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Fantasy Bloody Cure RP(ACCEPTING)



Dame of the Moon's Darkness
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Time: Roughly Early Morning
Weather: Cool, Cloudy, and Rainy

Alexander Hathorn - 52 - Human Base Leader - Location: Fifth Floor Of Base - James --> Open

Alexander stared out from the top of the building, feeling a faint cool breeze blow through one of the open windows. A few drops of rain hit him as he stood next to his son. "Anything unusual to report?" "Nothing, I have seen no strange movements so far and everything still looks secure. I was planning on doing a ground search after I change shifts with one of the other watchers." Alex nodded, staring out the lookout window, watching the clouds move and change, some grew lighter in color and others grew darker. "Thank you, son, for being one of the ones to stay up almost all night, every night and I'm sorry to make you work so hard." James shook his head, "We all work as a team and this place has become our new family. We both work hard to keep everyone safe and it isn't just us. Everyone here does their best. It's the reason we haven't fallen yet." Alexander chuckled slightly before turning, "Those are some pretty smart words. I'll leave you to it, just try to get some rest here in a little bit, even if it's only for an hour or so."

James Hathorn - 19 - Human Base Watcher - Location: Fifth Floor Of Base - Alexander --> Open
He nodded, watching his father leave, and sighed, sure he could spout off a bunch of words that sounded grand. Some of it was even true, but if James were to come face to face with a zombie horde, out on a supply run with the others... Would he be able to stand his ground? He'd killed zombies before, they all had, but in a true do-or-die situation would he freeze? Perhaps these thoughts were one of the reasons he hadn't fought his father's words to try and become a fighter, or runner. "A coward...still..." He said clenching his fist as he stared out the window, "Mom...Please watch over us." He whispered as he did his best to think about how to build his courage up in order to do more for others.

Victoria Quinn - 28 - Human Base Fighter - Location: Room - Lucielle Kendall
She yawned as a small portion of light crept into the room she was sharing with Lucielle, the younger woman had latched onto Victoria, not that she could really blame the poor girl. She still remembered the day they ran across Lucielle and her older sister. Victoria was sure Lucielle's older sister would have made an amazing addition to their fighting ranks, but sadly the woman had been bitten and had taken her own life to not lose her own humanity. It was a very honorable thing to do, it took a lot of strength and care for others to do something like that. She sat up slowly feeling arms locked around her waist. She chuckled softly as she noticed Lucielle's arms tightly wrapped around her waist. Tears slid down the girl's face and that told Victoria, she was likely dreaming about her sister or family as a whole. She brushed some of Lucielle's hair from her face wiping at the tears, "Is this what it would have felt like...having a younger sibling?" She whispered softly.
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Amy Mellers - 25 - Werewolf Base Runner - Location: Mapping Room - Kelly Triven
Amy had been up for about an hour now, looking over a few routes that one of the scouts had marked down that had yet to be run. There was a high chance there would be a few decent supplies as there were several large houses in the area. She sighed softly tracing over the paths, taking notes of the areas marked with red, meaning there were a higher amount of zombies in those areas. "This point could get a bit tricky if there are even more...but if they are just passing through then we wouldn't have too many issues taking them down to get through. Might be better if I go off alone though...I haven't been feeling very stable..." She ran a hand over her face as she leaned back in her chair planning to stare up at the ceiling, but end up yelping as someone's face hovered above hers.

Kelly Triven - 36 - Werewolf Base Medic - Location: Mapping Room - Amy Mellers
"Thinking about running off on your own again? Remember you got into trouble the last time you did that. You came this close to getting bitten." Kelly said as she held up her index finger and thumb only about an inch apart. Amy groaned, "How long have you been standing there!!" Kelly walked around and took a seat at the table across from her, "The entire time. Miss Unstable." Amy blushed, "H-hey you all know I have some issues...I'm trying..." Kelly held up her hand to silence her, "I'm not making fun of you...It's for that exact reason you shouldn't go out on your own. Amy, I've been watching over you ever since you got here and I've even had to tranquilize you before. If you were to turn into a zombie..." Kelly shivered, "I don't even want to think about what could happen..." Amy frowned slightly, "Then what I grab a fighter, take them with me and say I lose control...then you guys would lose a Runner and a Fighter thanks to me." Kelly smirked, "That's why you take me!" Amy stared at her, dumbfounded, "I'm sorry?" Kelly chuckled, "I can knock you out if needed, we take a fighter, maybe even a scout so we don't get lost traveling these new paths. I can keep an eye on you, while also gathering more needed medical supplies and you guys can focus on getting the other needed supplies." Kelly's main reason was partly getting more medical supplies but she also used each chance she got to hunt for her daughter! She knew she was still out there somewhere and that thought alone scared her. Her precious baby, fighting off zombies...facing other untold horrors. "I don't know about that, let's ask the others...I don't want to be the reason we lose a Medic..."

Henry Black - 17 - Werewolf Loner - Location: Random House - Open
Henry was panting, he had simply stepped out to go get a few more supplies only to run into a small group of about five zombies. Sure he might be able to take them on, but was he willing to risk getting bitten doing so? No. The answer was a million times, no! He sighed, he was sure finding other werewolves would make his life easier, but what if they were like his father... He shook his head and he leaned against the door. "I hate this..." He turned slightly glancing out one of the windows of the house he had darted into. The group of zombies had grown, there were now about ten of them, but thankfully they were too slow and dumb to know he had slipped into one of the houses and they continued on their way. He slid to the floor, pulling out a chocolate bar he had been lucky to come across, and bit into it savoring the taste. After finishing it he stood, glancing around the house, it clearly had been gone through, but there were a few things still intact, like the couch. He walked through the house checking for zombies and making sure the doors were at least shut if he couldn't lock them. "It's not bad...and I doubt I'll be able to make it back to my place with that horde of zombies roaming around..." He curled up on the couch with a book he had found, "Might as well relax for a little bit, I've read all the books in my room about twenty times over now...this one looks cool." He said with a small smile as he began to read.

SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles DarkKitsune DarkKitsune Megilagor Megilagor Skryeb Skryeb Dumplingboy Dumplingboy (We are starting!!! Also, for those of you who have already been accepted, if you wish to make more characters in the future feel free to do so and you can bring them in automatically. If anything were to need to be changed with them, I'd let you know! Let's create some chaos!!!!​
INTERACTION: BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Koi has been camping in a unspecified house for the past two days to get some rest even though he couldn't sleep without having nightmars involving the death of his parents and younger sister, who didn't know a life outside of death. He also used the chance to check up on his supplies like he did regularly to see what he needed to hunt down and replenish. He had his bag and gun made sure it was reloaded and attaches his make-shift silencer to it before preparing to leave. As while he was surprisingly not infected by the virus, it did not make him any less of zombie food, he was preparing to leave when he saw a pale boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He looked around Koi's age and had a katana on his back. Koi knew to be careful as a loner, he couldn't see anything that would otherwise mark 'territories' between humans and werewolves, both of which still couldn't tolerate each other despite the fact both species are on their last legs. That would be how he met the werewolf, Charlotte Cooper. He hasn't seen her for awhile and doesn't know if she's still alive. Koi thought about how he should handle the situation. Should he bother the boy? It's not like he was staying in this place permanently, often opting to stay on his feet, which has ensured his survival thus far. Even if a fight broke out, Koi was the one with a gun compared to his Katana. Koi had the advantage. He looked out the windows to see if he could sneak out without being noticed by the boy, but then understood why he was hiding there. Koi's first thought was

'Crap that's a lot of zombies'.

Koi started thinking of a way to get out.


Charlotte was doing her job as watcher. Making sure the area around the base was nice and secure and, if not, fixing the areas which would leave them exposed. After all, it would only take one zombie to infect a wolf. And if that happened and wasn't probably taken care of properly, then they'd either all be dead or infected, eating each others brains out. This was what Charlotte's job was and what she had taken to considering. She sucked in groups anyway, which was why she wasn't in a pack herself to begin with. However, these wolves had welcomed her in when her attitude changed. Now she's gonna do what she does best. Defend, defend,defend. She had everything she needed in her bag, including three different combat knifes and her wolf form if need be.​
Sheena- 15 - Looner

Shenna had escaped from Helen she had killed her to escape from her but she had broken some bones in the process and she was bleeding a bit from the cut from the knife she was in pain she had to get somewhere safe she didn't know exactly where she was at exactly she had fell on the grass she couldn't move anymore she was afraid if the zombies will come she felt so weak from the cut she had she was bleeding out she was back in her human form she was so confused where she was at she just teared up was she was going to die here she wanted to find her mother but no she was going to die the blood was too much

Lucielle Kendall- 17- Human base Medic Location Room

Lucielle just was dreaming about her family she was all alone but she just yawned she was in Victoria's bed without realizing it when she open her she saw Victoria" um I'm sorry I didn't mean to get on your bed it just." she say as she bites her lip as she felt her wipe her tears from the bad dream she had" it just I miss her" she say as it was hard to talk about her older sister she just sat up on her bed she was looking around the room as she couldn't really see without the glasses she just bite her lip as she felt her glasses" there um..... maybe could you maybe help me become stronger I have to be strong" she say to her BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Michael (human), 24 Watcher. Mentions James. BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising
FYI, Michael doesn't speak, any speak text is him signing or writing on a notepad

As light started to trickle in Michael's eyes fluttered open. Since he usually took the morning shift, he chose to make a room near an east facing window, allowing the sun to be his alarm clock. He sat upright in his bed, unmoving for three minutes as he collected his thoughts. Alright let's go. Once he was out of bed he was focused and work orientated. once dressed and hydrated he would make his rounds across each station. Getting a list of anything that needed to be fixed, from big projects to a crooked shelf. Michael would prioritize and make time for what he could. As dawn progressed further, Michael would start to make his way up the floors of the building to his post. He had near the exist for Alexander and James to get done speaking. Michael kept his opinions on others to himself, not that he had much of a choice. He had wondered if James had picked up on the fact that Michael didn't care for him so much. Had he been in James position, he wouldn't be up here watching out for danger. He be in the heat of it, fighting and keeping others safe, even if it had cost him his life. Michael thought James was a coward and didn't trust him to have his back. "Hello." Michael set down his stuff, which would include his bat, canteen, and some jerky. He offered some to James, coward or not they were still a family of some sorts, and he would look after him just the same.

Bones (werewolf), 32 fighter. Mentions Kelly and Amy BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

There were two things that were unusual for Bones. Him in human form, and him inside. Both Amy and Kelly would get the rare site of seeing both. Seeing as he blocked the doorway, it seems that Bones had overheard about there little outing, and was going to protest. While he had heard them, he was here for Kelly. The towering man approached the two holding out his arm. "Ouch." By this point the pack had gotten use to Bones simplistic speech. His arm was scratched up, the result of a bobcat, nothing serious but it did sting. Who knows what Bones was up too. He rarely was ever at base, preferring to stay outside and roam the territory like a guard dog. He had come a long way, a month prior and Bones would have just rubbed some dirt on his scratches and never say a word to either of the two.
James Hathorn - 19 - Human Base Watcher - Location: Fifth Floor Of Base - Michael
"Hey, Michael." He said, trying to remember if he had ate or not. Thinking about it, he hadn't, so he gladly accepted the jerky, "Thanks, perfect pick me up snack." He took a bit of the jerky before turning to glance in the direction his father had just left, "Nothing has happened, it's all been rather silent, which in a way worries me a bit. Then again no major movements makes it easier for the runners."
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Victoria Quinn - 28 - Human Base Fighter - Location: Room - Lucielle Kendall
"Sorry if I woke you, and it's fine. Certainly not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last." She said with a small smile, it was human nature to seek comfort in hard times. Victoria was a bit surprised though as Lucielle asked her to help her get stronger. She thought about it for a bit before nodding, "It would be an honor. Even if some may think it is pointless, don't ever think so. It'll be hard because my training will be strict. Are you sure you want to me help you train?"
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Amy Mellers - 25 - Werewolf Base Runner - Location: Mapping Room-->Her room - Kelly Triven, Bones-->Open
Amy fell silent as Bones appeared, in his human form. To this day the man scared her, but then again it didn't take much to scare her. Even if she could take down zombies, it still scared her, but humans scared her more than anything. "W-we can talk about this later..." She said standing and squeezing by Bones as fast as she possibly could. Leaving Kelly and Bones alone, as Kelly simply shook her head at Amy. She raced back to her room, ignoring the others while silently cursing at herself. "Why did I do that..." Asking the air in front of her as if it would actually answer her...

Kelly Triven - 36 - Werewolf Base Medic - Location: Mapping Room-->Medic Room - Amy Mellers, Bones
Kelly sighed watching as Amy ran from Bones, sure he was big, but one would think she'd feel a sort of kinship with the big guy. Considering they were both somewhat feral at times. Or perhaps that was one of the reasons Amy always seemed to be scared of Bones. She shook her head with a small smile towards Bones, "And you my big friend are one of the exact reasons I need to go find some more medical supplies. Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy to see you come to me with your wounds instead of throwing dirt on them and calling it good." Kelly took his extending arm looking over the wound, "It tried getting you good...but I'm sure it looks far worse. Come with me." She let his arm drop back to his side and headed for the room set up with all of her medical supplies. "I'll put some alcohol on it and bandage it up for good measure and I'm sure you'll be like new in a day or so." She said as she walked in front of him, taking the hair tie from her wrist and pulling her hair up into a bun so her hair wouldn't get in the way of cleaning the wound. She pushed the curtain aside and took in a deep breath, the smell of herbs greeting her and making her feel more relaxed, "Take a seat, it'll be awkward trying to work on your wound with you standing..." She said as she gathered the needed things, "I could make you take something for inflammation, but we know how well that tends to go."
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Henry Black - 17 - Werewolf Loner - Location: Random House - Koi Fester
Henry had been exhausted when checking over the house, he really hadn't bothered with a really thorough look over. Just a simple one that let him know there weren't any zombies. Even though there had been the scent of a human in the house there were always such things. Humans and werewolves alike trying to survive in this world and truly he wanted no part in either side... Not that he could live normally anymore, this book though made his world feel a bit more normal. It was one of the reasons he read so much, it made things feel normal and it was something he enjoyed. He was almost fully immersed in the book when he heard the faint sound of movement coming from inside the house. He frowned, "I know it's not a zombie...at least..." He glanced back down to his book, if he pretended not to notice them would they just leave? Wait no they couldn't leave now, even if they wanted to thanks to the zombies that had been following him! "Crap...so friendly or not..." He bit his lip debating on how to handle things. He didn't even know right now if they were a human or werewolf, but honestly, he was hoping human. If it was another werewolf, would they try to force him to join them? This was one of Henry's problems, his mind made him overthink a lot of things.
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Lucielle Kendall- 17- Human base Medic Location Room

Lucielle looked at her as she smiled” nah you didn’t wake you up as she looked at nod to her asking about to train” yeah I want to learn I don’t mind if your strict it just I just want ti become stronger like you are” she say as she looked away as she was a little embarrassed” do you think I can ever be strong I should have died my sister was the strong one she died because of me I wasn’t strong enough” she say sighing a bit BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising
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It didn't take rocket science to figure that Koi and the boy had taken notice of each other. Koi stared outside the window at the hoard, but thinking of a method to get rid of them. He would shoot, but there was a lack of an exit and only confirm that there was prey in the building. Then him and the boy would be doomed with Koi turning into zombie food and the other either being turned into one or killed, so that wasn't a option. Jumping out the windows also wasn't a safe bet due to injuries, among other things. Koi started looking around the house. He figured the others wouldn't make an escape attempt because it would be a stupid decision with the hoard outside. Koi found another window with a tree. The tree branch looked stable to climb on. It was probably the best attempt at an escape from the zombies. Koi, however, couldn't open the window. He went other to the stranger, saying,

"I think I found us both a way out. Well, if you can climb. I'm gonna break this window open. You can choose to leave or stay with the hoard"

Probably not the best first thing to say to someone you have just met in the apocalypse, but to be fair, he did meet someone who said a lot worse than that. And even so, at least he gave him a heads up to escape instead of leaving him to die. Koi returns to the window, smashing it with the back of his gun. He starts climbing on to the tree branch

INTERACTION: Texangamer Texangamer BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

While Charlotte was doing her job, she found a young werewolf with brown hair on the ground with severe injuries. While Charlotte went and checked her for any zombie bites, she wonders for a brief second why most survivors she comes across are teenagers. This girl looked younger than Koi. After making sure she wasn't bitten, Charlotte picked her up and if she was still conscious, she tried to keep the girl calm as she rushed her to the bases medics. She ran as fast as she could and barged into the medics' room.

"I found another survivor! She isn't bitten but severely injured. Can you help her?"

More of did they have the supplies to help her? Charlotte wasn't against helping whom she believed to be another werewolf.

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Sheena 15 loner location base-medic room

Sheena was in the ground she was having a real hard time keeping her eyes open she had seen the blood and than a woman checking her wounds for a minute she thought it was her mother” who” she say looking at the woman she felt hurt” no zombie bites just hurt” she struggles to say she than felt the woman pick her up going into a building that looked like a medic room and saw the woman she been looking for she still loooked the same” ma……ma” she say as she felt the pain” it hurts” she say she didn’t know where she was but had smelt her mum here somewhere she looked at the woman that had her in her arms” th…..ank you” she told her BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Henry Black - 17 - Werewolf Loner - Location: Random House - Koi Fester, Luna Fairchild
Henry flinched as the other person fully approached him, he knew trying to blend into the couch had been pointless, but come on!!! He'd just found a good book and he'd been running for some time now. "I don't..." He didn't even get to finish telling the other guy he didn't think it was a good idea before he smashed the window and that shattering sound drew zombies straight to the door. "Damnit!!!" He shot up from the couch heading for the window as the other guy crawled out, "Why did I leave my place again..." he groaned before easily getting into the tree behind the dude, "No true plan or warning, just smash and climb? What would you have done if this branch couldn't hold both our weights?" His blue eyes glared at the man, but he didn't have time to continue complaining to the guy when another scent caught his attention. He noticed a girl running, and a few thoughts crossed his mind, stay silent and let her lead the zombies away or help her out to help atone for humans he had killed even if it had been against his will. He shook his head, "Not going to be like him..." He muttered as he repositioned himself in the tree, using it to support him, now it'd depend on the girl trusting him. "HEY!!! OVER HERE!!!!" He shouted loud enough that anyone could have heard him clearly. He was dumb, planning to trap himself between two humans and god forbid if they have silver on them... He swallowed thickly, his eyes not leaving the girl, it would be what it would be....
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Victoria Quinn - 28 - Human Base Fighter - Location: Room - Lucielle Kendall
Victoria gently smacked Lucielle's shoulder, "First rule of my training, never put yourself down. Don't say things like it should have been me instead of them. I want you to instead say something like 'It won't happen again, I'll make sure to do my best. I am enough if I put my heart and mind to it!' Putting such downing thoughts onto yourself will make you fail faster than even the weakest person on earth. Because not believing in yourself will be your quickest downfall. Now I'm not saying to get rid of those thoughts, there is always the chance you'll fail. But don't encourage them, push them back and conquer them! It'll take time, but that is one of the first and most basic steps you could possibly take."
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Lucielle Kendall- 17- Human base Medic Location Room

Lucielle just felt the smack on her shoulder as she rubbed it” yes ma’am it won’t happen again i want to protect my friends” she say as she looked at her” I’ll try to be better” she told her as she fiddled with her hands she just looked at her” i know before big sister die she gave me her gun i was so afraid on using it but….. but i want to learn i want to become strong likut i will be strong she was or better“ she say looking up at her” i don’t want to die i may weak but i will become stronger i just have to put my mind to it” she say” i can’t fail after all I’m the only medic who will take care of your wounds when your hurt” she says BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Take my hand, will we run or stay...

Her boots smacked against the concrete as she ran, her bag thumping against her back with every step. Her breath puffed from between her parted lips and a painful stitch was starting to form in her side, but the groans and moans from behind her encouraged her to keep moving. She couldn't slow down, not if she wanted to keep breathing.

Though her immunity kept her from turning into one of those monsters, it didn't prevent her from being torn apart by them and she liked all her limbs attached to her body thank you very much.

Her azure gaze darted around to take in her surroundings, seeking a place she could hide until her pursuers moved on. She was just about to make a break for one of the houses nearby when a sudden voice yelling at her nearly made her trip. She rightened herself quickly, eyes darting towards the source of the noise and squinting at what she saw.

'Are those two people in a tree over there?'

One of them seemed to be urging her over and in any other circumstance she would have been wary about approaching strangers but she was willing to push aside her apprehensions if it meant she didn't get eaten. She sprinted towards the tree as fast as her little legs could carry her, but with her short stature she was unable to reach any of the limbs no matter how high she jumped.

She gazed up at the two perched above her and stretched up onto her tip toes, hesitantly extending her arms upwards and hoping they would help her up.

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Michael (human), 24 Watcher. Mentions James.
Michael took a seat on the window seal, pulling out his pad and paper and started to make tally marks. Michael would then start to right some notes, taking a few bites from the jerky and a swig of water from here and there. It seemed he had forgotten all about James, and for a second he had till he looked over in his direction. Why is he still here? While he didn't say/sign this out loud his eyes narrowed in annoyance. Was he planning to stay longer? Sure two sets of eyes were better than one, but Michael would rather solo a pack of werewolves than make conversation with James. "You staying?" Michael turn the page in his not pad to jot down the two words, before turning it to James so he could read it.

Bones (werewolf), 32 fighter. Mentions Kelly, Sheena ,Charlotte, Jack Texangamer Texangamer DarkKitsune DarkKitsune Megilagor Megilagor
Bones followed after the women, and taking a seat as instructed. It was clear from his blank stare that he had not the slightest of comprehension. Bones behaved virtually the same no matter what form he was in. So while Kelly spoke of inflammation, whatever that was, Bones licked his arm in irritation. As Kelly began to treat his mild wounds, along with not allowing him to lick his arms, his ears perked up when a pack member came bursting through the door. Now it wasn't any fault of Charlotte that she had startled the man-wolf. Who would have expected him to be inside, plus this was an urgent situation. Still startled he was, which was never a good thing to do. Bones fell back in his chair as he shifted into a wolf, and he would have lunged forward to attack had Kelly not been in the way. Even now recognizing Charlotte the fur on his back still stood up as he let out a deep growl. Bones may have been quick to snap but he would usually yield a fight. Annoyed yes, but not enough to do anything more than a threat. Bones stopped his growling shaking his fur as he walked out the door. He didn't know a lot of things, but he knew about defending a territory. Who knows where Sheena was found but her blood could have left a trail. Once outside the white wolf sniffed around the entrance of there base, scratching and licking at the ground. He would have to make his rounds. Bones let out a howl, he had three types. One was a basic territory call, one to alert the pack, and a 'come here' one he used to alert fighters and scouts. Bones wasn't much of a talker while in human form, but he had no issues communicating as a wolf. He would respond to anyone who replied to his call, but he was specifically listening out for Jack. He would be a much better tracker than Bones and since he was making rounds anyway, why not bring a scout who could note any changes or zombies along the path.
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James Hathorn - 19 - Human Base Watcher - Location: Fifth Floor Of Base - Michael
"Normally I would stay for a while longer, but this weather is making me feel very tired. Either that, or it's just the fact I haven't slept well in the last few days. Are you good on your own right off the bat or do you want some more time to fully wake up? Well, that is assuming you just woke up."
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Victoria Quinn - 28 - Human Base Fighter - Location: Room - Lucielle Kendall
Victoria smiled, "That's a good start, next we will work on building up your strength and stamina. Doing so will work on your mind as well. So tomorrow morning your training is going to start. We will wake up bright and early and go for a quick jog outside. Maybe do a few workouts, simple things so I can see where your strength lines up with each task. You never know, you may find out that you excel in one matter of workouts. It could even be something that doesn't rely on full strength alone. How does that sound, think you'll be ready?"
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Kelly Triven - 36 - Werewolf Base Medic - Location: Medic Room - Charlotte, Bones, Sheena
Kelly had just finished wrapping up Bones arm when Charlotte came bursting in yelling about an injured wolf. It sent Bones on high alert and his rare human form quickly changed to wolf in seconds. She thought she was going to have to step in between him and Charlotte, but surprisingly he didn't lunge. Simple left grumbling, she was a bit worried about the wound still, but Bones had faced worse and still not asked for medical attention. She was rather happy, seeing Bones grow from mer wolf to, protective giant. But all thoughts of Bones improvement halted when the voice from the wounded person spoke and the smell hit Kelly like a ton of bricks. Her eyes turned to the next patient and she thought her legs would collapse under her. "Sh-Sheena..." Kelly took a shaky step towards the girl, she had the same face, and voice, of course, they sounded a bit older. How many years...how many times had she hunted for her daughter and come up empty-handed and yet... Here she was, but she was in such bad shape! Tears rushed to Kelly's eyes but she wiped them away "T-table!!! Put her on the table please Charlotte!!! I...um...I'm going to need your help depending on her wounds. I'll need you to hold her down." She wanted to cry and hug her daughter, but now wasn't the time! She was in such bad shape, if Charlotte hadn't found her, she would have been dead for sure. Even now, if Sheena couldn't survive the fever from whatever was wrong with her leg, there was a chance she could still lose her daughter after having just found her.
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Henry Black - 17 - Werewolf Loner - Location: Random House - Koi Fester, Luna Fairchild
Henry had expected he'd have to help the girl, but he hadn't thought she was so short. He didn't have time to hesitate though as she threw her hands up to be helped into the tree he swung downward grabbing her arm in a firm grip and pulling her up with ease. He felt the branch they were on creak slightly and frowned. If it came down to it, he'd go back to running. After all in his wolf form, he was faster than the two humans. "Hey move to another branch man....we probably all should just to be on the safe side. If we stay up here long enough and are silent they will leave eventually." He didn't really want to spend most of his morning hiding up in a tree...but when the cards are dealt. You play what you have, or lose it all. He glanced at the girl making sure she was well-balanced on the tree limb, "You okay?" he asked.
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Sheena 15 loner location Werewolf Base Medic room

Sheena had saw her mother as she wanted to cry it had been five stinking years with the humans she just groaned” mama” she say trying to reach out for her she just watched her mother telling the one that was carrying her to put her on the table she felt the pain in her leg she got scared when her mother told the woman to hold her down like when Helen experimented on her she got scared” don’t touch me no pleas no don’t hold me down“ she say as she had tears in her eyes she was freaked out in the pain in her leg really did hurt her” Helen said you were dead” she say

Lucielle Kendall- 17- Human base Medic Location Room

Lucielle just looked at her as she just smiled” yeah that sounds fine” she say as she smiled” i don’t mind waking up early bedsides most days i do wake up early” she say to her” i know the training will be heard but i really do want to become stronger i don’t want to die or anything i need to become stronger to look for supplies to” she say as she just looked up at her as she was braiding her hair as it was a mess” will it just you training me” she asked as she bites her lip she haven’t had the courage to ask the others but her she was like a sister to her
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Koi was not angry with the boy for lecturing him through the window. It had been louder than intended and at that point it probably would've been better if Koi shot up the zombie hoard. Maybe they should talk about that if they got out before they went their separate ways. But it was too late now, since they weren't near them yet. However, when he started yelling 'HEY! COME OVER HERE!' Koi for a split second wished he had put a bullet in his skull when he was bitten a while ago. But he also started to understand after seeing a girl with white hair and blue eyes. How many survivors would Koi be bumping into today? He hasn't seen more than two people in a long time. Not since his family anyway, the girl ran over to the tree and tried to jump on it however she was unfortunately short. Koi started attempting to give her a hand by grabbing one of them and trying to help pull her up.

'Let's hope it can hold the weight of three teenagers'

INTERACTION: Texangamer Texangamer BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising Dumplingboy Dumplingboy (mention)

Charlotte was not phased by Bone's reaction as it made sense. Though she didn't see a blood trail, she could've missed something and he could investigate it all he wanted if it made him feel at ease. On another note, she instantly started aiding Kelly and was heart warmed by the apparent mother-daughter reunion to help as long as she needed to be. Charlotte knew what it was like to be separated from family even though the circumstances were definitely way different from what they sounded. She laid Sheena on the table and held the pup down. She wasn't the best with children, which she realized when she had put a 17-year-old at knife point a month or two and not because he was human, she learned quickly. She generally sucked at talking with teens and, possibly younger, she would have attempted to sooth Sheena if she could.​
Jack Han Paisley [ Werewolf 49 Scout Immune] Mentions: Charlotte, Sheena, Kelly, Bones Texangamer Texangamer BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising Dumplingboy Dumplingboy DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Location: Medic room -> outside
"What's all this ruckus?" Said Jack as he came out of his room near the medic room, yes he was sleeping in but it was reasonable after all he spent almost two days scouting and returned in the middle of the night so he had to catch some beauty sleep. He took a quick look at what was going on in the medic room and he saw the little girl, it took him a while to connect how she looked with the description Kelly gave him once of her daughter but the shock of realization was enough to cause him to awaken right away, and yet with a hint of disbelief he asked Kelly just to be sure.
"Kelly is that your daughter you've been searching for all this time?" Jack didn't even have to wait for a reply since he heard Kelly say her daughter's name, seeing Sheenas state it didn't look good but it wasn't impossible to fix.
" Shit" Jack said under his breath as he quickly came over to the kid while he lowered himself so he could look upon her face straight into her eyes, and he put his best calming smile he could muster before speaking in his priestly voice.
"Little one, look at me, your mother is here and she will do her best to treat you but you need to let her do her job, yes I know you don't want to be touched or held down but it's just in case, all will be well it will hurt a bit though and you need to remain stable so your mother can finish her jobs as fast as possible, that's why this sister over here is holding you down, she isn't doing it out of malice instead she is doing it to help you, I know it scares you so but you need to believe in your mother who spent years searching for you, and now that she found you she won't let you get hurt any further than now so just believe in her and try to follow instructions."

"Now I sadly need to go since I have my job to do, but I will leave a few things for you on the counter for when the surgery ends."
Said Jack while he stood up from Sheena's side and he walked to the nearest counter that would be within her sight Jack placed three things on it from within his smaller bag that hung on the underside of his coat, he usually kept some spoils from the areas he scouted there.
A stuffed teddy bear, a few candies, and a music box which he wound up and let play one of its lullabies.
"Well then ladies I'm off to see what the little giant needs from me." Jack gave his farewells to the three ladies knowing full well that he knew nothing about medicine or surgery so he would be just a dead weight in there so Jack left the room towards the entrance to the base there he responded to the call he heard earlier from Bones albeit wanting to still be in his human form Jacks howl wasn't all that good but it should still carry the same message across.
Moving towards the exit Jack took his rucksack with the necessary scout things along with his weapons and he moved out towards Bones.
When he arrived he saw Bones in his wolf form which still fascinated Jack to this day, shaking his head a bit he came closer to Bones and asked him.
"So what are you planning big boy?" It didn't take long for Jack to understand what Bones wanted to do based on his actions and what he saw in the medic room.
"We're following the blood trail back eh, to find whatever attacked Kelly's kid eh, I knew you have a soft spot for us Bones. We might as well scout the way as we go then."
Jack was a good scout, especially with his nose being able to pick up more scents than normal even for the werewolf kind.
"Then follow me, big guy, just know we will be for a long walk."
And as he said he did, Jack slowly descended following the scent of Sheena's blood while making sure that Bones followed him.
Sheena 15 loner location Werewolf Base Medic room

Sheena had just looked at the guy that was talking to her she just looked up at him trying not to freak out his words were so calming she just listen to his words she had calmed down she just looked at her mother than to the guy who had talked to her” I’ll be brave i won’t be scared plus i had worse than this” she say as she looked at her mother” you can do the surgery mum i won’t freak out like i did” she say she didn’t exactly didn’t know where she was at” hey mom um where exactly are we” she asked looking around not sure where she was” are we safe” she asked as she coughed a bit​
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Michael (human), 24 Watcher. Mentions James BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Michael regretted asking. How did a yes or no question turn into the James's rambling segment. Even tho he didn't trust James, there wasn't a heavy dislike. Michael rolled his eyes and looked back to the window, ignoring the teens questions. He wouldn't be here if he wasn't ready. He had plenty of water and food, tho he had hopes that someone would bring him up something hot while he was on shift. Even higher hopes that it would be Veronica. The runners supplied Michael with plenty of noise makers to get folks attention. He was hoping for an air horn, but you don't just find those lying around just anywhere.

Bones (werewolf), 27 (I changed his age) fighter. Mentions Jack Megilagor Megilagor

Bones sat, facing the door, patiently waiting for someone's arrival. When he saw Jack the white wolf got up and stretched letting the other go through the motions. He was waiting on certain cue words. Big boy, Kelly, Follow me. Good, they were on the same page. It wasn't zombies that the brute was concerned about, tho that was high on the list. Bears and other werewolves could also put the pack in harms way.

Bones followed some distance behind, doing what canniness would normal due when patrolling a territory. Remarking whatever he didn't like with his own scent, covering things up with dirt...stepping in ant piles. Had it not been for Bones wolfish size, anyone that did come across them might mistake the pair for a man and his dog. Seeing how docile and domesticated Bones was currently being, others still might think that. Bones was perhaps the perfect fighter companion for runners. Hunting and living amongst wolves for so long, he was accustomed to chasing down prey for miles. He would have been a good runner himself, but Bones wasn't the best and deciphering between supplies and junk. At some points Bones would disappear into the woods, leaving Jack by himself for ten or so minutes, But he would always come running back over with a whistle, or eventually on his own.
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Take my hand, will we run or stay...

Luna latched onto the arm that swung down to grab her, boots scrambling against the bark of the tree as she was effortlessly pulled upwards to safety. She clung to the tree trunk once she was steady, breaths panting from her lungs from her mad dash away from danger. She knew her outing had been going a bit too smoothly, so she shouldn't be too surprised at the zombies that had caught her off guard earlier.

She blinked, turning her head to peer at the man that had saved her as he spoke.
"Yeah, I'm okay."
She said softly after she had caught her breath,
"Thanks for pulling me up."

She let herself relax against the tree trunk, legs and side aching from her fleeing the monsters chasing after her. She tried to keep still as best she could, not wanting to risk breaking the branch they were all taking shelter on.
"I'm Luna."
She said to the two boys, figuring that if she was going to be stuck in a tree with them for an extended period of time, she might as well introduce herself.

Omake Pfadlib - Aqua

♡coded by uxie♡

Alexander Hathorn - 52 - Human Base Leader - Location: Base - Ryder
Alexander frowned, he had been looking for Luna to talk to her about a supply run and taking a scout and fighter with her so they could do some updates on the mapping they had. He entered Lucielle's medic room, glancing around, and sighed. "She went out on her own again...didn't she... How many times have I told her to not go out alone? I know our numbers are smaller than what any of us would like but still." He said backing out and heading to the next spot he might find her, but still, he found nothing. He turned down a hall and noticed Ryder standing out on one of the balconies. The guy looked like he was soaked so Alex held a small hope the scout would know where Luna was. "Hey, Ryder!" Alexander called to him as he enter the guy's room.

Ryder Hendricks - 29 - Human Base Scout - Location: Balcony - Alexander
Ryder turned, "Hello bossman, why do you look so winded?" Alexander glared at Ryder who held up his hands, "What? I'm just concerned, you are young anymore. Someone needs to show concern for your well-being." "Thank you for pointing out how old I am." Ryder chuckled, "So what can I do for you?" Alexander now stood next to Ryder, "For one, how long have you been out here?" Ryder thought about it for a moment, "Long enough, I watched the evening stars become swallowed up by the rain clouds and the darkness shift today." Alexander shook his head, "You are going to end up sick." "Not really, it's not even a cold rain." "That's beside the point, but not why I came here. Have you seen Luna?" Ryder shook his head, "I haven't. If she went out on her own again shouldn't one of the watchers have noticed?" Alexander sighed, "You would think so, but she can be as slippery as an eel if she wants to be."

Ryder chuckled, "I don't think she'd be pleased, being compared to an eel." "Does that matter! Damn, our numbers are low enough!" Ryder shrugged, "Want to me go out and look for her?" "What part of no going out..." "Did I say I'd go alone? I'll take Victoria with me." Alexanders' frown grew, "Let's give her about an hour, if she doesn't return, you two set out to find her." Ryder nodded, "Alright. I'll be ready to head out, then." Alex sighed, "If it comes down to it. Just be careful...can't lose three of you in one day."

James Hathorn - 19 - Human Base Watcher - Location: Base - Michael-->Open
When Michael turned his back on James, not bothering to answer, he got the hint. Michael was ready to work and he was being a bother. "Alright, I'll leave you to it then! Just holler if you see anything funny, er...well you know...let us know." James turned to leave, "Oh, and thanks for the jerky! I ran out of mine early last night!" He scurried down the stairs, yawning a bit. He probably wouldn't sleep much, but a short nap would do him well and then he could try to work on his training. There was a small shed building within the fenced area and he had set up a simple training thing. Trying to work on his fighting skills and build up his courage. But he figured in order to fully do that last bit, he'd have to face actual zombies.
Dumplingboy Dumplingboy

Victoria Quinn - 28 - Human Base Fighter - Location: Room - Lucielle Kendall-->Open
"Since you are just starting out with training. Then going through me alone will be fine. Now as you get more comfortable and stronger, if you wish to train with others to widen your range of defense, by all means, you may do so. But you also don't want to take on too much and overexert yourself. You can sometimes do more harm than good, pushing yourself too far." She did a couple of stretches, "Just keep in mind this is for your own betterment and to also better help those we live with. I'll see you around, going to do my morning stairs jog!" She said stepping out of their room before doing a few more stretches and then taking off. Every day she would jog up and down all flights of stairs, from bottom to top, it kept her nimble and in very good shape.
Texangamer Texangamer

Kelly Triven - 36 - Werewolf Base Medic - Location: Medic Room - Charlotte, Jack, Sheena
Kelly smiled softly when Jack appeared talking to her daughter to help calm her down before vanishing. Jack was usually always the sound voice in their group. Even their young leader looked to him often for support. It amazed her that he had yet to go insane from being depended upon so much. "Sheena...I don't want to hurt you, or for you to hurt others. I know you are scared, but your health is the top priority. I just got you back and I can't lose you like this." She moved to stand next to her daughter's head, leaning down to place a kiss on her daughter's forehead, "Sweetie, I need you to stay strong for me...I can only dull that pain so much. Bit down on this cloth for me so you down accidentally bite through your tongue. Can you do that...can you be strong for me?" She glanced at Charlotte, feeling a bit bad that she asked the woman to hold down her daughter.
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Elinor Rezin - 16 - Werewolf Base Leader - Location: Base - Open
Elinor was usually up by now, but she had been mentally exhausted. Even her body was exhausted and when she had woken up early this morning she had a fever. Not that she had bothered to get up and ask for help, her body had felt heavy. But now she was up, still feverish, but up. All thanks to the heavy smell of werewolf blood that had hit her nose. Not to mention the smell of blood was certainly not from a wolf she knew. She growled low in her throat, staring down at her white paws, she had shifted in her sleep. But her body felt much lighter in her wolf form right now. Besides, if she were in her human form, they'd be able to tell she was sick. If she stayed in her werewolf form, it'd be harder to notice. She padded through the base, nodding to a few others she passed.

Henry Black - 17 - Werewolf Loner - Location: Random House - Koi Fester, Luna Fairchild
"Nice to meet you Luna, the name's Henry. Glad you decided to trust me, I would have hated to see you possibly get torn to shreds by those zombies." He glanced towards the other guy, "You want to introduce yourself as well, no telling how long we will have to hang out up here. Unless you would prefer not bothering with giving a name." he said glancing down towards the ground where some zombies tried clawing their way up the tree, but made no progress in the endeavor. Their skin tearing and foul-smelling blood filled his nose as streaks of blood marked the tree. He scrunched up his nose, one would think he'd be used to the smell of the walking dead. But it was still pretty harsh on his nose.
SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles DarkKitsune DarkKitsune

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"Nice to meet you Henry and Luna. My name is Koi."

He was tempted to specify that, yes, it was like a Koi fish to attempt cutting through the tension that seemed to have existed since Koi broke through the window. However, he felt too awkward to say that now. He pulled out his gun, which still had his makeshift silencer on the end, and shot the skulls of the zombies who were trying to climb up the tree. He says.

"If I'd known that breaking the window was gonna be that loud. I think I would've been better off shooting them up in the first place."

These two, though, despite Henry's little bit of attitude, have to be the friendliest survivors he's met thus far. Granted, he was sure anyone could be nicer than the werewolf he spent a week with. He asks

"So...are we closer to human territory or werewolf territory? Do either of you know?"

INTERACTION: Texangamer Texangamer BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising Megilagor Megilagor (mention)

Charlotte was being careful while holding down Sheena. Making sure not to use to much pressure as to not hurt her or make her wounds worse. She was glad that Jack had made a attempt to also keep the girl calm with something that maybe soothing. Though still confused about the sister thing, she wasn't related to Kelly or Sheena. She saw Kelly's look of guilty probably about how Charlotte has to hold her down. In the moment she remembers why she sucks at working in groups, how would she help comfort Sheena and Kelly? She didn't know but she tried.

"See I'm not holding to you to tightly just enough to keep you on the table without hurting you."​
Sheena 15 loner location Werewolf Base Medic room

Sheena just looked at the woman who was holding onto her she wasn't hurting just enough to keep her on the table" Sorry I freaked out on you your not hurting me at all" she said weakly as she looked at her mother she just groaned in pain" mama will they kick me out when I get better I'm still a loner" she asked feeling the pain in her leg as she looked at the woman that was holding onto her she had looked at her mum when she bent down to her" I don't want to hurt anybody it just hard to trust again I trust you only because your my mum" she said wincing at the pain and she felt hot she was panting she was sweaty but she felt her mom kiss her forehead she had smelt like herbs and flowers" you smell lovely mama" she say as she coughed why was she so tired DarkKitsune DarkKitsune BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising
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Jack Han Paisley [ Werewolf 49 Scout Immune] Mentions: Koi, Bones, Henry, Luna SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising Dumplingboy Dumplingboy DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Location: Outside -> Random house outside

Sheena's blood trail wasn't too difficult to follow, although there were moments when Jack struggled due to overpowering scents interfering with his nose. Nonetheless, he persisted in tracking back to where Sheena emerged wounded. He was relieved that the wound didn't seem to be caused by a zombie, eliminating that concern.

Jack wanted to avoid unnecessary bloodshed today, even against zombies. He skillfully navigated around the undead, ensuring his companion Bones could keep up. Their mission was to scout the area where Sheena was injured, documenting route changes and potential supply caches to exploit.

During quiet moments when Bones was away and zombies were absent, Jack would sit down and make notes in his notebook and on his map. They hadn't discovered much yet, but they did pass by the church where he had been working before chaos erupted. It appeared suitable as a forward operating base for their group, the runners. Jack planned to investigate it thoroughly on the return trip and report to their leader, Elinor. Despite Jack's reservations about Elinor's age as a leader, he supported her by lightening her load through various tasks, although he didn't feel equipped to share the total weight of leadership.

Once Bones returned, they resumed their journey. Progress was being made, yet the destination felt both close and distant. According to Jack's keen sense of smell and the blood trail, they were in the correct city block. However, navigating through this area proved challenging due to groups of zombies and a fading blood trail.

Further along, the trail abruptly vanished. Someone might have covered it, or natural elements like rain or even zombies could have obscured it. Jack's nose was overwhelmed by the stench of decay and gunpowder, impeding further tracking.

Wait gunpowder, with the rain being there gunpowder wouldn’t linger for so long so it had to be new. That signaled a recent struggle. Determined to help whoever was in trouble, Jack headed toward the source of the scent. “Let's go, big guy, someone needs some saving. Besides I can’t pinpoint the place where Sheena was hurt anymore but at least I know it's in this block somewhere.”

The strong smell kept him on track, even as the soundless gunshots grew louder. Peeking around a corner, Jack assessed the enemy count. Though not numerous, they posed a challenge.

He readied his compound bow, drawing an arrow from the container on his backpack. Armed with a bow and arrows, Jack emerged from hiding, skillfully shooting an arrow that struck true, severing a zombie's spine. While his intention was headshots, the result was still effective. He followed with another arrow, dispatching a second zombie.

Between shots, Jack called out to the people trapped nearby. He advised them to act swiftly, cautioning about the high number of zombie packs in the area and the uncertainty of new ones arriving. “ I would recommend getting rid of them quickly. This block has a lot of zombie packs so a new one might pop out soon if we don't hurry.”
Kelly Triven - 36 - Werewolf Base Medic - Location: Medic Room - Charlotte, Sheena
Kelly shook her head, "If they want to kick you out once you are all better, you best bet I will be leaving with you. No way am I sending you back out there all alone! I just got you back. But for right now, we can talk later. I need to take care of you..." She took in all the injuries Sheena had, it hurt her heart knowing her baby was in this bad of shape. She began to clean the wounds she could before turning her attention to the worse ones, her daughter's leg worried her a great deal. How long had she been walking on it like that? She didn't notice Elinor as she entered the room, asking what was going on. But it was nothing new for Kelly to zone out while taking care of a critical patient.

Elinor Rezin - 16 - Werewolf Base Leader - Location: Base - Charlotte, Sheena
Elinor walked into the medic room with a frown at the smell of blood becoming stronger. "What is going on here?" She asked with a frown, noticing Charlotte holding down someone. Elinor moved closer getting a better view of the girl, she was a young spitting image of Kelly. She glanced to Charlotte confused, "Who is this? She isn't one of ours..."
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Henry Black - 17 - Werewolf Loner - Location: Random House - Koi Fester, Luna Fairchild
Henry thought about it for a moment, "I think we might be closer to the human side, but we are almost in the middle ground between the territories. There is a high..." he cut himself off, he had just about revealed that he was a werewolf. "I...uh ventured out further than what I usually do, since the places nearby had been picked clean. Which is how I landed up here...in a tree." It seemed rather lame, cats usually hid in trees not wolves. But survival was key, "As for busting the window...maybe try sneaking out a different way next time or better yet waiting out the zombies. I know it can be a long wait, but having more patience can save your life sometimes. If we plan to fight our way out of this then...I'll make a path. I'm fast and flexible." There was a reason he only had on katana on him, it made movements faster and easier. He was able to get out of a sticky situation if needed and it was silent for the most part.
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Sheena 15 Loner Location Werewolf base Medic Room

Sheena just watched her mom as she smiled a little as she told her she would go with her if they kick her out of here" okay we can talk later mom" she say as it felt weird calling her that for being kidnapped for so long she just winced when her mother was cleaning the wound her leg hough was the worst injury she had she noticed a girl walked in as she was asking about her the pain was too much for her" sh..... Sh....." she say trying to say her name but couldn't the pain in her leg was too much but her mom was taking care of her it kinda was nice to have someone take care of her after all she went through" mum my leg it hurts" she cried BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

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