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Hello, and welcome!

I've played a lot of Destiny 2 recently, and what I noticed is that there is a lot of weapons.

So make a Destiny-style weapon for the person above you!

How to format it:
Weapon Name
Weapon Rarity (common, rare, legendary or exotic)
Weapon Line (a quote, or just something random)
Exotic ability (only if exotic rarity)
Damage Type (kinetic, solar, arc, void, stasis or strand)
Ammo used (primary, special or heavy)

Have fun!
I played that game. I hate it because it was a remake of halo. in the beginning it was great. but then it became farming to level up over and over.

dont get me wrong; you update guns like a rpg; but i think its an rpg version of halo just remastered.....
i got sick of farming and stopped playing.
Weapon Rarity (Rare)
Weapon Line (A Bazooka that fires Burning globs of sticky cheese at you. At least its parmesan!)
Exotic ability (only if exotic rarity)
Damage Type (Stasis)
Ammo used (Heavy)
Weapon: Dragon Claw
Weapon Rarity. (Very rare)
Weapon Line. Dragon claw that’s made of rare metals and a touch of magic that is very effective in piercing the steel dragon skin. Perfect for dragon slayers.
Exotic ability( charms dragon type enemies)
Damage type ( Massive damage output to dragons)
Ammo used( none)
Weapon Name Spoon
Weapon Rarity (Legendary)
Weapon Line (Made of mythrill and infused with the magic and souls of over ten thousand warlocks. The instructions say not to give it to felines, but it shouldn’t be that bad?)
Exotic ability (only if exotic rarity)
Damage Type (Demonic)
Ammo used (None)
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Weapon Name: Dragon's bane
Weapon Rarity: Exotic
Weapon Line: I don't need to kill a dragon with it, I'll use it to kill our enemies, so get me one! - Cayde-6
Exotic ability: Elemental subclass changes with your own, does extra damage to barrier.
Damage Type: Changes
Ammo used: Heavy
Demon’s Inferno
”Let’s turn up the heat!”
If out of standard ammo, get one last magazine that fires INCENDIARY rounds.
Kinetic Damage, Incendiary
Primary, Special

(Never played, hope this is good enough!)
The Random Roulette
Exotic Hand Cannon
When life gives you lemons, then do what you want with them, I don’t know
Exotic Quality: Every-time you reload this gun, it’s damage type changes
Damage type: ALWAYS starts on Solar, but is randomised on the first reload
Ammo type: primary
Nessus' Shadow
Legendary Sniper Rifle
Made in the golden age, weapon componests are getting harder to find
Special Ammo
Scorching Waves
"You should have thrown more grenades!" - Lord Shaxx
Legendary Grenade Launcher
Special Ammo
Wave Frame
Blade of light
“So your telling me it’s a sword- that shoots explosive rounds- Sick”- Jerry
Damage Type: Explosive
Ammo used: Boom
Toaster Gun
Not to be confused with Jotunn
Damage Type: Solar
Ammo used: special
Exotic ability: Toast Rider: applies Radiant to you when you get a kill, and scorches any enemy nearby
Purple Haze
Weapon qoute: Don't know if I am up or down//am I happy or in misery
Damage type: Stasis
Ammo used: primary
Silver Rain
Legendary Submachine Gun
Make it rain, Guardian!
Primary Ammo

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