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Hello, Kex here. I figured I'd give my request thread a bit of a facelift in an attempt to find more lovely partners! I'm 31, have been roleplaying for 19 years, and enjoy many genres. Individually I write fantasy novels; I've also recently begun editing professionally and have 2 published books under my belt. Now that the least interesting parts are out of the way, let's talk about roleplaying, hm?

  • I've been into long-form roleplay lately. Posts 500-2000 words are giving me life and I would love one more such story. This doesn't mean I'm only looking for large posts, but if you fit that category, I will be so happy! I'm also happy to engage in relaxed roleplays with 1-2 paragraphs as well.
  • Since I am currently between seasons on my second job, I can reply quite regularly. Sometimes multiple times a day, if I'm feeling the muse. If our story continues through May, my second job will restart and I'll be a bit more sporadic. Just so you have a few months of warning ;)
  • I love OOC communication. I have a discord and I'm happy to share it with you after we've gotten to know each other a little bit. If you're more comfortable just sticking with DMs, that's fine too!
  • I'm happy to play in DMs or a thread.
  • Plotting is my favorite. I love just talking hypothetical scenarios or possible future scenes at any time they pop into your or my head. And not just when we are starting out! I love to discuss scenes as we go as well.
  • I am willing to play MxF or MxM at this time. Romance isn't necessarily a requirement depending on the plot, but is highly encouraged.
  • I'm not upset by being ghosted, so while I'd appreciate a quick 'hey, I'm out' message, I'm not going to hunt you down if you just disappear. I will not ghost, however.

About You
  • Someone who likes to help move the plot along.
  • Someone who enjoys crafting a story rather than just following one.
  • 18+
  • Funny is always a plus!
  • Patient and willing to communicate if you're not enjoying something.
  • A lover of writing and wordcraft!

  • Modern slice of life
  • Modern/urban fantasy
  • Supernatural beings (werewolves, vampires, and reapers being my favorites)
  • Fake relationships made real
  • Found family
  • Supernatural horror
  • Friends to enemies to friends (or lovers, totally good with that too)
  • Angst in any setting
  • Arranged marriage
  • Isekai
  • VR games
  • Good old fluffy romance, the cheesy Hallmark Christmas special kind
  • Tsundere

  • Mr. Love Queen's Choice/Love and Producer/Evol x Love, whatever you know it by
  • Pokemon
  • Skyrim
  • Fruits Basket
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Sword Art Online (only the first 2 seasons; I haven't watched the gun one)

In Avondell, life is idyllic. There's no crime, no fighting, and no class distinction. But as anyone who has ever studied utopia knows that perfection comes at a price. Beneath the glossy ceramic and gilt exterior is an underbelly of soot and darkness. At the birth of each child, they are hooked up to a machine which projects the life of that child from birth to death. Each event is scrutinized, analyzed, and they are given a community score. If that score falls below a certain threshold, that child is removed. In addition, any child who would commit a crime of any kind at any point is automatically removed.

To keep this underbelly hidden and the populace content, the council developed a machine which modifies the memories of the citizens as they sleep. Either our characters are unaffected by this machine or begin sleeping without it, but they begin to realize that not everyone who goes in to have a baby comes out with one. In fact, a large portion don't. Initially they begin investigating the hospital with suspicions of malpractice, but they soon discover it goes far deeper than that.

Muse A woke up one morning and discovered that they'd suddenly lost their sight. In a panic, they got Siri to call 911 and soon found themselves in the hospital. Of all the possible reasons for the sudden blindness, the doctor gave the worst possible answer: inoperable brain tumor. In their new world of darkness, Muse A must learn to come to grips with the fact that the rest of their life will be both short and dark. Soon their days become a never-ending series of splitting headaches, cancer treatments, and sobbing into their pillow at night.

Meanwhile, Muse B has had a failing heart from birth. Despite multiple surgeries and every possible treatment available, it is apparent that the only way to save their life is to find a donor heart. But the heart transplant list is a mile long and time is getting ever shorter. They've pretty much given into despair, knowing that each day could be the one in which their heart simply stops beating.

As fate would have it, the pair find themselves in the same waiting room. Muse B notices Muse A sobbing silently in the corner and decides to attempt to comfort them. What was there to be afraid of when you're about to die, right? The pair find comfort in each other's stories and soon become fast friends. Friendship blossoms into romance, despite both parties knowing they could lose each other at any moment.

I'm imagining that as they get closer, Muse A will insist on getting tested to see if there's any chance their heart will be a match for Muse B. "I won't need it anymore anyway!" Spoiler alert, they are a perfect match. Lots of drama, angst, fluff, and comfort.

It's the beginning of Muse A's senior year of university, and it's shaping up to be a great one. They've managed to become captain of their sports team, a team which is predicted to win the state championship with ease. Their grades are stellar, their friend group is large, and by all accounts they should be walking on cloud nine. However, what they've not told anyone on the team is that they're gay. It has been a secret they've carried the last three years, but managed to keep under wraps thus far.

Until Aiden arrives. A sophomore transfer student from a poor background, Aiden was recruited from the junior college he was attending to play on this university's team. He's quiet and a bit awkward, but Muse A quickly finds himself developing feelings for the new guy. He knows the outcome of pursuing anything romantic with a teammate would be enough to get him kicked from the team, but when Aiden starts showing interest as well...a secret relationship begins, and only time will tell how long they can keep their relationship under wraps.

MC works in the most popular gay bar in town and loves everything about it except one thing: All the unwanted advances. Almost every night is a stream of lightly intoxicated guys hitting on him in a less than veiled way. In an attempt to ward them off, they begin wearing a fake engagement ring. Which would be fine, if he didn't feel the need to keep up the ruse with his coworkers too.

There's only so long he can pretend to have a significant other, and soon his coworkers are pressuring him to bring said significant other around. Things come to a head when the annual holiday party comes around and, feeling pressured, he agrees to finally bring their partner to meet everyone. The problem then becomes...finding someone willing to pretend to be his partner. In desperation, he begins attending every speed-dating event he can find in hopes of locating someone who would play along.

At one of these events, he meets YC. YC can have any motivation you want for them to be at the event, but the pair somehow hit it off and begin getting to know each other well enough to pass themselves off as an engaged couple at the party. MC doesn't really think about what will happen after the party, until he finds himself actually falling for YC.

Vague Pairings:

Supernatural x Human
New neighbors
College roommates/teammates
Speed dating/dating app matches
Prince(ss) x commoner/knight/servant
Exes years later

Please feel free to message me directly with any ideas you might wish to play ^_^ I look forward to meeting you.
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Bump :) I'm back from my birthday vacation and ready for another story or two <3


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hello! i'm interested in "i'll give you my whole heart." i haven't been rping for THAT long, but i would say i can write 2-5 paragraphs when i'm into it!

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