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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Xavier laughed as Aaron talked before the boy came forward and pretended to 'eat' Xavier by shaking his shoulders. "Oh no, please Mr. big tough quidditch player, spare my chocolatey life" He playfully wailed, going along with Aaron. His grin reached his eyes as he smiled, even as he pretended to be scared.
“Ok fine,” said Aaron with a grin as he stopped shaking Xavier by the shoulders and pretending to “eat” him. “But only because you’re so adorable,” he laughed, leaning back and sitting in his seat.
Xavier felt the shaking stop as he looked at Aaron. He blushed hearing Aaron call him adorable. He knew it was joking, but it still made the boy feel good. "Thanks mate!" He said with a smile on his face as he laughed. He turned his head, looking out over the landscape as the train clacked along the rails, bringing them closer and closer to what would prove to be a very different year. Both boys had no idea what would be in store for them this year.
Eventually Aaron fell silent after the two boys shared a fun moment. He sighed and leaned back as he put a hand over his abdomen, beginning to fall asleep and take a nap the rest of the ride there as he let his chocolate frog digest. Soon enough, the Hogwarts Express had finally arrived and the train came to a screeching halt at the platform near the castle.
Xavier woke up when he heard the screech of the train's brakes. He yawned, opening his eyes and stretching his arms out. "Aaron, Aaron wake up" He said, noticing his friend had fallen asleep himself. He stood up and walked over to the boy, putting a hand on his shoulder and gently moving it.
Aaron suddenly was awoken from his sleep as he felt something gently shaking him awake. He slowly blinked his eyes opened and rubbed them, looking at Xavier. “Oh boy, how long was I out?” Aaron asked softly with a tired groan. He then leaned forward and stretched his arms high above his head, then brushing his Gryffindor robes off and standing up.
Xavier smiled at his friend, "long enough for us to make to Hogwarts" He responded, adjusting his robes as he grabbed his trunk, pulling it out from under the seat. "You ready for this?" He asked with a grin on his face.
Suddenly, at the mention of Hogwarts, Aaron wasn’t tired anymore. He instantly lit up and became energized, a big excited smile on his face. Although he had done this once before, he still was very happy to come back to Hogwarts. Aaron pulled out his trunk from underneath his seat and turned around to look at Xavier, giving him a nod. “Oh yea! Me and you, Aaron Hoskins and Xavier Collins! Us against the world, taking on Hogwarts, together!” he said.
Xavier laughed, seeing the change in the boy as he seemed to wake up quickly. His eyes twinkled with excitement as he smiled at the boy. "Oh yeah! Watch out Hogwarts. Here we come" He laughed again, before he led the way out of the compartment and down the train's hallway. He stepped off onto the grounds of Hogwarts once again. He waited for Aaron so they could grab a carriage together.
Aaron grinned proudly, determined to do a lot this year. He was going to excel in his classes and of course, make the Gryffindor Quidditch team. The boy closely followed Xavier out of the compartment and off of the train. Once their luggage was squared away, he followed Xavier to get in a carriage. Since they weren’t first years, they would be taking boats to get to the castle. They’d be taking the carriages drawn by Thestrals.
Xavier looked back at Aaron as they got into a carriage together. He wasn't sure if they'd have any company but a small part of him hoped they wouldn't. He wanted to spend more time with Aaron just the two of them. He didn't know if they'd share any classes this year but he hoped they shared one or two at least. "I wonder if we'll have any classes together" Xavier voice out loud one of his thoughts.
“Probably! We’re still second years so I’m pretty sure our classes and schedules are mostly the same type of stuff,” replied Aaron. “You know who I’m not looking forward to seeing again? Old Professor Snape! But then again, I bet he’s not so happy to see us either,” said Aaron as he boarded the carriage and it took off, going to the castle.
Xavier shivered a hearing Snape's name again. It had been way to short of a summer to hear that name. "True. We can always check it out at breakfast tomorrow!" He said. "Please don't remind me of Professor Snape. I still have nightmares of last years potions, let alone this years" He chuckled looking at the boy.
Aaron chuckled, “Alright, no more talk about grumpy ol’ Snape!” he chuckled. The carriage then arrived at the castle doors and Aaron disembarked. He then gestured for Xavier to follow him into the castle. There they’d have to part and each sit at their own table for the sorting ceremony and opening feast.
Xavier felt the carriage come to a halt as he laughed at Aarons words. He walked up to Aaron, following him into the castle. Once they got to the Great Hall, Xavier placed a hand on Aaron's shoulder before they parted. Xavier found Ryan and sat down beside him, eager to see which students would be in their house.
Aaron smiled and blushed as Xavier briefly placed a hand on his shoulder before they parted ways. How he had missed the physical touch of his best friend. Aaron then entered the Great Hall and made his way to the Gryffindor table where students year two to seven were gathering and sitting down. Aaron’s eyes lit up as he saw Jacob. He’d gotten an inch or two taller, which you couldn’t tell because he was sitting down. Most of all, he seemed to get even more handsome in Aaron’s eyes. He still had the cute youthful face of a young twelve year old pre-teen, but Aaron still found it attractive. He quickly sat down next to the brown haired and brown eyed boy. “Hullo Jacob!” Aaron greeted him. “Have a good summer?” he asked him.

Jacob seemed to light up and smile as he saw his good buddy and roommate from last year. “‘Ello Aaron!” Jacob said with a head nod of acknowledgement. “My summer was alright, thanks. You?” he asked. Aaron smiled, “Mine was fantastic, thanks!” he replied happily. “That’s good,” said Aaron. “Say, isn’t it weird being second years? We get to watch the sorting going on from the table!” Aaron mentioned. Jacob shrugged, clearly not as amused as his friend.
Xavier saw that Aaron had sat with Jacob and he clenched his fists into his robes. Ryan noticed the change and bumped the boy with his shoulder. Xavier looked over at him before sighing. He couldn't stop Aaron from being friends with Jacob, he just didn't like it. He looked over at the line of first years entering into the castle. He would cheer with each new Hufflepuff, but his heart wasn't in it. What Xavier didn't realize was that he was jealous of Jacob, being able to spend time when Aaron where he couldn't. It gnawed at this little part of his heart and he hated it.
Eventually the sleeping ceremony commenced. Jacob and Aaron would cheer loudly each time a new Gryffindor was sorted. It took a while but soon, the ceremony had ended and headmaster Albus Dumbledore gave a few words. It was nothing Aaron hadn’t heard before so he tuned it out, even all the stuff about warning the students of the Forbidden Forest. Aaron’s stomach growled loudly and he realized how hungry he was, despite eating the chocolate frog just a few hours before. The welcoming feast then commenced and delicious plates of food appeared in front of everyone. Aaron and Jacob quickly grabbed plates of their own and dug in. Eventually, with full bellies, the feast had ended and it was time for everyone to get back to their dormitories for the first time this year for curfew.
Xavier made his way to the dormitory, belly full of food. He heard Ryan say that his brother Lucas had been sorted into Gryffindor. The pair made their way up into their dorm room. Ryan grabbed his comfy clothes and changed as did Xavier. The pair sat on Ryan's bed a moment later. "Alright, so how've you been this summer? Did you remember the pills?" Ryan asked. Strangely enough, Xavier didn't have any nightmares at home, but maybe it's because it was familiar at home. He did have his pills still though. "I have the pills. I've been sleeping fine at home but it was probably because it was home?" Xavier said.

"If you need anything, you can crawl over here." Ryan offered, giving his 'brother' a side hug. Xavier smiled at Ryan, before the two parted so they could get some rest. Xavier took a pill, threw the blanket over himself and smiled, ready for his second year.
With a full belly, Aaron went with Jacob back to Gryffindor Tower to go to the dorms. “Ahhhh! Home sweet home, eh lad?” Jacob said as the entered their room, grinning as he surveyed it, putting his hands on his hips and looking side to side. Aaron smiled, “Yea. Missed the place. Hopefully they kept everything nice,” he said as he went over to his bed from last year on the right side of the room. Sure enough, his trunk was already there. He quickly unpacked and then changed into his pajamas. “Good night Jacob!” Aaron called from over in his bed. “Good night Aaron!” Jacob called over to Aaron. The two boys then fell asleep. Tomorrow, their first day of classes would begin.
Xavier felt a hand on his shoulder, shaking him awake. At first he flinched, before Ryan's voice filtered through the sleep. "Wake up Xaie!" He heard. Xavier groaned, he'd been having a dreamless comfortable sleep and didn't want to wake up. "Five more minutes" He mumbled. "Nope, wake up" A moment later, Xavier was tossed off the bed and hit the floor. "Ryan!" He grumped as Ryan laughed.

"Welcome back" He said, holding a hand out for Xavier. "Before you ask, yes I've done that to Lucas several times when he wouldn't get up" Ryan laughed as the two changed into their robes. "I feel bad for your brother" Xavier grumbled, rubbing his head although he had a grin on his face. Ryan nudged his shoulder as the pair headed out of the common room and headed to the Great Hall. Xavier filled Ryan in on different things he'd done during the summer, up to and including the match that he and Aaron had gone to see. He felt comfortable around Ryan, like he could tell him anything and the boy would listen without judgement.

Stepping into the Great Hall, Ryan split off to find his younger brother for breakfast while Xavier headed towards the Hufflepuff table, find a seat and waiting for Aaron.
Aaron was eventually awoken the next morning by a familiar shaking sensation as he woke up, he smiled seeing that it was Jacob, his trusty friend and roommate waking him up. How he had missed this so much. “Morning Jacob. Thanks mate,” he said softly. Jacob simply nodded and smiled. “Good morning. Gotta get ready for classes,” he said. “Not looking forward to Snape’s,” said Jacob. “Oh, me neither,” replied Aaron with a chuckle. Once they had changed into the uniform, Gryffindor robes and ties, the two boys headed to the Great Hall. Once inside, they parted, Jacob going over to the Gryffindor table and Aaron to the Hufflepuff table to find Xavier. “Hello mate, sleep well?” Aaron asked as he smiled and appeared behind Xavier, sitting down next to his best friend.
Xavier had started eating some waffles when Aaron came over. He smiled at his best friend as the boy sat beside him. “I slept great. How about you mate?” He felt much better about this year already.
“Just wonderfully lad!” replied the Gryffindor. “Excited and somewhat nervous for our second year classes,” said Aaron as he pulled over a plate of food to eat. He’d missed the delicious Hogwarts breakfasts.
Xavier smiled at his friend. “Same here honestly.” He said as he worked on his breakfast. “But we’re in it together!”

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