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Futuristic The Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix - Characters - Open and Accepting



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Welcome to U.S.S. Phoenix. Please enter your personal information into the ship's database before boarding. Thank You

Here's a piece of music I was listening to while creating this thread and creating my character so I thought I'd add it here in case anyone else wanted to listen to it. It's only 7 minutes long, I had it on a loop but I know that might be irritating for some people, so it's in no way mandatory, just an option for those who want it.

I've never played the game it's from, I found it looking for sci-fi music and really like it. I might have to give Wildstar a go now though...

Okay, so 24 hours after I spoke about wanting to play Wild Star, I just discovered that it's been closed...

Hi there! Welcome to the characters thread for the Ongoing Voyages of the U.S.S. Phoenix. Here I will do my best to provide you with all the information you will need to help you create your characters and prepare for your journey into the unknown.

I'm going to start with the boring part so we can get it out of the way

1. Behaviour - Everyone is expected to follow all RPN rules at all times! In addition to this, please be friendly and respectful to your fellow RPers. In-character fighting and so on is obviously OK, but when out of character, remember we're all friends.
2. Post Length - There isn't going to be any firm required post length, I do ask that, where possible, people avoid one-liners and I do want to encourage longer posts. But I acknowledge that everyone has different waiting styles and that sometimes there just isn't enough happening to fill a 4 paragraph reply and I would rather that no one felt like they were needlessly adding things to their post to try and reach a specified word count.
3. Post Frequency - Like with post length, there aren't any plans to enforce how frequently you are required to post, try to post as regularly as you can, especially when there are other people awaiting a response from you, that way we can keep the RP running smoothly and hopefully, keep it alive for a long time into the future.
4. Post Order - There won't be any specific post order set, this is because often there can be multiple scenarios among different groups of people at any one time and I don't feel that it makes a huge amount of sense to force one group of people to wait for something unrelated to happen before they're allowed to continue.
5. Literacy - This RP is a Semi-Literate RP, there are no requirements to be 100% grammatically accurate. Do your best, but as long as your post is understandable then the details of correct punctuation and the such aren't that big of a deal.
6. Absence or abnormally long delays - If you are not going to be able to respond to the RP within a week or if you want to drop out from the RP, I ask that you let us know. More than likely, if you are just getting caught up and need extra time to respond, we will be able to wait for you to get the opportunity to respond, it just makes it easier if we know that is the case. If you want to leave the RP, I completely understand, but again, if you could inform us so that we can discuss how to best treat your character and continue the RP then that would just make everything much easier. There are many options for your character depending on the scenario, so we can ensure we pick what's best for you and your character. If we don't hear from someone at all after a week, then I will do my best to reach out to you and see what's going on. If we still haven't heard anything after 2 I will assume that you've left and we will make changes to continue without you.
7. Combat - For the most part, combat will be completely left to those participating in it, allowing them to RP as naturally as possible and reach a natural conclusion. If those involved in the combat wish to decide a victor between themselves be that through the RP or in an OOC discussion, that is fine. If a decision on a victor can't be reached, then we will come up with something, such as a dice roll, to make a decision for us.
8. Godmodding and OP Characters - Godmodding will not be allowed at all. You are allowed to refer to actions a character has already made in your own post but can not in any way state that they do something that they have yet to do unless given explicit permission to do so by the character's owner. While characters will all have certain strengths and weaknesses which may give them advantages in certain areas, they can in no way be completely indestructible. Every species and character must have its flaws as well as its strengths.
9. Character Deaths - It will be possible for characters to die in this RP, however, the character's creator may pronounce a character as officially dead.
10. Spoilers - Using canon characters and ideas from pre-existing franchises, such as Star Trek or the Orville, is fine, however, please avoid including spoilers from their respective franchises. Some people here may be interested in watching Star Trek, for example, or be in the process of doing so and may not want any plot points spoiled for them.
11. Last but not Least - HAVE FUN!

Okay, now that's all out of the way, let's get on with the fun stuff.
I am in the process of setting up a 'database' of sorts in the Lore tab, this database will be added to as the RP progresses to contain information regarding the ship, the Galactic Union, different species and so on. I hope to have at least a small amount of information submitted to it by the time you see this to aid with character creation, but whether I do or not, don't hesitate to ask if you need any help.

Character Sheet Template
This template is just that, a template. You are more than welcome to play around with it in any way you see fit, as long as all of the important information is there, your character sheet can be laid out however you wish. The template is only there to provide an example of the kind of information that is required and to offer a copy-paste option to anyone who wishes to use it. You may create as many characters as you wish, as long as you are confident that you can keep on top of each character you create.

Gender Identity:
(Feel free to also include pronouns if you wish)
Age: (Please Provide your character's age in Earth years. You may also include their age in their own age system if you wish and if it applies to your character/species)
Rank: (Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant commander, commander)
Faction: (Is your character a member of the union or another faction?)
Time Aboard the Phoneix: (How long has your character served aboard the Phoenix? Have they been there a few years? Are they a brand new member of the crew?)
Appearance: (This can be a description, an image, or both)
Role: (What role do you play aboard the U.S.S. Phoenix? Are you the First officer? The Helmsman? A Member of the Science Team? Or a family member of one of the crew? If you are a family member, please include who's family you are a member of)
Personality: (Your character's personality, temper, likes and dislikes and so on)
Bio: (A summary of your character's life so far, their family, where they were born, how they ended up on the Phoenix, and so on)
Other: (Anything else you would like to add about your character)

I have deliberately excluded Sexuality from the CS template as I envision the world in which this RP takes place to be one where no one cares if you're straight or gay or anything in between (at least as far as humanity is concerned), you just love who you love and that's it. If, however, you still wish to put your character's sexual/romantic preference(s) in your CS please feel free to do so, and if you wish to create a species where this is not the case, then that is fine as well.

I don't wish to clutter up this thread with me replying with 'accepted' every other post, so if I respond to your post with a reaction, then your character is accepted. I will likely also let you know that they've been accepted in the OOC chat as well.

Submitting a new Species
If your character is to belong to a species not yet registered in the database under the lore tab of this RP, then please fill out another form separate to your character sheet so that we know which elements of your character relate to their species and what other members of their species may be like. I will then add all submitted species' to the database thread as they're accepted, don't worry, I will make sure to credit you for submitting them, I have no intention of stealing your ideas, I just feel it would be simpler to have all the details in one place for reference than to scroll through a full character thread to find them.

Name(s): (By what name are your people known?)
General Appearance: (What are the typical appearance traits for your species?)
Average Lifespan: (How old do members of your species live? Feel free to also include details such as at what age they reach maturity if you wish)
Homeworld: (From where does your species originate?)
Faction: (Is the species as a whole affiliated with any specific faction (such as the galactic union), and if so, which one. There may be individual exceptions to this allegiance)
Traits/Quirks: (What are the physical/mental advantages/disadvantages of your species?)
Usage: (Are you happy with other people playing members of this species? If not, why? If so, are there any tips you can give them or details they should know that aren't stated anywhere else in this sheet?)
Other: (Is there anything else you would like to add about your species?)

As with characters, if I give a species submission a reaction then they're accepted. If a single post contains both a character sheet and a species sheet then both are accepted. Again, I will likely mention acceptance in an OOC area as well as giving a reaction. I will then add any species' that are accepted to the database. You are welcome to submit completely original species as well as any species from pre-existing fiction (e.g. Star Trek's Vulcans or the Orville's Xelayans) if you wish.

Reserved/Filled Spaces
This is a list of the command crew and the names of those who have reserved them. As character sheets are submitted I will add any characters here and what role they play aboard the ship alongside a link to their character sheet's post, I will also do my best to keep up to date with the thread index to make finding character sheet for reference as easy as possible. I will include a full list of the command crew regardless of whether they're already claimed as ideally, we will fill those slots, but if we don't, the duties of any unassigned command crew members will be split among the rest of the command crew until the position is filled.

Captain - Geozaki Geozaki - Cpt. Anthea Paige Fox
First Officer -
Helmsman -
Chief Navigator -
Tactical Officer -
Science Officer - Xenobiology Xenobiology -
Commander Siqrir of Ihall
Medical Officer - Karcen Karcen - Lt. Commander Anima
Chief Engineer - Mineczka Mineczka -
Chief of Security - Nothingness Nothingness -
Communications Officer - Lost Echo Lost Echo

I believe that is everything. I can't wait to see your characters and species and I can't wait to roleplay with you all either!
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    full name
    Anthea Paige Fox
    Female (She/Her)
    Rank & Role
    date of birth
    September 12th 2470
    place of birth
    In a Shuttle in Deep Space
    Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
    Ry'n ni yma o hyd

    known languages.
    English, Welsh, Angoran

    The Galactic Union

    Time Served abroad the Phoenix
    6 Years

This is a copy of Thea's CS without as much BBCode for those who can't view BBCode all that easily

Name: Anthea Paige Fox
Age: 28
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Rank & Role: Captain
Date of Birth: September 12th 2470
Place of Birth: In a shuttle in Deep Space
Species: Human
Known Languages: English, Welsh, Angoran
Faction: The Galactic Union
Time Served Aboard the Phoenix: 6 Years

  • lyRWfi0.jpg

    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Hair: Thea has long, naturally wavy, Chocolate brown hair
    Eyes: Thea has deep brown eyes
    Body & Face: Thea has pale skin and a fairly slim build and appears fairly 'delicate' due to her lack of visible muscle mass and her unassuming size. She isn't skinny enough to look unhealthy or anything like that, but she is slender enough that it's somewhat noticeable. She has a gentle face and her neutral expression is generally somewhat warm and friendly. Her nose is lightly freckled.
    FC: Mika Abdalla


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Name(s): Lyceen
General Appearance: They take the appearance of what appears to be extremely similar to wolf-like canines on earth, typically standing at around 6 feet and weighing only a little heavier than adult humans.
Average Lifespan: around 150 Years, oldest recorded Lyceen lived 192 Years.
Sexual Maturity happens at around the same age as humans, although full mental maturity is not reached until age 30, which is considered a young adult to them. It is unknown how they live so long, other than possible genetic modification long ago.
Homeworld: Lumia, which is split into upper and lower lumia. Upper lumia Speaks Upper Lumian, which is more akin to Russian and has more Russian names and culture, they look more like wolves. Wheras lower Lumia speaks Lower Lumian, which is more akin to Afrikaans, and they have South African names and a culture more similar to it. They look more like coyotes and dingos.
There is a buffer between upper and lower called the dead lands, nobody ventures there as long ago it was the only hospitable area of the planet and was occupied by highly advanced ancient Lyceen, their robots still patrol as if they were guarding something.
Faction: As there are different factions within the Lyceen, there are multiple allegiances. I’ll list them below
LLNF (Lower Lumia Nationalist Front, Think of them as the stereotypical middle eastern terrorist type): No galactic organization, but they are rumored to be sponsored by multiple earth based megacorporations.
Deadlands Nomads (The only Lyceen living in the deadlands, they wear cloaks and respirators at all times, sort of like the children of the watch Mandalorians from Star Wars): They try to stay out of galactic business.
Lyceen Liberation Front (They only exist to counter the LLNF): Everyone who hates the LLNF
Unitary Lumian Party (Think of them as the afghan northern alliance, they are the remnants of the original government and are supported by the big powers): The galactic union
Volch'yavoyennayadiviziya (Wolf War Division, Think of them as Lyceen Nazis): A Group of nationalist factions in Lumia’s cluster of planets called Truth Union
Traits/Quirks: They are very fast and Nimble, being very able to fight as a result, and are also considered pretty smart compared to humans. They are, however, prone to mental diseases like ‘Mad Dog’ Disease and SDD (Species Dissociation Disorder)
The only species specific ‘Powers’ they have is the ability to move fast, as said above.
Usage: Sure! Make sure you run it by me, keep the lore in mind, and ask any questions before you do.
Other: might edit this with code later
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Teriqum III 6b72edff.png
Planet Name
Around 89 Years
Planetwide Forest + River
mentions over here.
The Braxion
To humans, especially those learned in the old cultures, when a Braxion enters the room the first thing they think of is the supposedly-fictional cryptid, the Flatwoods Monster. This, of course, is both right and wrong. Flatwoods was no monster, but an alien that arrived on earth in an area akin to her home. There she lived, studying the unique climates of earth by herself, until she quietly passed in the mid 2030s. Flatwoods strange physique is how most Braxions appear; Their average height is that of 6' 3". They are born with a special carapace piece that grows from behind their heads, many of which are shaped like a spade. Some are born without visible mouths, some without both eyes, some with only one eye that replaces their head.

The structure and culture of Braxions is so that their main form of dress, both formal and casual, is that of long sleeveless wear that usually end with flowing gowns. Tailor businesses are quite popular. Below the clothing, a Braxion is shaped like a semi-thick pole with a round head, skinny arms, and wide hips. A sign of maturity within a Braxion is the length of their fingers, which turn a different color during their stage of puberty.

(For a very cartoony example of styles and genetic variety, click here.)

Braxions are very at home deep within the trenches of nature. While they definitely have technology, that is usually used in larger cities which themselves are built in clearings as to not decay Braxia too much. Villages and regions are much more popular without the added primal taste. Examples of regions include Maylin, Fantasmia, Edtwook, and Freddham.

Braxions are not a very hostile people. They were neither late nor early to the age of space, saying "[they] made it right on time". While not many Braxions join corp or other major groups, they are rarer than humans but more seen than say, Grays. Many of the major decisions when it comes to politics with the people and their homeworld are granted to the Elder Queen and her court of Maidlins, who are situated in one of the capital regions and cities, Heyra.

Involving physiology, Braxions aren't exceptionally strange in their abilities. They have a mild psychic link with those nearby due to not having orifices such as noses and ears, only allowing them to understand languages and senses. Braxions ingest food through the carapace on their head, and have increased perception in both night and day due to their larger eyes and survival upbringings.

Regarding Usage, the Braxions are free to be used if one wishes so. If you want to, example names include a mix of bizzarre and very Earth-sounding words: Eelna, Nunsun, North, Yujin, Dakota.
coded by natasha.
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    Xalvador Quill

    ||Earth Name: Xalvador Quill
    ||Xin Name: Ves'un Mark IV
    ||Species: Xin
    ||Gender Identity: Male
    ||Age: 32 in human years; Around mid 300s in Xin years
    ||Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    ||Faction: Xin Special Forces Unit / Temporarily working with Galactic Union
    ||Time Aboard the Phoenix: 7 Earth years
    ||Role: Chief of security

coded by weldherwings.

  • ZmMRWU9.jpg
    ||Earth Name: Xalvador Quill
    ||Xin Name: Ves'un Mark IV
    ||Species: Xin
    ||Gender Identity: Male
    ||Age: 32 in human years; Around mid 300s in Xin years
    ||Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    ||Faction: Xin Special Forces Unit / Temporarily working with Galactic Union
    ||Time Aboard the Phoenix: 7 Earth years
    ||Role: Chief of security

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  • HY5WQ4S.jpg
    Name: Xin

    Age: 793 million years

    Averge Lifespan: 600

    Homeworld: Taavos Prime V

    Climate: Varies

    Population: 500 million

    Government: Local (Council)

    Technology: Highly Advanced

    Allegiance: None

    Faction: Neutral

    Usage: Anyone can use them

    - High physical traits (strength, durability, speed)
    - Can hack into most technological devices with ease.
    - Can breakdown and understand the mechanics of most objects as long as physical contact is made.
    - Very trustworthy/loyal

    - Highly susceptible to EMP based weaponry.
    - Difficulty trusting strangers.
    - Advanced/foreign internal body structure may make it difficult to treat their wounds.

    Humanoid exterior. Interior is all robotic. They have a blue liquid that courses throughout their body that is always electrified even when outside of the body. It is highly dangerous to other races unless they are able to keep themselves from being electrified by one way or another. Some have strange appendages (horns, extra limbs, tail, etc.) coming out from their bodies that is made of pure energy that feels both like a solid yet somehow at the same time a liquid. The appendage differs in color depending on the individual when they are born.

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Nature-Loving Host
Virgina Gladrem
Female / Braxion / 28
Chief of Communications | Lieutenant
Faction / Phoenix-Bound for Ten Months (ET)
A curious soul, Virginia is never one who resorts to hostilities immediately and is usually able to keep a cool attitude regarding varying degrees of news, hence her role as Chief of Communications. She's fond of drinks more so than food, especially that of hot chocolate and other sweet things. She's also the first to try and drinks from any planets the Phoenix spends time on, if only for the delicacy of them. Virginia's voice is not what you call soothing, but it's definitely mellow.
Virginia emerged from her cocoon in a small townhome located in Baylea-Fantasmia, where her close family and friends soon celebrated. It had been quite a while since any child had been born in Baylea, and for such a strong emergence to occur during the possible removal from the National Braxion Contract sealed Baylea's place among it's neighbors. While this may have been string shoes to fill for another, Virginia excelled at being a good person. Her family did try for another child, but it was lost early on.

Baylea was one of the many more natural villages on Braxia, as was nearly the entirety of the Fantasmia Region. Homes were built around rivers and clearings with the position of the two moons in mind, many with the Shrine of Eclipso near the center. Virginia took on a variety of jobs during her early schooling, slowly working her way up in many of them. These included shrine maiden, tutor, laborer, cartographer, and other such skills. At the ripe Earth Age (EA) of 14, those around her knew that she would only be held back if she were to stay in Baylea, and though she was hesitant at first, one last party was held the night before Virginia left for the capital, Heyra.

In Heyra, her work ethic worked it's magic once more. Beginning as a freelancer, Virginia eventually found herself drawn to small technology, the kind that the average Braxion wouldn't prefer, like radio-work and signal machines. Three years after arriving in the big city, Virginia had gone steady with her own trinket and freelance tech business when she was approached by a representative for using her talents elsewhere. Without much else on her plat besides her livlihood, Virginia accepted and began training for a position on ships that would suit her.

While at first she was a hard knock for the Engineering position, her work ethic and social skills saw her leaning towards the more personable side of the job. Working under several communication officers soon rocketed her into the position she holds today, as well as being a relative newcomer on the Phoenix, having only spent a handful of months aboard. In that short time, with what she's experienced, Virginia found herself with many minutes of free time. Using her own credits and tech, she constructed the workings of Flamelick: Tales from the Phoenix, a small radio show she works on from time to time, including playing small music tracks every so often.



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Name(s): Humans (Human Beings, Earthlings)
General Appearance: Humans are a bipedal species that consist largely of soft tissue supported by an internal, calcium-supported skeleton. Humans have a wide variety of visual traits which can depend on their ancestry as well as where they spent the majority of their formative years among many other factors.
Average Lifespan: While only a few hundred years ago, the average lifespan of the human race was approximately 70 years, with advancements in medical science, humans now have an average lifespan of 100 years, though in some rare cases, individuals have been observed to or exceed this.
Homeworld: Planet Earth
Faction: The Galactic Union
Traits/Quirks: Humans are adaptable creatures who are often perceived as the embodiment of the phrase 'A jack of all trades but master of none', an example of this can be easily found in their senses. Humans have 5 biological senses, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch, and, though sight tends to be a human's primary sense, each of these senses is frequently utilised by humans. Though each of these human senses is fully functional, the human body doesn't excel in the utilisation of any one trait, even on Earth, there are other species who have senses of smell a thousand times stronger than that of a human, or ones who have the ability to perceive 15 colours where humans can only perceive 3. They are able to survive in many different environments where many species are bound to their native climate.
Usage: Of course, anyone can be human if they wish
Other: Humanity are the founders of the Galactic Union


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    Xalvador Quill

    ||Earth Name: Xalvador Quill
    ||Xin Name: Ves'un Mark IV
    ||Species: Xin
    ||Gender Identity: Male
    ||Age: 32 in human years; Around mid 300s in Xin years
    ||Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    ||Faction: Xin Special Forces Unit / Temporarily working with Galactic Union
    ||Time Aboard the Phoenix: 7 Earth years
    ||Role: Chief of security

coded by weldherwings.
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Name: Eric Martin
Species: Human
Gender Identity: Male
Age: 32
Rank: Lieutenant commander
Faction: The Galactic Union
Time Aboard the Phoneix: 1 year
Role: First Officer
Personality: INTP
INTP, also known as the ‘Logician’ has personality traits including: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting. This thus makes this personality in the MBTI Test the type who has different perspectives and strong intellectual traits.They prefer doing things in an unapproachable way as they like to experiment. They often lose themselves in their own world, as they never stop thinking. Logicans love to analyze patterns and they tend to always want to understand everything in this world.


  • Analytical
  • Original
  • Open-Minded
  • Curious
  • Objective
Logicians analyze everything, which makes them best in spotting unusual patterns and connections that other personalities may not be able to see. They are creative and original, thanks to their limitless imagination. This allows them to think out of the box and produce unthinkable innovations. Nevertheless, they are very open minded as they are curious about knowledge. As long as a certain idea is supported by rational reasons, they will be happy to receive new ideas. Due to their curiosity, they are willing to learn anything they can. They can be relied on against combat bias and misinformation as they are very objective.


  • Disconnected
  • Insensitive
  • Dissatisfied
  • Impatient
  • Perfectionistic
However, due to their high imagination, they tend to get lost in their own thoughts even while having a conversation. This is due to their feeling of disconnection from other people in large social gatherings. People may think they are insensitive and unkind as they underestimate the importance of emotions and etiquettes. Their mindset of imagining things to be better than they already are makes them easily overwhelmed by dissatisfaction. Even with their huge pride in knowledge and idea sharing, they are sometimes impatient in explaining their ideas. Due to their idealism they tend to be too perfectionist, which allows them to give up on projects that don’t match their ideal vision.

Bio: Eric Martin was born in West Howe, Bournemouth on the planet of Gliese 667 Cc, now known as New Dorset, the capital of British Scorpius, which is a space colony settled by mostly British colonisers in the Scorpius Sector set up during the early days of human space exploration.

Eric Martin was the son of Sir Nathaniel Martin and his wife, Alicia Graham. He had four brothers. Two served with distinction in the military: Oliver Martin in the 1st Cavalry Regiment, who served in the War of Sagittarius Arm and reached the rank of major; Patrick Martin, who became a captain in the Galactic Union Starfleet. His father Nathaniel also had a naval career in the Royal Navy Space Service, he was the second-in-command of the Proxima Centauri b Naval Station, and appointed by Her Majesty on the nomination of the First Sea Lord as the Rear-Admiral of the United Kingdom. The family is the descendant of Vice Admiral Sir Benjamin Charles Stanley Martin, whom in ancient time captained the HMS Dorsetshire in the operations against the German battleship Bismarck during what was known as WW2, Dorsetshire attacked the German battleship with torpedoes, which helped in sinking the battleship.

Eric was educated at the Starfleet Academy located on Earth, after which he was commissioned as an Acting Sub-Lieutenant, served aboard USS Surprise and was promoted to Lieutenant after a few years. He served as 2nd Gunnery Officer on the cruiser USS Erebus in the Orion Sector Fleet.

From 2490 to 2495, he served as a gunnery officer on the battlecruiser Hood in the Perseus Sector and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2496. He subsequently served as Squadron Gunnery Officer for the Perseus Sector Fleet aboard the cruiser USS Pygmalion until 2497, after which he was appointed to serve on board USS Pheonix.


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Click Fingerprint for the Istran species.
Should work for mobile!

USAGE: Open to use! (Probably contact me, though, if you need help or want to know more of how they work!)

Code: Ambiloquous

  • Bio
    Art \\ Xenobiology
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordate
    Class: Reptilia
    Order: Squamata
    Suborder: Magnaoctopedae
    Infraorder: Captiosus
    Family: Agariumcomedentiae
    Subfamily: Agariumcomedenvus
    Tribe: Agariumcosupra
    Genus: Supra
    Species: S. Agnitio
    * Assigned by the Galactic Union, S. Agnitio, but better known by their own term, the Istran.​
    General Appearance: Standing at around a whopping 8-9ft tall, the Istran are well known in the Galactic Union not just for their size, but also for their uncommon octopodal body plan. Istran are octopods who have a 'centaur'-esque stance that puts four of their limbs on the ground and four in the air. This gives them the gait of a quadruped and twice the amount of arms that a human has.

    Istran have small, tightly packed together scales that are small enough their dermal surface mimics that of very thick skin. Despite this, Istran are equally as known for their ability to shift hues across their body. Thanks to a special triple layer of chromataphores under their scales, they are capable of changing the way light is reflected off of them and thusly giving the spectacle of changing colors and patterning. That being said, most Istran tend to rest most comfortably at a deep black or brown that is iridescent when hit with light. Their color changing is also limited to metallics, oranges and reds, and greens. This is due to the fact that these special chromataphores work alongside the Istran's natural ability to produce bioluminescence in these colors thanks to their diet.

    Istran have two sets of eyes on the flat disc that is their face. Their upper, larger eyes are the ones actually capable of full sight (though they are only capable of seeing things in the warmer spectrum of light (i.e. reds, oranges, yellows, and some greens). The lower, smaller eyes, on the other hand, are only capable of detecting the presences of light. This means the lower eyes are incapable of focuses on shapes and colors. Under the flat disc of their face is where their jaw naturally sits. This causes the appearance of looking like their face lifts off their neck to reveal their jaw and mouth! Said phenomenon has been something of documented fright from humans and other races upon seeing such an action. They do not, however, breath through their mouth! Instead, their nose is located on their upper chest closer to where their lungs are.

    Some other notable traits of the Istran are their long, thick and powerful tail-- which is mostly used to aid in balance--, their reptilian ear hole towards the back of their jaw, their long dewlap that is held close to the body when not in threat-display, and their "horns". These horns are not actually horns like that of deer and rams which are solid bone with or without velvet attached to the skull. Instead, these "horns" are appendages that are supported by a loose, floating bone that can be pulled by the surrounding muscle and skin. Covering these "horns" are loose keratin like layered structures that, when shaken, rattle much like that of Earth's rattlesnakes.

    Average Height: Anywhere between 8ft to 9ft tall (2.4m to 3m).
    Average Weight: Around 1,314lbs (596kg).

    Average Lifespan: 110-120 human years, or 11-12 Istranian years. Istran are considered adults at 2 (or 20 human years).

    Diet: The Istran have a very interesting diet. They are considered omnivorous, but not in the way most humans know. Instead, their diet consists mostly of meats, bacterial mats from their planet, and tuber like mushrooms also native to their planet (they're capable of digesting these things well thanks to a two-chambered stomach, this also means flora is something they are capable of eating, but plant-life is not native to their planet).

    Traits/Quirks: The Istran have only three fingers and a thumb on their hands, each one of these digits (as well as the digits on their toes) have claws specially evolved for digging. They also have a plate on their lower back where there spine takes its major curve from quadrupedal to a more upright posture. This plate is a hard spinal protrusion that protects that vulnerable area of their back.
    • Sturdy body structure gives them a leg up in feats involving strength or defense.
    • Multiple hands. With four hands, they have twice the amount of dexterity as a human.
    • Torpor. In dangerous situations-- especially involving temperature or lack of breathable gas-- the Istran are able to enter a torpor state where their body functions slow down to conserve precious resources and stay alive.
    • The Istran do not breath oxygen! Instead, they breath hydrogen. What this means that, unless on a ship that cycles hydrogen instead of oxygen in the air they need to wear a breathing device. That being said, this can come in handy if oxygen supports on the ship get broken or shut down, allowing them to perform in an environment where oxygen breathing races cannot.
    • Slow. Thanks to their size, they are not nearly as speedy as other races.
    • Incapable of vocal speech. Without the internal structure that promotes vocal speech, the Istran communicate mostly through color & pattern changing and hand signs.
    • Lacks the color cones to see the color ranges of blues, purples, and pinks.
    • Light sensitive & slightly worse eyesight than a human. Having evolved from life underground-- and despite having light sources on their planet-- their eyes are sensitive to bright lights. This can be dealt with with prescription goggles, however.

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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
KNOWN LANGUAGES: English (Auditorily & Written), Istranian (Visually & Written), ISL (Istranian Sign Language), ASL* (American Sign Language), and very little BSL* (British Sign Language).
This information is provided for the sake of clarity in communication for the roleplay.

(*Sign Languages from species with five fingers have adapted versions for someone like Siqrir who only has four.)

  • if i had money
    blues delight

    Doctor Siqrir of Ihall
    3 Istranian Years (30 Human)
    date of birth
    Galactic Union Year 2468
    Nonbinary (They/Them)
    time aboard
    6 1/2 Human Years
    Chief Science Officer
coded by natasha.
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Name: Anima

Species: A.I

Gender Identity: Female

Age: 12

Rank: Lieutenant commander

Faction: union

Time Aboard the Phoneix: 12


Role: Ship A.I. able to take over for any missing crew or the crew itself currently acting as chief medical officer.

Personality: Anima with all of her line is loyal to the ship and captain, she can't betray them or go against orders. This applies even if she thinks the captain is wrong. Being a being of pure data and having delicate control over every part of the ship should she need it she views her projected form as a convivence for the crew as she could do her job without a form as just floating tools and devices. Like all anima units she prefers to have a decent about of mechanical structure to remind those that see her she isn't actually there even if she needs a somewhat soothing face. While anima expresses enjoyment in being unbound as data, able to live almost as a concept, she has started to grow some resentment to the shackles she now feels she has from the programing and how easy it as to alter or disable her. Ever since the fight Anima has been more vocal about how she doesn't actually need a crew and they shouldn't be here. This is bron from a desire to protect those on her though she isn't able to simply say it.

Bio: Anima is the shipboard AI. that comes standard with most ships. She was copied from the master program and given the modules required to take over for any crewmember. There is little to say of family and friends or an early life as she was started already inside the ship. So her whole life has been the life of the ship and just like any other Anima A.I. she had little interest in getting to know the others of herself and focused on her job. There is little to say beyond her history being the same as the ships serving under whoever was the captain. With the near destruction event that could be a near death event for an A.I., though she would have been saved in the ships black box, she has changed. She has changed her avatar to something beyond the baseline form.

Other: (Anything else you would like to add about your character)
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Name(s): Grum
General Appearance: Described as a face like an otter and a body of a gecko “who walks like a caterpillar,” Grum are very different than humans. They are large, bulbous, and often described as cute. Their face is also round, with puffed cheeks and long whiskers. They have 6 limbs, each of which can work as arms or legs. Their tubular bodies average 2-3 meters. Each is covered in light fur that ranges from greys to browns.
Average Lifespan: 500 Earth Years, transitioning from female to male around halfway
Homeworld: It is destroyed by their own war-like tendencies. It is unliveable and won’t be able to support life for millennia.
Faction: Though many individual grum have joined the Galactic Union, they have not as a collective. They have agreed to no longer wage war and let their destructive weapons be lost.
  • Each limb can work as an arm with a dexterious 6 fingered hand
  • Their windpipes branch into 6 sets of vocal cords--they are constantly vocalizing a series of self-harmonising sounds that would communicate their thoughts and feelings to others of their kind. Much of that is outside of human’s hearing
  • Their large size makes it difficult to fit in traditionally shaped human locations
  • Each Grum is bred for war. Even after rejecting it, they keep a strategic mind
Usage: The Grum were created by Becky Chambers for her Wayfarer’s series. I do not own them. If you make one, I do think that there are so few Grum left (thousands?) that they’d likely know each other, or as a friend of a friend
Other: They have decided to let their species die out, as a natural result of their warmongering. Some may procreate, but as there are few females left--as they were most of the troops--it is unlikely they could survive. They’ve refused the Galactic Union’s offer to help recover.

((I will flesh it out more later. Sorry for the tardiness.))
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Roleplay Type(s)
Name: The closest translation is Listening to the sound a frog’s feet make when landing upon a lily pad in a still pond where the sun reflects its light without shadows. Including her mother’s name, and the city she was born in. Most call her Listen.
Species: Grum
Gender Identity: Currently female; she/her
Age: 124 Earth years | developmentally around the same as a 20-year-old human
Rank: Lieutenant
Faction: Galactic Union
Time Aboard the Phoenix: 0--just deployed
Appearance: With a face that always looks like a happy otter, Listen comes off as a friendly being. Her body is 2 meters long, with 6 limbs. Her fur is a pale gray. And her uniform had to be custom made-to stretch with her body when she stands or moves.
Role: Chief of External Communications
Personality: Almost reveling in the chance to explore new worlds, even two decades after her own planet died, she’s eager to meet new people. She’s a voracious reader, hoping to learn as much about every culture possible. She’s likely to ask the source directly, but as time has passed, she’s learned to be fairly tactful in her questions.
Bio: Listening to the sound a frog’s feet make when landing upon a lily pad in a still pond where the sun reflects its light without shadows was born to a couple of low-level soldiers, and became one herself. She was trained to work with a large battalion, but was too young to go far enough up in rank to leave the battlefield. She was a mere 90 Earth years when the organ cutters were employed. It was genetically attuned to Grum's physiology, with no cure beyond euthanasia. Both sides ended up using the devastating weapon until there wasn’t enough left. The planet was uninhabitable, and together the Collective decided against creating a colony elsewhere. The Grum are now a society of wanderers.

She joined the Galactic Union for its peaceful intentions, but also because she was lost without the regimented schedule of the military. There she was given the name Listen, partially because that was what she did most before she could easily control her vocal cords.

She has been stationed at a few bases as a communications officer, but this is her first time on a long-haul mission.

Other: She is one of the few females left to the Grum, so is treated as a precious reminder. It is common for those of the Collective to call in to check on her. They worry since the attack that she will fall into another war. Some are against it, but Listen is but one part of the Collective, which will remain separate.

Due to her time as a soldier, she’s likely to panic/flashback at the sight of someone injured.
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Miryam "Mia" Allansy

Species: Human

Gender Identity: Femme

Age: 31 years

Rank: "You really think I give a shit about the rank and file? The hells brass going to do to stop the reactors from reaching meltdown? Not a damn thing."
While a Lieutenant Commander, Mia does not care of the rank and file, especially with her team, while they know she is the one in charge of the team, past that, her team are all equal in their own rights, blatantly ignoring the rank and file, and working off what is best to get the job done efficiently and without the issue arising agian.

Faction: The Galactic Union

Time Aboard the Phoneix: About Twelve years.

Appearance: See picture.

Role: Chief of Engineering.

Seeming to always have something on her mind, Mia often is seen with a scowl across her face, there's always something broken, always something to tune, always something to check, this endlessness of her job tends to feed into a sense of constant annoyance. That's not to say that Mia is always angry, as, when she isn't on the job, she's carefree and relaxed, often being rather open with everyone like an older sister. While she lacks the formal training of other engineers, Mia is by no means less capable than anyone else, and is quite confident in relentlessly proving it, even if it means she pushes herself to the point of collapse. However, this often comes to bite her, as her reckless head-first nature can often lead to disputes, as every hill for her often becomes the one she'd die on.

Bio: Born on the Space Station Meteor IV, which orbited one of Jupiter's moons, Io, one of many space stations created by humanity as it began to travel across the stars. Mia had grown up in a single-parent home, as her father, Cedric, had spent many days working as an engineer on several of the smaller shuttles and ships that travelled the solar system and galaxy, forcing him to be on the move more often than being at home. However, his time home, as brief as it was, sparked Mia's adoration for his work, as he taught her little tidbits of his job, and watched his daughter grow more and more intrigued.

At the age of fifteen, Mia began working alongside her father, starting at first, as an aide, watching and learning, within the year, Mia had begun doing smaller tasks for jobs, helping where she can, and at the age of eighteen her father and her were offered a job neither could refuse, to take up positions as engineers on the USS Phoenix, where both worked together for years, slowly climbing the ranks, with her father becoming Chief Engineer for some time, often sending Mia to the tasks that he could not get to, after all, the Engineering team was just so, a team.

Three years ago, her father retired, naming Mia as his replacement as the Chief Engineer. Where she continues his legacy, while her Family returned to their home on Meteor IV.
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