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  1. The purpose of this thread is obvious. What do you like about Roleplaying and why did you get into it. Personally I like it because there's other people to remind me to keep going. Unlike a story in wich I have to urge myself to keep going and I usually forget about the story if a roleplay has several people replying I remember to keep going. I also like cooperative story telling so that's a plus.
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  2. The short and simplest answer is this. I'm also just a natural born day dreamer. So rp'ing gives me an outlet without having to commit to writing a book.
  3. Agreed.
  4. I like rping because it's almost like writing a fanfiction or a book, except you can't really plan as much. People have such gloriously unexpected responses.
    I got into it when a friend and I made up some characters and roleplayed on pictochat. I didn't realize it was roleplaying at the time.
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  5. It really does test your ability to adapt to the situation doesn't it.
  6. The unexpected part is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I have a hard time maintaining my themes based on the curveballs that I get lol
  7. It lets me do all the cool stuff I can't do in real life because silly things like physics and modern socioeconomics get in the way.
  8. I mostly enjoy the social aspect myself. I like making friends with people of similar interests and coming up with fun stories together with them. I also like world building but I tend to get a little caught up in it if I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off.
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  9. It is literally escapism. Role-playing is one of the most distilled forms of escapism and there is literally no other reason to like roleplaying other than that brief feeling of being someone else.
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  10. I don't let that second one get in the way of my fun in real life.
  11. I stumbled upon a Harry Potter roleplaying site when I was 12 and I've been roleplaying on and off ever since, taking hiatuses every so often.
    I also used to write stories in a little notebook for fun before that, so I guess you could say it started there.
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  12. I love being able to get into a characters skin and feel everything that they feel. I love experiencing what they do (unless it's horribly unpleasant with no real reason for the unpleasantness) and I use my characters' emotions as catharsis to burn off my own intense emotions.

    I also like getting into character because it helps me explore motives and reasons for why they do what they do and why they feel what they feel. It's a huge hit for my empathy, and to be honest it's one of the best things in the world to me.

    One of the single best things I've ever done is roleplay with a friend of mine- her character is best friends with my character and they/we clicked almost immediately and we still mesh together perfectly. I cherish her immensely and I don't think roleplaying would be the same for me if I didn't have her.
  13. it’s my best stress reliever.
  14. It's the stories and escapism in equal measure for me, sometimes its to try out different experiences and playstyles, sometimes its to see how i myself would react in a world like that.
  15. I came upon textual RP by almost accident by playing in a tabletop roleplaying game. I was playing in a Pathfinder Campaign when we had a dramatic moment with my character (an elven wizard at the time) to where the group decided to continue the session via email after the live session. I got in some email RP with another member of the party and then we started to RP more ourselves eventually doing several stories. As with the posts above it is about escapism. For me, it is the connection, the writing, and the interaction with another. The act of sharing and creating with others really drives me and RP gives me that in spades.
  16. Well, I like Roleplaying because it's an escape from day to day life. I can be whatever without any worry, and I often get great book ideas :P and it's just so darn fun!
  17. I didn't have many friends growing up; I was a nerd in a little backwater town. I got into rp'ing because I could meet people just like me with the same passion. That's what I really love, and also being able to explore different walks of life and create new worlds.
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  18. I like the way it let's me meet new people and allow me to explore my imagination and the written medium. I actually became a roleplayer while I was looking for a way to express short stories or characters from the digimon fandom. I ended up finding my first roleplay site there and fell in love with the rules, so i joined.
  19. Hmmmm, I like rping because it helps my creativity, improves my writing skills like grammar and paragraph structure. The main reason is because I can create characters and understand the different aspects of people I can't do IRL, like the phrase "Stepping in someone elses shoes."

    I actually got into it here because I always wanted to rp so I just looked up sites and fell in love with RpN.
  20. I love roleplaying because I as a person love writing. Roleplaying takes me to my imaginary worlds that I can’t have in real life, and I can write up anything I imagine.
  21. I love creative writing. I've improved so much over the years in terms of personal projects AS WELL AS academic papers and such. I love the thought of entertaining someone as much as I'm being entertained in turn, and basically writing the chapter (or chapterS) of a story collaboratively. It's also made me more social. :D

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