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Haiku Hitman

  • - Character Sheet -

    *Can be a written description instead. Artists are welcome to post their work!
    Feel free to beautify your CS to your heart's content.


    TITLE (optional):
    *Can be a combat class, alias, a nickname given by the people because of something your character did, anything. Ex. Jack the Pumpkin King, Gentleman Spy, Shield Maiden, or Drunken Panda. Your title also isn't set in stone, feel free to change it as the story progresses, such as from being a Rogue to becoming an Assassin.

    *Everyone starts at level 1. Feel free to change the word "character" to your character's title. Maximum level = 6.

    Why does your character need to seek forbidden magic, going far out of their comfort zone and risking perils? Who or what is it all worth for? And what is the main obstacle they have to overcome?

    I am actually more interested in your character's development, personal story, the relationships they're going to form, and all the obstacles they're going to overcome together as a family, like those side character arcs in anime, or when you get shocked when someone's past is revealed. Yes we have the main adventure, and I will guide you through this big overarching goal of finding the Vault of Memories, but I enjoy the journey and the "side stops" or little misadventures that occur along the way more. If you feel the same, I greatly encourage you to have a goal, even just a little one, like for money for your character's family, because it just has a tendency to make your character more involved in the story, and that usually leads to them having an important impact to the world.

    As stated in the overview, this goal doesn't have to be the end goal of your character. You can change it, accomplish it early, or have a new one as the campaign progresses. You may not know your character well enough to know their goal, yet, so you have the option of keeping this part of the CS blank at the start. If you want to keep this a secret, that's cool too, you can just send me a private message of your character's real goal.

    SKILLS :
    *Please distribute 12 pts. to the skills below. For starting characters, please distribute up to four points per skill. Maximum skill level = 6. You may also choose to reduce skills up to -2, giving yourself one extra skill point for every one deduction. Maximum extra skill points = 2.
    1. Artisan |Mechromancy machines, forging, counterfeiting, arts, architecture, tailoring, cosmetics, cooking.
    2. Combat |Neutralizing a target, which can be non-lethal, or lethal.
    3. Charm |Persuade, bluff, seduce, trade, sing, instrumental performance, dance, or charming someone by flexing your shiny muscles.
    4. Knowledge |Medicine, alchemy, cook, herbalism, forensics, arcane, enchantment, history, perception, animal handling, navigation, looking for food and shelter in the wilds.
    5. Larceny |Stealth, silent takedown, steal, disable trap or machine, lock-picking.
    6. Survival |Athletics, fortitude, evasion.

    *Divine or Mechromancy?
    Out of many, it was you who was chosen, granted the gift of magic by the Ancients through birth, the coming of age, or ascension. Magic came naturally to you as breathing, allowing you to create your own spells or shape old instinctual ones to your liking. You have no need for spell ingredients, the manna inside you is enough to manifest your magic.​
    Special Ability: Soul Ascension
    Upon defeating an enemy, you can touch it and help its soul move on peacefully, it leaves an essence of its pain and burdens in the form of a crystallized soul fragment that can be used as a replacement for alchemical components.​
    One soul leaves 1 soul fragment, that can replace 1 alchemical component. Alchemical components act as currency and magical crafting materials in the world of Vault Hunters.​
    In Templar controlled lands, this form of natural magic is accepted and encouraged to further the goals of the faction. It is mandatory, for those uncommon individuals gifted with these talents to serve as knights in return for a comfortable life and safe dweling for their families from the harsh wilderness of Leor. It is rumored that underneath the monasteries where young squires train, mysterious rituals are being performed in secret chambers by a shadowed few.​

    Born ordinary, your vast array of magic was acquired through long hours of practice and perseverance, searching for ancient tomes, and studying under masters. With a spell book and a pouch of spell components in hand, you have the potential to learn the lost forbidden magic of the Age of Arcana: unique enchantments, crazy charms, dangerous hexes, and possibly world shattering melding of magic and machine.​
    Special Ability: Soul Forge
    Upon defeating an enemy, you can touch it and draw out its soul crystallizing it into a soul stone that can be used as a replacement for alchemical components.​
    One soul crystallizes into 1 soul stone, that can replace 1 alchemical component. Alchemical components act as currency and magical crafting materials in the world of Vault Hunters.​

    Inscribing a new Spell to your Spellbook:
    Mechromancers are the only magicians who can learn new spells from scrolls by inscribing it in their spellbook (all new Mechromancer characters have a Spellbook and and Spell Component pouch at the start of their story). This spellbook is waterproof and filled with spells you yourself inscribed in runes and sigils uniquely designed to suit your casting style. When inscribing new spells, It takes at least 1 hour and requires 1 pack of Velum Paper and Enchanter's Ink that costs 5 Alchemical.​

    Additional Spell Component Costs:
    Mechromancers use up alchemical components and manna when they cast spells, unlike Divine casters who only need manna.​
    • 0 Mp spells = add 0 alchemical components to the casting.
    • 1 Mp spells = +1
    • 2 Mp spells = +2
    • 3 Mp spells = +3
    • 4 Mp spells = +4
    • 5 Mp spells = +5
    • 6 Mp spells = +6
    In Templar controlled lands, mechromancy, is frowned upon and strictly controlled, as they believe it is the practice of this magic that brought the wrath of the Ancients 600 years ago. Magic of this kind that is available to the public are cleaning potions, medicinal herbs, vials of acid, scrolls of household spells, and magical sweets.

    When it comes to weaponry, manipulative and destructive magic are accessible to those with a "Civy Seal". It is a license for civilians in the form of a magical tattoo that one receives after becoming part of the Templar faction. This tattoo allows Templars to find you and know if you have cast a spell. It also allows them to detect your magic aura and identify it as yours.

    For military grade spells, they require a "Royal Seal" which is only granted to Templar soldiers.

    Of course, you can get destructive magical supplies through illegal means instead of joining the faction.

    - Casting Magic -

    Spellcasting is always heralded by a gesture, the mutterings of incantations, the burning of a spell component, maybe the appearance of an arcane circle, or the glow of eyes or hands. It's not a subtle thing by default, and you have to make a Larceny roll to do it without notice. It also leaves traces that can be spotted by the spell "Detect Magic", and the traces are as complex and unique to each individual as a finger print.
    Healing spells accelerate your body's natural regeneration, and makes wounds look a few weeks older. Smaller cuts vanish entirely, but the spell doesn't make big wounds look like as though it never happened.

    Since it is only natural regeneration, ordinary surgery is still needed to remove arrow heads embedded in the wound, realign broken bones, or reattach severed limbs. Dead characters can be resurrected, but they still need surgery beforehand if they are missing body parts. The kind of corpse that can't be brought back to life are the ones that are decapitated, burned, or missing too many vital organs.

    There are 2 types of abilities: Flavor and Background.

    - Flavor Abilities (Optional) -

    These abilities are the spells, tricks, stunts, or training your character underwent that give a descriptive flavor to the points allotted to your character's six Skills. These are for roleplay and don't affect gameplay beyond a skill roll, nor do they mimic any of the abilities or spells mentioned in the CS. Each of the six Skills above has a number of flavor abilities = number of skill points you placed into that skill.
    Combat Skill level: = 3
    1. "Chain Lightning!" | A streak of crackling blue bolt that jumps from foe to foe, shocking them with lightning.
    2. Rage |You shapeshift into your true form, a giant winged liger from the realm of Jotunheim.
    3. Bounty Hunter | You have turned the hunting of man and monster into an art.

    Knowledge Skill level = 4
    1. Photographic Memory
    2. Unstable Concoction | The bombs you brew may look like a little nudge in the backpack is going to make them explode, but they have more oomph and often accompany explosions with extra effects like growing great handlebar mustaches.
    3. Frost Lace | Every time you cast spells, your magic is edged with swirling snow and crystal ice.
    4. Invention: Ice Cream | The art was lost 600 years ago, but you rediscovered the recipe for this supreme blessed deliciousness.

    As the story moves along, feel free to change these flavor abilities or improve them.

    - Background Abilities -

    Background abilities affect actual dice rolls and game play. For starting characters, pick a background, then choose 1 Background ability under it.

    These Backgrounds are similar to character classes with their abilities under them. Your character's background is permanent, and decides the starting Toughness, Spell Power, Manna, Starting Spells, and Armor type that your character can wear, and some unique perks. Feel free to change the name of the background and have your own flavor descriptions to suit your character, such as changing "Battle Hardened" to "Spell Blade" or "Demon Hunter".

    Things to know:
    1. Toughness = What opponents attempt to overcome with their combat roll to damage your character. When they roll equal or higher than your Toughness, you take 1 damage. In this campaign, you only have 3 Health in the form of the following: Fresh ->Bruised ->Bloodied. After Bloodied, is Incapacitated, where your character becomes unconscious and dying.
    2. Armor = Adds to Toughness and can be upgraded. Check out the Shop.
    3. Spells = Optional. Some useful low level spells that become more powerful the higher your Knowledge is. They are found on the Spells tab after "Level Up".
    4. Manna (Mp) = The magical energy that fuels all your spells and background abilities.
    5. Spell Power = What opponents attempt to overcome with their resist rolls to get rid of the effects of your spell or avoid it.


      • Glory Kill
        When fighting with a favored weapon, you have +1 Critical Strike. At a critical hit, after you write a blow by blow account of how your character dealt the blow like an action movie star, you heal 1 Hp at the end of your turn.
      • Overwhelming
        When fighting with a favored weapon or attacking an unaware creature, you can use your Minor Action to make a second attack (Cost: Passive), or make 1 extra attack after you defeat a target (Cost: 1 Mp).
      • Interrogator
        Make either a Charm or Combat roll to persuade or intimidate a person. When successful, they cannot lie in your presence. You can also tell after observing a person whose been socializing for ten minutes, if they are more susceptible to bribes, charming advances, a sad story, honest persuasion, or intimidation. And if they are more perceptive than you.

        In battle, you can make a Combat roll to "Frighten" all enemies within a small area of you (Cost. 1 Mp). When successful, those who are frightened have -4 to rolls, cannot willingly move closer towards you, have Friendly fire on for area attacks, and when failing to hit you with a single target attack, their attack has a chance to hit a random ally within range. Frightened opponents who overcome their fear are immune to the source for the next 24 hours.
      • Pathfinder
        You and one buddy following your lead automatically travel safely through wilderness that have a Travel DC equal or less than = 12+ Knowledge.
      • Toughness: 12 | Armor: Any | Spell Power: 10 | Manna: 2 | Spells (optional): Knowledge | Favored Weapons: 2
    Please pick two weapon types your character has trained in over the years. Weapon types are categorized according to effect, instead of form. There can be a sword that is Light, such as a rapier, or a sword that is Ranged, such as a gunsword. For favored weapons.
    1. Heavy
      Two-handed | Weight 2
      "Cleave". Once per turn, you can make an area attack with -2 to hit, to damage a number of foes = Combat that are clustered around you. Two-handed.
    2. Light
      +1 crit | One-handed | Weight 1
      Can be "Dual-wielded" when you equip a second light weapon in your off-hand, allowing you to make an extra attack, giving all your attacks -1 hit. No penalty when making only one attack.
    3. Mage
      Attack range: 2 | Spell Casting Range: +2 | One-handed | Weight 1
      Your afflictions penalize targets by an additional -1 and last 1 round longer.
    4. Ranged
      Attack range: 4 | Two handed | Weight 2
      You may use a minor action to "Aim", giving you -1 Toughness, but +2 to hit on your next attack. You have -2 to attack rolls when melee attackers are engaged with you. Uses 1 ammunition per attack.
      • Fast!
        You can use a minor action to completely avoid 1 attack, restraints, or immobilizing affliction that you are aware of (Cost: 1 Mp). You and 1 ally near you have +1 Movement speed (Cost: Passive)
      • Assassinate
        When equipped with non-heavy and non-mage weapons, your Sneak Attacks deal +1 damage, and you may choose to immediately "Hide" again after sneak attacking. (Cost: 1 Mp)
      • Shady Pastime
        You can appraise the true value of items that you can observe clearly for 6 seconds within a small area that have an Identify DC equal or less than = DC12+ Artisan. Upon closer inspection, you can learn who or where it was made, what it is made of, and if it is fake.

        You can also automatically pick locks and disable traps you studied for 6 seconds, and successfully steal objects you can see that are within 5 ft. of you that have a DC equal to or less than = 12+ Larceny. If this object can be easily hidden in your person, no one will notice the theft. When relying on these passive stealing abilities, you are free to aid one buddy you can communicate with, giving him or her an advantage to their roll.
      • Saboteur
        You have a passive stealth = 12+ Larceny, and give advantage to 1 ally near you who is also trying to be sneaky.
      • Toughness: 10 | Armor: Light | Spell Power: 10 | Manna: 3 | Spells (optional): Knowledge Skill
      • Relentless Endurance
        When equipped with a shield, enemies have disadvantage to their attack rolls towards you. Once after every long rest, the moment you are incapacitated, you get back up with 1 Hp (at level 4, you can do this twice after every long rest).
      • Knight in Shining Armor
        You can protect allies more by taking 2 attacks instead of one in their place when performing the minor action "Save" (Cost: 1 Mp). When you "Save" an ally, you gain advantage on your next attack against the attacker (Cost: Passive).
      • Connections
        In every settlement, create only 1 of the following: safe lodging with an alias, a safe passage in and out, safe transport from outside the settlement to the next nearest settlement, a clean up crew and false witnesses who will give alibis for 1 of your crimes or you party's crimes. Each has a DC22 of being discovered or breached, and can be used once a week. These people you have connections with will ask for something in return someday for their services.
      • Alert
        You have a passive perception = 12+Knowledge to notice clues to ambushes, traps, hidden objects, disguises, and spotting lies. While doing any of these actions you can give advantage to 1 ally near you who is doing the same thing
      • Toughness: 14 | Armor: Any | Spell Power: 12 | Manna: 2 | Spells (optional): Knowledge Skill
      • Resurrect
        Revive a character that has been dead for no longer than a day. Revive DC = 10 (Cost: 1 Mp, 1 Phoenix Down). At level four, you can revive a character that has been dead for no longer than 2 days.

        Before you make the Resurrection Roll, player characters can help by offering a DC10 skill roll such as saying meaningful words to the dead character (Charm), helping with spellcasting (Knowledge), or offering something that you made (Artisan), etc. Each successful roll reduces the DC by -2, failure increases it by +1.
      • Wings
        Use a minor action to sprout wings. Your ability to fly gives you advantage and +4 to strength and escape rolls, and allow you to carry four times as much. You can use a minor action to lift 4 people and move them away. You also have +2 battle movement and a traveling speed =6. Wings lasts for a number of hours = Character level or Knowledge (Cost: 1 Mp).

      • Healer's Apprenticeship
        +4 to rolls to heal, resist ailments, and dispel magic. You can craft Trauma Kits without a crockpot and toolkit. And if you do have those tools you finish crafting in 8 hours.

        You can use a Trauma kit as a minor action and give your patient one additional effect from the following: Heal +1 Hp, -1 Affliction, Move as a free action for 1 round (Cost: Passive). In using the Trauma kit, you can use a mage or ranged weapon to fire a magical healing dart at an ally far away (Cost: 1 Mp)

      • Tranquil Dreams
        Once a day, during a long rest, if you successfully make a DC12 roll to do something soothing for your friends such as cook a hearty meal or play your violin for them, each gain one benefit of their choice that lasts for twelve hours after the long rest: +4 to Resist rolls, condition points restore 2 health or manna, reduce sickness or fracture duration by 1 day, ignore the first 2 pts. of exhaustion, ignore the first 2 points worth of manna cost of a spell or skill. Does not stack with other Tranquil Dreams effects
      • Toughness: 14 | Armor: Any | Spell Power: 12 | Manna: 3 | Spells (optional): Knowledge Skill
      • Spell Slinger
        Spell range +1 Area, at Level 4 this becomes +2 Areas. +2 Manna every character level.
      • Battlefield Control
        Without dealing damage or incurring friendly fire, afflict all enemies in 1 small area within your spell range (Cost: 2 Mp). OR without adding afflictions, you can deal 1 damage to all enemies in 1 small area within you spell range (Cost: 2 Mp).
      • Jury-Rigger
        You can jury-rig a short-lived version of an item at half it's crafting cost and half the time. Also, you and one ally following your lead can craft, research, forage food and alchemical components, or mine metal during your long rest and still get the benefits of relaxation.
      • Monster Hunter
        When hunting or foraging, you and a buddy following your leadership gain more = Survival OR Knowledge OR Artisan, whichever is highest. When rolling the hunting exposure dice, both of you roll twice and get the lowest result.
      • Toughness: 10 | Armor: None | Spell Power: 14 | Manna: 4 | Spells (optional): 2 + Knowledge Skill
      • Dimension Door
        Use a major action to quietly teleport and bring 1 creature of the same size with you or smaller to a known location at most 1 football field away (cost: 1 Mp). When bringing a creature with you, you have to touch them and they have to be either willing, unconscious, or stunned. Dimension door can also be used to avoid a blow you are aware of if you had not used your major action this round.
      • Doppleganger
        Shapeshift your appearance and voice into a creature of a similar type as you that you've studied for a week. Giving you +2 to all deception rolls and Spell Power of your disguise for every week you studied the creature. Maximum of +10 to all deception rolls if you studied the creature for a month. You can automatically become a doppleganger of companions you've traveled with for the same amount of time.
      • Modify Memory
        Make a Knowledge roll against the Spell Power of a creature you can see, and captivate it, making it unaware of its surroundings except you. Speak to it in a language it understands and rewrite a 10 minute memory that happened 24 hours ago. You can use this spell once per creature. At level 2, you can rewrite a memory that happened 7 days ago, at level 4 a month ago, at level 6 a year ago.
      • Traps
        During battle, if anyone you are aware of approaches you within a small area, use a minor action to make a combat roll and spring a trap that inflicts "stun", which you can visually style (cost: 1 trap in your inventory). Out of battle, you can set up traps that inflict stun when a creature steps inside the small area you trapped (cost:1 trap in your inventory). Stun lasts for a number of rounds = Knowledge.
        Resist: Survival roll. Starting on the next round, the stunned creature can spend a minor action to try and shake off the stun every round. Failure means they don't get a major action and lose their turn again. Success means they can immediately act this round with their major action.
      • Toughness: 10 | Armor: Light | Spell Power: 14 | Manna: 4 | Spells (optional): Knowledge Skill

    SEMBLANCE (optional):
    *Unique ability available at level 3.

    PERSONA (optional):
    Please write a day in the life of your character, where he or she is the star. This will help us get to know your character and understand what they're about. Please put this under a spoiler code or anything that hides it if it becomes more than a paragraph long.

    NOTES (optional):
    *Loved ones, enemies, a hometown, a faction you belong to, etc.

    *Additional information on your character's race, personality, background, your pet, a memento, where your character lives, etc. Feel free to world build.
    Please pick a number of starting languages for your character = Knowledge Skill level. Everyone knows Common by default, so you do not need to pick it, though you are also free to have a character not know Common, and so can pick 1 more language your character knows.

    1. Common | Embraces the everyday languages that originated from the runes of the floating obelisk 600 years ago.
    2. Purrsian | The second most common language in The Dust, Scorched Wastes, and Arid Badlands. This was spread by the merchant cat-folk of the desert and is a mix of common and ancient hieroglyphics unearthed from buried pyramids, temple sand stones and papyrus scrolls from the times of the anubis pharaohs more 600 years ago, and teachings with their long-lived sphinx guardians. The names of the stars and our alchemical symbols originated from the Purrsians. The magic circles of time spells and astrological enchantments are drawn in their beautiful script.
    3. Sindarin | Encompasses all the fragmented elvish dialects recovered from 600 years of study of ancient tomes written in the original elven language Quenya. There are three common Sindarin dialects: Ssamath used by Drows and demons, Eltharin used by Wood Elves and forest spirits, and Elven the slang term for the mix of Eltharin and the common languages used by wandering elves, or half-elves that live among men.
    4. Black Speech | These are the languages of demons and evil spirits. Their runes are found in the spell books of witches and wizards under demon pacts, remains of bloody rituals in hidden chambers, and as terrifying symbols of dark worship. It is the language of the Badlands, necromancers, old ones that dwell in the ocean depths, their ominous fish-like children, and teenagers who think it's cool.
    5. Gobblegook | A harsh and guttural language with a lot of grunts, growls, gleeful shrieking, and partially written in pictograms. Spread by goblin hordes, this is the common language of giants, barbaric mountain tribes, werewolf packs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and monsters that live underground or mountainous regions, who don't usually write or read. It has two common dialects: Ork used by orc clans that can "write them" through knots or stone beaded strings, and Taur-ahe used by peaceful Tauren tribes that is popular for their beautiful geometric pictograms and carved into totems and embroidered into their clothes.
    6. Nazja | A form of communication that is hard for those who do not have a tail nor fins. Said to be taught by Leviathan herself, it is a branch of Black Speech and Eltharin that has evolved over time and become it's own speech. It is a melodious language pleasant to the ears, and is used by naga, sea serpents, most dragons, mere-folk, and nomads or lake-sea-shore settlements that have a kinship with these water dwellers. Nazja has been popularized by stories of sailors wooed by sirens, and involves a lot of expressive tail gestures. Most popular of these gestures are romantic ones spread by novels, such as wrapping the tail around the ankle as a sign of deep affection and protectiveness, or a happy backwards curl with energetic fin flapping that is a sign of bubbly giddiness.
    7. Thieves Cant | Reading lips, hand signals, Ciphers and codes used by criminals. It is ever changing, with each underworld organization having its own secret script, but one familiar with thieves cant has +10 to all rolls deciphering them.
    8. Ancient Languages | When man went to war with the Ancients 600 years ago, the Ancients took away their memories and confounded all the languages of the nations. These languages are cursed to be difficult to understand, yet they hold all the powerful knowledge of the Age of Arcana. All the ruins and artifacts of that bygone age are written in these cursed languages, but those who've spent years studying them have +4 to all rolls deciphering what they mean.

    Feel free to make your own language not in this list, and add it to the number of languages your character knows (This doesn't use up the limited number of languages they know according to Knowledge Skill level, since this is just for roleplay flavor). It can be the dialect of their hometown that you made up, or childhood code words, anything. Feel free to world build. The languages mentioned here are just the well known ones that our characters will encounter in the campaign.

Announcements: Please tag me when you're done with your character sheet and I'll look it over. After it has been accepted, feel free to start posting. As always, if you have questions, tag me in the Café or send me a private message.
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Moss New


Haiku Hitman
- Moss Adamaris -
"The Landlocked Merman "


    After being banished from the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis for stealing his royal inheritance with his friends, squandering it in another kingdom and accidentally reigniting a dormant war, Prince Moss' three closest friends, who were spared from punishment, secretly sought him out even though it was forbidden, and they were caught.

    For this, they were banished along with him, sharing his judgement: a binding curse that prevented them from becoming mermen, and barred them from passing through the sunken Pillars of Hercules, a rift in the ocean that lead to Atlantis, their home.

    For ten years they begged, prayed, performed good deeds for the mermen that lived outside in Leor all to be accepted back home where they can finally be reunited with loved ones, but the mighty currents flowing from the rift always pushed them away, and they have tried all manner of magic to swim against it.

    Now, Moss is distressed, seeing his unhappy friends waste away from homesickness after having given up on trying to get back to their families, and worse of all their friendship is broken from all the blame they've put on each other. They mean the world to him, even though they don't like him now, and will do anything to make things right between them again.

    1. Artisan | 3
    2. Combat | 3
    3. Charm |
    4. Knowledge | 3
    5. Larceny | 4
    6. Survival | 3

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Roleplay Skittle

Eternally Awkward
- Sassafras Jenkins -
"The Military Brat"​

  • NAME: Sassafras Jenkins

    TITLE: The Military Brat, Troublemaker


    DESIRE: In a word, freedom. Sassy hates the idea of only those born with magic being allowed to use it while others are condemned for the desire to use it. She hates the Templars even more for believing themselves to be the ones that get to decide who is allowed to use magic.

    Of course she understands the cost that Humanity once paid, but she also believes that those born with magic are just as likely to cause something irreversible as those born without, just as much as there are as many good people born with magic as there are born without.

    As long as history isn’t allowed to repeat itself, Sassy believes that finding forbidden magic will be for the benefit of all, and more importantly will put those forced into hiding on level ground with the Templars.


    Artisan | 2
    Combat | 3
    Charm | 5
    Knowledge | 2
    Larceny | 3
    Survival | 1

    MAGIC CLASS: Divine - Residual blessing from her mother
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Silly artist


- Isa Bianchi -
“Candy Fiend”



    Isa’s main goal is to find his uncle. He disappeared after hearing rumors and hints of this ‘forbidden magic’, leaving a young teen Isa to fend for himself. He doesn’t know why his uncle is so desperate to find this magic nor does he care. But he does care that the sender of his own letter is the same sender that sent a letter to his uncle months before.

    Isa hopes that his uncle will come to him, so he can get what was stolen from him, back!

    - Black Speech
    These are the languages of demons and evil spirits. Their runes are found in the spell books of witches and wizards under demon pacts, remains of bloody rituals in hidden chambers, and as terrifying symbols of dark worship. It is the language of the Badlands, necromancers, old ones that dwell in the ocean depths, their ominous fish-like children, and teenagers who think it's cool.

    - Thieves Cant
    Ciphers and codes used by criminals. It is ever changing, with each underworld organization having its own secret script, but one familiar with thieves cant has +10 to all rolls deciphering them.

    - Ancient Languages
    When man went to war with the Ancients 600 years ago, the Ancients took away their memories and confounded all the languages of the nations. These languages are cursed to be difficult to understand, yet they hold all the powerful knowledge of the Age of Arcana. All the ruins and artifacts of that bygone age are written in these cursed languages, but those who've spent years studying them have +4 to all rolls deciphering what they mean.


    Artisan | 3
    Combat | 2
    Charm | 3
    Knowledge | 5
    Larceny | 2
    Survival | 1

    Divine. Isa believes in Loki, the god of illusions. He uses fire to help create said illusions. The deity’s symbol is a three eyes, two closed and one open to symbolize the third eye within the subconscious. Loki is said to grant special abilities to those who dedicate their lives to his cause and speak through their dreams.

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probably from space
Vidya Kay the Basilisk

Vidya kay painted.jpg

  • Description
    Vidya is willowy, has dark skin and long dark hair kept in a braid. Her eyes are very blue and she is fashionable in her own way, having a scavenger punker look; As if a fae lord fell into a goodwill in the 1840s and discovered punk rock. She is half elvish and her long ears are pierced and much of her jewelry is scavenged and from her mothers long dead culture.

    Vidya often presents herself as an archeologist and this is only half a lie. She is also an explorer, a thief and a general scoundrel just doing her best to get by. She and her partner Magni are a powerful duo, reckless and fool hardy and successful, in turns the pair found and sold ancient scrap to scientist, gawkers and mechromancers alike. They were however far from invincible and met a bad end after they were hired by a mysterious benefactor to enter the badlands with a map of supposedly ancient origins. Magni was left crystallized in a ever growing pink crystal that also took Vidya's left arm. So now Vidya seeks vengeance on their previous employer and to restore Magni- ze can't possible be dead just crystallized, right? Right. So even if Magni were not in dire straights finding the vault of memories would be to her interests and skill set. It's important to note that Magni is the powerhouse of the duo, a swords person of incredible speed, grace and charm and Vidya will often get herself in to trouble forgetting ze is not there to back her up!

    There were few who still called the city home after it fell, and even dragging a heavy cargo into the ruins had not attracted as much attention as she feared. There was little left to scavenge and so few inhabitants these days. The floating city had once boasted luxuries that Vidya half did not believe that relied on magics and technologies that were long gone. The city now languished horizontally, with its spires shadowing the plains at oblique angles. The position did not lend itself for comfortable living, and had been her chief complaint growing up.

    To be home again felt strange.To be here in the warm cluttered burrow of her mother's holding was familiar and cluasterphobic and the haphazard interior of her childhood room was filled with trinkets and salvage and dried herbs, her mother having converted her room into something of a large closest in her absence. The Witch's hideout was perched at the farthest edge of what had once been a spire and looked out over the plains where a thunderstorm boomed and wrecked havacoc. And Vidya sat with tea to watch it roll in, some of her mother's good strong dandelion brew. The window is panoramic and wide, having once been tall and narrow and the dull glow of the badlands lighting up the storm in front of her isn't offering the comfort a sight like that should. Or at least always did.

    She needed to get moving.

    The feeling that had always been with her, even when she was small. The need to do something anything. But for the first time it really felt like everything had ground to a shrieking terrible halt. A stale mate in a checkers game of life. The Queen of Hearts had done her dirty, the map her employer and patron had provided had walked her directly into one of the most horrifying curses she'd ever seen. And she had cracked open many ancient holdings and shrines and seen some things. The Queen of Hearts had always been fair and paid well, for years. But now. Every thing was wrong and all her ideas and all the letters and favors she'd sent out were coming back with no. No cure. No trace. No options.

    She still wasn't sure if Magni was dead or alive. And as he mind moved towards that question she tightened the grip on her old earthenware mug. It was such a big mug, the kind that fit best in two hands, but her left was useless trapped in a casing of pink brittle crystal. The irony of her troubles weighed on her, she hadn't earned the name basilisk for nothing and her uncanny ability to petrify others seemed laughable now that she was plague with the same in crystal form.

    She had to get moving.

    If her mother couldn't break this curse, she'd have to find some one that could. And then when it was broken she'd have to see the Queen of Hearts paid a visit.

    She got ready for the day, with her boots and big leather jacket- the one she was known for with a magpie winged basalisk on the back and studs. She struggled one handed to do her hair and fix her jewelry. Even with her newly learned mage hand spell she lacks he dexterity to do anything nice or easily.

    In her mothers workshop the crystal she had dragged back from the badlands was propped in the corner and inside it was Magni. Zer face locked in the same look of confusion that had been vidyas only cue that something was wrong. Beutiful unstopable Magni, the glaive ze held was ornate and feather decorated, and zer shaved haed was covered with tattooes that went all the way down zer sides and arms. All the ferocity contained in zer could not save zer from the crystallization, and Vidya's own ability to dispel magic had not been enough. Not even her mothers ability to heal or any of her books had yet to free zer from the crystal and as each day mumbled along since Vidya had arrived home the less she found that she could even look at Magni. The emotion was hot and she didn't want to sit with it. She did not feel guilt. But she was not sure if she needed to grieve yet and her propensity for optimism meant she consciously avoided that outcome.

    “Vidya,” Said her mother.

    “Mmm?” She said coming away from the crystal and her lover. Trying to pretend suaveness and that she had not been brooding in the slightest.

    “I've got something for you,” She said. Tove was old. A little old lady with vitalago, thick white braids coiled upon her hair and long almost bat like ears with gauges large as Vidya's fist. Viday came to her at the table, surrounded with tools and ingredients she had no head for and took the letter.

    She read it quickly, being a voracious and speedy reader.

    “Oh,” She said aloud. She had not expected such a response from the tentative questions and appeals she had made to her various network of illegal buyers seller and makers of magical things. “OH!” she said again with a glee that made her mother look relieved for a moment and then deeply concerned.


    “Don't worry ma, I have a plan.”

    “That's my least favorite word in your mouth.”

    “Don't worry?”

    “No; plan. What could you possibly be up to now?”

    “I have to go meet a friend. They might be able to help me,” She said gesturing at her hand and then at Magni, “And if we succeed we'll do much more than just that. Much. Much more.”

    “Such confidence,” Tove said wryly, in a way that was meant to sting. But Vidya had always been like this, a force of nature powered by her own ambitions.

    Vidya smiled, “You'll see.”

    Tove smiled back because Vidya was young and in love and had not smiled since she had come home.

    “Mind how you go darling,” She said, because the world was big and old and dangerous. She leaned up to give her grown daughter a small kiss on the forehead and said an old word. She'd suspected this would happen the moment the messenger had handed her the letter, recognizing the simile spell on the seal form her own clandestine communications with other less templar approved sages.

    “I will, Ma,” Vidya told her. Because Vidya was certain she too was going to live for a long time despite living her life like she was only here for a good time.

    Vidya stopped and pointed at Magni sill locked in the crystal, “Don't do anything Stupid while I'm gone,” she demanded and then hastily began to pack as Tove chuckled.

    She stopped, at the mouth of the trap door that lead out of the witches hideout, "Wish me luck!"

    "You don't need luck, so I'll wish you sense," Tove said blowing across her palm as one might a kiss.

    Vidya reached up and pretended to grab it, "I take what I can get!" and then she was gone, repelling down to the plains to face the storm, to find the vault of memories, to fix her hand, to fix Magni- to make a world where she would never have to worry that the Templars would someday find out her mother's hobbies.

    Magni- This is Vidya's partner in life and crime. Ze is a non binary swordsman and they are obnoxiously in love and up to no good at any given time. Vidya is definitely the master mind of the pair but frequently needing Magni to reign in her ambitions. They become more likely to do something stupid together and share only one braincell, however they function extremely well as a team and get much farther together in their endeavors than they ever could on their own.

    Tove Kay-Is a known witch living in the wreckage of the floating city she was born in. she is extremely old, augmented, and capable of powerful divine healing magics; none of which Vidya inherited. Vidya is her daughter, she left her mothers lair when she was old enough to as she lacked the dedications and natural affinity for magic required to apprentice with her. Her knowledge and curiosity on the mater remains and her mother is usually the first person she will ask about strange artifacts. Magni is currently stored there and Tove was able to make little progress on a cure. Tove is also in possession of a small library of magical tomes that she guards on behalf of magicians long gone- Vidya does not know about these or she would have stolen them already.

    Notes: Vidya's left arm is crystallized from the same incident that locked Magni up whole.
    Magni is nonbinary and I really like to use ze/zer for zer pronouns. They/them is also good if you struggle with ze/zer!
    Trying out this character with a different gender from how I usually play; Girl Han Solo here we come.

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Roleplay Skittle

Eternally Awkward
glasses edit courtesy of AgWordSmith AgWordSmith
- Maximillian Bonaparte -
"One in a Million"
"The White Knight"​

  • NAME: Maximillian Bonaparte

    TITLE: One in a Million, The White Knight

    White Knight: 2

    DESIRE: The world is not a safe place. Max understands this is well as anyone if not better and he wants to make the world a safer place so that no other children are orphaned as he was.

    There can be no safety without change and it is Max’s hope that while he is not particularly magically inclined, he might be able to help others with more magical talent gain the ability to bring about that change.

    Max hopes that bringing proof that there can be change if only humanity will put aside their differences and their beliefs, they can create the safety they have long been in need of and work together to assure their own survival as well as preservation of the planet itself.


    Artisan | 3
    Combat | 5
    Charm | 3
    Knowledge | 1
    Larceny | 0
    Survival | 4

    MAGIC CLASS: Mechromancy
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Silly artist
- Wild Flower -
“Tough Chubby Bunny”


    DESIRE: To have a home.

    1. Gobblegook | A harsh and guttural language with a lot of grunts, growls, gleeful shrieking, and partially written in pictograms. Spread by goblin hordes, this is the common language of giants, barbaric mountain tribes, werewolf packs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and monsters that live underground or mountainous regions, who don't usually write or read. It has two common dialects: Ork used by orc clans that can "write them" through knots or stone beaded strings, and Taur-ahe used by peaceful Tauren tribes that is popular for their beautiful geometric pictograms and carved into totems and embroidered into their clothes.
    2. Animus speak | Basically animal sounds and behavior but in a pattern. There’s a common ground of sounds and scents between each beastman and each one understands it. Example: shrieks, whimpers are for help. Howling is to let another creature know you’re there. Stink glands rubbed on tree bark is letting someone know that the visitor is invading their territory.


    Artisan | 2
    Combat | 4
    Charm | 3
    Knowledge | 1
    Larceny | 3
    Survival | 3

    MAGIC CLASS: Divine from being an animus.

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Behind that Crazy Premise

- Vergilix Jonquil -
"Doctor Yellow Jacket"


    DESIRE: Find a cure for the disease that ruined his families homeland. Magic may have been the cause, but that means it could be the answer too. Only this way he will find redemption for setting it loose in the first place.

    SKILLS :
    1. Artisan |2
    2. Combat |1
    3. Charm | 1
    4. Knowledge |4
    5. Larceny | 1
    6. Survival |3

    MAGIC CLASS: Mechromancy
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    She has olive skin with a thin scar across her left eye and chain marks around her wrists and neck. She has a small birth mark under the right side of her jaw. She has a long sharp tongue. Her hair is dyed a dark navy blue, her original hair color was dark brown. Her hair reaches just below her shoulders. She usually wears her hair in a half up half down hairstyle. She is 5’2 and 112 lbs. She wears a bright green plaid scarf around her neck. Other than the scarf she frequently wears dark clothes or neutral colors. Her facial appearance looks a mix of Asian and Spanish. She has nails that grow from the tips of her fingers and harden into blackened claw like nails. Some flesh on her rib cage is missing, showing most of it off. She is seen as emaciated, making her nearly hungry at all times.


    Dakota Kaluma Gonzalez.




    Level 1.


    Artisan- 1

    Combat- 2

    Charm- 3

    Knowledge- 2

    Larceny- 3

    Survival- 1


    She had wendigo blood in her. She is not a full wendigo since her dad was a human, so she does not have all the powers or looks a wendigo does.


    When she was younger, she didn’t know how to control her hunger properly so she ate her father. Her mother punished her by chaining her up for years. She especially loves sour sweets/food or sour drinks.
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