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Realistic or Modern (CLOSED) The Up and Comings (Highschool Band Roleplay) (Reboot)

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LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


I Am The Elephant.
Hello! This is an RP that I tried to start sometime last year and it kind of fell apart after people dropped. It's still something I think would be really entertaining though, so if you agree, let me know and we can get this thing rolling again!
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The Up and Comings
"Some People Peak In High School"
I'm just warning you now, the idea for this RP may have been slightly influenced by a major obsession I had with Lemonade Mouth and Camp Rock back in middle school.... You've been warned.
Highschool is pretty rough as it is, I'm sure none of us had a perfect high school career, and when you're famous, well, that's just another level isn't it? This is a slice of life RP based around the lives of a band of teenagers who have recently made it big and are now forced to try and balance their school life and their new career/fame. Along with any drama that's headin' their way if you get my drift. 😉😎
There is a discord for this RP that will be used mostly for planning and discussion. If you are interested in the RP after reading all the pages, let me know and I will send you the link via a private message. You will start out in an into section, and as soon as you have made your cs and are officially in, you will gain access to the rest of the server.
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So, you want in on this action? Sweet! Here are some of the roles I'm looking for (remember all roles are available for any gender, just try to keep a good mix, we don't want to fill up on one type of person...): If you think of a role that you want to play and it's not up here (ie: manager, songwriter, PR person, groupie, whatever), message me and maybe we can get that in too!
Sign-ups will be pretty much first-come-first-serve, so let me know which spot you want to reserve. Keep in mind though that if you reserve a spot, you are expected to make a CS as soon as you can (talk to me if there is a problem) and if you do not end up following through I will have to give your spot to someone else if they want it.
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Wierd Segway
If you're still here, fantastic! This page should probably have been second, but I'm a tiny bit too lazy to move it now so I'm just gonna leave it and maybe change it someday if I get around to it... Anyways...
Now, let's get into this a little more.... You and a few friends, at the beginning of last year, were hanging out in your usual spot at school, just joking around and such, when somebody gets a bright idea. Why not start a band? "You can play drums, right? And I've heard you sing before, everybody would love that! And you, you played the guitar in the talent show last year! You totally rocked the house!" Ok so maybe it didn't go exactly like that, but anyway, you all decided it was an interesting idea and made some plans. Next thing you know, you've got yourself a high-school, playing-out-of-our-parents-garage band! After winning a talent show competition at your school, you and your friends got your big break. A talent scout from a recording studio had agreed to come to watch the show and after seeing y'all perform, they offered you a contract with their label. Of course, you signed away your souls without a whole ton of thought (or maybe you thought a lot about it, I don't know) and as soon as school was out, they sent you on a nationwide tour (you're not quite 'world tour' worthy yet). Now that school is back in session, your label keeps you under their thumb, even as you try to navigate your school lives.
Obviously, being famous, being teens, and having a time consuming career will cause stress on everyone involved. Also, being together so often likely brought everyone closer, created some drama, or maybe even a little something spicy happened on the road... Hey, IDK what's gonna happen yet, but I know I want to find out 😉! If you are just as interested as I am, let me know and we can get this ship sailin'!
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This Could Be You
band pic.jpg
If You Stick To A Couple Rules
This is everybody's favorite part of the RP interest post right??? No, it's not and I get that, but it's a teensy bit necessary ya know?
  • All RPN rules gotta be followed
  • Don't make everything about you
  • No over the top characters. Creativity is encouraged, but no crazy unrealistic stuff, please
  • Real face claims please and thank you! If you can't find one, just try to give a detailed description of your character in you CS
  • Be courteous to other people, and if you have a problem, come to me about it
  • Try to avoid one-liners as much as possible, there isn't a limit to how much you write, but at least a small paragraph is ideal
  • No spamming chat of course. There should always be at least two posts between yours (UNLESS we have a situation where someone is unable to reply and we have to keep the RP moving with them on stand
  • Have fun? (That's what this is about ain't it?)
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That's All Folks
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I Am The Elephant.
If we get enough interested people I will officially put up a CS thread, OOC, and, once we are all set, the main thread!

Also, in case anyone gets confused, 'The Up and Comings' is not the band's official name or anything. It could be, but the band name is probably something we would work out on Discord


Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will.
Hi, I don't really know a lot about roleplaying (never done one before) but I am good at writing in general. I do like the idea quite a lot and I could maybe be of use to y'all. I feel like I can play almost a mum kind of role for the band. Like the glue guy/girl in a team.


I Am The Elephant.
Hi, I don't really know a lot about roleplaying (never done one before) but I am good at writing in general. I do like the idea quite a lot and I could maybe be of use to y'all. I feel like I can play almost a mum kind of role for the band. Like the glue guy/girl in a team.
Hey. do all characters have to be in the band? I was thinking of a character who is a good vocalist but not in the band per say.
Both of you are welcome to work with me on your ideas if you're still interested!


I Am The Elephant.
There's not really a band spot that I can think of, but if you look through the CS thread and can think of a role that you would like to play, message me and we will see what we can work out 👍

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