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Futuristic V For Violence - A Cyberpunk Semi-Sandbox Interest Check

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Cyberpunk, Dystopian


Aspiring Lich
v for violence.jpg

Welcome to the future, where it's always raining and the cities are bathed in neon.

Paradise City. Most certainly a name of false advertisement. Rain is nigh-constant, and the only deviation is when it gets a bit more acidic then usual. Don't forget your polytetrafluoroethylene umbrella. Smog fills the skies. Beyond the walls of the massive city is miles of wasteland, filled with robotic law enforcers getting trashed around by merciless raiders, genetically mutated monstrosities, destructive sand-storms, and potent acidic mists that occur near the various acid lakes. Be wary of acid puddles, as well. The inside of Paradise city has less natural things to worry about. Poverty. Violent gangs. A violently enforced hierarchy of corporate entities and their own cold-wars against each other. If that wasn't enough, the various sports, especially illegal underground ones, are quite popular. Perhaps you might enjoy pitting mutated aberrations against each other in a bloody battle to the death in Biowars, a very much less legal version of Robowars, an iconic sport of the era, where cybernetic avatars of players bash each other's circuits out. Good money lies in both, and so does major risk. Cybernetic enhancements are quite popular among the populace, and the Black Market allows for circulation of cheaper basic modifications, and more available modifications technically only legal among military personnel.

The year is 2069. Your average joe lives in an apartment in one of the megacomplex buildings that blot out the sun in Paradise City, monumental buildings that stretch far into the sky, housing numerous housings, shops, and small work-space facilities for local businesses. The elite live in what are known as "Floating Gardens", entire estates built upon aerial structures that stay afloat through a combination of magnetic power and lighter-than-air substances, and are given the luxury of owning what little natural pleasantries the earth has left. Pollution and war has ravaged the world over the years, and human society has deteriorated along with it save for the advancements in technological science, though this has largely been advanced out of means of weaponry. However, the world is at relative peace, albeit this peace is only skin-deep, based solely on the prospects of setting sights on a new inhabitable world.

Throughout the more recent years of human history, science has been developed for more violent means, and the scraps of what advancements have been made were offered to the populace. This has almost completely been comprised of the merging of man and machine, though one of the newer advancements has been genetic altering, which, other than very mild appearance altering applications, and various drugs, has been kept within military confines and illegal for civilians to possess. The advancements in biological sciences has allowed for animals to be mutated and weaponized, and thanks to the Black Market, these mutated animals have been sold as exotic pets, or, more commonly, for the underground sport of Biowars, in which, as previously stated, two mutated animals battle to the death. Underground syndicates have recently been evolving the sport itself by experimenting in means of direct control of the genetically altered creatures.

It is important to note that the people of Paradise City [as well as the people of various other bastion cities dotting the Earth], are indeed aware of the corporations that have dominated the world and caused its massive deterioration. And while many do nothing more than hope for a better future, some take action. Though there are those who simply protest vocally, it has been made keenly aware this does absolutely nothing. Thus, a few underground syndicates have been formed to make things easier for the populace, be it mere vigilantes, or those who feed those who cannot feed themselves. However, one group has offered a more direct, and rather violent approach: The Red Eyes. The Red Eyes are a group of insurgents that often clash directly with corporations through various and violent means, such as bombings and assassinations, and as a result, are often targeted themselves by said corporations and their enforcers. The Leader of the Red Eyes, an anonymous individual known as Voltaire, or, more commonly, simply V, is rumoured to have terminated executives of companies such as Olympus International, a corporation mostly known for the introduction of megacomplexes, and primarily dealing with property businesses and the manufacturing of building materials, also known for its long standing alliance with Jupiter Technologies, a weapons corporation rumored to be responsible for many of the genetic weapons that gave rise to the underground sport of Biowars.

The Black Market primarily consists of criminal syndicates that hijack goods from corporation transports, as well as some individuals who create technology of their own, typically back-alley medicals known as ripper-docs, though actual professionals often find a side-job developing tools for the Black Market on the side, though they are much less common, and are often met with suspicion due to the very likely possibility of working under corporations to organize busts. There are four major gangs that dominate the Black Market due to specializing in one of four major trades: The Brightbugs specialize in body modifications, themselves often having extensive modifications that leave little semblance to actual humans, and are commonly identified through use of specific luminescent modifications that give them their name. The Homunculi specialize in the trade if Biowars animals, as well as much of the drug-trade, especially illegal genetic-altering drugs often used by those in various sports [i.e. the drug known as Kick-Up is often used to offer an extreme adrenaline boost]. The Four Corner gang is known for its trades in various computer technology and information, comprised of skilled hackers, engineers, and ripper-docs. They are also known for frequently trading with the Brightbugs due to making their own body mods, as well as working with corporation technology. Lastly are the Match Sticks, specializing in general weapons and ammunition trades, and are frequently appealed to due to their extensive and vast arsenal of guns, bombs, and weaponized robotics, and do often work with the Four Corner gang. It is rumored that one of their high ranking members is also with the Red Eyes.

So, that's a pretty basic rundown of the setting of my intended RP. Although it's certainly not going to be a dice RP, I am considering the creation of characters utilizing an RPG type system, not only to make sure things don't get out of hand during character creations, but more-so to add a little spice for actually creating characters. Beyond that, while I do plan on giving a general narrative for the RP, I also plan on giving a lot of general freedom during the actual RP, primarily only confining players using the natural elements of the setting and such things, while players and their characters just do whatever, though the narrative of the RP will most certainly affect your characters, regardless of whether or not you join the fray. Obviously, this RP is inspired by the table-top RPG Cyberpunk 2020 as well as the related video game Cyberpunk 2077, and those should give a good idea as to what I intend this RP to be like.


Aspiring Lich
Just real quick, I've got the OOC and Lore page up, though any additional information that isn't already here on the interest check is under construction, aside from vague hints as to several recent situations in the RP lore. It does, however, have a Discord Server link that should allow more fluid and convenient contact, especially for conversations, suggestions and questions. Plus, I hope it at least shows that I am indeed working on this thing, at least a little bit. The CS page will be up in a little bit as well.

Here's a link to the Lore & OOC page.

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