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  • "The Songdog sings an ancient song. It echoed over the Western plains and deserts long before man was there to hear it. The singer and the song have survived the mastodon, the mammoth, the elephants and the camels that once roamed this continent. The coyote’s voice has not been stilled. Not even by man."

    Francois Leydet

    "What do you dream of, Doctor Manning?"

    "I'm surprised you ask... but I don't remember my dreams. And what about you? Your matrix is capable of them."

    "I dream of personal course correction and causal schemes, by reviewing thousands of variables and outcomes, centered around the decisions people make."

    "That sounds like a fucking nightmare."

    "I disagree. It's reassuring to know what's next. We've already had this discussion for example."

    "Every word?"

    "Almost every word"

    The doctor laughed, eyes shining for the first time in many sessions. Then she looked over Adam Eleven and bemoaned "Humanity really does exist in the margins," while scribbling notes on a small pad.

    "Here and there, peppered across space — maybe there are worlds something like our own. On which other beings gaze up and wonder as we do, about who else lives in the dark."

    Carl Sagan
    "The advanced Turing tests were elementary, Doctor Manning. Harder to understand was my creeping paranoia, that every person testing me was taking one too."
    The last time I saw someone named Jet, he looked a little more like this:

    Also, I remember watching said episode when I was much younger (couldn’t have been older than 6/7 at the time), and thinking that piece of straw dangling from his mouth was dope as hell. I then proceeded to go outside and look for my own piece of grass, then got sad when I couldn’t find one. I instead decided to break off a leaf (and some of its stem) from one of my mom’s bushes in the front yard and stick it in my mouth. I don’t remember what kind of bush it was exactly, but my mom was very horrified at what I had done because it was apparently poisonous. I then spent roughly the next half hour frantically washing out my mouth at the bathroom sink and spitting rapid fire because I was so terrified of dying.

    Anyways yea, so there’s the story of how I nearly maybe poisoned myself because of an Avatar character. Wasn’t expecting to tell you this, but here we are.
    The straw is dope, but I'm named after the best Jet

    Yea, I think you mentioned it in a thread before. That one dude from Cowboy Bebop, right?

    why did i even write this profile post in the first place besides to overshare a time i could’ve died
    Take a moment and appreciate your celestial savior. Without her you wouldn't exist. She revolves around the sun gathering asteroids, protecting our small planet from destruction, allowing nature to blossom on the pale blue dot.

    To Jupiter, our silent centurion.
    Once there was a place, for those craving unknown horizons and endless seas, who look into the expanse and say "there — that is where I want to be"
    Anyone reading this gets +5 alcohol resistance, and 12 hours of good fortune to be used whenever convenient. To activate this luck buff, spread your arms out like wings and walk around your room for ten seconds, making plane noises.
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