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Adrian Hawthorne
Adrian finds himself sitting back into his chair. He sets his pack down before taking sn old shirt and soaking the blood on his hands off. He puts the thing in a receptacle. He scans his table and finds the vodka he was drinking earlier.
h. Do I want more of a headache or more of a headache"
He chuckles as he downs the vodka. The moment the cold glass touches his lips you hear a somewhat loud message that echoed into the hall. Adrian's com system blares a simple
"Alpha-Hotel-one-four what's your status"
This startles Adrian before messing around with the transmitter, he realized the auxiliary cord was deplaced from his ears. He plugs the cord back in and fixes the earpeace. He replays with a sarcastic
"Inbebriated but can shoot your tin head a mile away. Eyeglass is currently in Eden. Over"
He replies. He stands up and slings his shotgun over his shoulder
"Do you have a 20 on the bird"
The voice asks. Like something is the matter
"Negative. I believe he is somewhere in the general area over"
Adrian replies
"Find him fast, I have reports that their is a stolen weapons shipment that's heading in the general area. I am currently heading over to the area with Steel Giant, E.T.A. 3 hours. Stop him."
And with that the voice transmission is over. He checks his gun that's firmly attached to his holster and looks for L.E.S. when he spots the swat bot he says
"Hey, I have word from my benefactors that a weapons shipment is heading our way. Word is that finch is going to attack it. What's our plan"
He leans in the wall.

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The market square was empty now, with the few remaining people already inside.

"That bike of yours sounded a little choked today, Nelly. I've got some oil in the back." Jeremiah said, tossing out an apple with a sunken hole in it into the sand.

Cornelia took that as her cue to lift herself threw the mobile shop window and stand right next to Jeremiah. As they walked to the back Cornelia spoke.

"Yea, the Ole' girl has been given me trouble lately, Was hoping you could take a look at it." Cornelia said. As she finished her statement, she clasped Jeremiah's shoulder.

"But that's not all I'm here for Jeremy." Cornelia said look at him her eyes almost able to shine threw her helmet's visor. Her grip slightly tightened, hoping to send te message she wouldnt take no for an answer.

"That wasn't an invitation to- okay..." Jeremiah knew there was no point in arguing against Nelly, especially since she was now already in his shop. "Unless it's an oil change or some very basic mechanics I can't really help. Taking care of this rolling scrap yard on wheels isn't the same as being able to fix whatever bullet holes you got through your cylinders."

With that Jeremiah disappeared into curtain of beads that separated his storefront and what one might call an apartment. It was big enough for a sink, a mini fridge, a couple large cabinets and a beanbag chair. At the top of his mattress seemed to be a large case that was the same width as his mattress. It was plain and black. Jeremiah walked over to one of the cabinets and pulled out a quart of motor oil and walked two steps back to Nelly. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he rolled his eyes IMEDIATELY.

This was her signature move when she wanted him to do something that probably involved stealing something from someone who would beat him up afterwards.

"15 credits." He said, walked over and plopping himself on to his mattress. He grabbed a small remote from under his pillow and clicked it. The mechanical drone of the crank raising the counter lasted a few seconds before the hiss of the airlock sealed them.

"Air sealed." Jeremiah removed his respirator and placed a joint between his lips. He lit it, took a long draw, and released with a sigh. "Alright. Whatever bullshit you're about to ask me to do, I'll do, but the payoff can't be below $400 credits and you owe me one back. I didn't come to New Babylon for the riveting market culture." He took another drag and raised his eyebrows in expectation for Nelly's favor.

Nelly took of her helmet, revealing her burn scars that cover half her body. She had her usual scowl as she stared at him with a frown.

"You know damn well I don't take jobs that pay less than $4,000 credits Jeremy."

She snapped back at him almost yelling. "An-" Nelly stopped realizing she was letting her self get worked up. She sighed and hunched over pinching the bridge of her nose.

Calmer now she begins to speak "Look the job is a heist. A big one at one of the biggest casinos on mars." She looked up at her friend. "And I need your help Jeremy... "

Jeremiah took another long drag of his joint, and offered it to her.

"Calm down Nelly, I know what you're worth. Have a puff, you seem tense. I'm there for a casino ripoff. I'm assuming since you just got to town we need to case the joint. Which one is it, the Haunting Grounds, Fabulous Tim's?"

Nelly waved away Jeremy's cig. "You know I hate the ones you smoke.”

She ends up pulling out her own.

Black Palm Mall 100’s, been around since the 1800’s

“And no, we’re going bigger.” Nelly smiles that knowing smile.

Since they were both smoking in the caravan Jeremiah turned on the ventilation, and took another drag from his.

"Alright well quit playing the pronoun game and tell me which one we're hitting." He chuckled.

“Black Jack’s Casino.” Nelly grinned,

“We are gonna rob em blind.” She said with confidence then taking another drag from her cig.

"hmm. This might work out perfectly. I've got a source that there's a business deal going down in the MVP section there tomorrow night. We can make this a two for one special. I'm looking for a briefcase. You help me find it, I'll help you clear out the house. Eh?" Jeremiah was in the mood now. He was getting so giddy he actually forgot to hit the weed in his hand. That's saying something.

"Now, back to an earlier question. Have you cased the joint yet?"

Nelly grinned that sly grin she got when she was about to cause trouble. Jeremiah knew it all too well, and while he would never admit it to Nelly's face, he was happy to see it. It always meant he was about to get paid, or his ass kicked. Or both. "You got urself a deal, Jeremy." She extended a gloved hand, and Jeremiah took it firmly.


"Christ, if I see another report of that Tony Finch character, I'm gonna have a brain aneurysm!"

Klynn leaned back in his chair, quickly stuffing his canteen back into his duster. Every yeoman and bounty hunter from here to New Eden is gonna be after that poor sap, he thought to himself, so I can reasonably back out of this assignment. Leaning forward back to his computer, he began typing an email to a client:

Look, I understand that you want to put this guy behind bars - I do, too.
Fact of the matter is that this guy is Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of law
enforcement, the Yeoman, bounty hunters, wanderers... you name it.
I can no longer guarantee that I can track him down, with dozens of
other institutions in pursuit and dirtying up the evidence. Other than
the initial consultation fee, my secretary will send you an invoice
returning your 2,000HSC deposit.

Thanks (and apologies),
Detective Klynn Riker

With that business concluded, Klynn hit the <SEND> button, only for nothing to happen. He hit it again; nothing. He breathed deeply, exhaling his anger slowly. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. He stood, mumbling to himself, "Shitty computer, I'll just type it again on my wristpad..."

As he walked out of the office, he passed by his secretary's desk, "Dottie, hey. Could you return that 2,000 cred deposit back to our Finch client? I dropped the case." Dottie stared at him over the rim of her glasses, not even lifting her head, "You planning on making any money in this business?" Klynn cast back his duster, resting his hands on his hips as he looked around. "I'll send him an invoice. Oh, are you heading out, now?" She continued dryly. Klynn's head dropped as he smiled to himself.

"You're killin' me, Dottie..." He chuckled, opening the door and passing through.

"... killin' me with kindness!"

Klynn exited his office into the streets of Babylon-IV. Old newspapers and garbage scattered as a draft blew by, kicking up residual dust that settled around the buildings. Klynn covered his eyes and entered a quick command onto his wristpad. As he finished, a rebreather materialized from the helmet assemblage around his neck. Looks like another sandstorm is brewing, he thought as he proceeded down the streets.
Freddy King
“The Stead”
“Say no more.” Freddy gave a small smile while heading into the rover, softly closing the door behind him. The rumble of the engine started before he drove down the structure they sat on. He hit the reverse, attempting to slow his descent down the mountains slant as best he could.

When rover slammed onto the ground, there was a good minute of silence. Then came the gun fire. Freddy shot the ground in front of the bandits with his twins pistols. “Alright boys. I’m looking for a Larkin. Whatever he bought ya for probably doesn’t cost your lives.” He kept both pistols up, his fingers squeezing the triggers, prepared to fire in case they attempted to go hostile on him.
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