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Perpetually Exhausted
Hello, hello, one and all. Welcome to my roleplay search! It’s been a fair bit since I’ve made one of these. So do bear with me while I give a run down of my rules! They’ve definitely updated.

1) Please be at least 18+ to roleplay with me! I myself and 21 and would prefer not to RP with minors, thank you!
2) I do ask that you be at least Semi-Lit, as I myself can range from around a paragraph to possibly six or seven! I do tend to match my partner’s length! I understand if your grammar isn’t the best, or you make typos. I will to, probably. Nor am I asking you to write a million paragraphs. Just give me something to go off of!
3) As far as my preferred pairings and roles go, I’m fairly open to anything ! I welcome all genders/lack of genders, in between! I also don’t have a preference over the gender of character I play. I’ve got a wide range of OCs. However, any discrimination against LGBTQ+ topics or characters will get you immediately blocked. I won’t tolerate it.
4) While I am ghost friendly, I do ask you at try to let me know if you’re not interested, so we could possibly change things up! Or perhaps if you’re going to be away for a while. Not mandatory but appreciated!

Alright, let’s get down to the good stuff ! At the moment I’m only interested in a few fandoms, so I’ll get those out of the way first. These WILL be kept either CCxCC or OCxOC only. The character I would prefer to play will be underlined ! If neither are, then I’ll play as either!

Genshin Impact:
Kaeya x Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Jean, Zhongli, Thoma
x Thoma, Jean, Albedo, Kaeya, Zhongli, Dottore
Thoma x Ayaka, Gorou, Diluc, Kaeya
Strictly Platonic Pairings:
Bennett x older brother figure!Childe

MHA: OCs only, sorry! I’m not interested in cc x cc or oc x cc right now. Message me, or ask me to PM you about this one!!

Seven Deadly Sins:
Meliodas x Ban
Ban x King
King x Diane
Platonic Pairings:
Gilthunder and Meliodas

Fullmetal Alchemist:
Edward x Winry
Edward x Ling
Greed x Dolcetto
Riza x Roy
Riza x Olivier

Pacific Rim: Again, I’m interested in OC x OC for this! So please PM me or comment !!

Ahoy! Here we have the original plots. That’s about it. I do ask that you PLEASE do not steal or edit my plots for your own using. I’ve spent my time working on these.

1) The plot, essentially, follows my character Sienna. A runaway and now wanted individual who fled from a black-deal government program that dealt in creating and reforming bio weapons. Oh, you read that right. Sienna was their greatest accomplishment- was. Now she is their biggest threat. There will be no stops pulled to find her and drag her back to what was her hellish prison for eight years.
Oh, but enter Y/C. You can choose just about anything you’d like for them; but the fact doesn’t chance that they will end up meeting in the dead of night- when she breaks into their home to hide herself, even if it means threatening the home owner to make sure she doesn’t get caught.

We can go from there! How your character reacts is completely up to you c:

2) These next few plots all fall in with the same OC. For context, he’s essentially a modern day necromancer c;

• Dealing with necromancy and magic in general is a testy thing. It often creates some less than ideal circumstances. Perhaps Simon accidentally manages to connect himself to either a ghost, or other supernatural being (Y/c).The issue is he has no idea how he’s done it, nor how to undo it. Cue stage shenanigans to find the key to releasing the binding. But perhaps some feelings and emotions develops along the way?

• Perhaps Y/c doesn’t believe in the supernatural and Simon is determined to prove that it exists. Yet somehow each time he thinks he has a chance to show your character his evidence, it falls through. Resulting in him seeming silly or just ridiculous. Will he be able to convince them? Does some event happen that will force Y/C to reconsider what they thought they knew? (Very rough idea)

• Y/c and Simon have been together a while now, and things are going well. The only thing is Simon has been hiding his practice of magic and supernatural from your character. Does Y/c come to think he’s suspicious, hiding something from them? Do they confront him? Do they find out his secret first, and demand to know what is really going on? Or, perhaps something happens to Y/c and Simon, and he is forced to use his skills and aid/save them from the situation? How does Y/c react? (Again, a bit rough)

Anywho, if any of these strike your fancy, PM me ! Or comment.
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