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Cross Platform Badly Describe a Game Here


"Is Satan a Beagle Puppy?!"
((I know I've already done some of these before but stfu))

I will become...God.
-the Sims 4

Let's make fashion! All the fashion trends are completely misnamed, though!
-Style Savvy

Strange old man gives you small animal.

Physics suck.
-Garry's Mod

Commit mass genocide and then kidnap a woman.
-Super Mario

Anthropomorphic animals are so inaccurate to their original animals that it would make more sense if they were just aliens or monsters or smth.
-Sonic the Hedgehog

Poop = profit.
-Slime Rancher


who cares if im coming back alive?
only a family reunion can save the world from evil
~jojo's bizarre adventure: eyes of heaven

best/worst roadtrip ever
~final fantasy xv

save the universe from dancing badly... by dancing slightly less badly
~space channel 5


Unlucky Member
Mailman gets injured on the job but continues to finish his delivery- Fallout New Vegas

A soldier has an incoherent hallucination and must attempt to convince the government that the world is going to end- Mass Effect
You're a mutated human that looks for his adopted daughter. But you also ignore the main quests because finding a pan or a lost goat is way more exciting.

- The Witcher 3

Dynasty Girl

Even those without Hearts can love
Hot guys beating the hell out of eachother- Tekken

Chinese history lesson with a dose of violence and plenty of Fan service- Dynasty Warriors

Waifu collecting- Fire Emblem Fates
My daughter is trying to become ruler of the wasteland - LISA: The Joyful

Local weeaboo says "fuck" more times than he breathes - No More Heroes

It's constantly night time! When will the grocery store be open now?! - Touhou Project: Imperishable Night

Actually the greatest game of all time. Don't fucking @ me. - Powerpuff Girls Zom-B-Gone


Oh Heaven knows, we belong way down below.
Teen fights the dark with a duck, dog, and a key. - Kingdom Hearts

Teens shoot themselves in the head to save the world - Persona 3

Underwater rugby player is abducted by a whale - Final Fantasy X

I hate the ocean - Subnautica


85% tea, 48% viking enthusiast and 93% bad at math
(I know this has been done but I don't care)

Random peasant gets saved from execution, goes on a quest to murder the one who saved them. - Skyrim

Animal neglect for mass profit is cute if it's on an alien planet! - Slime Rancher

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