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hi hi! it's been a while since i posted any kind of ad, so bear with me. celestial, in my 20s, she/her. dog & cat mom, i have a full time job working with animals. i've been rping on and off for eight, nine years? something around there. after taking a little hiatus i'm back and looking for some roleplays!

a little about me:
i'm not super picky with length of responses. i can go from a couple of sentences to a couple of paragraphs, just depends. same with reply times, i can reply a couple of times a day to a couple of times a week, it just depends on how busy my life is that week. if it takes longer i'll always let my partner know, but please don't bug me for a response.
ii.) i prefer 3rd person, past tense.
iii.) canon x oc is my jam. i prefer to double, but it's not required. split role plays welcomed.
iv.) please be 18+, it's the only thing i'm pretty strict with.

the good stuff:
i, like everyone else, am always looking for good mcu rps. i am looking for someone to play bucky, steve, vision, tony or peter (parker) and i can happily play anyone in return for you.
law n order svu: looking for carisi
scream: looking for billy or stu. (i would also be interested in other horror movies)
twilight: looking for edward cullen!
doctor who: 10th doctor, or oc.
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