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Fantasy CAINHURST: A Dark Character RP! [Closed]

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Mystery, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Zombies


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There will be more detail later but if you wanted the general structure of Blackrock:


Lord Ulfric Cainhurst
The Hollow King. Patriarch of Cainhurst. Lord of Blackrock. Ruler of the Dead.

The Cainhurst Children
Children of Ulfric. Future of Cainhurst. Ranked by Age.

The Bloodsworn
The Nobles. Lords and Ladies of the Court. Sworn to Loyalty.

Dark Maidens
The Elite Guardians of Blackrock. Beautiful. Deadly. Bodyguards, Operatives. Spies. Assassins. Personal Maids.

Blood Guards
Royal Guards. Trained from childhood to defend the Cainhurst Family. Merciless.

Rank and file guards and servants
Recruited from the various cities and towns sworn to the Cainhursts. No notable abilities.

General Population


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I've hit ten players, which is far more than I was expecting!

I think I'll have to close the interest check for now - lest I get overwhelmed! (If you've RP'd with me before, I'll make space as a special exception <£)

They'll be OOC and Lore sheets up over the next day or so. Thanks!

I thinkkkk 4 Cainhurst Siblings max will be best, but there will be lots of other interesting roles available! Check out the post above for an overview of Blackrock's power structure.

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I would him to be disgustingly loyal to me, although I’m only 16 in the rp unless you already have someone? I hope that didn’t sound gross or anything!


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What's Ulfric's policy on nonhumans?
Actually for further detail - since Hollowvale is quite a large area filled with the darker side of fantasy creatures there's probably a few different tribes under the Cainhurst banner. So I'm thinking possibly Dark Elves, some sort of water lizard race, cat people potentially and maybe werewolves?

Haven't got any lore for them though at this point, just possibilities


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oh man the dark maidens are so my type of character , this is very interesting , if its ever open again ima be lurking 😅


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here, try this generator. i use the website all the time when i need names for a thing.


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An overview of lore is almost done. A fair chunk is left intentionally vague to give y'all the opportunity to make it your own.

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