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Badly Describe a Game Here


*indeeding intensifies*
Pretty much badly describe a game to someone who's never heard of it before.

Aliens invade Earth, patiently wait their turn before attacking.

- XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Flowiest D

The Flowiest Fool. Chaser of Lyublyu.
Stereotypes of countries portrayed as pigs fight in a turn based setting.

Hogs of war.


The Lost and Found
Become partners with a cat, a fat orphan, a sexy genie, a man with a lance, and a helicopter bunny to take down Earth's greatest threat. A giant, fat genie.

-Dark Cloud, PS2


The Wandering Mind
Go on a stereotype adventure based on what gems fit into your shirt. End up murdering Gods for orbs.

- Path of exile
Slaughter innocent creatures for no reason and carve them up for armor. Basically Pokémon 2.0

-Monster Hunter


You've got a Boss Salmonid incoming. DO YOUR JOB!
Bugs live in some cave or something. Some short bug shows up and runs around beating the shit out of the denizens and being an asshat to old men.

-Hollow Knight


Half-Human, Half-Monster, Full-Swordsman.
Decorate a kitty, get smacked by a pig, and smack monsters around while carrying a bigass sword, then get smacked around by an even BIGGER monster in an endless Boss Rush!

-Any Monster Hunter Game... except 3 Tri and 3U, who replaced the Cute and Cuddly Kitties for Annoyingly Selfish Plant People who never remove their f###ing masks!


Half-Human, Half-Monster, Full-Swordsman.
Die 500 times, Ragequit 250 times, then sell your console when you finally get past the Tutorial Level.

- Ninja Gaiden Black. (I know you were thinking Dark Souls. At least THEY don't limit your Potions, though!)


*indeeding intensifies*
Guy returns to his home country to spread his mother's ashes, gets into a civil war and kills everyone, kills endangered animals for their skins, and gets high and goes into a magical land where he kills demons with a white tiger made of sand.

- Far Cry 4


Fancy Fandom Trash
In a world where you can possess everything that lives, go from host to host to prevent the evil dragon from marrying the princess by killing all in your way.
~Mario Oddyssey

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