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Trapped: A Disney Roleplay

Claimed Characters and Information


We're All Mad Here!
Here's The OOC

Based Loosely on Once upon a time.

Maleficent and The Evil Queen have been working together to curse all of the Disney characters we know and love. They are cursed to live in our world with no memories of their others lives. Most of them are reincarnated as 18-23 year olds. The 18-23 years olds are all enrolled in the university. THe curse can be broken only if they begin to remember their other lives. This will play through them trying to get through the lives that they were cursed to live in. Each character was gifted at book that detailed their past lives by the old librarian but none of them remember. The Evil Queen and Malifiecent along with Jafar and Fairy Godmother are Teachers at the University.

(Sorry it isn't detailed, this is just an Idea I had when I was watching Once Upon a Time. )

  • No godmodding, it isn't fun for anyone else when you take control of their character.
  • 6 characters per person right now really depends on how many people are interested
  • Please try to have decent grammer and spelling, I know no one is perfect so mistakes happen!
  • The minimum post length is a paragraph, but if you write more then that's alright I probably will.
  • There will be certain places that we have to hit but this is truly sort of laid back.
Claimed Characters:
  • Can Be older or Newer characters. I don't have a specific list so You guys can pick!
  • Limit 6 to a person for now as I said it can change depending on how many of you guys are interested!
  • these can be villans too! just not the ones mentioned above!!
List of Characters:
@SnuggleThisMuggle : Mushu, Aladdin, Prince NAveen, Stitch, Moana and Piglet
@Goldieloxx : Tinkerbell and Scar
@AnimeGenork : Kuzco, Kovu,Mabel,Tramp. Thomas O'Malley and Megara
@Scatterbrain : Hopper(The Grasshopper)
@MoonLegend101 : Jim Hawkins and Dipper Pin
@crucialstar : Tod
@Franklin RIchards : Sofia The first
@The Suspicious Eye : Ursula and Chernabog
@AI10100 : Li Shang and Rafiki
@PandorasBox101 : Mulan and Merida
@Mel28 : The Queen of Hearts
@Maree : Marie and Berlioz from Aristocats
@stepherz345 : Lady(Lady and Tramp) and Hercules
@Invidia :Cricke and Duchess from Aristocats
@QuirkyAngel : Belle and Peter Pan
@Ocean123 : Aurora and Snow WHite
@Elekta Kount : Pooh and Baymax
@TheWeirdPhilosopher : Boo, Hiro, Nick Wilde, Pocahontas, Mother Gothel
@NikkiStevenson : Carlos
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Trying really hard to stay focused
When reading this thread I immediately thought Hopper so I'm going to tentatively express my interest as well so I can hopefully claim him.


Trying really hard to stay focused
@SnuggleThisMuggle Can I ask would Molt and Thumper count towards my character limit should I choose to include them as well? Even though they would be more like NPC's than actual characters.

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