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So this is an idea I have had brewing in my head for awhile and before I plan too much of it out, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in such an idea!!!

So this rp would be taking place in the year , 2060 - so way beyond the storylines we all know and love and Things have been super peaceful and calm for a long time. But there is a new evil starting to take hold onto the wizarding world..............But instead of taking place just in the British Wizarding world it is slowly building into wizarding Europe as a whole.

But basically the premise is for the start to focus on a new group of students (5th years and the rp will be going to 7th year and beyond!) to each have a piece to play in the new dark wizarding faction that is forming. So instead of playing the good guys this time around.....we are playing the bad guys. Thinking 6 students total and eventually we will expand to the other wizarding schools and open to playing other characters or opening up the rp to more characters to play the good guys as well. But The premise is 6 students being recruited to join this wizarding faction of dark wizards to join the new dark figurehead oncoming.

Which will be my particular characters mother!

Okay that is my spheal! I am definitely looking for a co-dm for this as well

The RP itself will take place on site as well as the ooc thread ! But I will create a possible discord ooc if there is enough interest. But only if we can keep the onsite ooc thread as updated as well as I don't want to exclude anyone from the rp.

If you have any interest at all please comment below :)

Be an application based rp but if their is more interest than just the original six - I am more than willing to expand the rp
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Here is the ooc thread!

I will make the character sheet thread once we have enough players :)
Hello! I’m interested
Ah! How wonderful!

So that is the 6 that I need to begin so this is perfect! I have the ooc thread posted in here and I should have the character sheet portion up this afternoon- Finishing up my character :)
Okay Here is the Character Sheet thread as well:

This isn't real faceclaim only, is it?

What's the post length rule?
This isn't real faceclaim only, is it?

What's the post length rule?
Hiii* still space available to join?
Hii so I already have the 6 players I need for this rp - so I do apologize as of this moment I am not accepting any more folks.

Later on I may be opening it back up to more players joining :) ( as we will need the good guys eventually)

But realistic fcs are preferred ( I don't care if their ai or drawn though - just no anime)

and I am looking for 3 paragraphs minimum

So if you do want me to tag you when I reopen it eventually please let me know

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