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Realistic or Modern Come join us for the baby shower of Petra and Leonidas! (Open Sandbox roleplay)

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Wife of Finnish Boot
A Finnish Boot A Finnish Boot Mr. Sparks Mr. Sparks
Hello! It's me, Chaepeumeon. You have been cordially invited to our baby shower for our expectant twin babies! Please participate in this Sandbox roleplay.

Let me give you a bit of background about us:
  • Finnish and I are a newlywed couple with twin babies on the way, Leonidas and Petra.
  • We love to roleplay! Our writing styles are mostly the same, ranging from one liners, to a few paragraphs, but it all depends on the situation.
  • We are planning on 12 kids in total! This is just the first pregnancy.
  • We met in an rp with a mutual friend.
Now, for the roleplay! You all play as friends, or family members of us, The Johnsons. You come to our baby shower, excited to soon greet our bundles of joy! Everything is perfectly normal until in storms in a jealous ex-lover, ready to take her man back! Though she's passive, and has no strength or skills to fight, she often tries to interrupt the flow of the baby shower, mess up the food, and even try to harm me! She constantly tries to get in the way of the couple, flirting with her ex, working to upset me on my special day! She "accidentally" trips over family members, breaks gifts, and even goes to the extent to spike someone's food! She's out of control, and we've got to stop her. If you're interested, please like this post, and you'll automatically be entered into the roleplay. If you're hoping to be a specific role, go ahead and inbox Finn and/or me, and we'll go from there.

Now, let's talk rules:

  • Please, respect everyone in the roleplay
  • Don't joke around. Take this as seriously as a real baby shower.
  • This is a casual roleplay, if you can't write in a casual style, please, leave.
  • Everyone is welcome! Go ahead, and use your own ocs, no character sheet needed. Though, if you want to send over one, I'll be making a thread for it.
  • If you're out-of-character, please type in parenthesis.
  • If you're in-character, type actions like normal, dialogue in "quotations", and thoughts in Italics
  • Please, we ask you have good grammar.
  • There's no age limit for this roleplay!
  • Do NOT come here and go killing people. This is a Slice of Life, roleplay. We all want our characters alive
  • No over-powered characters
  • Don't come here and try to steal the show, or try and become a main-character. This is our baby shower. You of course can be apart of it, but don't expect to get all the attention!
  • This baby shower will officially start 06.05.2020, 5:00 PM EST, don't expect any cake to be left! So I'd hurry.
  • You're not required to bring a gift, but it's polite to.
  • There cannot be any animal oc's, I'm sorry, but it's not going to be accepted. Humans and (maybe) Robots only.
  • You may have an oc within the ages of 1 week old to 102 years old. Everyone is welcome!
That's all for the rules. We hope you sign up, and enjoy this roleplay ^^
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