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  • Kinda wanna get back into one on one RPing... I just used to really lack communication over the years especially when I did one on ones and probably didn't make myself look like a good RPer back then. I still wanna do 1x1s tho bc I liked that they lasted a long time. I had some of my longest RPs bc of one on one's and the developing of romantic relationships was fun... I just don't quite know what I want from a one on one right now.
    Boredom level 1000. Also the laptop I received for my college work is gone and I cannot learn how to code which is what I wanted to do for a long time. Big sad.
    Looking back on my old CS and IC posts makes me realise how edgy I was trying to be and how cringe it actually is.
    Felt that, I had a Warrior Cat OC named InsaneBlood lmaooo
    Don't you love arguing politics with idiots on the internet who doesn't even know how voting works let alone what views they hold are actually legitimate.
    If I ever said or did anything that offended you or showed me in a negative light, I apologise for being a dickhead and a dumbass and for not realising the impact I have.
    I'm on the mood to RP and create characters properly bc quarantine is getting really boring doing the same stuff all the time....
    I'm back!!! afteramillionyears..... I'll get back to it soon!! One on Ones can expect a reply soon! I'm gonna start slowly putting myself back into RPing. I've been itching to flex my writer muscles but when everything you own breaks it becomes an issue.
    Not going to be online much until the end of the month. My phone is completely dead and my phone is what I RP on. I'm gonna get a new one at the end of the month but until then you won't see me online. I'll try and do what I can on this old kindle I have but it won't be easy.
    Sorry to anyone I've been rping with. I've been really busy and really tired. I'll get back to it soon.
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