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Fantasy The Never Sky Reboot [open, interest check]

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McChicken Sauce
So this is a RP I started, but never really pursued. I still really like the idea, but need more people before I try it again. Here’s the prompt:

This role play is based on the novel Under the Never Sky. (I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't read it).

Some people wondered what the Earth would would be like a few hundred years from the 2000s. Some said nuclear war would wipe out the human population, some said pollution would destroy the Earth. There were thousands of speculations about the future. None would guess what actually happened. One day, as if out of nowhere, in the year 2400, the Aether flooded the sky, wiping out 90% of the human population in a single storm. The blue fire remains in the sky today, the storms still ravaging the Earth.

Some humans were ushered to safety, into Pods which could withstand the storms. These spaces were tight, however, so scientists invented the Realms, virtual spaces that were Better than Real. In these spaces essentially all life occurs. Schooling, socializing, partying, sporting events. Anything can happen with just a thought. The Dwellers have access to these Realms through a device that they call a Smarteye, a device that goes over one's eye, like a second skin. In the Pods, geneticists have found a way to "create the perfect child", allowing parents to choose the genetics and skills they want their children to have before they are born.

Some humans did not make it to the Pods, but somehow survived, living in small colonies called Tribes. Each Tribe is lead by a Blood Lord. The people are called "Savages" or "Outsiders" by the Dwellers. The Aether caused their genes to mutate, giving some of their offspring different heightened senses. The Auds, with heightened hearing, could hear anything for miles. Some can even hear thoughts on contact. The Scires, with their heightened sense of smell can smell anything, and can even smell tempers, or emotions as the Dwellers call them. Lastly, there are Seers, who can see extraordinary distances or in the dark. A select few are able to see glimpses of the future. The Outsiders are constantly on the move, wary of the Aether storms, the threat of starvation or the Croven, a fierce tribe of cannibalistic Outsiders.

Now, in the year 2980, there have been breaches in the Pods, allowing the Dwellers who were brave enough to enter the Outside, and the Outsiders who were dumb enough to enter the Pods. All Hell is breaking loose. The Elders who govern the Pods are attempting to execute all Outsiders who enter the Pods, and the Dwellers, who had always called the Outside "The Death Shop", are in panic.

If you’re interested, let me know. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know! Thank you!​

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