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Today’s journey will start… In a classroom. You’ve all recently gotten your acceptance letters to UA High, the Hero Academy. If you want to be a hero this is the place you need to go. And you all made it! You’re seated in a classroom surrounded by your classmates, and at the front desk sits your teacher. A Pro Hero by the name ‘The Conjurer’. He has long brown hair and grey eyes as he studies all of you carefully

He stands up as he begins talking “Welcome to UA High. This is where you will turn from hopeful teenagers to successful hero’s. An important part of being a Pro is knowing your allies, or your competition. So I’d like each of you to stand up at your desk and introduce yourselves”

Have your characters introduce themselves however they would, giving as much or as little information as you see fit. We will go in the order you submitted your character sheet for now and when we get to things such as combat we’ll roll actual initiative! Please respond in the following order
_boopityBoop _boopityBoop with Sayori Heroko
Gears Gears with Eddie Gears
IcarusEm IcarusEm with Tsuki Moriya
OfficialCosplayerVA OfficialCosplayerVA with Chihiro Sakurajima
Sayori Heroko perks up at the prospect of introductions. She loves making first impressions on other people and first meets. They always say alot about people, how they present themselves, how much personal information they offer up. Sayori likes setting the tone for what people should give!

Sayori slaps her hands on her desk, a few of her pens raddle on the table, and stands up in a flash, bouncing in place a little bit. A large grin pulling at her face, both friendly but slightly unnerving.
Sayori has warm brown hair with slight darker roots. She follows the uniform. Mostly. Instead of the boring plain knee high socks, she sports her own light green frog socks! They were much more comfortable anyway, plus cute! A dark slip of cloth is wrapped and tied securely around her head to cover her eyes from view, and a few bandaids with drawings on them along her legs.

"Hello! I'll gladly introduce myself first, tell you guys about me some. I'm Sayori, Sayori Heroko. It's so nice to meet you all. Hm..." Sayori folds her hands together infront of her chest. "well, fun fact about me, I like alot of musics but I especially like metal! Oh, and my quirk!" Sayori stretches a hand infront of her and a luminous pink glow sprouts from her hand in the form of a small ball.
"Is called pink shields! I'm sure I'll get to tell you more about it later! I hope we all can get along." Sayori let's the ball dissipate and gives a theatrical bow to the class.
Eddie sat at his desk, not paying attention as he flipped through pages in his notebook, mostly ideas he had, a few designs for his costume. He currently wore the aviator goggles with the green tint, the scarf he wore not slipped over his face like when he fought, and the green rain jacket was sprawled across his seat. Eddie closed his notebook after a moment, before turning to the group. After a second he stood up, his facial expression neutral. “Uh, My name is Eddie Gears and I can teleport- usually between the real world and this one creepy place, sort of a doom and gloom shadow reflection of our reality, or I just sort of ‘Skip’ through that dimension to instantly teleport myself.”
Tsuki practically vibrated in her chair, eager to introduce herself and start to get to know her new classmates. Usually she would be first out of her chair and making herself known, but Sayori had beaten her to the punch, so now she eagerly awaited her turn. She shot out of her chair almost before Eddie sat down, too eager to wait any longer.

She had large, round blue glasses over lavender eyes. Her straight black hair was long, down to her hips, and cut in a princess style, and her lightly tanned skin was covered in freckles. She looked like a completely normal teenager, except for the long black rabbit ears she had. They twitched slightly as she bounced on the balls of her feet in excitement. She was in her school uniform, worn almost correctly with the brown indoor shoes and black thigh high socks, except her blazer was open instead of buttoned up--it was just too stuffy and confining to have it buttoned up--and, peaking out under the skirt, were a pair of black shorts. She grinned widely at the class, open and inviting.

"Hi hi!" She said, almost too loudly, then cleared her throat and continued at a better volume. "I'm Tsuki Moriya and I want to be the type of hero that rescues people after disasters. I like boba and fruit and anything cute. My favorite color is light blue, but I like any light color, really. Pink is really cute, too. And yellow! It's so bright and sunny. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hanging out together! Oh, but not at a barbecue place, I can't eat meat. But sushi is fine! Let's all go out for sushi some time, okay? Oh! And my quirk! It's called Rabbit Hole! I can teleport, too! I create holes in space and you can instantly go from one place to another."

As she spoke about her Quirk, two golden, circular portal appeared in the room, one directly behind Tsuki and the other in front of her desk. She turned and walked through the portal behind her, instantly walking out of the portal in front of the desk. "It's super quick, and anyone can use them as long as they're up," she explained, letting the portals disappear before walking back around her desk. "Anyways, it's super awesome to meet all of you!" And with that, she sat back down, her wide grin from before softening in a calmer smile now that she'd had the chance to introduce herself.

Ch. 1 - The Beginning and Introductions

'Uh oh...I'm next...!'
The short teenager thought to herself. She is afraid of publicly speaking in front of others. Her anxiety started to kick in, when her Constellation appears before her and silently hugs her, trying to comfort her and tell her that she'll be with her every step of the way. She looked up at her Constellation and leaned into her touch. When the Pro Hero called her up, she went up to the front and took a deep breath in...then out...before saying, "U-Uhm...H-Hi..." She shyly waved. She was very short for her age. She had beautiful long blonde hair with baby pink eyes. She was wearing a long-sleeved dress version of the UA uniform. Next to her who was holding her hand was a constellation goddess representing Pisces. "Uh...I'm Ch-Chihiro Sakurajima...and uh...I...I-I'm a...I'm a good singer..." She said softly. "A-And uh...my-my Quirk is Constellation Summoning, wh-which means th-that I have the ab-abi-ability to summon Constellations...an-and make them attack or defend and other stuff..." She stuttered softly. "I...I hope that we can become go-good fri-friends...!" The she would do a polite curtsey. "O-O-Oh! And-And this is my Constellation friend, Pisces...!" The goddess waved. "She's been...w-well...m-m-my only friend since childhood..." She muttered softly.

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The Conjurer nodded as the final introductions were made and stood up, once again drawing the attention back to himself “Terrific. Now onto business. UA has learned over the years that the sooner you kids can experience the real world, the sooner you start getting stronger, and realize this job won’t be easy. So your first task will be to get an internship”

In the past internships were only for second and third years, but now UA was trying to expand the experience to include their younger students “There are only 6 pro hero’s willing to take on first year interns. They are as follows; The Illusionist, Lockdown, Transfuser, The Necromancer, Master of Disguises, and Elastica. They will all test your abilities in different ways before allowing you to work with them, so be prepared. You are also able to train with your classmates here at school to get stronger, and if you do something non hero like such as killing a villain, you will be punished”

You can at this point interact with your classmates and roll initiative to see what order you go in for your internships. Include your rolled initiative with your next post and I’m my next post I’ll state the order. Training with your classmates can get you up to level 5, and if your DM views your actions as non heroic a random ability score will be lowered. Permanently.
(Rolled 18, with Dex Modifier of 3: 21 Initiative)
Eddie decided he wouldn’t participate in the greetings- he knew their names and abilities, that was enough if they ever were in combat-he couldn’t afford to get attached again, the crystalline object in his pocket weighed heavily, as usual, but that was just in his head, even before it was broken it did nothing special, just a trinket, both worthless to any passerby, but Eddies most valuable possession. Eddie scanned the room again, searching for his three E’s: Exits, Equipment, and Enemies. He never intended to be trapped in a doorless room, unarmed and surrounded by enemies. Luck may have saved him once, but he couldn’t depend on it, or anything other than himself. Eddie pulled his notebook from his bag, passing a bag full of his signature throwing knives, custom-made by him. One of the few items in his arsenal that he hadn’t built himself was his Baton- he had held on to it for a while, and even though its former owner was a monster, tossing it would be a waste of resources- an issue he wouldn’t have for long if he graduated.

Eddie flipped to one page in his book, met by mechanical designs and photographs. Eddie didn’t have enough recourses, he couldn’t afford real tests, only simulations and paper-based tests. Science was one of his strong suits, and mechanical design was of particular interest. Eddie flipped through his many ideas, a Wrist-Computer, A Grappling Hook, and a few traps for villains, designed for specific abilities he had researched. Eddie got bored after a moment, shutting his book and leaning back in his chair, Hopefully the others would just ignore him- maybe he could keep his interactions at a minimum before he graduated, maybe the old him would have done more than give a name and his ability, but that didn’t matter, that Eddie had died with everyone else he had known the one that survived was a shadow of his former self- a wraith that roamed a fittingly dark and decaying world.
(Rolled A 17 Initiative)

Sayori paid each of her classmates with her full attention, which could be hard to get sometimes. There was a few classmates that did catch her attention specifically and make her fidget with her fingers in anticipation, eager to get to know them.

Eddie was definitely more reserved then many, but his quirk sounded cool as hell, and Sayori also found his aesthetic pleasing. The goggles and rain jacket were totally awesome and stylish! Sayori wonders If they help his quirk with the whole teleportation to another world thingy! Could she like, go in there? Could people stay inside of it, like, live in there even? Sayori was eager to ask questions.

Tsuki seemed to match Sayori's energy in a good way! Both excited to make a introduction for themselves to their classmates. Plus, she is like... so totally cute! Sayori has been in awe seeing the cute rabbit ears, practically bouncing in her seat! Sayori had a liking towards the story of Alice in wonderland and Tsuki's looks and quirk feel so storybook like! Plus Sayori loves boba and pretty light, bright colors too! She felt like they were going to be good friends!

Chihiro was definitely an anxious little thing, Sayori could feel the nerves radiate off of the blonde. What really caught Sayori's attention and made her eyes widen under her bandana was the figure that came into reality next to Chihiro, consoling the girl. Constellations summoned into physical form, each with there own skill sets and personalities? Basically being able to spawn your own dang friends and protection? That would have made childhood alot more easy! Sayori mused in her head with a small giggle.

Sayori made a face at the comment by the teacher. Killing a villian? Why would they ever do that? Of course they would be punished. Sayori brushed it off and decided to talk to Tsuki first! Then she would probably pester the other two she was curious about on their quirks.

"Hi! You're Tsuki? You are literally so cute, we need to get boba and sushi together! We could make it, like, a group trip so our class can bond!" Sayori grinned widely and bounced on her toes.
(Rolled a 13 Initiative)

Tsuki may not have been listening all that carefully when Sayori and Eddie introduced themselves, but she paid extra attention when Chihiro went to make up for it, then tried to remember what she could of Sayori's and Eddie's introductions. She had just been too excited to put herself out there to really pay attention the first time around, and while she thought she remembered the important stuff, she really hoped she hadn't missed anything vital.

Sayori seemed as fun and full of energy as Tsuki herself felt. That was rare, as Tsuki usually found people to be at a lower energy level, or a lower fun level and rarely was someone high enough with both levels that Tsuki felt like she'd finally met her match. And her little sneak peek of her Quirk left Tsuki wondering what all it could do.

She hadn't entirely realized it when Eddie introduced himself, too caught up in trying to make her own introduction, but they shared the same Quirk! Well, sort of. The ins and outs seemed a bit different, she certainly didn't have to skip through a weird shadow dimension to teleport somewhere. She just made her portals and hopped on through. There were probably some other differences too, and she was dying to talk to him and find out.

There was also Chihiro, she seemed so small and cute and shy. Tsuki wanted to help bust her out of her shell. Her Quirk seemed so unique, too! Then again, all Quirks were unique, hence the name. But hers was literally the ability to bring constellations to life! How cool was that? And if she could become Chihiro's friend, then she would be able to befriend the constellations and that was so many friends to make!

She tilted her head at The Conjurer's words, her ears drooping down. Do something non-hero like? Why would any of them do that? They were here to be heroes, after all! But then, what counted as non-hero like, besides killing? If she took the last pudding at lunch, and refused to share it, would that be non-hero like? But then, why wouldn't she share it? That didn't make much sense. She probably had nothing to worry about.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Sayori coming over. She quite literally jumped to her feet and her ears perked back up immediately. "I'm cute? Have you seen yourself?" She questioned, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet as her excitement began to show. "Your socks are so totally adorable, and I love that bandana you have! It totally suits you!" She pressed her hands to her own cheeks as she held in a squeal of excitement. "Oh my gosh, a group outing to get boba and sushi would be so much fun! When did you want to go?"

Ch. 2 - Am...Am I friends with everyone...?!

The short teen would stay silent as she stays sitting in her seat. She notices that everyone is doing their own thing. Then, she overheard the two girls talking about having some sushi and boba so that the class would get closer. "U-Uh...! I know a place that makes the best boba and sushi e-ever...!" She stuttered her way into their conversation. "I-In fact...my older brother knows a friend that owns a sushi and boba cafe..! I'm sure he will give you guys a dis-discount...!" She stuttered once more.

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{Initiative - 11}
Eddie shoved the book into his bag, finding his throwing knives, if he was going to try out soon he would need to have working weapons. Eddie tested the weight on each knife, an issue he had found after forging them- perhaps he could find a master weapons maker to make superior weapons someday. stood up, there was no point in waiting- he wasn't going to waste time talking to the others. If he could secure an internship, perhaps he could receive some advantages- but still, part of him wanted to wait, maybe befriend his classmates; but that part lost, like usual, and Eddie started to walk out of the room. He had never eaten "Boba", his days in the lab were spent eating flavorless rations, afterward eating fast food and even worse rations, bought from army surplus stores. Maybe he could ask them about it, that stupid-Naive self asked, but Eddie knew the truth about people, they either died on you or stabbed you in the back. Best to skip heartbreak this time.
Sayori pursed her lips in a little bit of disappointment as the Eddie guy leaves, but her face lifts into a big grin when the little blondie spoke up. Sayori bounced on her toes. "That sounds awesome! I love going to New places. Okay, once we all do the intern thing we can hang out and go to the boba and sushi place! Of course when it works out for everyone, it needs to be timely sound." Sayori placed her hands on her hips and gave a sure nod. What's the point of class bonding when people can't find a good time to do so? Sayori offered her number over to the girls and gave a cheerful goodbye, grabbing her stuff and leaving. Not without bumping into the door frame first of course.

Sayori thought over the choices for the internship as she went to her next class, trying not to bump into people and apologizing when she does. She's heard of a few of them but isn't overly familiar with their work. They all sounded oh-so mysterious!

Later in the day she should find her teacher and ask more questions, or maybe do her own research! Or maybe... use a random number generator! Keep things exciting and let the sisters of fate choose where she goes! Yes. No flaws in this plan.

And... The Necromancer it is!
Tsuki turned to Chihiro and grinned broadly. "Really? We so totally have to go there then!" She exclaimed, bouncing up and down. She went to turn to Eddie, to invite him along too, but just barely saw him leaving the classroom. Oh well, they'd have time later. She quickly turned back to Sayori and Chihiro, "yeah! After the internships, totally!"

The internships. Right. She needed to figure out who to apply for. Who was on the list? She sat back down and took out a piece of paper and a pen and quickly wrote them down. The Illusionist, Lockdown, Transfuser, The Necromancer, Master of Disguises, and Elastica. That was all six of them, right? She hoped that list was correct.

She sat there, thinking them over. Did any of them sound familiar? She hoped to intern with someone who did rescue missions mostly.

(I'd like to do a history check on if Tsuki knows of any of the heroes and what they do. I rolled a 20, so with my modifier, it's a 25)

Ch. 3 - Internships

The short teen would softly smile at the thought of hanging out with new people. She never had any friends, besides her Constellation. "We-Well, I'll just go on ahead and choose which hero would be good for my internship..." She said to herself before getting out of her seat and walking up to the board that had the names of the Pro Heroes. She scanned the board, trying her dang hardest to pick out what hero would be best for her. After minutes of choosing, she finally picked Transfuser.

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Eddie slowly opened the door, once again looking over the three E's as he scanned the room, wondering if there was anything odd or useful in the cabinets, Tracker could have immediately told him the exact contents and the integrity of a barricade using the desk, though there where no oddities. (Roll for investigation 19, with +3=22 total). He could have teleported there, but he still had limited energy when using his abilities, so it would be best to save it for this try out. Classes had been fine, though he rarely paid attention in anything trivial, and lunch was okay. Eddie stepped toward the hero, unable to remember any exact details about them- perhaps he should have taken some time to research Necromancer, but for now he would have to rely on impressing by his demonstration and whatever test he expected would be required. “I’m here to try out for the internship, my name is Eddie Gears, Alias Void- my ability is teleportation through a parallel reality.”
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As Eddie started introducing a nervous looking Sayori stumbles in. Seeing Eddie and the necromancer, a look of relief and excitement goes through her face. She bounces forward next to Eddie, smiling widely at him. "Hi Eddie!"

Then turning to look at The Necromancer.
"Hi, I'm Sayori Heroko, here for the internship just like dear Ed here," Sayori wiggles her fingers in Eddie's direction.
"Hero name is Vortex, and my lovely quirk is called pink shields!"

(Rolling for a Insight check on both Eddie and The necromancer, I rolled a four plus three which is Seven, and rolling a Charisma check, I got a fourteen, minus two, twelve!)

Sayori does her best to seem friendly but maybe her energy is a bit to high, plus her very colorful unconventional clothes, might be effecting how she's seen by the other two, Sayori thinks with a tight anxious smile.
With her hero picked out, Transfuser due to her rescue work, Tsuki bid goodbye to The Conjurer and took off to Transfuser's office, her briefcase with her hero outfit in hand.

Once she arrived at Transfuser's office she gave a quick knock on the door as she opened it. "Hello! I'm Tsuki Moriya, hero name Usako, here for the internship position available!" She announced, bouncing slightly on her feet as she entered the room. "I'm so excited to be given this opportunity to work with you. You do lots of rescue work, right? That's the sort of hero I wanna be, rescuing people after disasters and such!"

She looked around the room, taking in the decorations and layout as well as anything that might seem out of place.

(Rolling for Investigation, got a 10 plus 5 for a 15)

Hisako Ichiki!​





"I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" Huffed a girl as she blitzed down a hall, her arms sprang back and forth to gain momentum. "Why did it have to be today?!" The girl wheezed to herself, rounding a corner and speeding through a blockade of students. Shoving past half of them, and barrelling through the rest, Hisako roared out in a panicked frenzy "GET OUTTA THE WAY!! YA CHUMPS!"

Hisako could feel the sensation prickle across her skin: goosebumps raising all over.
"Not now--Not now---Not now! Cool it Hisa! Cool it!" Skidding to a halt, Hisako took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves. Her uniform was a little worse for wear; her tie loose around her neck, dress shirt not tucked in, jacket unbuttoned. Offsetting the sad state of her uniform, the black leggings and her pleated skirt showed signs of considerable attention of upkeep. (The easiest part of the Uniform.) Conveniently, Hisako Ichiki stopped just short of the classroom. A little psyching up for the young lady (which consisted of gentle face taps) and the brave girl ushered towards the door.

It would all be easy, right? All she needed to do was to sneak in and act like she had been sitting there the whole time. No problem at all, nothing to worry about. Right? Not at all. Hisako would be perfectly fine. Just open the door and do it. Sneak right into that seat and get yourself acquainted.



Hisako felt her cheeks burst red. She wasn't usually this nervous, nor panicked. If she had arrived on time all of her worries would have been miniscule, not even worth the time to observe. Now though, she outed herself entirely: late for one, and a general distraction second. Life was not going well for Hisako at this moment and all she wanted to do was crawl into a hole and suffer the loneliness that came with it. Late as she was, the girl was instructed to introduce herself after being silently scolded by the pair of eyes from The Conjurer.

The tall girl inched herself forward and stopped at the chalkboard, her head poking just above the chalkboard itself. The girl was built: her arms, legs, and core were fantastically toned. Her skin was like warm ivory, not fully porcelain though. Her hair was a messy mop of black, thick strands that got in her eyes and extended down her neck to her shoulders. She had big, round, dull black colored eyes.

"My name is Hisako Ichiki--" Hisa started, breathing in before continuing.
"I like to work out, well a lot. You can probably tell because of my guns." She grew just a bit more comfortable, after flexing her arms to showcase her incredible muscles. "I really like to play paintball, I love the color pink, I meal prep every week, cooking on Sunday so I have meals prepped for the week. I want to be a powerful Hero that everyone can look towards in trying times! I'll protect everyone with my Quirk Aegis! - It's kind of a Psionic Simulcrum generated around my body. My Hero name is going to be Rozé Aegis!" Hisako gave a firm bow to everyone in the room. A bit of an awkward and embarrassing start for Hisako...But she had begun to ease herself into the situation.

Quick as ever, Hisako beelined it towards a desk and set her briefcase down. The contents inside were that of her hero outfit. Most of the outfit was built over padded layered leather. Overtop of the leather was a light-weight armored coating on the breastplate, the shoulders, knees down to her boots, and her hands. Hisako commissioned the final piece of the outfit from a Costume designer - a metal facemask that hooked onto a neckguard. Across the black and white outfit were accents of glowing pink. To complete the outfit, she wore a tattered pink scarf around her neck. The costume itself was inspired by those silly shows you see on T.V. with the protagonists dressing up in suits... What were they again?Something Riders? Though the outfit had some good effort put into it, ultimately it wasn't what you would consider "premium" quality, but it made due. Perhaps she would upgrade it along her path to becoming a Hero.

"Pick a hero...Pick a hero...Hmmm.." Hisako mumbled under her breath. She overlooked the options, and picked two out of them that could potentially interest her. Did she remember who they were? What quirks they had? What profession they were in for Hero work? Elastica and Lockdown. Hisa thought she might have heard those names before....?

(Rolling for History on Elastica and Lockdown- Quirks, Profession in Hero Work, Personal details)

Edit: 8+2 = 10 on History Check.
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