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This story has concluded. For those interested in reading, check out the threadmarks for the list of episodes.


Magical artist
Caravan and any updates:
the caravan looked normal-ish on the outside. All tan with a tower at the back, large spool wheels and windows. The roof is green and the builders added a telescope and a tiny triangle flag at the tower. The inside, however, was the reason why Isa is having a chuckle. It’s a rainbow paradise, so much so that Isa is expecting to see a unicorn somewhere.

The front door opens to the living room. Three walls painted white with a pastel rainbow going behind the baby blue sofa that’s big enough for three to sit on. A yellow sun and gray cloud pillows decorated the sofa. There’s another loveseat that’s magenta red with blue flower pillows beside a yellow nightstand, a brass simple lamp sat on top. Underneath the sofas is a reddish pink rug, covering a part of the dark wooden floors. The table is made with brass legs and a clear tabletop stood at the middle of the room. By the last wall accented with orange, is a create bookshelf that’s nailed together and to the wall. Ready for anybody to fill it in with items other than the piñata vases that’s shaped like colorful llamas. Beside that is a trio of large windows facing the front where Isa is probably gonna pull with his bike. Through the short hallway is a staircase to the second floor where the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms are and to the attic where the small garden and hallway to the tower are. With an open doorway, the kitchen is painted pastel orange with the single white wall that has drips of other pastel colors. A small rectangle table is flushed to the dripping wall and on the opposite side is the stone fireplace where the crockpot is hanging on a hook with the metal fork and coal poker. Wooden cabinets on each side of the fireplace and the small window over the sink, ready to store spices. There were two large bedrooms, one in striped white and pastel blue, the other in flowery pastel pink. The bunk beds were bolted down and flushed on the walls with an adjustable string for the dyed curtains should anyone want privacy from the roommates. In the pink room, is a plush nest for whatever large animal that stays with them. There’s a wardrobe for four people and a door to the small bathrooms. The baby teal bathrooms are invaded by rubber duckies. There‘s a functioning toilet, a sink, and a barrel for a tub with a shower head and a nozzle. The floor tiles were checkerboard with baby pink and white. There’s a plastic curtain with white and pink strips on it so anybody can shower in peace and a small pot of fake aloe on the sink’s counter. To the attic is the greenhouse that has wooden boxes and fertile dirt inside. The ceiling is actually a mirror window so the sunlight can come in and no one outside can see the inside. Through the greenhouse is a door to the tower where anybody can use the lower half for storage and to use the crow’s nest with a telescope. The storage room is circular and have shelves on the walls that you can reach from the level of the spiral staircase.

Inventory list:
*This will be where we can keep up the caravan’s items and food. Anyone can take something from here.

Gear |
  • Food, 2 months | Smoked spider legs, dried rat, and salted flobberworms. The local delicacies of Sanctuary~
  • x3 Trauma Kit | DC 12 Knowledge check removes one affliction or improves health by 1. DC 14 stabilizes dying character. Every +1 hour performing the medical operation gives +1 to Trauma Kit rolls. Uses up a major action when used during battle.
  • Toolbox | +2 Crafing and repairing gear and machines, pick locks, disable traps. You can also excavate or gather crafting resources twice more. Weight 1.
  • x5 Oil Lamps | Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. or 60 ft. cone. Has a hood allowing you to lower the light to a dim 5 ft. radius. Stays lit for 8 hours on 1 pint of oil. Can be hung on belt. Weight 1 each.
  • Light Source, 1 month
    A day's worth or 1 pint can be used in combination with fire attacks, giving advantage to the attack roll, and increasing the DC of "Burn" by +2.

    Equipped in your off-hand or main hand. Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. Burns for an hour with a chance of being blown out in bad weather. A successful attack inflicts "Burn" and puts out the torch after 3 attacks.
    Craft (1 torch): 5 minutes + 1 Metal
  • x5 Howlers
  • x2 sealing manacles | DC 16 lockpick. Toughness 18. Prevents shackled target from casting spells, and constantly reduces their manna to 0. Better Sealing Manacles are available for a higher price.
  • x1 Ragnite lamp
  • Block and Tackle | A wooden pulley that when set up with rope allows you to haul up to four times the weight you can normally lift.
  • x4 Lashings |Advantage to Overcoming Difficult Terrain when set up. Rope or similar that's 50 ft. in length.
  • Tent | It’s blue and big enough to fits 4 people inside.
  • Plush sleeping bag | it’s soft and has a dark striped pattern.
  • Hiking Gear | +2 to climbing, traveling safely across the wilderness, and surviving noxious gases. Comes with a pair of crampons, pitons, hooks, ice axe, a hooded winter coat that's waterproof, and a firestorm shroud.

Random |
  • 6 Chests (Empty) |40 Carrying Capacity. Toughness DC=20, Lockpicking DC=18.
  • x4 Mirror, small
  • x6 Cheap goods | Recycled things, old loot, clothes made from fur or monster parts, monster decorations, etc.
  • x4 Seeds | A handful of seeds. After planting and a month of care, yields 2d6 Fresh Ingredients, 2d6 spices, 1d6 Alchemical.

Thieves Loot |
  • x1 Mask of Many Faces
    You can cast "Disguise Self" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest. Has a design similar to the masks made by the Swiftsong family in Cliffdrift Village

  • x1 Oil Lamp
    Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. or 60 ft. cone. Has a hood allowing you to lower the light to a dim 5 ft. radius. Stays lit for 8 hours on 1 pint of oil. Can be hung on belt.

  • x6 Oil Flask
    1 pint. Can be used in combination with fire attacks, increasing the DC to resist "Burn" by +1.

  • x1 Flint and Steel: Make fire. Comes with a box of tinder.
    Cost: 1 Metal.
  • x1 Lashings
    Advantage to Overcoming Difficult Terrain when set up. Rope or similar that's 50 ft. in length.

  • Mirror
    Small hand-held mirror. Bigger mirrors are available at a higher price.

  • Letters
  • x6 Rations: Snacks and preserved meals, coffee, tea leaves, etc. that can be eaten or drank during a short rest, recovering 2 manna instead of just 1 without having anything to eat or drink. Lasts for 2 months.

  • x2 Tent, 2 people
    Weight 2
    Protects against bad weather. Can be turned into a hanging tent.

  • x1 Plush Sleeping Bag
    Weight 1
    +1 to Condition.

  • Gaming Set
    Weight 1
    Pick one type of game, such as a deck of artistic cards that may or may not blow up, or a rolled-up chess board with magically moving pieces, horse shoes and pike, a ball, or a magical puzzle. +1 Condition to everyone who plays a one hour game. The one who wins gets +2 Condition instead.

  • Books
    Weight 1
    Make up a book title. +1 to Condition after a one hour read. A collection of amusing, fascinating, horrifying, suspenseful, or relaxing pieces of literature.

  • x12 Hobby Goods
    +1 to Condition. Do you knit? Do you carve? What is your hobby?
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Magical artist
Isa’s writings
*Isa tends to write his findings in order to remember. He invites anyone who wants to know to read these. They can find it on the living room’s bookshelves.

About Demons
Demons can come in various shapes and sizes with different origins. However there are categories to look out for when you want to measure a demon‘s strength before fighting one.

Wild types
Wild types are more animal-like and are the most common. Walks on all legs, flies with wings if they have any, slithers like a serpent—-If it’s similar to a beast, it’s a wild type. Another characteristic is how they don’t exactly think. They trust their instincts but they can’t solve a puzzle (I left a Rubik’s cube before and saw a wild type eating it.) They can’t talk either. They snarl, growl, roar, hiss at their potential meal. Yep, they find anybody as a meal. So be careful because they will mangle their victim to shreds before eating them. For these types, eating a scared being is perfect to gain more years to live. The wild types can change into the intelligent type if they survive long enough.

Intelligent types
Intelligent types are the tricky ones and not as common as the Wild types. They are smart (I saw one playing with a Rubik’s cube) and can talk. They make contracts with living creatures by using their desires as bait, luring their victims in. You believe it’s okay since it’s only a day’s worth of your life they want, however demons have no concept of time. They will ensnarl their victims into slavery and make them into pets to torment. Why are they making deals? Because deals are what helps them stay alive. Like the wild types, they need to lure living beings and feast for their life span. But unlike the wild types, they will keep their victims alive for years until they die miserably. The intelligent type can change into an Overlord if they survive for a long time (more than three centuries).

Get away from them unless you are a professional and knowledgeable Demon hunter. These guys are dangerous: they are one of the strongest and smartest demons. So much so that weaker demons would either skulk around them in fear or follow them to do their bidding or be eaten. They are also rare to see because they are usually in the demon realm and don’t cross over to our realms. They don’t need to feed on living beings as they can just eat the weaker demons around them. Doesn’t mean they won’t feed on living beings either would they have the chance.

Are there more than one?
If there are more than one demon within the area and they are not fighting, it means they are depending on each other to survive. These demons are weak alone and are more willing to work together. It can be a group of Wild types or a group of Intelligent types. Doesn’t mean you should underestimate them since there’s more in numbers. Usually in a group of 5-8 if they are super weak, 2-3 if they can hold on their own.

What’s that odd smell and mist that’s coming out of the recently killed dead demons?
It’s called hellmist. Don’t go near that stuff unless you are blessed by an Ancient or have no dark desires. It smells like rotten swamp water from a frog for months without the tank being cleaned and is under the summer sun.

Do all demons come from the demon realm?
No. Not all demons came from the demon realm sadly. Living beings of this realm can turn into demons. The requirements are simple: the being must have dark desires and a demon’s blood or hellmist poured on them. Luckily, I recently found a cure, but it’s risky and depends on the being’s will to move on. Create this magic circle that can fit a being fully on a cooling night. No rain or sunlight, it might evaporate the hellmist. Place the crow’s eye and blackthorn on opposite sides of the spell circle and pour hellmist on the being. Make sure they can hear their loved ones for it can help ease the being. Make sure the being is taken care of since they’ll have fevers and feel weak afterwards.

About the ruins in the Forbidden Forest
  • Mier ruins || One of the mountain ruins Isa visited as a young teen. He absolutely loves this place as it mostly held legends and stories of how the people see creation and what causes the weather phenomenon. This place is where he found his bike, Smoky, and figured out how to fix it based on the instructions carved on the walls and floors. It holds the most beautiful views of the Southern lights where Isa swore he saw spirits floating around at night.
  • Cerez tombs || Isa’s first ruin by the cliffsides. He ran inside the maze-like place to escape from Gramps, not expecting to find so many skulls and bones decorating the walls. This is where he started to study ancient languages and found out that this place was a passage of remembrance; to see those who have died and let people celebrate about their families. You can still see glowing yellow flowers that’s growing everywhere.
  • Aspen lake sanctuary || One of the ruins Isa visited as a child. It‘s a whole ruined city by the edge of a lake and surrounded by aspen trees. It even has tree roots grow over the sturdy structures, becoming one with the forests. The place suggested that it let refugees inside and hidden under the floors. This is where Isa read about trees having spirits the older they get.

About the ruins in the Ghostlight badlands
  • Unknown ruins || It was once a camp site but now James’ protection charms no longer work.

About the ruins in the Highlands
  • Sunken temple || a temple that’s underwater. For some reason, there’s an active portal and it’s not the broken portal. C.U.R.E members live there.
  • Eden‘s nest || One of the highest floating isle and only a few know about it. Renee uses this place as a garden for Bird village, growing herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Letting the moss grow over the carved stones that glow a blue substance that leads to this strange flat platform and gate with the same swirled carvings.
  • Ciros ruins || a ruin in the marshlands, watched over by the Asger hunters. It used to have raptors invading it, but now flamingos live there. Most archeologists and curious tourists visit here.
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Isa's Bag


Magical artist
Isa’s Items:
*** Stuff that Isa actually owns. Others need to ask him for these.
Alchemicals || 1168
Metals || 317
RP points || 1/3​

Smoky, his motorcycle and her updates |
This marvel of the old age has a hex speed of 4 in the plains and 3 off-road. It can carry 2 people with an extra carrying capacity of 40. Runs on ragnite.

  • Raven staff |Materia: Shadow Claw|+1 Combat |+2 Spell Power | Attack range: 2 | Spell Casting Range: +2 | One-handed | Weight 1. Your afflictions penalize targets by an additional -1 and last 1 round longer. Mage staff. Enhanced by metal braces to not break easily unless hit by a strong or heavy weapon.
    Engraved Runes: Control Weather
    x1 charge | (Requires Knowledge 5)
    You take control of the weather within 5 miles of you for a number of hours = Knowledge. You must be outdoors to cast this spell. Moving to a place where you don't have a clear path to the sky ends the spell early.
    Recharge: 1 ragnite crystal for 1 day
Shields |
  • Barneclaw scaled shield |+1 Toughness. Wt. 1. Made of a giant fish’s scales and dented metal.
Gear |
  • Light armor (+6 Toughness. Dyed black leather armor with plated arm and leg guards. Moss’ gift upgraded)
    [*]Slot 1: Shadow Claw: After every long rest, you can cast "Shadow Claw" a number of times a day = Knowledge. This summons a large claw of shadowy translucent force from the armor with a reach of 2 areas. It moves at your command, mimicking the movements of your own hand. In battle you may use Knowledge instead of combat for attack rolls. The claw aslo allows you to add Knowledge to strength rolls with advantage, and can carry two people. It can also be used defensively, adding Knowledge to Toughness, when wrapped protectively around 2 creatures. This claw can levitate, but cannot move beyond 2 areas of you. This claw has an Hp = 3 and lasts for a number of minutes= Knowledge. Concentration spell.
    Sell: 100 Alchemical
    [*]Slot 2: empty
  • Lesser Ring of Foresight (found in the sea)
    Once a day, when you are hit by a creature, you can choose to glimpse a random image of its future or past. (cost: 1 Mp)
  • Sash of Uncontrollable Dance
    Make a Knowledge roll against the spell Power of 1 creature that you can see within 2 areas. The target begins a comic dance in place: shuffling, tapping its feet, and capering , afflicting it with "Don't Move" for 2 rounds.
    You can cast Uncontrollable Dance" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest.
  • Ring of Mending
    Make repairs to 1 non-magical object.
    You can cast "Mending" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest.
  • Necklace of Color Spray
    Make a combat roll against all foes in 1 area. A dazzling array of flashing, colored light springs from your hand, sticking like glowing paint, cancelling invisibility and blinding them, with -2 to combat and perception rolls. Blind lasts for 2 rounds.
    You can cast "Color Spray" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest.
  • x4 Traps | there’s nothing wrong with using traps.
  • Kutulu’s toolbox | +2 Forging, building, tailoring, lock picking, and disabling traps. You can also excavate or gather more crafting resources = Artisan Skill Rank.
  • Field Medic Guide |+1 to medical procedures when performing them with this book open. Weight 1. A gift from Moss.
  • Magic cuffs | Liliana gave this to Isa, Sassy, and Moss.
  • x5 Trauma Kit | +2 to Healing rolls. DC 12 Knowledge check removes one affliction or improves health by 1. DC 14 stabilizes dying character. If affliction DC is less than 12, affliction is automatically removed. Every extra 1 hour performing the medical operation gives +1 to Trauma Kit rolls. Uses up a major action when used during battle. A gift from Moss.
  • Manuel’s Grimore | has info on the goliaths from Isa's vision, and many spells. Also has other stuff, but I need to think about it. It's worth 205 alchemical to an ordinary shop owner, but to someone who wants the knowledge in there it's worth more. Isa has chose to burn it once he was done with it. Better that no one has this.
Potions |
  • x3 Vials of Hellmist
  • x2 Potions of Healing
    Instantly restores 1 Hp.
Grimore spells and scrolls |
  • Tier I Scroll: Booming Blade
  • Upon successfully hitting 1 target with a melee attack, the target becomes sheathed in booming energy until your next turn. If that target willingly moves before then, it is electrocuted and takes 1 damage. (Can be used to enchant weapon, giving x6 free uses of the spell before needing to be recharged by a ragnite crystal for 1 day)
  • Tier IV Scroll: Tree Stride
    (Requires Knowledge 5)
    You gain the ability to enter a tree and move from inside it to inside another tree of the same kind within 1 kilometer. (Can be used to enchant weapon, giving x1 free use of the spell before needing to be recharged by a ragnite crystal for 1 day)
Random |
  • x1 oil. 1 pint
  • Ring of 7 ornate keys | These were Manuel’s. For some reason, they look similar to each other in design and there’s no magic in them. Isa is keeping them.
  • Space Book | a book with extra space for six small items. Inside is the Citrus cream Moss gave him and a letter from the thieves.
  • Ragnite lamp | Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. or 60 ft. cone. Has a hood allowing you to lower the light to a dim 5 ft. radius. Runs on 1 ragnite power crystal for 1 year. Can change color of light (Isa is gonna have fun with changing the colors). Can be hung on belt.
  • 4x a week’s worth of food. AKA one person’s amount of food for a month.
  • Camera | a gift Moss has given him and Is will be using that whenever something funny happens.
  • Obelisk piece | works for sealing magic purposes. Found within the dead body of a goliath named Malus. Isa is planning to use this for something. Has made two knives for Vidya and L and upgraded Moss’ knife with one of two pieces.
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