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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Aaron took his trunk and dragged it onto the train, grunting as he did so. It was quite heavy but perhaps with his few inches in height he had grown over the summer, he’d also gotten a little bit stronger. Once inside, Aaron perused the aisles, looking side to side for any sign of Xavier in any of the compartments. Aaron wasn’t sure if Xavier had boarded the train or not- or if he was even at the station yet. Aaron went from car to car until, finally, peering into one of the compartments, he found that lovable brown eyed Hufflepuff boy. “Xavier!” Aaron shouted as he dropped his luggage and rushed into the compartment, hugging his friend suddenly in a tight embrace. Aaron still smelled of his unique pine aroma. “I’ve missed you so much lad!” said the boy, although it had only been a month or two since they last saw each other at the professional Quidditch match.
Xavier had about a minute to breathe before he was thrown into a tight hug initiated by his hazel eyed Gryffindor best friend. "Aaron!" He laughed, hugging the boy back just as tight. He smelled the pine scent that his friend carried and he smiled holding tight. He knew they had seen each other only 6-7 weeks ago, but he had missed his friend. He finally pulled back enough to look his friend in the face. A wide grin crossed his face as he looked over his friend. Xavier himself had gained two inches himself bringing him from 4'8" to 4'10" but his friend seemed even taller to him that he did last time. He was still the same boy he'd befriended last September. "How've you been mate!" He said with a laugh.
Xavier, at least from a first glance, seemed exactly the same since Aaron had last seen him. But this was a good thing. The Gryffindor boy grinned from ear to ear as he broke from the hug. He was over the moon, excited to see his friend once more. It was the beginning of another year at Hogwarts and that meant he’d have lots and lots of time to spend with the Hufflepuff boy, so he was going to make every second worth it. Plus, now that he was a second year, he could finally try out for the Quidditch team. “I’ve been alright- just missed ya a lot. Summer was rather boring without you,” replied Aaron. “Ready for a new year?” he asked as he went to quickly fetch his trunk of luggage and bring it into the compartment that they were in.
Xavier smiled, looking at his friend. He sat down on the seat, waiting for Aaron to grab his trunk. "I missed you too. I was ready for summer to be over after the Quidditch match." He said with a laugh, tucking one leg underneath himself. "I can't wait for this year! I'm excited not to have flying classes anymore" He giggled. He patted the seat beside him for Aaron to join him after he was done. "Are you looking forward to trying out for the Quidditch team this year?" He asked, knowing that was all Aaron had been talking about last year, even wishing for a broomstick for Christmas.
“Me too!” laughed Aaron as he settled into the compartment and sat down across from Xavier. “Oh bother- I’m actually quite sad about flying lessons being over with really,” he said, faking a frown. Aaron’s face instantly lit up at the mention of trying out for Quidditch this year. “Boy am I ever! I’ve been waiting for this all summer!” Aaron said excitedly. “And my dad FINALLY got me my own broom!” he told him.
Xavier laughed hearing the boy complain about flying lessons being over. "You loved those lessons mate!" He said with a laugh. He saw the boy's face light up in excitement of Quidditch. Then he mentioned that his dad had gotten him his own broom. "That's amazing Aaron! There's no way you don't make the team! You're a great flyer and you've got a new broom. A winning combination" Xavier said with a smile. "I'll be cheering you on in the stands!" Xavier said with a wide grin, his eyes lighting up as he watched how excited his friend was.
“Well I loved them probably because it was the only class I was good at and at the top of, both literally and figuratively,” replied Aaron with a light chuckle. “I’m very much looking forward to try outs though. I really think I’ve got a good chance here of making the team. They just have to take me!” Aaron said. “My new broom, it’s a Nimbus 2001, you know. Newest broom on the market!” he told Xavier with a grin.
He nodded understanding. That was how he felt about Charms, it was his favorite class. "I will be rooting for you to make the team" Xavier smiled. "No way! I saw that in Diagon Alley! It's so beautiful, and I've heard it's fast too!" Xavier was in awe of the broom. He may not fly, but he always appreciated finely made items, including the broom.
“Oh yea! I’m going to look stylish as I’m beating Slytherin’s butt!” Aaron said with a smirk. “I’ll have to show it to you! I had it sent to the school,” he said. Soon, all of the students boarded the train, and the Hogwarts Express began to move slowly out of the station. The train rolled along, clacking in the tracks as it departed from Platform 9 3/4.
Xaie laughed as he looked at Aaron. "I can only imagine! Besides, some one has to beat Slytherin, why not you?" He said with a smile on his face. "I can't wait to see it mate!" He said, feeling excited as the train began its journey towards the castle. There was so much he was excited for this year, including picking his elective courses for third year during Easter holiday. He was going to sign up for care of magical creatures and he was considering the Study of Ancient Runes classes. He was also excited to learn new charms this year too. "Other than Quidditch, what else are you looking forward to this year mate?" He asked with a smile.
“Yea! I can’t wait to rub it in their stupid little faces!” Aaron said with a snicker. “A lot to look forward this year!” he said with a large smile. “I have to be honest with you mate, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to anything BUT Quidditch this year,” he laughed. Aaron looked out the window as they pulled farther and father away from King’s Cross Station.
Xavier shook his head as he looked at Aaron. "I see your competitive ego is still in tact" Xavier said with a playful smile. "I know what I'm looking forward for!" Xavier said. "Exploring our secret room some more!" He added smiling at the other boy.
“Oh, always my friend, always,” he chuckled. His eyebrows raised at the prospect of exploring more of their special secret room together. “Oh I can’t wait for that!” he said. Soon, the door to their compartment opened and standing outside was a kindly old lady. She had a cart full of various wizarding sweets with her. “Anything from the trolley, dears?” she asked sweetly.
Xavier smiled at his friend, glad that some times hadn't changed. "Neither can I!" He said happily. He looked over at the lady. "I'm all set myself." Xavier was too excited to want to have anything sweet. He wasn't sure about Aaron though.
“I’ll have a box of chocolate frogs please!” Aaron asked politely as he gave the old trolley witch a smile. She happily obliged and gave him the blue and gold box of chocolate frogs and handed it to him. Aaron took it and thanked her. “Of course my dear,” she said tenderly, “Make sure not to eat it too fast. We wouldn’t want you getting a tummy ache! Enjoy!” she said with a smile before closing the door and moving onto the next compartment. Aaron grinned excitedly as he ripped open the box. He quickly grabbed the chocolate frog before it could hop away and escape. “Got it!” he said, looking down at the enchanted chocolate frog as it wriggled and tried to break free in between his fingers, but to no avail.
Xavier had never tried the chocolate frogs himself, but he watched as Aaron ripped open the package and grabbed the frog. He laughed, watching the sight before him. "Are you gonna eat the poor thing, put it out of it's misery" Xavier chuckled watching as the tiny creature tried so hard to get away.
“Hmm, I think I’ll let it struggle for a bit longer,” snickered Aaron as he looked down at the little chocolate frog, wriggling and squirming as it fruitlessly tried to escape from the boy’s grip. “Ok time’s up!” Aaron said before shoving the whole thing in his mouth.
Xavier rolled his eyes at Aaron. "You're mean!" He said with a laugh watching the poor frog struggle before it finally got eaten. "What happened to the Aaron I knew" He wailed playfully, a smile on his face as he looked at his friend.
Aaron chewed the frog for a while before it stopped moving and its magical enchantment wore off. He then gulped it loudly and grinned at Xavier. “Too bad so sad!” he laughed. “He’s gone now, in my belly,” he giggled. “Perhaps I’ve changed over the summer,” he said jokingly with a smirk.
The Hufflepuff shook his head with a smirk, listening to his friend. "Yeah, but I bet you're still a teddy bear underneath" Xavier said, leaning forward and poking Aaron in the arm with his own playful smirk on his face. "You're kinda soft like a teddy bear" He chuckled, looking at Aaron with a big grin.
“Don’t tell anyone that! I have to be tough and strong for Quidditch!” Aaron said with an amused grin. He giggled as the Hufflepuff boy poked him in the arm playfully. “I am not soft! I’m a lean mean killing machine!” he joked. “No mercy to the chocolate frogs or my opponents out on the pitch!” he said.
Xavier giggled looking at his big tough friend. "Oh yeah, you're a killing machine alright. With an ego the size of the castle" Xavier enjoyed the fact that he could tease his friend like this and Aaron pretty much went along with it. "I feel bad for the frogs and your opponents" Xavier laughed, his tone light as he smiled at his friend. He'd missed this, the close comradery between the two that always made Xavier's heart feel full.
“Well you should be fine. As long as you don’t join the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, which I’d be surprised if you did considering how much you hate being up in the air,” he chuckled. “Then you won’t feel my wrath,” he went on. “And as long as you aren’t made out of chocolate, then I don’t see me eating you any time soon,” giggled Aaron. Oh how he had missed joking around with and enjoying his friend’s company and presence. He was truly happy once more.
Xavier felt the color drain from his face for a moment at the thought of flying again. Shaking his head he snorted a laugh. "Yeah, I'm not flying through the air anytime soon" He agreed with a giggle. "and I'd be a little concerned if I was made of chocolate" He added, grinning at his friend. This was the happiest Xavier had been all summer, save for the Quidditch match. And to be back in Aaron's company, the excitement the boy always managed to find, life was pretty great right now.
“Perhaps there’s a spell to turn you all into chocolate,” snickered Aaron playfully. “Then you’d never be safe,” he laughed. “I’d gobble you up!” he said, lurching forward and grabbing Xavier’s shoulders, giggling as he shook the boy and pretended to make loud eating noises. “Om nom nom nom nom!”

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