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Futuristic 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 -- a space western (accepting apps)

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leedle creecher
❝ the infinite nothing ❞

The System began way back when the first Terrans stepped on the moon. Our universe became so much bigger. It started with just the Premier Planets-- y'know, Mars, Venus, and Mercury --and the Terra Confederation that was formed to bring order and law throughout. But people are wont to rebel, and were't too fond of the TC's overreaching power. They thought the TC was careless, sending settlers to planets that weren't yet survivable. The settlers fought back, but they didn't exactly win. It put a damper on the TC enthusiasm anyhow, so the big corporations decided to band together and created their own terraforming technology. Jupiter was the corporations' winning first try- a picturesque utopia, complete with floating cities. People rejoiced. The System became 30 homes strong, made up of planets, dwarf planets, moons and more.

Now the year is 3189, and the System is experiencing new turmoil. People are growing restless within the Corp systems. Colonies are demanding sovereignty, to be free of the corporate thumb.

But you don't care about that, do you? You just want a job, a ship, and somewhere to head to. WaveTech gave that to you. Whether you like them or not, they own your life. Ain't that neat.


The Infinite Nothing is a space western rp, inspired by the like of Firefly, Dark Matter, the Outer Worlds, and FTL. It takes place in a future where humans have colonized the majority of our solar system, travelling between planets with relative ease, but without leaving the system. There are no aliens; just people. We will follow the crew of the CCS Arachne, a Corporation Cargo Ship-- essentially, space truckers. Arachne has recently undergone a massive shift in its crew after the previous captain, pilot, and a miscellaneous crew member abandoned ship and joined an insurrection movement known as the Silver Exemption. However, this new crew is sure to be loyal to the Company that owns them- er, employs them! Surely, there could never be any doubts about the Corporations' intentions?

I will be waiting for sufficient interest before posting a character thread and a lore thread, the latter of which I hope will not be too much reading for those of you interested! While I have a rough main plot in mind, there are many shorter adventures that will take place between big plot moments. For that reason, I want this whole squad to be very open to plotting and planning; each of you should be able to provide ideas to continue this story. I would love for those who desire to join to have a passion for crafting compelling characters AND be very friendly!

follow all RPN rules. Simple as that! To tack on; be kind and respectful to all your fellow RPers. This should be a comfortable space for all of us.

advanced rp. Multiple paragraphs are expected in each post. Literacy and detail is a must! While I am not as much of a stickler on this as some GMs, I still expect quality writing (or at the least, clear effort in each post). As a general rule, at least 300+ words per post.

mature themes. This rp will address more mature themes at time, such as: classism, gore, war, human experimentation, etc. For this reason, I'd prefer joiners to be 18+

discord for ooc. Discord is the easiest thing for me to use for quick chatting, and I know the same is true of many of you. So if you are accepted, please expect to use this app for ooc chatter.

applications. Character sheets will be applications to join. I'm looking for 7 other players, only one crew member per person. I will decide on the characters for the final roleplay when a deadline is reached. The deadline will be announced once there has been enough interest to open a CS thread. There are certain roles on the ship and in the RP, which will be listed below! These roles cannot be claimed because this is not first come first serve.

dramatis personae.

Captain. You are the new head of this crew. You must demand respect, make the hard decisions, and oversee your crew with fairness. And you MUST get the job done. WaveTech ain’t paying you for dilly-dallyin’. If that means delving into some possibly illegal activities, so be it. WaveTech demands a job well done, not necessarily a job legally done.

Pilot. You may be the most important person on the ship. Without you, the boat don’t fly. You are Odysseus, threading an arrow through 12 axeheads. The Arachne is a clunky boat, but you know how to make her move like no one else. You work close alongside the captain to make decisions and plot out flight paths. You are also the new replacement for the previous pilot, and might find out that the Arachne has been outfitted unlike any boat you’ve flown before. This is definitely not WaveTech approved but… you ain’t gonna go squealin', are you?

Corp Rep. After everything that just happened with the previous crew, the Corp needs a little reassurance that things will go well. You're here to make sure the Corp's best interests are always kept in mind aboard the boat. You got the job because you're a pretty good talker, a li’l charmer, and you have the brains to back your words up. And above all else, because you showed undue loyalty to the Corp. WaveTech loves you, employee #238-9.

Medic. Flying through space isn’t always a walk through the park. People tend to get hurt, or maybe a little sick, or even go a li’l crazy. It’s always nice to have someone there, ready to patch you up after. It’s even nicer to follow TC guidelines that are totally not guidelines. You’re an essential part of the crew, so take pride in every chunk of flesh you seal up!

Mechanic. You might actually be the most important person on the ship. Don’t tell the pilot, but without you, the boat don’t fly. Like, actually. If a ship doesn’t have a proper mechanic, the crew’ll be lucky if they don’t find themselves suffocating out in the dark. You’re a grease monkey! And you know your way around the engines like nobody else. Beyond just that, you’re a tech genius. Mechanical, electrical- it simply comes to you. Let’s be honest, WaveTech is lucky to have you.

Cook. Now you may be asking yourself: what does some lowly little cargo ship need a cook for? Well, crews can get awful nasty when you don’t feed them right. And what’s one of the first things people will cite about WaveTech’s terrible treatment of its spacefaring employees? “Oh, they don’t feed ‘em real food- just dried protein blocks. Oh, WaveTech’s so nasty, I found a toenail in my rehydrated mashed potatoes once!” Well, dear Cook, you’ve been hired to keep up crew morale! Take those rehydrated mashed potatoes and make them your [REDACTED]! And when you’re not busy off in the galley, pick up a gun or some boxes or whatever else cap’n tells you to.

Hired Gun. You can punch. Real good. Probably. And if you can't do that, you can definitely shoot real good. Hell, maybe you can do both! You were hired by the Corp to ship out on the Arachne to provide a little more muscle, in case things ever get a lil hairy. And they do, unfortunately (unless you enjoy that sort of thing, you rascal), often get a lil hairy. Pack your biggest, baddest firepower and take to the skies. Played by Yours Truly

Crew. You are a nondescript crew member. You may have special skills, but that sure wasn't what the Corp was looking at when they hired you. You're fodder for the machines- just another cog to keep things moving. You're basically an intern, but that doesn't mean you can't have an important place on the ship! Or maybe you're too jaded for that, and you just want to work off your remaining time that the Corp owns you. Oh, did I forget to mention that bit? You, for one reason or another, are an indentured servant of Wave Technologies Inc. This is supposed to be your last assignment before your contract expires. Or you expire. You’re a replacement for one of the crew members that abandoned ship.

Spaceman. Once upon a time, there were folk who stepped out into the stars, and never looked back. They thrived in the vast expanses of emptiness; they found a thrill in every speck of light. They looked into the heavens and became heavenly themselves, like angels. Or ghosts. Or aliens. Some folk even say they’ve seen one. The legend of the Spacemen has garnered many an interpretation, yet they remain merely a legend. Played by Yours Truly

— we are stars.
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Mr. Showstoppa
Also, just throwing this one out there, but we should name the RP after the ship! Whatever you choose would be fine of course, but it is a Sci-fi tradition to name it after the vessel.


The Flowiest on site
I am down to play the most badass jaded non descript crew member aha

"Who is that slab of scarred muscle and facial hair? It's like he's wearing everything the quartermaster would let him have"

that's dead eye Pete, most accurate laser slinger this side of the milky way... got dragged into debt from a crippling addiction to gambling during the anime wars... we never did save best girl.

The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
i have an idea for the cook but... it’s kinda out there and plot heavy imao - I’ll dm you to see if my idea would even be acceptable


The Flowiest on site
Anyone else wanna craft a detailed backstory you can allude to that happened in the past?
Cause off the top of my head "The anime wars" to me was caused when alien lifeforms accidentally pick up broadcasts of anime shows that were being made in the 2000's.

Our media confuses and enraged many alien races who all determine their own "best girl" and wage war on any humanoid race whose opinions differ.

We can reference little things like humanity's space station was nicknamed by its crew "Best girl"
So whenever someone from the anime wars mutters "we never saved best girl"
They are actually having ptsd about a space station being destroyed

"The xergborg's declare they will keep their radiation beams on our ship unless we give them the conclusion to konosuba!!"
"But, but They only made two seasons and a movie! Give them the light novel!"
"they only want dubs!!!"
*guy commits suicide*

"Our last translator!!"
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Hmmmmmm people need to stop making cool rps I am interested in!

(Also, always glad to see someone else who watched Dark Matter! Did that show make any sense? Absolutely not. Was it fun to watch? Hell yes.)


leedle creecher
Alrighty! Hello everyone, I hope your days have been swell c:

While the lore is still a bit of a WIP, there should be enough there for you all to get started on some characters. Character applications will be due on June 8th! Feel free to apply with more than one character, but I will only be picking one. Other than that, please come ask me any questions if you have them!

lore || character page || ooc

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