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The Journey of Heroes! (OPEN!) {IC}


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You and your friends are a group of commoners who have always dreamed of becoming heroes. You and your friends were always playing with each other, pretending to be heroes that would always win over evil and saves the day! Then, years later, you and your group of friends joined the Adventurer's Guild. Then, one day, the kingdom that you and your friends lived in was in danger: they were going to be attacked by the King of Monsters, The Dragon King Thanos! The young princess calls you to come to her castle. When you and your friends got to the castle, the young princess was already there. She said,
"You have probably heard of the news: Wisteria has received a threat, saying that the King of Monsters will start a war between them and us. I want you all to go on a quest to save our kingdom from Thanos. I'll be aiding you on your journey. What do you say?" Do you accept her request?

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