jesse run out of the place. But it didn't stop her there; she could barely make out someone whom she could recognize as a detective. He was not Sun, nor Neptune, but he was close enough, so she entered the place.

"Wait, excuse me, sir!"

Yang said towards the detective, trying to get in contact with him while he was already busy attempting to arrest Benedict and the many others over something probably ridiculous. This whole debacle was about to become about another, more pressing matter as Yang would soon show the box and its contents to him. Whatever antics he got caught with, at best it was a time-waster with a little bit of fun and melodrama in the mix, and at worst, everyone around was suffering.

"One moment if you will. A friend and I received a few concert tickets, coupled by suspicious-looking letters. Hers was supposedly from her aunt, mine was supposed to be from dad, but the problem is, it all seems a little too convenient, especially as we've just arrived moments ago in this city of Ikebukuro."

@Crow (GM, Detective Matayoshi)
Interactions: @thatguyinthestore (Jesse)
@SmallPopTart (Grey, Eric), @PolikShadowbliss (Sarah), @DerpyCarp (Fluffington), @Benedict Cucumberpatch, @Sayo-Nara (Lana)


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"How strange, can you produce the evidence? I'll see what I can do from there," Matayoshi says to Yang while still pursuing Benedict. "If it's relevant to the interests of the Cyber Crimes Division, expect it to be looked into ASAP."

Matayoshi's eyes then turned to Jesse, glaring daggers as if he was saying 'you're next!'!

Seems that Jesse's survival depends on how long Benedict does his hijinks!

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Yang Xiao Long
(Fine, Internet Cafe.)

"It is."

Yang said, before she opened the box, setting it on the nearest table, then took out the suspicious-looking letter from it. As for the ticket, she partially opened up the poster, which was at the bottom of the box's interior and pulled it out, displaying both it and the letter to the detective. Since the words pointed to the digital world within the Digimon universe on the ticket, it was obvious that the Cyber Crimes Division was going to pick up upon it. Unless, of course, a diversion happened.

"Here it is. On the ticket, you can see that the concert takes place within Cyberspace EDEN."

@Crow (GM, Detective Matayoshi)
Mentions: @SmallPopTart (Grey, Eric), @PolikShadowbliss (Sarah), @DerpyCarp(Fluffington), @Benedict Cucumberpatch, @Sayo-Nara (Lana)


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"Oh, Jimmy KEN huh? Pretty popular guy with today's crowd. If what you say is true, it's worth investigating," Matayoshi responds, "doesn't look like enough evidence for a full-on case, but my hunch tells me that there soon will be. I'll keep you updated, though what's confidential will stay confidential."



Chaotic Neutral
See the ever more increasing chaos unfold in front of him Archer could do nothing but place his hand into his head. Could this place get any worse for his sanity? He wasn't used to shit like this, even though Archer wasn't opposed to new stuff, this just wasn't his forte, catch my drift? Sex. I mean sex.

Anyway, Archer wasn't exactly following the scene to the best of his abilities, he trusted his disgusting dog creature thing however did, "Uhhhh... Do an attack or something on the bad people while daddy drinks." Archer took out his flask and took a big gulp from it, he hoped that maybe the alcohol would hit him just right to send him back home or something. No such luck, he was still at the fight.

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Engineer Of The Deep
  • Tenshi Hinanawi|Created Ends

    "Over here," the stranger says to Tenshi as they move on to the next area.

    Zoe, Duck and Tenshi would arrive at the scene of a fight at Galacta Park, where they would see quite the sight.

    The mammal Digimon was double-teamed by a Corona Blast from Kyoto and a Super Shocker from Tetanus, causing it to tip here and there as it attempted to stand again, However, the small devil Digimon was still active as ever-

    "Needle Spray!"

    A wide array of prickly thorns rained down upon the two Digimon.

    "Dumdum Uppercut!"

    A gatling gun-equipped dog Digimon charged into the fray as it uppercutted the small devil Digimon while firing rapidfire bullets from its gun-arms. That ought to deal with them.

    "Destruction Grenade."

    The furnace-shaped Digimon would proceed to fire off homing missiles into the mammal Digimon, obliterating it!

    With that, the two Hackers would run off.
    Tenshi laughed at the display they just showed up to a bit too late for all the action. It's over so soon before they even knew it started, but damn! Tenshi was verily impressed indeed, even her Digimon were heard laughing in the Digivice! "That was pretty and it was cool! Can we see it again?" Plotmon asked cheerfully and yet jokingly. Tenshi laughed a little more before shaking her head. "I do wish we could, but do you have any idea how strong that looked?" She jokingly asked Plotmon, who just laughed it off a little more before going silent within the Digivice. A bit of supposed rushing around and conversing between people who seemed to know each other later, Tenshi found herself and the stranger in the wake of the very person she wasn't willing to attend to. "Oh, for the love of..." Tenshi groaned, shaking her head immediately - because of course it was!
    "Woahoahoah! That's Jimmy KEN! He's a star in the real world, and an infinitely better hacker here in Kowloon!" the stranger exclaims to Tenshi. "We missed a little fight, only to reel in the big fish! I don't know if he's an appropriate target to show you how it's done, but I do like a challenge!"

    "You a fan?" The man with the BlackGuilmon walks up to the two.

    "Oh! Brother! Fancy meeting you here. I was just showing some basics to a newbie. Aaanyways, let's start with the most basic of hacking. A Digimon attack command can chip away at firewalls if they're powerful enough, as well as fight other Digimon that serve as security programs, so it's considered a form of hacking, simple, effective and time-tested. Let's see you do that...

    ... while I do a bit of advanced - which is basically just old school hacking channelled through a Digimon."

    The stranger then proceeds to conjure a screen as they tap various buttons on it. It was unknown what it did, but perhaps the results would be seen soon.

    "... uh, sis, that was the part where I say 'I think I am, maybe'..."

    "No need to be such a downer! You with us or against us?"

    "Still thinking..."
    Tenshi kept an eye on what the stranger did, though curious as to what they said - as well as explaining. It seems her first 'mission', so to speak, is to put her two Digimon to work - to battle, in this context! Jimmy KEN may have been the person she wanted to avoid, but to heck if she's missing out on action like this! Besides, it'll let her get the training she wished for! Tenshi nodded in acknowledgement to what the stranger said and raised the Digivice up high. "Alright, boys! Show yourselves!" She commanded to the Digivice, Hawkmon flying out from the screen of the Digivice and soaring a small distance above Tenshi, while Plotmon just leapt out of the screen onto the ground atop all fours.

    Tenshi herself prepared her sword as it seemed like she herself wanted in on this. "Hawkmon! Give me a gust!" She commanded, pointing to him and then glancing over to one of the two Meramon that seemed to be present as one of the targets. Hawkmon ascended a little bit more and pulled its wings back to gather the gust she asked for. "I bring forth - the winds of change! Sonic Void 1!" Hawkmon announced as it threw the accumulated ball of wind at one of the Meramon, the ball in question to be opening up into a small vortex upon contact, trapping the poor soul and attempting to pull in the other unlucky enemies nearby - though not particularly strong in its own right.

    It was then Tenshi stabbed her sword into the ground and a few stones rose up, soon to retract her blade and point her sword at the initially targeted Meramon, the stones immediately headed towards it. Thanks to the added Sonic Void 1's enticing winds, the stones would be caught into it and add a little more damage to this borderline spring breeze. Plotmon, on the other hand, just sat there and waited, a bored expression on the poor Digimon's face like 'when is it my turn', and then realised its allies may be injured! Plotmon would run up to the closest allied Digimon and latch onto them tightly. "You'll be fine, trust me! Heal!" Plotmon announced, that allied Digimon feeling their injuries fading and strength returning.

    (Whoever posts next in this group is getting their Digimon (of their choice if they have two Digimon) healed up by Plotmon.)
    Link to CS: Here!
    Hex Code: #2969B0 (Tenshi), #FAC51C (Plotmon), #EB6B56 (Hawkmon)
    Status (physically): Fine
    Status (mentally/emotionally): Fine
    Normal Powers: Earth manipulation
    Hacking Skills: Wall Crack, Stealth
    Items: Sword of Hisou (formless and can see into spirits), Digivice, prop sword (IRL only), ticket
    Location: Galacta Park
    Course of action: Crashing the concert
    Interactions: @Crow (GM)
    Mentions: None
    Actually Nearby: @JimmyKENBattle
    In Group: @Salis, @ElenaIsCool, @Hahli Nuva, @SheepKing, @Laix_Lake, @EldridSmith, @Topless, @Chungchangching, @Zerulu, @QizPizza, @Thepotatogod, @Aesop


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As Archer's Pokemon-thing lunged an attack at Devimon, it swiped it off, only to cackle. Meanwhile, Tenshi would trap one Meramon within a sphere of wind. As it prepares to break out, many a stone would charge towards it. Even if these living flames were not snuffed out, they might as well be.

It was during this moment that various Digimon would begin to shimmer, their skins seeming to wither away to reveal wireframes. Something was happening!

Tenshi's Plotmon & Hawkmon, Hikko's Coronamon, Crypt's Tentomon, Duck's Lalamon, Darild's Hagurumon, Nik's Hackmon, Parasoul and Umbrella's Dracomon, Archer's Gazimon, Jack's Vorvomon, Jin's Falcomon & Red's Guilmon would alter in shape and appearance, beginning to digivolve to their Champion stages!

(Basically all Digimon within the area of battle)

"Wha- what the heeeeell man!"

"Ooh! Tokomon want to join too! Mama will be proud of Tokomon" Tokomon exclaimed as the same thing happened to it, its shredded wireframe turning into a bigger, more prominent-eared version of itself, before it began to take on a more humanoid shape...

"We're one step closer to those opposable thumbs!" (GM)Plotmon says as the digivolution process occurs as well, its body wireframe would start to stand on twos, gaining a more felinoid shape, before bursting upwards to assume a humanoid, feminine shape...

With Champion-level Digimon, this fight would inevitably be a breeze.

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Tom, the Cat

I was preparing myself for my attack, watching the others do their thing until the Digimon's forms completely changed right in front of me. What the hell? I was confused for a moment rubbing the back of my head. Whatever happened, It's not my problem because their Digimon were the ones that changed and the creepy guy Jerry unleashed is back at the apartment doing God knows what with the mouse. I should have brought those two with me to ease my workload but at least the other's are doing well fighting the enemy. People say knowledge is power or at least that's what I heard while watching TV and I have no idea what these Digimon do so I'm at an obvious disadvantage here. Hell, I don't even know what the Keramon does other than the bullets he fired and people expect me to know what the enemy Digimons got?

But at least I have a lot of weapons to hit, shoot and throw at them so I got that going for me. I grabbed my fire axe with both hands and violently through it to the Devil Digimon. I swear if the blade doesn't hit him and the handle does. I'm gonna lose my shit.​


Engineer Of The Deep
  • Tenshi Hinanawi|Growing Up

    As Archer's Pokemon-thing lunged an attack at Devimon, it swiped it off, only to cackle. Meanwhile, Tenshi would trap one Meramon within a sphere of wind. As it prepares to break out, many a stone would charge towards it. Even if these living flames were not snuffed out, they might as well be.

    It was during this moment that various individuals would begin to shimmer, their skins seeming to wither away to reveal wireframes. Something was happening!

    Tenshi's Plotmon & Hawkmon, Hikko's Coronamon, Crypt's Tentomon, Duck's Lalamon, Darild's Hagurumon, Nik's Hackmon, Parasoul and Umbrella's Dracomon, Archer's Gazimon, Jack's Vorvomon, Jin's Falcomon & Red's Guilmon would begin to digivolve to their Champion stages!

    (Basically all Digimon within the area of battle)

    "Wha- what the heeeeell man!"
    Tenshi watched as her Plotmon and Hawkmon turned into meshes of green and black wireframes, seeming to be in awe. Plotmon and Hawkmon dared not to say anything as their transformations undertook, but through and through, they began to change and grow stronger than they were previously. The wireframe of Plotmon began to look more feline-like, complete with a tail, sharp claws and sizeable ears, while Hawkmon on the other hand generally turned into a bigger bird in all aspects relating to size - it was genuinely a lot bigger. The newly transformed Digimon joined up, the shell of Hawkmon carrying that of Plotmon's before the shells broke away, revealing the new Digimon species they had turned into - being Tailmon and Aquilamon, no longer the Plotmon and Hawkmon - the same beings only stronger, and their new power up may be the key out of here!

    "Looking good, boys!" Tenshi called up to them. Tailmon laughed as they were being carried around in Aquilamon's claws, them both locking claws. Aquilamon would promptly throw Tailmon to the already captured Meramon, Tailmon laughing as they put their claws out front. "Get out of my way! Nekodamashi!" Tailmon would put their claws out front, and instead of outright slashing the poor victim to pieces, the claws clashed together instead in a clapping motion, where Tailmon was intending to catch their victim off guard. Tailmon would then leap back, just in time for Aquilamon to make a move on the hopefully stunned Meramon. "Prepare to be routed thoroughly! Stealth Quarrel!" Aquilamon swooped down to the ground and proceeded to fire wave after wave of what appeared to be incredibly sharp feathers to the same unlucky Meramon, before looping back to Tenshi, where Tailmon went. Tenshi smiled, retracting the stones into the ground and lowering her blade; it seems like the Digimon can take it from here.
    Link to CS: Here!
    Hex Code: #2969B0 (Tenshi), #FAC51C (Tailmon), #EB6B56 (Aquilamon)
    Status (physically): Fine
    Status (mentally/emotionally): Fine
    Normal Powers: Earth manipulation
    Hacking Skills: Wall Crack, Stealth
    Items: Sword of Hisou (formless and can see into spirits), Digivice, prop sword (IRL only), ticket
    Location: Galacta Park
    Course of action: Crashing the concert
    Interactions: @Crow (GM)
    Mentions: None
    Actually Nearby: @JimmyKENBattle
    In Group: @Salis, @ElenaIsCool, @Hahli Nuva, @SheepKing, @Laix_Lake, @EldridSmith, @Topless, @Chungchangching, @Zerulu, @QizPizza, @Thepotatogod, @Aesop
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  • "Guilmon, Fireball to that Devimon!" Red commanded Guilmon, seeing Jimmy KEN's Devimon being open to attacks after it just forced back Archer's Pokemon-thing. "It's comeback time!"
    "FIIIREBAAAALLLLL!!!" Guilmon shouted before blasting a huge ball of flame from his mouth. "FIIIREBAAAALLLLL!!!"
    Guilmon can now attack with a second huge Fireball after the first one, and to Red's surprise. Red looks at one of the newcomers, seemingly the Tamer of Agumon and Gabumon, called Nokia. He sees this as an opportunity to impress her.
    "If your Digimons could lend us a hand, that'd be swell." Red spoke to Nokia.
    "Red, I thought you liked Mirei." Guilmon interrupted.
    "W-- Eh--" Red seems disappointed with Guilmon. "Mirei's a colleague of ours... Yeah, we just work for her."

    But before Red could continue recovering what was left with his short conversation with Nokia, Guilmon's body began shimmering.
    "Ehh... Red?" Guilmon called out. "Guilmon is..."
    Red looks at Guilmon before his eyes widen from the sight of what is happening. What even is happening?
    "GUILMON!!!" Red shouted excitedly.
    Of course, Red knows what is happening. He has seen this before, and experienced this, countless times than these amateurs around him. Oof. Guilmon's skin withers away, revealing wireframes.
    "I... Guil--" Guilmon tried to speak. "Growmon is feeling stronger!"

    It seems like the Digimons of the other Tamers around them are also about to Digivolve. Tom, from Tom & Jerry, seems to have no idea as to what is happening. Red chuckles.
    "Growmon!" Red called out. "Let's show everyone who's #1!"
    A familiar name, is it not? The same Digimon they had all fought before. A gigantic Demon Dragon.

    E E
    X X
    H H
    A A
    U U
    S S
    T T
    F F
    L L
    A A
    M M
    E E
    Red and Growmon shouted in unison. Growmon breathed a powerful blast of flame from his mouth, aiming it to the Devimon.

    "YOU'RE F***ED!!!" Red shouted.
    Growmon roared.

    "Heroes." Growmon reminded Mirei's Tokomon, who is also Digivolving, with a smile.

    As well as her Plotmon.

Parasoul & Umbrella

Another conflict has risen, and people were about to go into battle when their Digimon, including Parasoul's and Umbrella's, turned into meshes of green and black as they evolve into their Champion-level forms. For this, Eroberung and Tod, Dracomon, has been promoted into their Zwei Formes, thus calling themselves Eroberung Zwei and Tod Zwei, Blue Coredramon and Green Coredramon.

"Eroberung? Tod?" Parasoul was completely surprised about this.

"Ooooooooh!" On the other hand, Umbrella was fascinated.

"Surprised? Don't worry, we're still the Digimon you two know." Eroberung says and then Tod follows it up "Aye, aniki. With these formes, we haft an edge! Zehahahahaha!" They then turn to the enemies.

"Let's show our partners what we are now capable of."

"I'm with ya, aniki."

They open their mouths, charging what appears to be a ball of blue and green flames.




They both fire streams of great flames at the enemies. Parasoul was more than surprise to see how instant they have become stronger. Is there more to this?

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Trying really hard to stay focused

As Sherlock started taking the first few steps back towards his apartment, he could hear some hurried footsteps from behind. He turned to see the officer from the desk approaching.
"If it helps, he usually operates in Shinjuku, but whenever he's in Ikebukuro, he usually pays a visit to this one Internet Cafe... Hu- Hu- I think it's Chinese... anyways, have a good day!"

"Thank you, officer. You have been most helpful." Sherlock replied, as the officer returned to the station.

An internet cafe? Sherlock had passed one on his way here, though he didn't catch the name. Chinese beginning with Hu? That's when Sherlock recalled the two young individuals he had met in Kowloon. Their jackets were emblazoned with a butterfly and the word Hudie; the Chinese for butterfly.

It could hardly be a coincidence.

An internet cafe would be a logical base of operations for a pair working in and out of cyberspace. Perhaps the pair had already informed or were working alongside the local authorities on the matter? It was on his way back so there was no harm in looking into it.

Sherlock headed towards the internet cafe and noticed a commotion coming from outside the building. He noticed a few familiar faces from his time in cyberspace but also the older man he had passed when he entered the station. He was most likely the one that Sherlock had been searching for. The older man appeared to discussing something with one of them.

Sherlock decided to hang back for now and see what happened next. He didn't want to get himself caught up in whatever predicament (if there was one at all?) the others had gotten themselves into if he could avoid it.



Ultimate Punster Goddess

"That makes more sense of the situation. Thanks"

Crypt, along with others, got dragged into a new battle against this guy called Jimmy KEN. This guy's fashion sense was worth M/mi's attention. Crypt was surprised at the huge number of people that were around, from a cat to other humans and creatures. Their diversity told Crypt these people were out of OneMind control, which gave him some hope.

All of a sudden, Tetanus, along with other Digimon, began to glow.

"Uhh.. What's going on?"

"Do I know? You're the one that's glowing!"

Crypt covered his one eye against the flashes of light, when he opened it, he stared in a mix of amazement and terror. There was a Medium level Bug right infront of him. The blonde hacker aimed a DAttack towards it.


"No, it's now.. Kabuterimon!"

"....... I'll stick with Tetanus. I swear I almost thought you were a Bug"


Crypt looked over to the Devimon, before looking at Tetanus.

"We're gonna hit that one, with a combination attack with the others, just like before"


Tetanus was surprised. Didn't this kid not like him?. Crypt gave the Insect Digimon a smirk.

"We. We're doing this.. Together"

Tetanus could feel himself smiling

"Hell yeah! Let's do this!"

Crypt prepared a DAttack, while Tetanus prepared his attack, shooting them at the Devimon along with the Growmon.

"Data Attack: Malware Beam!"

"Electro Shocker!"

The mix of electricity and harmful data would combine with Growmon's Exhaust Flame, towards Devimon.

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We're all friends here, right?

>Connection Established to MetsubouJinrai.Net
--Jin & Torii--
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"Well then, don't mind if I do!" Jin said, beginning to rush towards Jimmy, lunging at the Hacker with his metallic wings spread out when Jimmy suddenly moved, prompting him to miss completely and managed to kick one of the Hackers' Devimon. "Oops!" He said, hopping off of the Devimon, landing near Jimmy. "I wouldn't miss next time, Jimmy!" It was then that more Tamers arrived, even a few that he had met before, like that pink haired brat in yellow. It shouldn't bother him that much, but something tells him that going all out is gonna be bad. Regardless, Jin set his sights on Jimmy, flying and tucking his knees, stomping onto Jimmy to the ground.

Meanwhile, Torii continued her attack on the Lit Digimon when she was now being helped out by several other Digimon. It would be rude not to help them. Torii began to bombard the firelit Digimon with Sonic Voids until...Torii felt a sudden shiver, and along with it, a glow of light.

"Eh? Eh--What? What's?" Jin seemed to have noticed Torii suddenly changing, soon being covered in a sphere of hexagons. "Torii-chan's being covered? Eh??" He reacted in a curious, excitable manner, knowing that something incredible is happening to Torii-chan!

"Falcomon...Evolution!" Torii's voice seemed to echo from within the hexagon. Suddenly, the hexagon bursted, giving way to the appearance of a bigger bird-like digimon with a dragon's head..."Diatrymon!"

"Woah!! Torii-chan transformed!" Jin couldn't keep his excitement and began to hop in place, clapping his hands as Torii introduced her new form. "Amazing! Haha! So cool!"

"I feel incredible...!" Torii said, now sporting a rougher voice, feeling the urge to scream. "Sir Jin, cover your ears!"

"Eh?" Jin jolted a bit, quickly putting his hands on the sides of his head where his ears are supposed to be. "L-like this?"

"Good enough!" Torii nodded, as she raises her head to take a breath, and then..."RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" She lowers her head, and unleashes a fierce, mighty roar towards the two flaming Digimon as well as the Tamers, Hackers, and other Digimon nearby. A roar that is loud enough to cause discomfort, a roar strong enough to cause the ground to quake...

That is 「Destruction Roar!」

"Waah! That's loud!" Jin groaned in discomfort, managing to keep his footing by stepping on Jimmy KEN...


Ruler of sleep and wool
Princess Tutu

It appeared that Princess Tutu had foolishly ran straight into a fight. The red headed girl had went in there to save an equally red haired friend from Her first reaction was to duck and cover but her Lalamon seemed to have a better option in store. Mustering all of the strength he had in his little body Mr. Sprouts broke free of the ballerina’s grasp on him, relinquished from his safety. With one look at the trainer he had attacked and brutalized for so long, he gave her a small knob like hand as an offer to dance. Smiling to her self, Tutu of course accepted it gracefully. Leading the digimon out to their imaginary stage, Tutu would enact a Pas de Deux between them. One between the Sugar Plum fairy and the prince.

(Since rpnation decided to screw me over and eat my post, here’s a Wip of the next events. Basically Tutu takes the role of the prince while Mr. Sprouts takes the role of the fairy. They dance not as foes but as two parts of the same whole yada yada...And at the end the Lalamon glows and transforms into.....)

The no longer Lalamon bellowed out with pride,


The newly reformed digimon would now finally jump into the fray with a few sunshine beams aimed at the Devimon.

@QizPizza @Aesop @Chungchangching @Zerulu @Hahli Nuva @Laix_Lake @Topless @Salis @BoltBeam @Thepotatogod @Crow @Aesop
Location: JimmyKENFight

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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

As Lana took the bag, Benedict stood there quietly, staring at her, "Ah...how greedy." Benedict said as she opened it. The bag opened up mysteriously as Benedict kept staring, waiting, watching. Inside the bag was a....no, no oh no!
There was a doll...it looked exactly like Lana, and Benedict still didn't flinch. The bag also had a needle in it, Benedict then spoke, "Ah...meat, a gift, feel free to play with it...and if you want to bring it to life....just shove....that needle in it."
Benedict then turned his glace towards the detective, "Ah ah ah agent...you have...no authority to arrest me... I am of...higher rank."



Raptor Shapeshifter
Bob the Pikachu

Image result for kathryn newton

"Bob" sat there, confused by Lottie's pats. Why was she patting a fellow human? Bob thought pats were only for pokemon and pets! Nevertheless "she" welcomed the pats though "she" showed no reaction to it.

"Who's Tiana?" "She" asked quizzingly, cocking her head to the side like Bob does as a Pikachu when something confuses him.

Disney naturally doesn't exist in the Pokemon world.


Sarah Kinkle

Image result for mackenzie foy

"Alright that's enough!" Sarah yelled as she grabbed the pair of handcuffs and promptly handcuffed Benedict. "I am getting sick and tired of you making up the rules as you go along! Also, really, voodoo magic? You actually pratice witchcraft, oh please!" She rolled her eyes at him, she has had enough of his antics.

She turned to the detective: "Keep an eye on his bloody penguin. Even if it is more sensible than the bloody wanker himself."

Interactions: @Benedict Cucumberpatch @Crow

Everyone around: @Sayo-Nara @SmallPopTart @DerpyCarp @AnyoneElseIMissed



Yang Xiao Long
(Internet Cafe)

Yang was ready to understand why the detective said there was not enough evidence, though she was a little suspicious. Although she and Hotaru did receive the tickets, she wondered why and how not much of the evidence was brought up in the interim. This, then, only made her a little more suspicious, and a little more impatient for getting involved with a trap that may as well have already set off. At this stage, she might as well investigate on her own, because she couldn’t even wait to let herself talk with authorities anymore. So, as she placed the ticket and letter back in the box, she then put the lid back on the package before picking it up as she said,

"Mmmm. Well, I might as well go, just to do a little..."

As her voice trailed off at first, Yang began to locate a computer, eventually finishing,

"Exploring of my own."

Now with Yang having set herself at a computer, she then started to search where that Cyberspace EDEN concert was, sliding the ticket out of the package.

@Crow (GM, Detective Matayoshi)
Mentions: @SmallPopTart (Grey, Eric), @PolikShadowbliss (Sarah), @DerpyCarp(Fluffington), @Benedict Cucumberpatch, @Sayo-Nara (Lana)


Top-tier Avian Master
Devimon and the two Meramon would unleash strong bursts of darkness and flames at the newly-evolved opponents, the attacks ready to collide.

"Tokomon digivolve to..."
"Plotmon digivolve to..."

New skins - and clothes - were finally forming upon the dynamic duo's wireframes. They strayed away from the animalistic body shapes to assume rather human-like ones, not too different from nuns.

"Sistermon Blanc!"
"Sistermon Noir~!"

The pair of little Digimon had transformed into a pair of kobluk-wielding sisters.

"Protect Wave!" Blanc - the one who was once Tokomon - slammed the butt end of her trident on the ground as a barrier formed over our heroes. This barrier filtered the attacks of Devimon and the Meramon, and while they were not completely nullified, they were weakened to the point where they were mere specks compared to our heroes' collective attacks. "You all didn't think I was a boy all this time, did you? Teehee~."

"Mickey Bullet!" Noir - the one who was once Plotmon, unleashed her guns to contribute to our heroes' firepower. "Look guys, I'm helping!"

"Let's go this, gang!"

"Needle Spray!"
"Destruction Grenade."
"Dumdum Uppercut!"

"Agumon! Gabumon! Let's do it with everyone!"

"Pepper Breath!"
"Blue Blaster!"

Dark Red glances at Red as his BlackGuilmon launches a Fire Grenade to throw into the pitch as he walks away from the fray. "Don't get the wrong idea, my rival."

It seems that the stranger that accompanied Tenshi up and vanished too.

This collection of powers would inevitably defeat Jimmy KEN's Digimon. He was down, as signified by Jin standing on top of him.

"Three... two... one... ding ding ding! And the winner is... Kamen Rider Jin!"

"Alright, I think that's about enough. Before you all do anything further..."

A familiar voice was present.

"Jimmy KEN. As a member of Zaxon, you have broken too many of the rules we have implemented and lead various members astray. Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah! It means you and your pals are waaaay too uptight! Don't you know that ruuuules are for foooolz!?"

"Are ya havin' trouble, Yuugo-han~? I can shut him up for ye~."

"It's alright, Fei, I've got this. Well, Jimmy, it's been a long time coming, but from this day on, you are no longer a member of Zaxon. I would allow Fei the liberty to end you, but it looks like there are more than enough people here who want something with you,"
he looks to Jin, "go ahead and destroy his account. Though, he'll just make another."

"Come on, Yuugo the super hacker, are you really gonna talk to an old buddy and your top dog like that?"

"And are ye really gonna keep talking to yer leader like that?"

The lady, apparently named Fei, looks towards Nokia.

"And what are you looking at, with that stupid face of yers?"


Upon seeing what was about to break out, Ami begins to drag Nokia away and beckons for everyone else to follow.

"What a rude interruption, and just to think that I was startin' to get warmed up... no matter, there's no way I'd forget a purdy face like yours."

"Do you care to repeat that again!?"

The gang was back in Galacta Park once more.

"Oh, I'm sure Mama will be proud of Tokomon's new getup," Noir teases Blanc.

"Don't tease me like that, big sis!" Blanc, pouting, responds before smiling at the others, "but I guess Mr Walt would be pretty proud to see me turn back to this form. Hey, everyone, if you see Mr Walt, tell him that Tokomon's all grown up~!"

"More of grown back up, but yeah, pretty much. Also while you're at it, go punch that Revy chick in the face for calling me ugly. Not because of vanity, but because I think it'd be pretty funny. Pfffftttttt..."

"Yeah! It'd be pretty fu- wait, what?"

"Ah... I'm just glad to be out of that creepy place."

"And we're glad you came for us, Nokia!"

"Well, I didn't really do anything. If anything, you should be thanking everyone else and their Digimon here."

"Thanks everyone!"
"We don't really know how we can repay you."

"Say, Agumon, Gabumon," Nokia declares, "you know, for a couple of man-made programs used for pretty bad things... you two are the sweetest!"


"Us? Man-made?"

"She thinks humans created us!"


"Y- you guys aren't created by humans?"

"No, no, no, Nokia! We're not programs, we're living beings, just like you and everyone here!"

"We come from another world known as the Digital World. Recently, however, this world and the Digital World have begun crossing paths, with rifts between the two. Us Digimon can only exist in your human world Digital Spaces."

"Most Digimon drop into these rifts by accident, though, not us, we came to the confines of the human world's digital spaces on purpose, with a purpose..."

"What purpose?"

"Uuuhhh... it's really important..."

"... but we forgot... and we should remember, because it's probably like, super duper important!"

"That's OK... that's OK! If you forgot, I'll forget with you! And I'll be sure to remember with you two as well! Because that's what besties do - and that's what we are!"

As the trio of idiots began to cheer and smile at each other, Ami seems to smile at the sight herself...

... before a call sounded.

"Hey, Kyoko... what? A what in Shinjuku? You want me to go ASAP? OK, I'll be right there!"

Ami looks to the rest of our heroes, before waving. "Well, a Cyber Sleuth's gotta do what a Cyber Sleuth's gotta do! Until next time!"

You would have a strong hunch that checking out what was going on in Shinjuku would be something worthwhile, whatever it might be.

@BoltBeam @Salis @ElenaIsCool @Hahli Nuva @SheepKing @Laix_Lake @EldridSmith, @Topless @Chungchangching @Zerulu @QizPizza @Thepotatogod @Aesop @Crow

As fate would have it, Benedict's golf buggy would go haywire for some reason as it, in a strange fashion. It would ram into our various heroes and collect them on the surface of its panes - Jesse, Sherlock, Sarah, and even the bystanders like John and Lottie! That was not all of our heroes, and it rammed into more.

Now the real question is - where was this buggy headed?

"This is a strange day..." Matayoshi said, recovering from being thrown off. He then looks to someone walking down the stairs of the Internet Cafe.


"Oh, you're Ryuji's new recruit, aren't you? You missed a lot. But I guess being hard at work has its benefits..."

@Sayo-Nara @Crow @SmallPopTart @DerpyCarp @PolikShadowbliss @thatguyinthestore @L3n @Benedict Cucumberpatch


Top-tier Avian Master
Mid-chapter Update

"Please gather at Shinjuku!"

That was the message you got on your Digivice.

Through some way or another, you would find yourself ending up Shinjuku.

Upon further examination, you would find yourself in front of - oh? What was the crowd gathering for?

The entrance to the underground path was covered in something, it seemed to have digitized.

"Hey you!" a cop shouts towards you, "step any further and I'll-"

Before she could complete her sentence, the haywire golf buggy, coated in a flesh forcefield, would collect you into its defenses as it rammed down the stairs of the underpath!

"- arrest you... what just happened?"

As the buggy suddenly stopped, our heroes would fall down due to the lack of tension keeping them there, and before them was a place, half-digitized and half-real. The nature of this place would allow you to conjure your Digimon and your abilities.

But wait, there was more!

Lyle Walt was found dead, with various radial scorch marks on him. These scorch marks were a bit obvious around the area near him too, with larger radial scorch marks on the ground as well. They were random, but limited by a large radius.

You would see his Betamon, before the fishy little fellow would disintegrate into ones and zeroes from its whole, complete self, likely willing itself to join its human in the afterlife.

"I could've sworn I saw an Eater do it, but there's something more to it - something human, and I intend to find out," a young man said as he steps into the fray, "yo, name's Sanada Arata, and what're you all doing here?"

A cackling little fiend would climb this Arata person like he was a goat tower, before resting its creeping fingers on his shoulders.

By his side you would see a very familiar face with three Digimon behind her.

"Well, not exactly the best circumstances to meet you all again..."

"So you've met Ami? That saves us the hassle of introductions. But anyways, you should all-"

"Arata, I think that over there was one of them. They have the right to be here.

Anyways, Arata's insisting that we investigate this person's cause of death before we move on. He thinks it might be Eater-related."

"Why else would it be here, in this digitized space, and not somewhere more real?"

Now, the question is - who or what caused Lyle Walt's death? It was up to you to find out!

"An Eater that's acts human? Could it be someone who managed to survive an Eater attack?"

"Now you're thinking! But... who do you have in mind regarding that?"

Ami looks to you, all of you.

@2Bornot2B - Revy (Black Lagoon)
Guilmon -> Tankmon -> Tankdramon -> Gundramon
Signature: Pyro Sphere
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Attack Charge

@Aesop - Red (Original Character)
Guilmon -> Growmon -> MegaloGrowmon -> Dukemon -> Dukemon: Crimson Mode
Signature: Exhaust Flame
Inherited: Wolkenapalm II; Attack Charge; Comet Hammer II; Chain Plus

@Benedict Cucumberpatch - Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch (Classified)
Candmon -> Numemon -> Fantomon -> Reapermon
Signature: Karmic Flame
Inherited: Burst Flame I; Panic Wisp

@Birb - Cassandra Garrison (OC)
Hagurumon -> Guardromon -> Datamon -> Machinedramon
Signature: Grenade Destroyer
Inherited: Nanomachine Break II; Heaven's Thunder II; Guard Charge

@BoltBeam - Tenshi Hinanawi (Touhou)
Plotmon -> Tailmon +> Silphymon -> Valkyrimon
Signature: Nekodamashi
Inherited: Holy Light II; Heal; Aura; Revive
Hawkmon -> Aquilamon +> Silphymon -> Valkyrimon
Signature: Stealth Quarrel
Inherited: Wind Claw II; Sonic Void II; Gale Storm I

@Caffeine Freak - Walter White Mr. Lambert (Breaking Bad)
Hagurumon -> Clockmon -> Knightmon -> Leopardmon
Signature: Command Imput
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Heaven's Thunder I

@Chungchangching - Tom & Jerry (Tom & Jerry)
Keramon -> Togemon -> Mamemon -> Rosemon
Signature: Bug Blaster
Inherited: Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Guard Break

@Critic Ham - Sun Yama (OC)
Impmon -> Meramon -> SkullMeramon -> Beelzebumon (2010)
Signature: Bada Boom
Inherited: Idle Bubble; Nightmare I

@Damafaud - Lyle Walt (Sevens)
Betamon -> Seadramon -> Whamon -> MarineAngemon
Signature: Electric Shock
Inherited: Ice Archery I; Anti-Paralysis

@DapperDogman - Claudia Ambralia Divia (Battleborn)
Betamon -> Octmon -> Anomalocarimon -> HerakleKabuterimon
Signature: Dengeki Biririn
Inherited: Ice Archery I; Anti-Paralysis

@darkred - Daxter (Jak & Daxter)
Salamon -> Gatomon -> Angewomon +> Mastemon
Signature: Sludge Dash
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal

@darkred - Jak (Jak & Daxter)
Salamon -> BlackGatomon -> Ladydevimon +> Mastemon
Signature: Puppy Howling
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal

@DerpyCarp - Fluffington the Mighty (Pokemon OC)
BlackAgumon -> Greymon (Blue) -> SkullGreymon -> BlackWarGreymon +> Omnimon Zwart
Signature: Spitfire
Inherited: Wolkenpalm I; Guard Charge
BlackGabumon -> BlackGarurumon -> BlackWereGarurumon -> Metal Garurumon (Black) +> Omnimon Zwart
Signature: Black Ice
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Anti-Panic

@EldridSmith - Nikias Télos (OC)
Hackmon -> BoaHackmon -> Fantomon -> MetalFantomon
Signature: Fif Cross
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heal; Attack Charge; Heavy Strike II; Meteor Fall II

@ElenaIsCool - Crypt (OC)
Tentomon -> Kabuterimon -> MegaKabuterimon -> GranKuwagamon
Signature: Mega Blaster
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Ripping Net; Crescent Leaf II; Mental Charge; Heaven's Thunder II

@FactionParadox - Saburo Kusanagi (OC)
Keramon -> Kurisarimon -> Infermon -> Diaboromon -> Armageddemon
Signature: Bug Blaster
Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Guard Break

@FoolsErin - Wigfrid (Don't Starve)
Armadillomon -> Ankylomon -> MagnaAngemon -> Seraphimon
Signature: Rolling Stone
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Shock

@FoolsErin - Luka Redgrave (Bayonetta)
Liollmon [?] -> Revolmon -> Superstarmon -> Justimon
Signature: Critical Bite
Inherited: Saint Knuckle I; Crescent Leaf I

@GearBlade654 - Dismas (Darkest Dungeon)
PawnChessmon (White) [?] -> KnightChessmon (White) -> BishopChessmon (White) -> KingChessmon
Signature: Pawn Charge
Inherited: Heaven's Thunder I; Attack Break

@GinkyGotBack - Johnny Test (Johnny Test)
Agumon -> Numemon -> Etemon -> MetalEtemon
Signature: Pepper Breath
Inherited: Heavy Strike I; Attack Charge

@Hahli Nuva - Zoe Orimoto (Digimon Frontier)
??? -> Kazemon -> Zephyrmon -> ???
Signature: Moon Assault
Inherited: Sonic Void II; Wind Claw II; Speed Charge

@Infuriated Infant - Wilson (Don't Starve)
Lopmon -> Wendimon -> Andiramon -> Cherubimon (Vice)
Signature: Tiny Twister
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Mental Break

@Jeef_jones - Kyr Fiore (Thrilling Intent)
ToyAgumon -> Clockmon -> Datamon -> GroundLocomon
Signature: Block Punch
Inherited: Power Energy I; Burst Flame I

@Jeremiah - The Pale Lady (Pokemon OC)
Palmon -> Numemon -> Lilamon -> Lilithmon
Signature: Sleep Spore
Inherited: Crescent Leaf I; Anti-Poison

@June Verles - Arthur Boyle (Fire Force)
Kotemon -> Gladimon -> Knightmon -> Durandamon +> RagnaLordmon
Signature: Fire Men
Inherited: Awesome Quake I; Acceleration Boost
Ludomon -> TiaLudomon -> RaijiLudomon -> BryweLudramon +>RagnaLordmon
Signature: Wall Rake
Inherited: Burst Flame I; Guard Charge

@L3n - Charlotte La Bouff (Princess & The Frog)
Palmon -> Witchmon -> Angewomon -> Venusmon
Signature: Sleep Spore
Inherited: Crescent Leaf I; Anti-Poison

@Laix_Lake - Darild Linken (OC)
Hagurumon -> Guardromon -> Andromon -> HiAndromon
Signature: Darkness Gear
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Heaven's Thunder I

@ManyFaces - Maxwell (Don't Starve)
Dracmon -> Devimon -> Myotismon -> Piedmon -> Apocalymon
Signature: Eye of Nightmare
Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Destruction

@ManyFaces - Lockdown (Transformers Animated)
Candlemon -> Meramon -> SkullMeramon -> Boltmon
Signature: Melted Wax
Inherited: Burst Flame I; Panic Wisp

@marc122 - Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)
Agumon -> GeoGreymon -> RizeGreymon -> ShineGreymon -> ShineGreymon: Burst Mode
Signature: Claw Attack
Inherited: Heavy Strike I; Attack Charge

@Necessity4Fun - Wray Arth Devanport (OC)
Elecmon -> Aegiomon -> Aegiochusmon -> Jupitermon
Signature: Lightning Knife
Inherited: Heaven's Thunder; Ripping Net

@Necessity4Fun - Zenith (Pokemon OC)
Salamon -> Gaogamon -> Taomon -> Bancholeomon
Signature: Puppy Howling
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal

@Nightwisher - Wickerbottom (Don't Starve)
Tsukaimon -> Witchmon -> Wisemon -> Belphemon: Sleep Mode -> Belphemon: Rage Mode
Signature: Purple Fog
Inherited: Nightmare I; Attack Break

@Nightwisher - Avan (Pokemon OC)
PicoDevimon -> Stingmon -> SkullSatamon -> GranDracumon
Signature: Pico Darts
Inherited: Panic Wisp; Attack Break

@PolikShadowbliss - Sarah Kinkle (OC)
SnowAgumon -> IceDevimon -> Gigadramon -> DORUgoramon
Signature: Little Blizzard
Inherited: Ice Archery I; Power Energy I

@PolikShadowbliss - Bob the Pikachu (Pokemon OC)
BlackAgumon -> Greymon (Blue) -> SkullGreymon -> Craniummon
Signature: Pepper Breath
Inherited: Wolkenpalm I; Guard Charge

@QizPizza - Jack Atlas (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
Vorvomon -> Lavorromon -> LavoGaritamon -> VolcanicDramon
Signature: Great Flame
Inherited: Wolkenapalm II; Comet Hammer I; Meteor Fall I; Awesome Quake I

@Salis - Hikko Namari (OC)
Coronamon -> Firamon -> Flaremon -> Apollomon
Signature: Flame Dive
Inherited: Wolkenapalm II; Burst Flame II; Meteor Fall I

@Sayo-Nara - Lana (Pokemon OC)
PicoDevimon -> Bakemon -> Pumpmon -> NoblePumpkinmon
Signature: Pico Darts
Inherited: Panic Wisp; Attack Break

@Scatterbrain - Sherlock Holmes
Fanbeemon -> Waspmon -> Cannonbeemon -> TigerVespamon
Signature: Gear Stinger
Inherited: Nanomachine Break; Chain Plus

@SheepKing - Duck (Princess Tutu)
Lalamon -> Sunflowmon -> Lilamon -> Lotusmon
Signature: Sunshine Beam
Inherited: Venom Trap; Anti-Poison; Gaia Element II; Holy Light II; X-Heal

@SmallPopTart - Eric the Thyplosion (Pokemon OC)
Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Dianamon
Signature: Tearing Shot
Inherited: Heal; Idle Bubble

@SmallPopTart - Grey (Havoc Fox)
Kudamon -> Starmon -> Digitamamon -> Imperialdramon Black
Signature: Blinding Ray
Inherited: Saint Knuckle I; Holy Light I

@thatguyinthestore - Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
Chuumon [?]-> Dogmon -> Cerberumon -> Beelzebumon -> Beelzebumon: Blast Mode (reserved)
Signature: Crunchy Munchy
Inherited: Nightmare I; Mental Break

@thatguyinthestore - John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
Biyomon [?] -> Revolmon -> Pandamon -> BanchoLeomon -> Marsmon
Signature: Double Fire
Inherited: Sonic Void I; Mental Charge

@Thepotatogod - Jin (Kamen Rider Zero-One)
Falcomon -> Diatrymon -> Tylinmon -> Ofanimon -> Ofanimon: Falldown Mode
Signature: Destruction Roar
Inherited: Sonic Void I; Grand Rock II; Awesome Quake I; Speed Charge

@Topless - Parasoul (Skullgirls)
Dracomon -> Coredramon (Blue) -> Wingdramon -> Slayerdramon +> Examon
Signature: Blue Flare Breath
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heavy Strike I; Attack Charge; Wind Claw II; Gale Storm I

@Topless - Umbrella (Skullgirls)
Dracomon -> Coredramon (Green) -> Groundramon -> Breakdramon +> Examon
Signature: Green Flare Breath
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heavy Strike I; Comet Hammer II; Shock; Critical Charge

@Veradana - Hotaru Fujioka (Persona OC)
Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Cherubimon (Virtue)
Signature: Luna Claw
Inherited: Heal; Idle Bubble

@X-Fic - Ochaco Uraraka (Boku no Hero Academia)
Labramon -> Galgomon -> Pandamon -> King Etemon
Signature: Cure Liqueir
Inherited: Heal; Saint Knuckle I

@Zamasu - Maggie (Pokemon OC)
PawnChessmon (Black) -> KnightChessmon (Black) -> RookChessmon (Black) -> QueenChessmon
Signature: Pawn Penetrate
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Attack Charge

@Zerulu - Sterling Malory Archer (Archer)
Gazimon -> Raremon -> Skull Satamon -> Diaboromon -> Quartzmon
Signature: Scar Nail
Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Panic Wisp; Venom Trap; Mach Rush I; Texture Blow
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Raptor Shapeshifter
Bob the Pikachu & Sarah Kinkle

Murder. Murder was the last thing on Bob's or Sarah's mind. But here it was right in front of them. Sarah climbed out of the golf cart and studied the corpse of Lyle Walt, with scorch marks all over his body. It was very clear that this boy was very, very dead and that fire had been involved.

Bob the Pikachu could feel his power returned, yet his body still remained that of Roma Allens, but that was beside the point. Bob could only stare in complete and utter shock at the dead corpse. Just then Blackon appeared beside "him" as he looked once at her body and blinked.

Wow I didn't know you were a ---AGHHHH

Blackon jumped back at the sight of the corpse of Lyle Walts. His eyes widening.

Bob could only stare in shock, mouth moving up and down like a robot.



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