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The last thing you recalled...

What exactly were the beautiful yet grotesque beings that pulled you away from your reality? What was their goal? Their mannerisms appeared to be based on instinct, but was there more to it?

You recalled the creature, hues of black and white, patterns that dazzled and animated like the hypnotic camouflage of undersea cephalopods. Their movements were hovering and slow, but once they got close, they burst themselves towards you and wrapped your entire body in their tentacles, pulling you away from your spot in the process.

No matter.

When you woke up, you found yourself free-falling, slowly levitating towards ground. The place had a dark, gloomy aura. At first glance, it looked like an abandoned, decrepit playground or theme park, in which most of the latter's motif had long withered away into the ether. Heck, everything looked pretty withered. If you looked up to the sky, there were no clouds, and what appeared to be fragments of this world's cubish ground substituted the thick fluffy clouds, manifesting as hovering cubes of blue.

It wasn't too long before you gently landed on the ground with your two(or four) feet. It was a strange experience indeed. Before your very eyes was a closer look at the playground. No one else seemed to be in there, and that seemed to be the only way forward.

Just what had happened here? No matter, you had arrived and that was all that mattered. This seemed pretty far from home. Home was out of reach from you. Maybe you could try searching around the worn-out playground? It did seem pretty big after all, maybe something was there. There was the Slide Area and the Swing Area to ponder about. It seemed risky to just up and proceed forward past the playground, and if you had a semblance of hunch or instinct you'd probably feel it.

Alternatively, you could converse with the wide array of individuals who seemed to be in the same situation as you were. Oh, look! They were there all along! Looks like you weren't alone all this while.

What you do next is completely up to you. What the strings of fate bring in return, on the other hand...

... that remains to be seen.

2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B - Revy (Black Lagoon)
RedLight RedLight - Red (Original Character)
Sleek Sleek - Keri (Pokemon OC)
Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch - Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch (Classified)
Birb Birb - Cassandra Garrison (OC)
BoltBeam BoltBeam - Tenshi Hinanawi (Touhou)
Caffeine Freak Caffeine Freak - Walter White Mr Lambert (Breaking Bad)
Chungchangching Chungchangching - Tom & Jerry (Tom & Jerry)
Critic Ham Critic Ham - Sun Yama (OC)
Damafaud Damafaud - Lyle Walt (Sevens)
DapperDogman DapperDogman - Claudia Ambralia Divia (Battleborn)
darkred darkred - Jak (Jak & Daxter) Daxter (Jak & Daxter)
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp - Fluffington the Mighty (Pokemon OC)
EldridSmith EldridSmith - Nikias Télos (OC)
FactionParadox FactionParadox - Saburo Kusanagi (OC)
FoolsErin FoolsErin - Wigfrid (Don't Starve) & Luka Redgrave (Bayonetta)
GearBlade654 GearBlade654 - Dismas (Darkest Dungeon)
GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack - Johnny Test (Johnny Test)
Haz. Haz. - Wilson (Don't Starve)
Jeef_jones Jeef_jones - Kyr Fiore (Thrilling Intent)
Jeremiah Jeremiah - The Pale Lady (Pokemon OC)
June Verles June Verles - Arthur Boyle (Fire Force)
ManyFaces ManyFaces - Maxwell (Don't Starve) & Lockdown (Transformers Animated)
L3n L3n - Charlotte La Bouff (Princess & The Frog)
L Laix_Lake - Darild Linken (OC)
QizPizza QizPizza - Jack Atlas (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
marc122 marc122 - Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun - Wray Arth Davenport (OC) & Zenith (Pokemon OC)
Nightwisher Nightwisher - Wickerbottom (Don't Starve) & Avan (Pokemon OC)
PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss - Sarah Kinkle (OC) & Bob the Pikachu (Pokemon OC)
Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara - Lana (Pokemon OC)
SheepKing SheepKing - Duck (Princess Tutu)
Attesa Attesa - Eric the Thyplosion (Pokemon OC) & Grey (Havoc Fox)
thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore - Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) & John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod - Jin (Kamen Rider Zero-One)
Topless Topless - Parasoul (Skullgirls) & Umbrella (Skullgirls)
Veradana Veradana - Hotaru Fujioka (Persona OC)
X-Fic X-Fic - Ochaco Uraraka (Boku no Hero Academia)
Zamasu Zamasu - Maggie (Pokemon OC)
Zerulu Zerulu - Sterling Malory Archer (Archer)

Chapter 1 - Adventure
Midround Update
Chapter 02
Midround Update
Chapter 3 - Tamers
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Fluffington the Mighty lands without a problem, looking around the area.
"A SLIDE, DIBS!!!" She quickly beings to play on the slide, running up the slope and sliding down backwards, Not even taking notice of the others in the area.
"Up up up. WEEEEEEEEE. Up up up. WEEEEEEEEE. Up up up. WEEEEEEEE"
Crow Crow


Blessed boi

Kyr Fiore
Kyr was still a bit shocked when he landed in the playground, landing very ceremoniously on his ass, before he looked around first in confusion, then a bit in awe, and finally he got up, dusted himself off, and started to run around the playground looking over all of the objects and people too, he had to get all the angles on this strange place, see if he could recreate it with his inventions at a later date, and finally also figure out what the heck this place is, although it seemed like the perfect place to invent things in Crow Crow


One Thousand Club
1571458693979.pngAs the shield agents were perusing him Nik had no choice but to switch dimensions as the current one had become far too dangerous and hostile to his presence and he lacked the full power to properly resist at the current moment. He warped into another world but as soon as he landed some strange force shifted him into yet ANOTHER reality. And he had to wait a long time before he could shift realities again so he was stuck. At least the universe didn't seem hostile in nature he thought as he noticed to other people around him. Being a 15 year old with the body of a full grown adult his hormones were on full blast as he noticed several stunning beauties around him he would pursue. However the calm and collected side of him took over as he fully grasped his surroundings while probing with psionices. The wills of the individuals were far too resistant to his control which scratched off using hypnosis to gain access to their memories. He would have to figure things out on his own. Having fully scanned the room around him and the various individuals... many strange and foreign in nature he began heading to converse with the nearest one whom he found attractive... as well as a noble aura the Doom himself gave off but less arrogant. "Madam, would you happen to know where we are? Oh forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Nikias Télos, though most call me Nik." He says making a graceful and slight bow to her. "You seem to also carry a noble aura around you."
Interaction: Topless Topless 's Parasoul.


Make us whole......
I looked around, dizzily, trying to adjust to the change in lighting. I got to my paws, dusting myself off, and yanking the stick out of my tail. Where was I? Was Eric here? Lana? One second I was in the Cape, the next I'm here. It irked me, this sudden change, but I figured I'd live. With a grunt, I moved to what looked like a set of swings, and sat down, idly watching the group. For a second, I gripped the chains tighter, before I forced my mind's eye elsewhere. The Auras around me were so.....vibrant. They were too much, and I could feel everything from grief to anger to confusion, overwhelming my senses in a tidal wave of emotion.

With a huff, I closed my eyes, and counted to ten. Every time it didn't go away, I started over. Despite this, I could still feel any Auras coming closer, and with the stick in hand, I could ward off anything that came close.....should I have to. Would I have to fight anyone right off the bat? Would someone pick a fight with me? I didn't know, since I didn't know anyone here, I thought. After another scan of the crowd, two umbreons, Lana, Eric, an Eevee, a Gardevoir, and a Pikachu presented themselves to me. I smiled, knowing at least I wasn't alone...

Nightwisher Nightwisher Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara Crow Crow Attesa Attesa PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun DerpyCarp DerpyCarp Jeremiah Jeremiah


A Very Good Boy
Johnny Test
Interacting with:
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp (Fluffington)

Johnny screamed as if having woke up from a nightmare as he fell from the sky. It took the flame headed boy sometime before he opened his eyes and realized that he was going a lot slower than he had originally thought. His screams of terror that had filled the air slowly died down to a bored groan as he made his slow descent. "Come on, can we go any faster?" And just as he had said it, Johnny's hovering went back to a full-speed free fall if only for about three feet. Landing flat on his face, Johnny pushed himself up and said, "I deserve that," all the while rubbing his hurt visage.

As he stood himself up and dusted off his pants, Johnny looked at his surroundings clearly unimpressed. "Am I in a videogame again? Or is this another planet? Either way, this place really stinks." Walking over to the swingset, Johnny gave it a suspicious squint, as if it would all fall apart if he so much as touched it. "I mean come on. Swings? Slides? Blocks? This stuff is for babies." One thing Johnathan saw by the slides was a little furry creature, going up and down and talking no less. Approaching the monster, he realized it was so small he could probably fit it in his pocket. With genuine interest, Johnny tried to pet its head, exclaiming, "Coooool! You can talk! Are you a talking Tiny'Mon? What's your name?"

Lana slowly awoke feeling a bit dizzy and confused by her new change in surroundings. The feeling felt familiar to her somehow, but she didn’t understand why. She looked around trying to see if Keri or Eric was around. There were no signs of Eric so far, but she did see Keri at a nearby swing set. She felt a sly grin form across her face as she attempted to sneak behind Keri before jumping out in an attempt to startle her.
Lana knew the chances of this working was very slim, but she wanted to try anyway. After he scare attempt, she sat on the swing next to Keri. She lightly began to swing and progressively got higher and higher. She began to lean far back in the swing almost as if she was going to fall out, but she was able to hold herself on completely fine. Finally she began to talk to Keri as she used the swing.
“Hey Keri! I’m glad to see you are here too! Speaking of here... do you have any idea where this place is? Also where’s Eric?”
As she waited for a response she just continued to swing getting higher and higher.

Sleek Sleek Attesa Attesa
Jeef_jones Jeef_jones

Tom, the Cat (And Jerry)
Tom sit.PNG
I woke up shaking my head, looking around the strange area having no clue to how I got here or who these people are, this can't be heaven or hell because I've seen those two places before and it looked nothing like this place, it could have been a dream but whatever. The only person I know and deeply despise is here, It's Jerry. He looks just as confused as I am and before he even got a chance to react, I grabbed him with my right hand and looked at him dead in the eyes. The mouse squirmed and struggled before looking at me with a nervous smile. I stared back with an irritated look plastered on my face. He made a loud Gulp! sound with his throat. I could kill him right here and now but I feel like I'm going to need his tricky mind to help me get back home, he's not as brave or smart as me but maybe he will make things easier and before I could let go of him, he decided to spit on my eye causing me to release him from my grasp and rub my eye.

That does it!

Jerry ran away as fast as he can and I pulled out a sledgehammer from my non-existent pocket, chasing him around as I tried to smash him to pieces with my weapon of choice, swinging and pounding the floor but he keeps on dodging like the slippery devil that he is. I hate this rat, I should have killed him the moment I got my grubby hands on him. Jerry quickly ran between the legs of Kyr and thanks to his tiny size, he didn't have that much of a problem and Tom attempted to imitate what Jerry did but he might trip the knight looking fellow in an attempt to chase Jerry, will Kyr move out of the way or will he get 'accidentally' tackled by Tom?​


Green Light
"HELP ME!!!" He screamed as the beautiful tentacles of the grotesque being dragged him.
He tried fighting back. It is his nature to do that. However, his actions were futile against the grotesque being.
"F***CK, HELP ME!!!!!!" All he was able to do was scream, and pray silently to every God he had ever heard of.
Until a teardrop was all that was left of him in his original world.

"What is going on?"
He opened his eyes, then he was greeted by light. Suddenly, all that surrounded him were white. Just a blank place, or realm, that was pure white.
"So, I actually died." He had thought.
"No!" A voice of a boy spoke out of nowhere.
Shocked, he turned his head towards the voice's direction, which was behind him. A much younger version of himself, a 2nd-grader, stood behind him.
"We're destined for greatness! Remember?" The younger version of him stated, and smiled.
How innocent he was back then.
"But that was years ag--" He tried responding to his younger self, but was cut off by something.
"No!" Another voice spoke.
"No!" Followed by another.
Voices from people he once knew continued to come to life, one after another.
"Never give up!"
"You ain't called (static) for nothin'!"
"Good luck! You can do it!"
"Fear not, my friend!"
"It's too early to give up!"
Suddenly, around him are the people he knew and loved -- family and friends alike.
"Hey, Red..." Another voice spoke.
It was her.
"I'll do it for you." Red told the girl, as if to assure his eventual return to their original world.
"So, are we gettin' that f***en guac, yet?" An identical version of him appeared just behind the girl.
There was no need to answer that question, as Red had already made his mind.

Suddenly, he just found himself free-falling.
"F******CK!!! THIS ISN'T WHAT I MEAN BY GETTIN' THAT GUAC!!!" Red screamed while being airborne, as he panicked from the sudden happening.
What a terrible and an unlucky day, he must have thought. And then, before closing in towards the ground, Red started to levitate slowly downwards.
He released a sigh of relief.
"Well, that screaming was kinda beta as f***." Red had mumbled.
He glanced at different directions, and realized he was in a new location. Compared to the previous one, where it was blank white, the new place was dark and gloomy. There were structures this time, but it still felt lifeless. Then, another thing had caught Red's attention. His clothing had fully changed in design and colors. Familiar design and colors.
"Hold on!" Red had realized something.
He knew what his new clothing's designs are, as well as the place.
Numerous feelings encompassed Red. Happiness, excitement, sadness, fear, and so on. However, another thought seemed to have cut him off.
"Wait... Today... Today's the day Crow's starting the Digimon RP..." And there was panicking once again.
Then Red started running forward which seemed to be the only way.

"W- What?"
He was greeted by a wide array of individuals in a new location. It appeared to be a children's playground, and it was fairly-lit. But what mainly surprised Red were some of the individuals who he knew back in his original world. A Braixen from the Pokemon franchise, Johnny Test from a cartoon he never liked, and so on. These were fictional figures back Red's original world. Then, the thought of actually being dead came back. The scene was just unbelievable for him.
"So... That was really it, huh..." Red thought.
He was near on losing his mind. Amidst the crowd of different individuals, Red stood there like he had truly given up.


"Up up up, WEEEEEE- EH?" Fluffington the Mighty's Playtime was interrupted by a Human of some sort coming over to talk to her. She tilts her head in confusion at his question.
"Tinymon? Noooo, I'm a Pokemon! Specifically I'm the Greatest Eevee to ever live, Fluffington The MIGHTY!!" Fluffington the Mighty Declares, lifting a paw to punctuate her statement. She does not react to Johnny touching her head.
GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack


Lyle Walt

  • Interaction: -
    Mention: Crow Crow
    It was one of those days where he got entangled into a net and dragged all over the sky this and that way by his women. His throat was already sore from shouting. At this point, Lyle just closed his eyes and tried to ignore how Marina blocked Elza's meteor while biting Gracia's arm in the midst of being chased by Miranda's threads and Ludmilla's whip. Oh, the net was Miranda's, but Marina snatched him when Novem went for Miranda.

    It was one the rare days when it wasn't only Miranda and Novem that fought over him. When those days came, resistance was futile. Lyle closed his eyes and hoped everything would end soon. And it stopped.

    A black and white thing swallowed him whole. His last thought was, "why is there a monster in the palace?"

    When he woke up, Lyle was in a foreign place again. He frowned. This was the third time it had happened. Ever since he learnt of the multiverse, everything had became annoying. On the other hand, it also meant he didn't have to deal with his harem for a while, so it was a plus. Lyle slowly stood up. He didn't recognise the others around him. Looks like he wouldn't meet Lin, Ren, or Takemi here. Well, first thing first.

    [Dimension] [Search]

    A three dimensional map opened up in his sight. The individuals around him glowed yellow. Neutral. Not hostile, but not friendly either. He frowned. Should he introduce himself to others first or make a look around? Search gave off an alarming light out of the playground. He decided to search the Slide Area with the help of Dimension Skill.

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Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
Duck/Princess Tutu
It was just barely dawn in Gold Crown Town. Morning birds sang their plentiful tunes to wake the towns from its slumber so the new day could finally begin. One little birdie however was sound asleep in the dorms of a ballet school. Though she was a bird, this avian held no feathers, wings, nor beak. Instead her body held hair, hands, and feet in their stead. Her name was Duck, just like the bird she was, though by appearances alone one would be none the wiser. The ruby pendant that shimmered on her breast was what kept the duck as a girl who could talk, walk, and dance with humans. But for that to happen, Duck would need to wake up in the first place.

A ring from the town’s bell did the trick and as so as it did The girl-like bird shot up from her bed, hitting her head on the wooden roof before falling right off the bed entirely.

“Ow....Ack! I’m going to be late!!”

With a groan at her own misfortune she hurriedly pulled herself from the ground and to the window. Every morning she’d set out a tray of bird seed and as soon as the glass window opened the feathered creatures flew in with a hunger like no other. It was a feat in of itself that Duck wasn’t pecked to death every morning but to the girl it was simply routine. With how late she was running there was no time to chat about the recent gossip with the birds so as soon as the tray was empty she shoved them out before throwing on her uniform and scrambling out the door. With every bit of energy in her little body focused on getting to school in time, Duck failed to notice a blearily eyed and pink haired friend stare at her in confusion before mumbling to herself as she turned to go back to bed.

“School doesn’t even start for another hour...”

Already too far away to hear, Duck continued on her trek as she bolted through her still slumbering town. In near record time she finally made it to her class. It was an impressively sized ballet studio but being so early there weren’t any ballerinas or such inside. As the girl looked around confused realization finally struck.

“Oh no I got here early again!”

In fact, the morning very much reminded her of an incredibly special day a while ago. It was when she finally became Princess Tutu, the ballerina who’s purpose was to save the prince’s shattered heart. After that her life had basically turned upside down. Now on a near daily basis she’d find those who’d been possessed by the prince’s lost emotions and convince them to release the shard to her so she could return it it’s rightful place. Speaking about the prince, Duck looked above. The last time Duck had gotten here early she’d seen the boy in the middle of dancing, though this particular morning he was no where in sight. A sigh of disappointment escaped Duck’s mouth as she longingly stared at the empty corner. Nevertheless with no one else in sight the most she could do now was get in some extra practice. Ready to change to her leotard, Duck was just about to walk to the locker rooms until...

A cold, wet, a slimy thing grabbed on to her, it’s slippery tentacles ensnaring the girl like a mouse in a trap. The unexpectedness of the situation left Duck in absolute petrification, leaving her as easy prey for whatever had taken hold of her. Finally she snapped out of it but by then it was too late. All that Duck could do was weakly struggle and beg for someone to help but no such thing ever came leaving her with nothing else but the welcoming of oblivion.

Of course Duck’s story didn’t conclude then and there and the next chapter soon began.

The first thing Duck soon realized once she finally awoke for the second time of the day was that she was falling, where exactly? She had no clue. The place looked like something out of a fever dream with cold blue hues blinding her vision. She could make out a warped version of a playground or something on her way down but besides that the poor girl had no idea where she was. Thinking the situation called for it, Duck decided it was time to transform. She held the ruby pendant in her grasp and in a blink of light Duck went from the average old girl and into...

The stunning ballerina Princess Tutu. Gracefully the woman finally reached the ground while en pointe. Finally on land Tutu could now examine her surroundings more carefully. She’d been correct, this was some sort of playground but the Princess had failed to notice the plethora of people who just like her, had floated down from the heavens. They all seemed incredibly...unique to say the least. Some had quickly taken to screaming out their confusion while others calmly assessed the situation at hand with the ballerina falling into the latter category. Examining those nearby, the Princess decided to meet with a rather interesting individual. Or rather they were more of a duo. It was a cat and a mouse who both seemed to have a very violent vendetta against each other. With a smile gracing her soft lips Tutu fell from the tip of her toes to the balls of her feet as she hurried over to where the cat was about to trip the man and grabbed the feline by the collar of its neck, hopefully stopping the cat from tripping the poor man. Turning to the person in question, Tutu gave a soft smile before asking,

“Are you alright?”
Chungchangching Chungchangching Jeef_jones Jeef_jones


Fist of the Phantom Star

Violent waves crashed against the rocky shore of a lonely island, and the wayward splashes of seawater which bounded off the cliff's face twinkled under the full moon's light. At the very lip of that cliff stood the slender silhouette of a woman, with pale blue hair and dull black dress flowing in the seabreeze, and pale face tilted up to meet the moon's while she sang deep into the night. Without a stormy cloud in the starlit sky, it was as though the waves had fallen under the spell of the pale lady's haunting siren song, but when they endeavored to meet the woman they had been infatuated by, they were met instead by the unforgiving cliff-face which cast them away to the heartless sea from whence they came.

Feeling the gentle caress of the moonlight grow harsh, the woman's eyes opened to greet a being a indescribable beauty.
"Arceus...?" the name slipped past her trembling lips. Unable to tear her sorrowful gaze away, she basked in its incandescent embrace, and reached her hand out towards the light. Taking the first step forward, the pale lady took the plunge without hesitation, and plummeted towards the rocky shore below.

She would not awake upon reappearing within this new realm, and appeared at peace while she glided gracefully towards the ground with eyes closed and breath stilled. Almost...angelic in the way her hands laid clasped against her chest between the twin horns piercing her heart. But who would dare wake this sleeping beauty?

Nightwisher Nightwisher Sleek Sleek DerpyCarp DerpyCarp Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun Attesa Attesa Zamasu Zamasu


A Very Good Boy
Johnny Test
Interacting with:
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp (Fluffington)

"Tiny' Mon, Pokemon, whatever, who cares? You're adorable." Johnny continued petting the Eevee for a short while before escalating to full-on hugging. "Oh yes you are! Yes you are! You're so cute and so stwong," said Johnny, doing that annoying baby talk voice people do. He paused as more people started falling, though none of them seemed really interesting. There was another Tiny'Mon or Pokemon thing over yonder, but it wasn't as cute as this thing. Johnny put the poor thing down before he could strangle the life out of it with his hug. "So, you're strong, huh? Do you have any special moves or anything? Can you evolve like a Tiny'Mon? Can all Pokemon talk? Lay the facts on me, Fluffington."

Parasoul & Umbrella

When they landed on their feet, the sisters felt confusion. Why were they sent into this unknown territory? For what purpose should their existence come into being? As they scan around, someone called Parasoul out, asking about where they are.

"I'm afraid I do not have the answer for that." She answers the man, who then introduces himself as Nikias Telos, or jist Nik for short. He did a slight formal gesture and says that she has a noble aura around her. "I see that you have recognized my royal lineage. Very well, its nice to meet you Nik. My name is Parasoul Renoir, and this is my sister Umbre-" Her words suddenly cuts off when she notices that Umbrella has ran off.

"Umbrella? Where are you?" She calls as she looks around for her little brat of a sister, eventually finding her hanging out with...a bunch of talking animals?

"Wow! You guys can talk? Cool!" Umbrella was very curious when she had noticed these furry bunch. She goes over to the talking fox and takes what appears to be a stick from her tail. "Hey, what's this?" She asks.

"Umbrella, there you go again." Parasoul says with a grunt.

EldridSmith EldridSmith Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara


Dude. Shut the hell up and go to Pizza Hut.

  • GreyShocked.png


    The first thing Grey did when he woke up was scream.


    He remembered the last moments before he blacked out. He defeated that weird robot fusion between Dyvex and that flashy Kurakka guy. Then Dyvex opened up a hole under him, and he fell into the darkness. But then something really weird happened. Okay, maybe his entire day had been weird anyway, waking up without his memories and getting pulled along by Fortuna into a bunch of action against a masked cat and his raving fanboy, but the last thing he remembered was the weirdest. Some huge, black and white tentacle monster- looked like something straight out of a nightmare- slithered out of the darkness and wrapped its slimy appendages around him. It was a scene only possible in questionable fanart, yet there it was, dragging him away, and Grey felt himself weightless, and then... well, everything that happened past that 'til now was a blank slate on his memories. As if he needed more of that. So he kept screaming...


    ...until he opened his eyes and realized he wasn't falling anymore.



    Well, upon closer look, correction: he wasn't falling as fast anymore. And that tentacle monster wasn't there, so... that was a plus. But there was one problem.

    He righted himself in the air, allowing his feet to gently touch down on the ground first. Then, he glanced around. This wasn't Retro Ravine, or Fortuna's base, or even that place where he first woke up today. Everything was a shade of blue, like the color of his visor. And if it wasn't blue, it was painted in blue light. Even Grey's fur appeared to blend in with his surroundings. To dial up the strangeness to 11, there were these oversized stuffed animals, playground equipment, and other toys laying around. For a moment, it was almost as if Grey was dreaming. He pinched himself just to make sure he wasn't.

    "Ow. Nope, I guess I'm not dreaming... but if I'm not..."

    Again he scanned the practically featureless 'buildings' all around, if you could even call them that, and for the second time today, he found himself asking the obvious question.

    "...then where am I?"

    Just like back at Moonlit Cove, Grey was smart enough to know that sitting and staring wouldn't answer a thing. So he focused his attention on the only thing OTHER than the fever dreams: the other people around him. To be honest, the lot of them weren't an improvement. Some of them, he only gave a side glance to, like the four-legged dog things with the glowy rings. Their shapes were familiar enough to him as far as his memories went. Others completely stood out, like the kid with fiery hair (but no turbo-charged backpack). Grey figured it best to stick with the guys or girls that looked like they belonged to... wherever he was from. His eyes were caught by this one that looked sort of like him, except orange and white and red with a bunch of fur coming out of her ears. She didn't seem to be wearing anything but a red ribbon around her neck, unless you counted that fur skirt that appeared to be a part of her body as clothes. All in all, Grey felt a sense of familiarity about her, and among the rest of these mindblowing events, that was good enough for him. He strolled over, attempting to push aside the circumstances and adopted a friendly smile.


    "Uh... hey," he greeted her a little awkwardly. "Do you have any idea where we are? Because I definitely don't."


    ART CREDIT: HavocDusk
    Text HEX Color Code: #00d8ff

    Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara (Lana)

    Nightwisher Nightwisher (Avan)
    Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun (Zenith)
    GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack (Johnny Test)

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Top-tier Avian Master

Slide Area

Lyle Walt would detect two strange tiny creatures underneath the slide. What those creatures' appearances and features were would be known to all surrounding the slide either way. The one that came out first was a little puppy-like beast with some type of collar. This puppy would converse with the Eevee and the boy with the fiery hair (but no the turbo-charged backpack whose sisters used him like a lab rat).

"A Pokemon? Is that what some Digimon are calling themselves these days?"

The other came out afterwards. It was balloon-like in appearance.

"Tiny-mon? Poke-mon?" It spoke in a manner not too different from a baby, then turned to Lyle Walt, charging its body towards him. "MAMA-MON!!!!"

"Tokomon! That's not our mom!"

DerpyCarp DerpyCarp GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack Damafaud Damafaud Attesa Attesa

Swing Area

"Wow! You all look like you're having such a fun time! In a veeeeery dangerous place too!"

That voice was coming from below, mainly directed to Tom & Jerry's hijinks that dragged Duck and Kyr in.

"There's lots of dangerous things around here, so watch your step and stay in groups at aaaall times~!"

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As of now, Keri would be able to sense the auras of all, but there were a greater abundance of very faint weak auras in the distance, with some faint strong ones mixed in. This distance was beyond. The faint weak ones were disappearing and reappearing, not because the beings that held them were, but because they were that weak.

This abundance came from way past the playground, through the arch that lead to some kind of next area.

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Tom, the Cat

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Why did this girl stop me?! That food-hoarding rat is getting away! Jerry stopped and turned to me with a smug smile knowing that he won again, blowing a raspberry before escaping to wherever he wanted to hide. Needless to say, I was angry. My right eye twitched after realizing that the little mouse has bested me yet again, he keeps using cheap tactics that give him the advantage like hiding behind Spike or forcing Butch to turn against me. My mind was filled with violent thoughts and I was willing to slap this ballerina in the face for what she's done but she's just an innocent little girl so I can't bring myself to harm her and she probably grabbed me just so I won't bulldoze through the knight. I'm giving her another chance.

I was still mad though, maybe in the next chase I will finally get that rat and this time I'm not taking any chances, I'm eating that bastard right here and now. I let out a small sigh and tugged on the ballerina's tutu and if I do manage to catch her attention, I'll glare at her and point at the arm she's grabbing me with, signaling her to let go of me. I hate it when people grab me like this thanks to mammy two shoes throwing me out of the house every time she does that but I can't see her anywhere so I'm free to do whatever I want without a bossy lady telling me what to do.​
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Jak and Daxter Prologue

Jak was doing his usual artifact hunt with Daxter hanging on his shoulder. Jak was too busy grasping onto a good old precursor artifact as he blew off the dust as Daxter muttered something about old precursor shit.

"Jak, why are we getting THIS precusor artifact this time? It's not like the world needs saving again this time...."

Dax, you know why.. Something about more eco powers for Keira... or something like that.

"We are STILL doing the old man's dirty work?"

Jak groaned and stared at Daxter.

"Let's say it's for the greater-

Jak paused when Daxter screamed and pointed at a weird celapod coming out of a portal and coming right at them.

The eco warrior took out his Morph gun and began to shoot at the creature. It didn't work and it was pulling the two into wherever there was.





Jak woke up, visibly confused immediately looking for Daxter in the process as he looked around in the new area. He landed in some sort of child's playground area complete with slide, swings and a lot more.


Daxter might of landed awkward on a swing area as he went "OOOOFF! Jak, did we find the artifac- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!". The ottsel was very awkward right now as he pulled himself down and slid down the pole.

Jak joined him as he heard Daxter's scream.

"Dax! There you are...."

I swear, Jak.. if you ever let me touch one of those stupid artifacts again, I'll...

Jak frowned and covered Daxter's mouth "Dax, look around, there's others in the area. We need to find out what's going on.."

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    Lyle scratched his head. More weird creatures. In the multiverse, humans and elves were not the only sentient race around, so he was already used to talking weird creatures like this. He caught the charging Digimon with his hands. His Search revealed the Tokomon as green. Friendly. A signal usually showed by allies or innocent children.

    "I'm not really a mother," said Lyle with a wry smile. Although I will be a father. The Digimons, as they called themselves, looked similar to a piglet. Pink, small, and what Monica would call adorably useless. Added with the green signal the Tokomon showed, he concluded these Digimons were harmless. Lyle slowly put the Tokomon down.

    "My name is Lyle. Can you tell me where we are right now? And do you know what world is this?" asked Lyle.

    All the while, Lyle still activated his Dimension and Search Skills continued to act to see if there were more to see in this Slide Area. The hostility coming from outside the playground kept him alert of any changes that might happen in the area he was in.

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Lana continued to swing as she waited for a response from Keri. However, the stick in her tail was pulled out by someone. She quickly turned around only to lose her balance and fall off the swing. She landed on her back with a loud thud. She rubbed her head as she began to feel a bit dizzy from the fall, but eventually stood back up. She turned towards the girl who grabbed her stick. She wanted to teach the girl a lesson or two, but she seemed to not know much better. Instead, she began to humor the girl. She bent down to get at eye level with the girl.
“Well, it may look like a regular stick, but it’s also a lot more complicated than that! It’s also like a magic wand! I can use it to shoot flames or even psychic waves! It’s really quite interesting, but also pretty fragile. If you don’t mind I think I’ll be taking it back now.”
She put her paw on the stick hoping that the young girl would comply and give it back. After her encounter with the girl another animal like creature that looked somewhat like a Pokémon cake over to her. It was clear that it wasn’t a Pokémon, but Lana has never seen anything else like it. She scratched her chin before beginning her inspection. She looked at the clothes he was wearing and what appeared to be goggles. The goggles peaked her interest the most as she basically attempted to do what the child attempted earlier and snag the goggles to get a closer look at them.
“I wish I knew what this place was! It seems pretty fun though I won’t lie! Now let me get a good look at those goggles...”

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Archer was doing his usual, partying and avoiding his day-to-day duties when the eerily attractive cephalopods kidnapped him. At the time it made perfect sense to Archer, as his party going self couldn't tell a possible mate from a stone, he thought he was about to be lucky. Boy oh boy was Archer wrong. The spy passed out during the trip, only waking when he started to fall from the sky, 'what type of crazy bitch would take him to her house then throw him off the roof?' Was all that was going through Archer's head as he plummeted to the ground, "Oh no... Oh god no... I DON'T HAVE MY TURTLENECK!" The ISIS agent panicked as he just about hit the ground, it seemed his fall had slowed down as he felt his feet touch the ground.

"BLARGHHHHHHHHH" Archer vomited right where he landed, caused by a mixture of the fall and last night's partying, Archer decided to see whereabouts he did land. A... a playground? Oh, fuck no, hell no, Archer was not getting put on a registry today, he's heard all the stories of what happens to grown men lurking in playgrounds. Archer ran right out of the playground, only looking back to notice some, talking animals? Yea, Archer had to continue running, he's also heard of the 'furry' cults, they'd convert him to some sort of animal and condemn him to a life of involuntary celibacy, he wasn't taking the risk, he didn't want to be sex-deprived his whole life OR be on a sex offenders registry.

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Tenshi Hinanawi|Digital World

A digital world can be multiple things, but at the end of the day, it's normally either a paradise for those who love it, or a maze of bright lights to get lost in for all - or it could be both of those and more at the same time! Technology isn't too new to Tenshi's home world, nor do many use it - but the rumours of devices being sold that could take you into the digital world spread way too much within such a short time, even reaching the skies above, where Tenshi herself watches and rules, with her potentially stone fists and questionable persona.

"A device that takes people to the digital world?" She asked to Iku, who was also up there - Iku Nagae, to Tenshi, was a messenger - though they both essentially dwell in the sky itself, Iku mainly is seen in the level just below it. Without a word, Iku would show Tenshi what appeared to be posters of these devices being sold; to which Tenshi took one and inspected it for about 3 seconds before throwing it away, leaving Iku's expression as being terrified and worried at the same time. "Are... you sure?" Iku would ask her simply and sharply, trying to grow an angry expression, to which worked fine. Tenshi saw that expression and laughed. "C'mon, it can't be that bad! I'm going to the digital world!"

Or so she claimed. What she didn't know, she may not be coming back.

Not too long later, after a transaction between herself and the maker of these devices, the resident tech genius Nitori Kawashiro, Tenshi would immediately use the device and vanish into the digital world right before there eyes, no less, 'into' the device. "...Well, that's one way to do it." Nitori would comment to herself, with Tenshi now gone and subjected to this weird creature in black and white, Tenshi being incredibly defensive of herself as they would keep on motioning how they were - until she suddenly woke up and found herself falling. "Not again!" She cried in anger and surprise.
When you woke up, you found yourself free-falling, slowly levitating towards ground. The place had a dark, gloomy aura. At first glance, it looked like an abandoned, decrepit playground or theme park, in which most of the latter's motif had long withered away into the ether. Heck, everything looked pretty withered. If you looked up to the sky, there were no clouds, and what appeared to be fragments of this world's cubish ground substituted the thick fluffy clouds, manifesting as hovering cubes of blue.

Mid-fall upon entry to the digital world, Tenshi was trying to frantically do anything to keep herself stable and descend down safer. As she flailed and panicked during this descent, she then realised exactly what was surrounding her - a high-tech utopia - a wonderland for many. Unfortunately, Tenshi is 'not' many - she honestly has no idea what's up with a digital world. She had to admit - it looked pretty cool, but she had less time to look around and more time to save herself! Before she could make a move however, she found that it would just be a slow levitation, so all of her panicking was for nothing. "A playground? In a world like this?" Tenshi remarked in confusion upon landing, going towards it as she saw the surroundings. "What the heck is this place...?" Her confusion piqued immediately, leading her to look around some more. Upon arrival to the noticed playground however, it looked to be empty, barren and void of life. Tenshi frowned. "Oh... This is a great start." She said sarcastically, almost scoffing if it wasn't a little offsetting.
Just what had happened here? No matter, you had arrived and that was all that mattered. This seemed pretty far from home. Home was out of reach from you. Maybe you could try searching around the worn-out playground? It did seem pretty big after all, maybe something was there. There was the Slide Area and the Swing Area to ponder about. It seemed risky to just up and proceed forward past the playground, and if you had a semblance of hunch or instinct you'd probably feel it.

Alternatively, you could converse with the wide array of individuals who seemed to be in the same situation as you were. Oh, look! They were there all along! Looks like you weren't alone all this while.
Tenshi's eyes were drawn to past the playground, seeing as several others were already attending to the playground itself. A feline, a child or two (so it seemed), and a few numerous others Tenshi isn't too bothered with. Tenshi shrugged it all off and just trudged through and past the playground, keeping her sword in one hand and her head high. "Alright, there better be something here!" She said adamantly and hopefully, intending to find out soon enough.
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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

A large metallic Pokeball-esque sphere descended into this strange new world. When it landed, a few seconds would pass until Maggie uncurls, awaken from her slumber. "Huh? Where am I?" She asks, look around her surroundings. It appears to be a playground of sorts. She looks at the people around her, and lucky enough, she sees some Pokemon. "At least I'm not the only one." Maggie says to herself. She was going to approach one of them when she takes notice of a sleeping Gardevoire. Something compels her to wake her up, and so she did.

She goes over to the Gardevoire and gently shakes her to wake up. Surely nothing bad will happen right?

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