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  • It's been a long time, my friend. After I saw your profile pic, I think I am gonna cry......
    Regardless, please have my blessings! Have a fantastic day! Now...if you may excu- uaaa~waa...
    Well, me and a friend of mine just got stalked by a drunk guy throwing rocks at us. Police caught him and I got a ride home in a cop car :)
    The next time someone calls you a nice guy you should call them a really insulting name to throw them for a loop.
    Huh... "Ginky". I have a friend who goes by something close to that... Can't spell it for the life of me though... Never been able to. He left school a while back... Haven't talked to him in a while.

    Not that you needed to know that... Just... Nice name.
    Go to work ✓

    Post on all the hosted projects I'm in ✓

    Breathed today ✓

    Didn't get killed ✓

    I've done everything I wanted to do today!  Now I can finally go to sleep!
    Those last two are particularly important, I'm glad you got them both accomplished. ^_^

    Good night!
    (Here's a stand I made that might interest you JoJo fans out there!)



    Bound 2 (a.k.a Bound)


    Namesake: Bound 2 by Kanye West


    Appearance: Bound 2 takes the appearance of a a pair of spiked, rusty handcuffs and a golden key.


    Power: E


    Speed: E


    Range: A


    Durability: A


    Precision: E


    Potential: E


    Abilities: Bound 2 handcuffs two people together by either the wrist, the foot or the neck.  They can also be cuffed to other things such as objects, the victim's other wrist or foot, and possibly even their own stand if it's humanoid.  A humanoid stand that has been cuffed must remain in physical form.  Once cuffed, spikes will protrude from Bound 2's handcuffs and pierce into the victim's flesh.  They will then proceed to bleed profusely until they bleed to death or until they are uncuffed.  Defeating the user will not cancel the effects of Bound 2.  The handcuffs are indestructible and any attempts to break them only make the spikes bigger, thus digging deeper into the victims.  The only way to uncuff the victims is for Bound 2's golden key to be used on them.
    I'm going to bed before I fall asleep in my chair.  It hasn't happened before, but there's a first time for everything.
    I hate using this site with a mobile phone, quoting people just becomes this huge risk that I really don't want to take.
    Hour 4 of the Saturday shift, insanity kicks in.  Hoping something bad happens to me so I can go home early.  Maybe I'll trip on a puddle of water and break my hip or a costumer will hit me with a propane tank.  I'll take anything just please end my misery.

    (This is a joke, I don't really want to go to the hospital.  Don't come to my work and kill me please.)
    No one's too old to play with Lego,  right?  It's fun to take a bunch of materials and make something cool out of it.
    Nah, Legos are dope. Could build a WMD with those if you put enough creativity into it.
    Who uses Lego's? I just play Minecraft!
    I just like stacking them all in one brick.

    It's time that I lay my head,

    Close my eyes and go to bed.

    So until tomorrow, when I am back,

    Please listen to the Nutshack.

    Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.  (Unless you're into that sort of thing........)
    I'm probably going to go to bed soon.  I work about six hours tomorrow, but I'll have about three hours of freedom before then, and about five hours afterward.  So, until next we meet, here's a song to tide you over until then.

    (If you've listened to it once and I'm not back yet, just listen to it again.)
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