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Welcome to my "Interest Check"
My name is Clouds and I have once again started my search for a 1x1 RP on here.
I live in Europe and work a full-time job so our online time might differ a little.
Since I have an all-over-the-place schedule, I can't exactly say when I'm online and when not, but I do try to reply to ooc daily.
When it comes to posting, I go slower as I'd like for it to be enjoyable to read and not hurried.
(If you want me to reply every day or even multiple times a day, I'm not the one for you.)
I don't really have an age limit in RP'ing however I will avoid certain subjects with minors, hope you understand.

- I write about 300 words minimum, and would like the same of you.
- No pressuring into posting. If it feels like work, I won't be as interested anymore... However you can bump me if I haven't responded in a couple of days as I might have forgotten to say something.
- My preference is MxM but can do MxF and FxF.

> Yakuza members of different clans
> College Student x Bartender (Gay Bar) (MxM)
> Supernatural themed
> Demon x Summoner
> Professional Gamers
> Isekai
> Power Struggle (MxM) *
> Rivals (to lovers)
> Prince(ss) x Bodyguard
> Etc.


* Power Struggle
This story goes about two dominants who have the same love interest, namely their best mutual friend. However, this friend is completely dense and naive of their intentions and introduces his girlfriend to them one day, leaving them in utter shock. What will they do now?


Leave a comment below or send me a pm.
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