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Hello everyone, I am looking for some good role-plays to keep me from boredom. I have a few plot ideas too and am open to anything if it is Male X female and I am the male.

About me
-my name is Dan and am a 23 year old male working on becoming a mechanic.
-Have been roleplaying for a few years and am literate.
-I am inspired by fandoms so my plots may be very similar to them.
-I like to bounce ideas off my partners so be ready for that.
-I will not do anything sexual with a character under the age of 18.
-I am ghost friendly.

onwards to the good stuff


Attack on Titan (I am not sure how to rp this but the world is badass and would love to do some canon X canon or play my OC against Annie or Historia, I'd double of course for that)
Percy Jackson (Man oh man do I love the PJ series of book-not the movie tho-maybe we could do some OC X OC action or maybe a platonic thing)
Outlander (I started to watch this show and it is pretty damn good. I am not sure how to rp it but it would be cool to do some Claire and Jamie action)
Bloodborne (I have an OC for this who I would like to use)
Legend of Zelda (Two best friends going on an adventure to save the princess Zelda it can either be platonic or romantic)
Marvel (My Shield agent OC has to train your OC, platonic or romantic)
Avatar the last Airbender (Two OCs who have fallen in love in a coming of age story, preferably would be In water tribe)

Superhero X Human
grey area Vigilante X goody two shoes hero
Mafia member X cop
Assassin X Hitman
Teacher X Janitor
Jock kid X Punk kid
Prep kid X Punk kid
Nerdy kid X Cool kid

This concludes my search, if you are interested you may comment or pm me. I hope you have a nice day.

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