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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Xavier looked up as he heard the boy yelling his name. He smiled at the excitement on his friends face. "I saw mate! You were so good out there! I told you that you were a natural born Quidditch player! Congratulations mate, you earned it, I'm proud of you" He said, his happiness showing in the wide grin on his face as he watched the boy jump up and down.
Aaron felt his heart swell with joy at Xavier’s compliments. He quickly wrapped Xavier in a hug. “Thanks mate! I felt like a natural out there!” he said. “Sorry I had to beat your Hufflepuff team to get it though,” he chuckled.
Xavier laughed as Aaron wrapped him in a hug. He felt a blush on his face as he hugged the boy back. "You're welcome! You looked right at home on that beautiful broom of yours" Xavier said with a grin. "We'll get you next match don't you worry" Xavier laughed again. He didn't care about teams, not really, he just wanted his best friend to be happy.
“I don’t think so bud, not with me playing!” Aaron proclaimed with a proud grin. He broke from the hug and puffed out his chest confidently, putting his hands on his hips. “I felt like I was on top of the world! It was amazing!” he told Xavier.
Xavier smirked at his friend with a laugh. “Yeah, good to see the egos still there mate” He took a step back looking at the boy as he broke their hug. He felt a small blush, looking at how confident he looked. “I’m glad you found Quidditch and I’m sure Gryffindor is happy too!” Xavier laughed.
“You’ve better believe Gryffindor is happy! We’re gonna be celebrating this win for days!” Aaron said happily. “I’m gonna get a hero’s welcome at the dinner table tonight!” Aaron said.
Xavier shook his head with a laugh. He could tell he’d be hearing about it for a while but he didn’t mind. He could listen to Aaron all day. “You deserve it mate!” Xavier said with a grin.
“Thanks buddy!” Aaron said with a big smile as he gave Xavier another quick hug. “Now c‘mon, let’s get back to the castle,” he suggested with a smile.
Xavier was once again in the stands, but this time his hollering and cheering for Aaron was okay. They were versing Slytherin and the only houses cheering for Slytherin was Slytherin. He waited for the match to start, eager to watch his friend do as he said he would, beat Slytherin. Ryan stood beside him, his little brother on the other side of him. Xavier had finally met the younger Brennan sibling who seemed much more mischievous than his brother was. “Look here they come!” Xavier said with a happy smile.
A few days later, Gryffindor had another big match coming up against Slytherin. The rivalry always brought a big crowd from all four houses, and Aaron was happy to have Xavier in attendance in the crowd as one of Gryffindor’s biggest fans in Hufflepuff. There was a lot fanfare surrounding the game and there were even some photographers working for Hogwarts’ school newspaper at the game. The Gryffindor team took to the field greeted by cheers from pretty much every house that wasn’t Slytherin, and showered with boos by the Slytherin students. Aaron grinned and waved to the crowd as he flew out on his fancy Nimbus 2001 broom.
Xavier smiled as he saw Aaron flying out onto the pitch. He cheered loudly as the Gryffindor team was announced. He had always found it fascinating the rivalry the two houses had with each other. He booed with Ryan and Ryan’s little brother when Slytherin took the field. He watched as the game began, the Quaffle being tossed and the whistle blowing.
There were an overwhelming amount of boos as Marcus Flint and Draco Malfoy’s Slytherin team took to the pitch. Soon, the players got into position, and Madame Hooch blew the whistle loudly as the quaffles were released. Aaron was determined to get his second straight victory for Gryffindor, and especially against their rival in Slytherin.
Xavier watched as the teams went back and forth. His eyes focused on Aaron, and how easily he had taken to the game. The boy had started to realize near the end of summer that he might have developed a crush on his best friend. Those thoughts were foreign to him but it also confused himself.

His father told him that he’d had his first crush when he hit 12 1/2 and it had been on his mother. Xavier shook his head, focusing on the game not on how he watched Aaron more than the other players. File that away for a year or two. They were best friends and best friends don’t crush on each other and that’s that.
Aaron grinned as the wind flew through his light brown hair as it flowed nicely as he zoomed around on his broom. His hazel eyes glimmered with ambitions as he chased after quaffles. At some point Aaron had scored and pointed rather arrogantly to the crowd and then to the students taking pictures of the game, one of them a short blonde haired Gryffindor. “Put that on your cover!” Aaron shouted boastfully as he pointed at the photographers.
Xavier watched Aaron and every time he scored, the boy cheered loudly. He also couldn’t help but notice just how attractive he looked on that new broom stick of his. He shook his head though as he saw the rather arrogant point and boastful comment to the photographers there at the game. He’d have to talk to his friend about concept of too much arrogance. The two worked though, even as Xaie was rather shy and down to earth compared to his overconfident friend. He wouldn’t have it any other way though.
Aaron felt on top of the world. Gryffindor was dominating a rather back and forth affair. At some point in the middle of the game, a Slytherin had made a rather dirty play and bumped a Gryffindor off of their broom. This allowed a Slytherin chaser to gain possession of the quaffle and score. Slowly but surely, Slytherin was mounting a comeback, and their players were getting dirtier and dirtier.
Xavier watched as the two went back and forth. He couldn’t believe the dirty plays that Slytherin was being allowed to do. He booed each Slytherin hit, each score. He cheered for Aaron to show them who’s better! He was also thankful that the player knocked off was not Aaron. He probably would’ve climbed into the field to get to him. Yeah that wouldn’t have been a good thing.
Aaron was starting to regret being so cocky now. Slytherin played with desperation and eventually clawed back to tie the game. Gryffindors were getting knocked off of their brooms left and right. “Bloody hell, we’re getting killed out here!” Aaron cried as he flew through the air, dodging bludgers left and right. Aaron tried and tried to get a quaffle but was nicked out of the way every time. Eventually, Slytherin scored again and took the lead for the first time in the game. Morale was decreasing on the Gryffindor team.
Xavier was watching, his heart dropping as Gryffindor started losing hard. He saw Aaron struggling out there to get a hand on the quaffle. Xavier bit his lip, he didn’t know what to do. Morale was dropping hard for the Gryffindor team. He turned to Ryan, “chant with me! Like Gryffindor is going to win. Maybe it’ll throw off the Slytherins” Ryan nodded and slowly, the cheer of “GO GRYFFINDOR GO!” rose from Xavier’s stand and flooded the pitch, every house except for Slytherin was chanting, drowning out the green and gold house’s cheers.
Aaron and all of the Gryffindor players began to hear a “Go Gryffindor Go!” chant erupt from the stands. The Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws all united to chant for Gryffindor. No one but Slytherin wanted Slytherin to win. Aaron tried to let the energy of the crowd give him some momentum. Slowly but surely, Gryffindor began to start scoring again, regaining the lead. The game was almost over.
Xavier laughed as the cheer was starting to do its job. He cheered the loudest in his stand. He saw that Gryffindor began regaining the lead even though the game was almost over. He could see the Slytherins in their stands were trying their hardest to out cheer the other three houses but it was near impossible given the volume of students. He waited with bated breath as the game drew close. Could Gryffindor pull it back from Slytherin in time?
Gryffindor fought hard. Aaron had a goal or two but every time Gryffindor scored, Slytherin would go right back and score too. At one point Slytherin had even tied it. They were coming up on a minute to go now. Aaron had the quaffle but wasn’t in a good scoring position. He threw it to his teammate and hoped for the best. With about five or so seconds to go, Aaron’s teammate swerved around and avoided a Slytherin defender and threw the quaffle into the hoop to score. Gryffindor had taken the lead. The crowd cheered and the clock winded down. Gryffindor had won the game.
Xavier had watched the end of the game with bated breath. He probably had a cut on his lip from biting it due to nerves. He watched as Aaron tossed the quaffle to his teammate who managed to score as the clock stopped. Xavier cheered loudly, the chant of “Go Gryffindor Go” got louder as the houses cheered for the defeat of the Slytherin team. If they’d been good sports and not played dirty then maybe it wouldn’t have been the three houses versus them in the end. Xavier yelled “Great job Gryffindor’s!” Little did he know what would happen only a few moments later.
Gryffindor cheered and the players on the pitch all swarmed the boy who had scored. The Gryffindor players all engaged in a group hug as they celebrated the win. Slytherin’s players dejectedly flew off of the pitch on their brooms and back to the locker rooms, their shoulders hung low in defeat. It was all good vibes and fun on the pitch as Gryffindor was victorious. No one could’ve expected what would be found shortly after the match.
Xavier left the stands with the others. He’d find Aaron later. Let him celebrate with his team. As he and Ryan walked, they had found themselves near a group of students all whispering. Xavier tapped on the shoulder of one of them. “What’s going on?” The boy looked at himself wearing Ravenclaw robes.

“Someone found a student petrified outside the infirmary!” Xavier’s brain stopped. “W-who?” He didn’t know if he wanted to know the answer. “Colin Creevey” the Ravenclaw answered. Colin, he didn’t know much about him. “Do they know how?” the boy shook his head. Xavier’s blood went cold. He felt Ryan’s hand on his arm and he was glad because he thought he was gonna faint. Ryan led them to a bench away from everyone. Xavier’s head was in his hands at the moment with Ryan’s arm over his shoulders.

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