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Vault Hunters (CLOSED)

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    counterplay-games-chapter-17-the-ascension-of-emperor-sargos-3-2-1600-logo.jpg- Vault Hunters -

    Hey Vault Hunter,

    Apologies for all the dangerous risks and inconveniences you had to go through to get this letter. One can't be too careful these days, with all the witch burnings, mage slayers in disguise asking questions and raiding forts with all the authority of the Templars. I hope this letter finds you well, friend, and that your loved ones are safe from this purge.

    As promised, here is the date and address of our meeting: 13th of December, The Gentleman's tavern in the fortress of Sanctuary. It's the tavern closest to the ruins of Fell Thalas. And yes, you read that right, Sanctuary, that wonderfully stubborn haven for the truly free. You may have heard of it as a lawless black market overrun with thieves and scoundrels, but I assure you the Templars don't have a hold there, so it's safe for us. And you will be safe from the locals, just prepare a hefty toll to pay at the gate, don't dress rich, and when the gate keepers ask you who you know, show them the insignia on the letter. You can't see it right now, but I'm sure that someone with your magical prowess can make it appear.

    Unfortunately, I cannot tell you who I am again. I know I promised, but the last two letters were intercepted, I don't know by who, but someone is on to us. So, you don't need to send me a reply. I won't be using the last address I gave you anymore, neither will I be receiving any more letters. Instead, I'll find you in the tavern, alright? I will be waiting there for a week at most, and then I'll be gone.

    I do hope that you can make it. Just be careful and don't be followed, and you'll be alright. I look forward to working with you, friend, and I promise that when we meet, this time I'll tell you what I know. Also, to be honest, I researched you and I found the stories you told me of your skills and exploits to be true. My trust in you grows, and I believe that together we can make what people said was impossible possible, and find the Vault of Memories. We'll gain the knowledge to make our dreams come true.



    • - Overview -

      Welcome to Vault Hunters! An action and exploration campaign in a post-apocalyptic Final Fantasy-ish setting, with the dangers of Borderlands and the looming threat of a huge cult that dominates the land, that hunts witches and wizards who dabble in Mechromancy, the melding of magic and machine, which happens to be what your character is interested in. This is the background of the story:

      "The vast wilderness of Leor sits among the solemn ruins of the Age of Arcana. An era where flying cities soared across the skies, and travelers walked through streets paved in emeralds and rubies, thrumming with magic. Men lived for a long time, exchanging their aging parts for unyielding metal and clockwork hearts. Such was their mastery of magic that they could even bend time and tear holes in reality, crossing otherworldly realms for conquest, and bringing back strange creatures and wonderful gifts.

      But it wasn't enough, man's heart had always been plagued by an insatiable greed, and in their arrogance they challenged the Ancients for their homes and their power. This was 600 years ago. They lost the war, they lost their memories, they loss the first languages, and all that's left of them are their crumbling cities, ancient artifacts and tomes that we can't read. Now the weather in Leor rages, a reminder of the anger of the Ancients, as the remnants of their divine creations, the goliaths, colossal monsters that roam the land, keep the remaining dwindling population of man humble.

      Now we struggle and fight each other to survive in this harsh land. One faction is rising, close to taming and making this wilderness civilized: The Templars, fervent worshipers of the Ancients with over ten thousand followers who've vowed to not let history repeat itself. They forbid all magic that is not natural or divine and seek out to destroy the heretics who seek the knowledge of the Arcana."

      Us heretics, in fact. In this campaign our characters are seeking this forbidden magic. Be it as simple as to provide a better life for our loved ones, as mysterious as understanding what this talking floating crystal heart is that shot out of a portal that just appeared out of the blue, or as intriguing as looking for a way to create the Philosopher's stone to give to the dying emperor, your father, so that out of all your siblings, you will be the heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Whatever the reason, your search has led you to L, a wanted man infamous for deciphering and leaking out the knowledge about the Vault of Memories, where rumors say is where all the lost knowledge of that prosperous era was hidden away by the Ancients.

    Announcements: Hello, everyone, this campaign is ending soon and is no longer accepting new players.

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