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Vault Hunters (OPEN)

Dice System


Silly artist
- Isa Bianchi -
“Wake me up inside”​

Groaning, Isa fluttered his eyes open and shuddered a sigh. Dazed and staring at the ceiling blankly as he tried to remember what happened. Then he slowly pushed himself up, hissing as pain exploded on his back and head. ”Right . . . Godfather fight.” He muttered under his breath.

Then he looked at his side, finding himself, Roy, Max, and Sassy in cots. “Oh good. He’s still alive. For now . . . Hm?” Isa grinned at the small gnome, slightly waving a bandaged hand. Oh great, the elder gnome lady have seen his weird scars. He can feel the bandages around his torso and head too.

“Hi, L! Glad to see ya out of the chest!” Isa said in a chipper tone. He turned to Soren and Lilith. “. . . And I’m guessing you’re friends with Sassy? Nice to meet ya too. I’m Isa.”


- Wild Flower -
“On the search!”​

The darkened rabbit kept her eyes open in case she spotted the person or thing Moss is looking for.

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Haiku Hitman
" Episode 2: Chasing Leads "
All characters +1 Character Level

You Gain:
+4 Skill Points
+1 New Spell
for Divine Magicians, that can be a Cantrip, or a Level 1 to Level 2 Spell, which you can make up.
+1 Roleplay Point that you can use in one important scene to make the story go in your character's favor.

There are also some changes to the system that we shall discuss OOC when y'all decide to make changes to your characters.

"Hi, Isa, I'm glad to see you still look chipper!" said L immediately, resisting the urge to hug him, and just gently placed a small hand on his arm. "How are you feeling? Were you able to do what you wanted to do?" she whispered.

The lanky looking youth in overalls and the scarlet eyed lady said hello to the bandaged red-head as well. "Roy is alive and will remain alive." said the lady firmly. "I'm Lilith, this is Soren, and yes, we're Sassy's, Roy's, and Max's friends." she tucked away a strand of hair from the unconscious Max's face, and unnecessarily smoothed the sheets of Sassy's cot in quiet worry. "We saw the entire fight. I'm sorry that you lost. We had thought something very bad was going to happen after, but we're glad nobody was killed."

"Did you hear what The Godfather and Sassy talked about?" asked Soren. "We saw one of his blood mages take some of Sassy's blood. She didn't tell us much about what would happen if she lost the fight, but it looked like there was some kind of deal and a couple of carvers were talking about how they can't wait to shoot her tonight if she doesn't make it out of town? D-do you know anything about that, Isa?"

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- Moss Adamaris -
" On the Search, Sanctuary "

Meanwhile, Wild's and Moss search for the past hour proved fruitless. When L and VIdya woke up they were furious, Vidya saying she knew it! She should have known! Therias, ever since they first met her in The Gentleman's tavern had been wearing a disguise, a shapeshifting spell that Vidya found out by surreptitiously casting Detect Magic earlier. But she didn't say anything because she thought Therias was protecting herself, but not from them! L was devastated, as though her most precious keepsake was taken from her, but told them that she had placed her arcane mark on the Vault Key so they could track it once she' able to cast a spell. To which Vidya looked guilty and worried, because she had told Therias about L's mark on the key too when they left the Gentleman's private den and Therias asked what happened inside. She may have dispelled L's mark already. Vidya and L had felt reeaaaaallly upset, to which Moss tried to cheer them up saying that he and Wild will look for them while the two ladies rested and regained their magic.

After that, he and the bunny had first gone to a boatman's home at the docks to talk to a lady Moss had left there, only to find that she was gone and that all that was left behind was a note with a lipstick mark on it that he quickly read --- made a sour face --- then immediately folded and pocketed, then they began their search. After an hour of not finding anything, they returned to the caravan where L cast her spell and tracked the Vault Key. She saw the trail and they followed it, it went to the Savage Gym of Savagery, then to the barracks, then looped around pass the Heart District's Market place and then out of the skull gate and down the mountain path.

Therias and the escaped prisoner had left Sanctuary, and it looked like they were heading Northwest. L decided that they needed to get the rest of the gang assembled first before they gave chase and to get ready for their journey.

Now Moss was with Wild in the market place where he was asking her where she wanted to go and he will drop her off. "Well, it seems that this is where we'll part ways, Ms. Wild." he was saying. "Thank you for helping me try and find them."

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This meme is already nothing but a memory

Roy's eyes opened widely, the pain and energy coming at once as he jolted upright. It hurt a lot, and he willed himself to stay conscious through it all. Isa, his eyes focused to the red haired soothsayer who saved him. He jerked his body forward to him. "Thank you...you saved my life." He whispered as he was inches away from him. And before he felt the darkness take him over to a long slumber, he brushed his lips against Isa's and passed out to let his body rest.

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Silly artist
- Isa Bianchi -
“A kiss to knock out sleeping ... beauty?”​

Isa nodded at Liliana, grinning wide. “Pretty much. Talked with The Godfather before the battle started and he wanted to talk more with me afterwards - Ah! We need to find your do-hicky before The Godfather does.” The last part, he whispered in L’s ear then he looked over to Sassy’s and Max’s friends. A fine brow raised. Sassy didn’t tell them about her deal?

“She made a deal with The Godfather, but I won’t tell you about it. If she didn’t tell you, then I can’t. I’ll respect her choices. Even when you are friends with her, she had her reasons no matter how foolhardy. But I can give you a warning. Get her out of here and don’t let her come back in Sanctuary for a month.” Isa mildly frowned, staring at the out-cold Sassy. Brows furrowed in worry as his lips pinched. “Her head will be piked if the carvers catch her here after tonight. She needs to leave now- hm?”

When Roy jolted up, the motorcyclist shook his head in mild disbelief. Who jolts up awake after a battle? Either he is super energetic or very forgetful. “You’re welco-.....” Isa let Roy fall down, not caring if the man partially leaned on him or that he might have added a new broken rib. He simply looked at Soren and Lilith with a teasing grin.

“Is he always this appreciative? He should be careful next time or he might accidentally kiss a demon.” Isa pointed out as he gently pushed Roy off, rolling him to his cot. Wincing when he felt a twinge of pain from his back from moving. “Hm-!“

Gosh, he needs a cup of tea or a strong liquor right about now.

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- Wild Flower -
“I wanna be a metal detector”​

The person they are looking for sure did have an adventure within Sanctuary! Wild Flower sighed as she stared at the footprints. The tips of her ears wilted. She failed! She has to make it up to her saviors somehow-! But-! But-!

She can tell, just by the way Moss, L, and Vidya was behaving, that something big is happening here. She can feel it in her bunny guts and she doesn’t know how to feel about it. She wants to run away, flee, and don’t find these people ever again. She also wants to pay her saviors back though and it is this side that made her shake her head when Moss gave her a parting.

“I’m sorry, but I must refuse your thanks. We haven’t found this person yet and I haven’t fulfilled my promise. I shall be staying beside your group until it is done, Sir Moss.”



Haiku Hitman
- Healer's Wing -
"Savage Pit of Savagery, West Lung District, Sanctuary "

"Uh-huh, I can see her trail! We have about fourteen hours left before I can't see the tracer mark on the do hickey anymore. We gotta go now." whispered Liliana.

"We'll do that immediately, don't worry." said Lilith. "Soren, get the cart, and put Max's bike on it."

"We have a caravan." piped Liliana. "Sassy, well, Sassy is doing a job for me, erm, will be taking her with us? She doesn't have to of course!" the gnome added hastily, seeing Lilith's red eyes narrow in suspicion. "I think she didn't tell you why she's here, I sure hope not, judging by how suspicious you two are, erm, but we really are doing something important together, you can even come and watch over her until she wakes up and decides if she's coming with us or not. And I think Max should come too, you say he has an actual bike like Isa? The Godfather may take it."

"What do you mean he's going to take it?" asked Soren.

"I can't say, it's a secret, but he's interested in that machine." said Liliana. And then Isa was kissed. The gnome's jaw dropped and she looked . . . angry?

"Sometimes when he's very out of it, Roy gets affectionate." said Lilith as though this wasn't the first time she witnessed this. "Anyway, I'll take you up on your offer on that cart. But if this is some ploy, if you are planning to hurt Sassy or Max in any way, you will regret making me your enemy." said Lilith with all the matter-of-factly calm demeanor of someone used to threats and acting on them.

"I --- er, okay." Liliana squeaked meekly immediately. "Isa, can you walk?"

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- Moss Adamaris -
"Market, Heart District, Sanctuary"

Moss was surprised. "You are an honorable bunny, aren't you, Miss Wild? Hmmm . . . We do need help, we are so few, I need to ask the others. But are you sure, Miss Wild? Judging by the trail, the people we're looking for may be heading to Vanar. If worse comes to worse, our travels will take us across The Three Horns Divide, pass The Highlands, and into Windshear, and it'll be dangerous. Would you really be willing to go that far for just a promise?"


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Eternally Awkward
Sassafras Jenkins
Maximillian Bonaparte
- Sanctuary, West Lung District -
Healer's Wing​

Max snorted deeply through his nose and his mouth fell open when Lilith brushed the platinum lock from his face and one of his large feet popped out from beneath his blanket as one of his hands flopped off his cot and the other fell relaxedly on his pillow just above his head. He seemed like he was having a really good sleep. Sassy's state wasn't much different, if they didn't bear all of the bruises and scrapes among other injuries, t was as though they hadn't actually been in a fight where they were knocked out and the smile that Sassy had when she fell was still plastered on her face.

While it seemed that Max wasn't waking up any time soon, Sassy woke while the group talked, stretching her arms and legs so that her body formed an X before her limbs went slack and she blurted out in a southern accent, "jumpin' jehoshaphat! Somebody git tha number on that there train?" She then yawned loudly, allowing one of her hands to flop on her mouth before sitting up and stretching again, this time with her hands clasped together and stretched over her head, a peaceful look on her face as she glanced around at everyone, "Well that was a close one, huh?"

Sassy laughed out loud before rubbing her eyes with both of her fists which only made her raccoon eyes messier before she redirected her attention at Lilith, "you guys wouldn't happen ta have Nibs with you, huh? Seems I gotta' hightail it outta' here," she gave a whimsical salute before she rubbed her back and rolled her shoulders a bit, "kinda' sucks but I'll be back for round two so it's whatever."

She then looked over at the snoring Max and snorted loudly before grabbing the pillow from her cot and chucking it at him, "yo!"

Max caught the pillow to the face and choked on his snore, fumbling to get the pillow off his face as he sat up and winced, "what the heck?" He looked around with a grimace on his face, "oh... oh yeah. Well darn."

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Silly artist
- Wild Flower -

“Yes, I’m very sure.” Wild replied, putting her paws on her fuzzy hips. “Distance is nothing compared to keeping a promise.” She smiled confidently, her nose wiggled.

“Just call me Aunty Wild, young man. Come on! Let’s chase those whippersnappers.” She hopped her way back to the caravan, waiting for Moss so he can catch up.


-Isa Bianchi -

“I’m sure I can walk.” Isa replied. Proving his point by getting off the cot, a bit wobbly, but fine. He looked at Sassy’s companions and grinned impishly.

“Hmmm~ I have an idea, if ya don’t mind hearing?” This is when Sassy and Max woke up, causing Isa to chuckled. “Had a nice nap, you two?” He offered the idea to distract The Godfather with his own bike while L’s group goes out of Sanctuary with Max’s bike, leaving Soren and Lilith a note to give to The Godfather that reads:

’Dear Godfather,

Thank you for the fun battle and first-aid treatment. I’m leaving my bike in your capable paws to tinker around while I help my friends find the escapee. Should it take more than a week as we promised, ya can still tinker with it. I’ll just keep in mind of how many days, weeks, or months past and we can talk over the payment when I come back. My friends, Lilith and Soren, will be checking on my bike from time to time.

- From the rider,
Isa Bianchi’

“As long you two have a leyline message with Sassy or Max, then you can check on them whenever ya want.” Isa tried to comfort the worrying pair, understanding too well of how scary it is to lose a friend in travels.

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Haiku Hitman
download (1).jpeg
- Next Day: December 14, 600 -
"Ruins of Ancientbind, The Fridge"

Moss chuckled. "Young man . . . I'll have you know, Aunty Wild, that I am two hundred and seventy-seven years old." and he followed her to the caravan, pleased that her leg was better. After receiving a ley message from L to get the caravan ready to leave Sanctuary immediately, Moss went out to quickly buy some things . . . including a big polarbear dog which he absolutely loved.

* * * *​

"We didn't bring, Nibs, no, but I'll go get her for you." Soren said to Sassy, as Lilith asked her and Max if they were feeling alright and if they want water or more pain killers.

They listened to Isa's plan and agreed on it. Soren came back with Nibs, who meowed at Sassy and bunted her chin. There was a loud Waheehoo behind him, and Soren leaped out of the way, as Ralph almost bowled Sassy over, nuzzling her with his feathery head. And without further ado, the group reunited with Vidya, Moss, and Wild in the caravan, and quickly left Sanctuary, Soren and Lilith waving them good-bye outside the brazier lit jaw of the Ancient's skull.

Vidya was relieved to see crazy Sassy and Isa alright, and introduced herself to Max. "Don't mind the arm, this is all good." she grinned, waving her crystallized stump around the dining table. Liliana was happy to have two more trustworthy companions to help them, though she pulled aside the others secretly to tell them not to talk about the Vault and what they were actually doing yet. Moss showed Wild and Sassy the ladies' bedroom, and Max the men's. Liliana had gone out to join Isa who was driving Max's motorbike, and telling him where to go.

The magical trail mingled with the many wagon lines, foot, hoof, and claw prints on the snow from travelers going in and out of Sanctuary. Until it separated into the fast tracks of two pairs of talons digging into the snow heading north west at a fast pace. At this rate, with them dragging the caravan along, they weren't going to catch up on Therias and the prisoner who seem to be riding hard into the night on chocobos.

And then a blizzard fell at midnight, and didn't let up until early morning. Still there was a trail, and the group finally made it out of the mountains, pass the rickety wooden watch towers that guarded the borders of The Godfather's territory, and on to open plains white with snow patched with groves of red autumn trees, spires of ice, and the steam of magma vents.

It is clear now that the tracks were headed for Three Horns Divide, a land of conflict, constantly warred over by bandits and Templars. And about six in the morning they finally reached the end of the magical trail among the ruins of Ancientbind, giant pillars carved out of blue-black stone said to have been built to chain the giant Ancient that now lies dead and turned into Sanctuary, but the chocobo tracks still continued on under the howling blizzard. It seemed Therias and the prisoner didn't rest at all last night.

What do you wish to do?

Upon reaching a destination, each player may world build adding something to the place they just arrived in so that there'll will be something in the area that interests them. The GM decides the terrain and size (and wealth for settlements), while players can add historical buildings or monuments, specialty goods, sights and scenery, area threats, enigmatic happenings, mysterious artifacts, etc.
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Eternally Awkward
Sassafras Jenkins
Maximillian Bonaparte
- Sanctuary, West Lung District -
Healer's Wing​

Sassy grinned brightly at Isa and gave him a thumbs up while Max flopped back down on his cot and tilted his hand from side-to-side in a 'so-so' gesture. When they were both all caught up on what had passed while they were asleep, Sassy vouched for L with the C.U.R.E. members, especially Lilith and let them all know that it was something they'd all been looking for for a very long time and that if they were successful it would bring about their end goal. Max grumbled a string of profanity at the mention of the Godfather maybe taking his bike and was grateful for Isa leaving his behind even if it wasn't actually an intentional distraction from his own motorcycle. He showed Isa how to run his so that he could drive the caravan but guaranteed he would take his own turn after he had a little more rest so that Isa could rest up as well.

Maybe Sassy did have a little bit of self awareness after all because as Soren responded to her question about Nibs, she appeared a bit embarrassed with her right arm bent behind her head and rubbing her neck as she sat crossing legged on her cot with her lips puckered slightly, "Yeah... guess I'll have to take a rain check on that dinner... but if ya'd be a love an' get 'er for me I'll owe you double!" Then it was back to the usual Sassy as she tilted her head slightly and gave him a sly smile accompanied by a wink.

Sassy then flexed and slapped her biceps when Lilith asked about their meds saying she was as good as gold, if she had any pain she was either oblivious to it or putting on a front for her friends, Max on the other hand rolled onto his side, tugging his blanket up around his shoulders and mumbled something about needing something a little stronger than water.

When Soren returned with Nibs, Sassy gave her a bunch of kisses on her head before gently nibbling on one of her ears which produced an odd expression on the feline that made it hard to tell if she was happy or annoyed though her expression didn't last for long as she folded her ears back at the sound of Ralph and released a surprised mewl before leaping from Sassy's arms and bounding over the back of the excited chocobo who Sassy hugged happily, "heya bud! Glad ta see ya too!"

Max was better at introducing himself than Sassy was and was also obliged to do so as apparently Sassy needed to stuff her face at the moment and seemed to just pile a random assortment of stuff into her bowl once they were in the caravan. Max didn't take a second glance at Vidya's arm, but he did suggest it looked delicate and asked if she'd ever considered armor for it along with asking how it happened. When L pulled Sassy aside, Max didn't think anything of it and Sassy's response to L was a sort of graceless sputtering of her lips and a dismissive wave of her hand. Max wouldn't ask if she didn't tell, but she told L that she trusted Max with her life, had known him since they were kids, and that they were a part of the same organization.

Between heaping bites of the mess in Sassy's bowl which made Max cringe to look at, Sassy casually informed the group about what she knew about the prisoner since L hadn't been present when she had first seen the wanted poster and she hadn't been able to contact her either, "so yeah... I dunno', maybe like a code word or something since she's good with disguises so we don't get duped," she said around the last bit of her food before slurping down the gooey, soy sauce and honey mess at the bottom of her bowl. Max gagged.

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Silly artist
- Isa and Wild -

“You’re still young for a sea dweller.” Wild replied. “I’m still old.”

She followed Moss in his quick shopping trip, surprised that he got a polar beardog that licked her face.


When everyone agreed to the plan, Isa gave the fast written letter to Lillith, along with a broken mask and a copied older letter that reads:

"Lorenzo, I've got the letter, I'm going ahead. Tell Theosebia that Giovanni knows about the real portal in the Sunken Temple and that your nephew fixed the one we couldn't in Windshear. Fix this will you? I don't fancy going through the Badlands again just to avoid the Templars and this place where it's so hard to avoid that book keeper. If you can please put him out for a couple of months. I also need a pick up, maybe Milan's crew, and if you can spare Slater and his sister they can stand and roll up a welcoming committee in case it all goes sour. Message me when you've got this book and found the other one.


“Giovanni is an inquisitor near the Highlands and Vanar. Book keeper is a guy named James Pendragon. Theosebia is the leader of kutulus that were in Windshear’s mountains close to the ruined portal. Therias is actually dead and her mother is Mae Swiftsong, a mask enchanter. She made this mask and gave it to Penny who supposedly was friends with the real Therias, but she killed her with a monster named a Tuilpost; making it look like it’s a monster attack when Penny actually lured it to one of the Templar posts.” Isa quickly told the CURE so they didn’t need to waste time on who’s who in the letter. “The nephew is me and I’m guessing Lorenzo is my adoptive uncle. He’s really bad.”

Then with a quick wave back, the teen remembered Max’s instructions and drove the bike. Pulling the caravan behind him and let’s Liliana show him which way to go.

Inside, Wild introduced herself to the rest of the group. “Hello, my name is Wild Flower, but just call me Aunty Wild. It’s nice to meet you~” She stared at the crystalized stump that Vidya pointed out and shrugged. Not minding it at all.

“Well, it looks pretty. Have you ever tried to knock someone out with it?” She asked curiously. “Or is it fragile?”

When Moss showed Sassy and Wild where the girls’ room was, the rabbit couldn’t help but check out the place. Hopping around and tossing her bag at the top right bunker before checking out the bathroom. She can shower?! She can take a shower! Finally! No more grimy fur~

”I’ll be here. Thank you, young man.” Wild smiled gratefully at Moss before going inside, locking the door behind her. She hopped and held onto the rim of the barrel, checking the water. She shivered. Ah yea. Cold water, but it’s better than grimy fur!

Outside, Isa drove through the blisters winds of the blizzard. As the night cleared, the redhead continued through the ruins of Ancientbind. Muttering under his breath, his eyes glowed an indigo blue to check for any possible traps the thieves might put. Better safe than sorry.

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Haiku Hitman
- Ruins of Ancientbind -
"The Fridge"

"How about soy sauce and honey?" suggested Vidya, looking at Sassy eat with a cringe. Earlier she had laughed at Wild's comment, saying something along the lines of she has knocked out a couple of people on it. Her crystallized arm wasn't fragile at all, if it was, she would have broken out of it by now. "Nah, this here's harder than any tool out there. Wouldn't even budge with an obsidian drill or lava."

Meanwhile outside, Moss was in the blizzard as well, bounding along Isa's on the back of his new polarbear dog he named Okami. The big huggable pupper was relishing the cold, just like the merman; Liliana, who was at the back of Smoky hugged Isa's waist tightly in the cold. The red head saw no traps, just the end of the magical trail according to the little gnome, and the chocobo tracks of Therias and the prisoner.

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Silly artist
- Isa and Wild Flower -

“It’s safe, Moss!” Isa told the merman, speeding a bit more than before now that he knew it’s okay. The thieves really didn’t waste time, did they? The redhead focused on following the tracks, hoping they’ll find the fake Therias and the escapee. Still he’s surprised to see Moss again, even be on the same adventure as him too.

To think they both got L’s letters . . . Just like the real Therias.

Inside, light pats of paws can be heard, coming closer as Wild came down the stairs. She hopped on one of the colorful pastel chairs and moved her feet to check if she’s okay. Stretching her limbs as she listened to the conversation.

Wild giggled at the sight of Max’s gagged face. “I suggest something that will trick the enemy. Something so simple like having an X on our arms and wrap bandages over it. Physical proof.”

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