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Fantasy Welcome to the Big Apple[Urban Fantasy]

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Let's build something together
Welcome to the Big Apple
Among the many dwellers of the urban jungle, most live in the shadows, a secret and dark life. Humans are not alone in the world, even if they think so, and they share the streets, their lives, the very air they breathe with what some might call the supernatural. They live and walk among us, trying to live their lives as normal as possible. Most actually succeed and that's why their existence has been a secret to the regular population since the dawn of times. However, nothing lasts forever, secrets even more so. Maybe it's time the world learned of their existence...

Something is changing in New York, the city boiling with anticipation as The Order begins to make their move. Thought to be extinct, broken, this hunting group has resurfaced, more determined than ever to complete the same from all those years ago. They intend to wipe the Earth of the filth, even if it means killing off those who are, as they see it, 'pure'. What will happen when a group of students finds themselves right in the middle of this dark world? Secrets will be revealed, battles fought and, unfortunately, lives lost.

Hello and Welcome to the Big Apple. I hope the intro caught your attention. I left it open enough to make it interesting and appealing. I'm looking for two or three players, maybe four if I like the characters presented, to join me as I guide their characters through this world and they go about surviving and discovering it at the same time. I'm looking for multi-paragraph roleplayers who understand that life is more important than anything and therefore don't bug others for rushed responses. I personally prefer quality over quantity.

As for your character, you are probably wondering what they can or can't be, right? Well, it's pretty simple. They can be of any of the races I'm about to describe. However, they won't actually know what they are. Unlike the norm, it's not genetic. I ask that the characters are between 18 and 21, placing them about college age as that's where the roleplay will start. I'll post a short and opened character sheet down below. PM me that if you are interested in joining this roleplay. I'd like to point out that a race isn't necessarily evil despite their description. And without further ado here are our lovely dwellers.
  • Humans - nothing magical or supernatural about them. They believe they are alone on Earth and make up most of its population.
  • Vampires - immortal beings in the sense they don't age, they can still be killed. Vampires can walk during the day but their strength is reduced during that time. They require blood(or meat if they are still unaware of the fact they are a vampire. Think reverse placebo effect) once every two days. If they know they are a vampire, meat simply won't provide sustenance for long and the blood must be fresh off a living being or recently killed corpse. Vampires have enhanced speed, strength, reflexes, and all five senses as well as wing-manifestation and bat transformation. They have pointy canines but are able to hide them from the general population with a little bit of magic. They also have night vision and some degree of charm magic.
  • Werebeasts - they have the same lifespan as humans but are much more resilient to pain and wounds. If one knows they are a werebeast they need to hunt once every four-five days or they start to go crazy. Their powers are obviously being able to transform into a were-beast and gaining the attributes of the beast. Werebeasts are able to transform at will(the most experienced ones at least) but they are all forced to transform during a full moon(the more experienced ones maintain control while the inexperienced ones go berserk). Unlike vampires, they can't use magic.
  • Zombies - they have a larger lifespan than humans but are still mortal. If one knows they are a zombie they need a daily supply of brains or they lose their mobility. Zombies have enhanced strength(bigger than vampires) and a great level of regeneration. Zombies are the most difficult to kill of all the races in terms of the damage they can take but other than that and their strength they have nothing else going on for them. For example, while a gunshot to the heart might kill a Vampire or a Werebeast it won't be enough to kill a Zombie. They tend to be afraid of fire.
  • Elves - immortals in the same way the vampires but they don't have any requirement when it comes to food or sustenance. Elves can use various degrees of magic but never quite to the level of mastery of the Witches. Elves are normally very beautiful and tend to be either very arrogant or too kind. They also tend to be practitioners of what could be associated with good magic such as elemental magic or wards.
  • Witches - they have the same lifespan as that of humans. However, most use potions or some sort of life-draining magic to maintain their youth. Witches are master practitioners of magic in all its forms. They are also the race with fewer individuals as only one in a million is born a witch. Although they can conjure every type of magic they tend to use the darker ones such as conjuration or ritual magics.
Physical Description:
(Written and if you want a real face claim.)
Personality: (General terms are enough like kind, hothead, cold, ...)
Short Biography:


ooo I'm intrigued by this one! only, im not able to pm yet.

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