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Bill Nein

The Digital Bill of Rights
Adrian Hawthorne
Adrian finds himself sitting back into his chair. He sets his pack down before taking sn old shirt and soaking the blood on his hands off. He puts the thing in a receptacle. He scans his table and finds the vodka he was drinking earlier.
h. Do I want more of a headache or more of a headache"
He chuckles as he downs the vodka. The moment the cold glass touches his lips you hear a somewhat loud message that echoed into the hall. Adrian's com system blares a simple
"Alpha-Hotel-one-four what's your status"
This startles Adrian before messing around with the transmitter, he realized the auxiliary cord was deplaced from his ears. He plugs the cord back in and fixes the earpeace. He replays with a sarcastic
"Inbebriated but can shoot your tin head a mile away. Eyeglass is currently in Eden. Over"
He replies. He stands up and slings his shotgun over his shoulder
"Do you have a 20 on the bird"
The voice asks. Like something is the matter
"Negative. I believe he is somewhere in the general area over"
Adrian replies
"Find him fast, I have reports that their is a stolen weapons shipment that's heading in the general area. I am currently heading over to the area with Steel Giant, E.T.A. 3 hours. Stop him."
And with that the voice transmission is over. He checks his gun that's firmly attached to his holster and looks for L.E.S. when he spots the swat bot he says
"Hey, I have word from my benefactors that a weapons shipment is heading our way. Word is that finch is going to attack it. What's our plan"
He leans in the wall.

Mentions/interacted with @Sarah Bear
The market square was empty now, with the few remaining people already inside.

"That bike of yours sounded a little choked today, Nelly. I've got some oil in the back." Jeremiah said, tossing out an apple with a sunken hole in it into the sand.

Cornelia took that as her cue to lift herself threw the mobile shop window and stand right next to Jeremiah. As they walked to the back Cornelia spoke.

"Yea, the Ole' girl has been given me trouble lately, Was hoping you could take a look at it." Cornelia said. As she finished her statement, she clasped Jeremiah's shoulder.

"But that's not all I'm here for Jeremy." Cornelia said look at him her eyes almost able to shine threw her helmet's visor. Her grip slightly tightened, hoping to send te message she wouldnt take no for an answer.

"That wasn't an invitation to- okay..." Jeremiah knew there was no point in arguing against Nelly, especially since she was now already in his shop. "Unless it's an oil change or some very basic mechanics I can't really help. Taking care of this rolling scrap yard on wheels isn't the same as being able to fix whatever bullet holes you got through your cylinders."

With that Jeremiah disappeared into curtain of beads that separated his storefront and what one might call an apartment. It was big enough for a sink, a mini fridge, a couple large cabinets and a beanbag chair. At the top of his mattress seemed to be a large case that was the same width as his mattress. It was plain and black. Jeremiah walked over to one of the cabinets and pulled out a quart of motor oil and walked two steps back to Nelly. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he rolled his eyes IMEDIATELY.

This was her signature move when she wanted him to do something that probably involved stealing something from someone who would beat him up afterwards.

"15 credits." He said, walked over and plopping himself on to his mattress. He grabbed a small remote from under his pillow and clicked it. The mechanical drone of the crank raising the counter lasted a few seconds before the hiss of the airlock sealed them.

"Air sealed." Jeremiah removed his respirator and placed a joint between his lips. He lit it, took a long draw, and released with a sigh. "Alright. Whatever bullshit you're about to ask me to do, I'll do, but the payoff can't be below $400 credits and you owe me one back. I didn't come to New Babylon for the riveting market culture." He took another drag and raised his eyebrows in expectation for Nelly's favor.

Nelly took of her helmet, revealing her burn scars that cover half her body. She had her usual scowl as she stared at him with a frown.

"You know damn well I don't take jobs that pay less than $4,000 credits Jeremy."

She snapped back at him almost yelling. "An-" Nelly stopped realizing she was letting her self get worked up. She sighed and hunched over pinching the bridge of her nose.

Calmer now she begins to speak "Look the job is a heist. A big one at one of the biggest casinos on mars." She looked up at her friend. "And I need your help Jeremy... "

Jeremiah took another long drag of his joint, and offered it to her.

"Calm down Nelly, I know what you're worth. Have a puff, you seem tense. I'm there for a casino ripoff. I'm assuming since you just got to town we need to case the joint. Which one is it, the Haunting Grounds, Fabulous Tim's?"

Nelly waved away Jeremy's cig. "You know I hate the ones you smoke.”

She ends up pulling out her own.

Black Palm Mall 100’s, been around since the 1800’s

“And no, we’re going bigger.” Nelly smiles that knowing smile.

Since they were both smoking in the caravan Jeremiah turned on the ventilation, and took another drag from his.

"Alright well quit playing the pronoun game and tell me which one we're hitting." He chuckled.

“Black Jack’s Casino.” Nelly grinned,

“We are gonna rob em blind.” She said with confidence then taking another drag from her cig.

"hmm. This might work out perfectly. I've got a source that there's a business deal going down in the MVP section there tomorrow night. We can make this a two for one special. I'm looking for a briefcase. You help me find it, I'll help you clear out the house. Eh?" Jeremiah was in the mood now. He was getting so giddy he actually forgot to hit the weed in his hand. That's saying something.

"Now, back to an earlier question. Have you cased the joint yet?"

Nelly grinned that sly grin she got when she was about to cause trouble. Jeremiah knew it all too well, and while he would never admit it to Nelly's face, he was happy to see it. It always meant he was about to get paid, or his ass kicked. Or both. "You got urself a deal, Jeremy." She extended a gloved hand, and Jeremiah took it firmly.



Lord of Cinder

"Christ, if I see another report of that Tony Finch character, I'm gonna have a brain aneurysm!"

Klynn leaned back in his chair, quickly stuffing his canteen back into his duster. Every yeoman and bounty hunter from here to New Eden is gonna be after that poor sap, he thought to himself, so I can reasonably back out of this assignment. Leaning forward back to his computer, he began typing an email to a client:

Look, I understand that you want to put this guy behind bars - I do, too.
Fact of the matter is that this guy is Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of law
enforcement, the Yeoman, bounty hunters, wanderers... you name it.
I can no longer guarantee that I can track him down, with dozens of
other institutions in pursuit and dirtying up the evidence. Other than
the initial consultation fee, my secretary will send you an invoice
returning your 2,000HSC deposit.

Thanks (and apologies),
Detective Klynn Riker

With that business concluded, Klynn hit the <SEND> button, only for nothing to happen. He hit it again; nothing. He breathed deeply, exhaling his anger slowly. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. He stood, mumbling to himself, "Shitty computer, I'll just type it again on my wristpad..."

As he walked out of the office, he passed by his secretary's desk, "Dottie, hey. Could you return that 2,000 cred deposit back to our Finch client? I dropped the case." Dottie stared at him over the rim of her glasses, not even lifting her head, "You planning on making any money in this business?" Klynn cast back his duster, resting his hands on his hips as he looked around. "I'll send him an invoice. Oh, are you heading out, now?" She continued dryly. Klynn's head dropped as he smiled to himself.

"You're killin' me, Dottie..." He chuckled, opening the door and passing through.

"... killin' me with kindness!"

Klynn exited his office into the streets of Babylon-IV. Old newspapers and garbage scattered as a draft blew by, kicking up residual dust that settled around the buildings. Klynn covered his eyes and entered a quick command onto his wristpad. As he finished, a rebreather materialized from the helmet assemblage around his neck. Looks like another sandstorm is brewing, he thought as he proceeded down the streets.

Shammy the Shamrock

*Jumps Through Window*
Freddy King
“The Stead”
“Say no more.” Freddy gave a small smile while heading into the rover, softly closing the door behind him. The rumble of the engine started before he drove down the structure they sat on. He hit the reverse, attempting to slow his descent down the mountains slant as best he could.

When rover slammed onto the ground, there was a good minute of silence. Then came the gun fire. Freddy shot the ground in front of the bandits with his twins pistols. “Alright boys. I’m looking for a Larkin. Whatever he bought ya for probably doesn’t cost your lives.” He kept both pistols up, his fingers squeezing the triggers, prepared to fire in case they attempted to go hostile on him.
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Luna was sitting in the cargo hold of her X-209 class-light Freighter (image at the bottom). Her ship was sitting in a high orbit around earth and she was waiting for her clearance to enter the atmosphere so she could pick up the supplies and deliver it to one of the Mars colonies. She gets up and goes back to the cockpit and sits down. “What could be taking them so long?” She asked and looked at the copilot seat and sighs.

It’s half an hour before she receives clearance to enter the atmosphere. She sighs and begins her decent about two hours later she has her cargo and is on her way to Mars. She start her FTL drive and jumps to the Sector where Mars is located.
*skip however long it takes to get there*
When she arrives, she lands on the planet surface and deliveres the cargo. After she received her payment she heads to a local bar and sits down.

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The Moon, a miner's haven, a cesspool of resources and ruins. Reece's 2nd home.

Reece was laying down, wearing the SCM, it was a slow day and he was twiddling his thumbs and staring at the PD. "It'll be here soon, I can tell" he muttered, "Only a matter of time..." Reece was, of course, being restless as usual; word had spread around about a new treasure on one of the Mars colonies, 'problem was, there was nobody on Mars who knew where it is except the Khodai, but they're weren't going to help and the PD wasn't going to pick it up anytime soon because the satellites on Mars were anything but responsive.

Reece was going to go to Mars, this was clear, how he was going to though was another story. His suit had barely any juice to run the oxygen pumps let alone the communications system, so Reece was going to have to hitch a ride, at times like these he really wished he invested in a ship rather than an endless supply of 'Interstellar Bucky's Blueberry Bonbons', but as he popped another one in his mouth he remembered why. "They're delectable and part of your 5 a day!" Sang Reece.

Immediately, the suit had reached its conservation mode, the PD, and ArHN exhausts had shut down, Reece was feeling slightly uneasy, as he could only twiddle his thumbs and sooner or later his suit was going to shut off the oxygen pumps.

It didn't matter, the mining pods were due to return from their shift anytime now, the Moon had regular mining intervals, in which workers would go deep into the craters' holes and mine for lunar rock, it was a good fuel source but an even better bioweapon. For military personnel only. Technically Reece wasn't allowed on this part of the moon and most of the earth, but Reece had a talent and it was called, bullshitting his way out of problems, this time he painted over his modifications to appear that he was one of the miners. whether or not it was going to work was one thing, which he didn't really care about, Bailey needed a good warm-up anyway, but he was more concerned about the whether or not Mars was going to know him or not, more specifically, his old crew.

-5 Minutes Later-
"This is taking quite a bit..."
-10 Minutes Later-
"Ok, now this is a bit of a piss-take"
-20 Minutes Later-
'Nervous enhancers shutting down'
"Okay, it better come now otherwise I won't even be able to move let alone think of a way out of here!"


"Finally! Those workers seriously get underpaid," exclaimed Reece. Suddenly, the docking station protruded from the ground and assembled the pod station, as the mining pods came over the horizon, Reece began to slip behind a corner, if they saw a miner out already, they'd be suspicious, and although Bailey could deal with grounded miners, it certainly couldn't deal with mining pods.
Once the Pods docked, Reece slowly shifted his way through the crowd, the miners all reeked of lunar gas, sweat and weak minds. As the crowd began to whittle out the Pods got closer and closer to Reece, except, there was one man in his way, the Pod guard.

The Pod guard was a fat and burly man, with a vacant look on his face but a determined look in his eyes, he stared Reece up and down, sensing for any flinch, he just about peeped his mouth until Reece had lost patience, and blasted a pluxonite round into his head with Valerie. It certainly wasn't pretty and it sure as hell wasn't quiet, the Miners all turned around, "Ah Shit." exhaled Reece as they began to rush over, much like how Reece rushed into one of the Pods.

"Mars here we come!" Shouted Reece, but he was going to need a crew before he even tried to start his expedition, Mars was a ways away from the Moon, but with a little bit of Lunar fuel, it wouldn't take more than 3 hours. "Well, better charge up the suit, I'm gonna be in here for a while." As Reece began to blow into the charging pipe, he couldn't stop thinking about that Martian treasure.

-Three Hours and a bag of 'Interstellar Bucky's Blueberry Bonbons' Later-

The pod was finally enclosing on mars, it was just as the PD stated, a sand-dune full of mystery, who knew what was in the planets colonies... Or under them? Either way, Reece was going to find out. As he was landing Reece saw a ship unloading some sort of cargo, it wasn't important enough to loot, but noteworthy to keep tabs on.

The Pod was entering the atmosphere at an alarming speed, Reece reached for the controls, urgently he began to tug and toil and fluster with the pod, as Mars' surface was inching closer and closer the Pod came to an immediate halt as the protection hover-system activated "Phew, that was too close I almost cra-"

Mars, the dusty, promising land of treasure. Reece's new prize.

"Shite! I forgot to turn to on the landing gear. Oh well, I guess I'll need to find a different way back to earth, hell, it's another addition to Mars' dusty surface anyway, I better start recruiting before I get into actual problems." Thought Reece, as he began to fiddle with the PD and activated the port-a-suit mechanic. Swiftly the suit began to fold around him, forming a briefcase, he took a deep breath of oxygen and headed towards the New Eden colony in search of the most universal, communal and populated area, a Saloon.

Prospector's Dream
The SCMK2-5M Lite + System Announcements
Reece's thoughts + Speech
Time Skips

Interstellar Bucky's Blueberry Bonbons
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I sat down on one of the many sandy dunes that the martian surface had to offer. I simply stared out into the stars, wondering which one was Earth. I had been on this planet for almost three years now and I still wonder in awe about the smart minds that brought so many people here. I was a simple and quite poor man, wielding a simple Glock 18 with around 100 rounds. My clothes were torn. Torn? Not.. torn. But they were torn before. Duct tape covered the holes. After all, who wants to die from being exposed? I wasn't near any buildings, nor any of the colonies; I was alone. Lost. I had been lost for 20 days.

Some people may be asking how I got lost in the first place. Simple answer: one hell of a storm.

I took my binoculaurs out and watched my surroundings, hoping that maybe one of the colonies would have sent a search party looking for me.

Master P

The great Khorneholio
Joseph had landed on Mars a week before he took a job on this 'Larkin' guy. Big gangster, well armed forces, it's suicide, etc. Joe had dealt with a lot worse back on earth. He had his armor on, probably the only set on Mars as far as he knew. The dropship he was in approached the LZ at a slow speed, it was low to the ground to avoid detection from scanners. "Alright, we're here." The pilot said, it was one of the only guys who would take Joe out to the location he was at. One of the problems was, this guy was wanted alive, Joe didn't do that very well. Joe had a picture of the guy in his HUD as he put his helmet on right before the interior of the shuttle decompressed. Joe jumped down about thirty feet above the ground. It would usually break a man's leg doing what he just did, but his armors shock dampeners did their job, besides, that reinforced skeleton of his could fall even higher than that and work fine.

He approached an entrance and saw a transport and two people facing what seemed to be guards. It was a perfect opportunity. He activated his suits light bending camo. He merged with the red sand almost perfectly, the only part giving him away was the sheen he made when he moved. He unsheathed his knife, Bloodthister, as he started calling it. He slowly approached the guards while their backs were turned, he grabbed the one guards leg and yanked it out from under him, before his friend had time to react Joe had slit his throat, his blood mingling with the red sand. To finish the other guy off Joe dropped to his knee as he stabbed the man on the ground in his chest with all his weight, ending with a twist of the curved, three sided knife while it was still embedded in his chest. The last guard coughed for a few seconds before finally dying. Joe went back to a standing position before turning his helmeted head over a shoulder and asking "I don't suppose you would be looking for a man named Larkin?" In a non-chalant tone as he put his knife back in it's resting place.

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Elongated Muskrat
As Levi trudged onward, he shadowed his brow as he looked upward, thinking he saw something breach the atmosphere and come hurtling down a small distance away. The object's distinctive shape clued him in that it was a lunar mining pod. He hadn't seen one of those in quite some time; they were usually manned, which made him wince as the pod crashed to the surface of Mars. Adjusting his direction of travel slightly, he began to walk in the direction of the crash site, a part of his brain worrying about the condition of its occupant.

Those worries would be laid to rest as, through the dust, he noticed a figure emerge. A man, clad in mining armor and carrying a briefcase. Internally, Levi sighed, but externally, he merely nodded to the man as their paths drew closer. (He seemed to be heading for New Eden Colony.)

Mars, still a dusty planet, this time with potential crew-members

Huddling his way over to the colony, he noted a poncho-wearing male nodding towards him, he was carrying not too many guns so he wasn't a threat but his cold demeanour was stark yet welcoming in an odd form of suspicion yet hope, like the first friend you make at a school. He was perfect for a mission of Reece's calibre, well, at least he was to Reece.

With a bit of a limp from the crash, Reece made his way to the roamer, did a form of salute-wave and promptly introduced himself by saying, "Hey, Poncho-Man! You're looking like you've picked a regretful job, is there a way towards a saloon around here? I've got a bit of recruiting to do, in fact, you look like a good asset... How would you like to loot a ruin...Somewhere... On Mars?" Almost immediately Reece noticed the man's bible on him, great another religious nut, "why do all the good ones need to have a weakness?" Screamed Reece in his mind. "Don't worry dude, it belongs to Kho'dais, well, at least I think it does so... Eh, we'll be completely fine." splurted Reece to fill the void within his conversation, to be honest, Reece knew they weren't going to be fine.

"Oh, the name's Reece by the way, Once you give me the instructions to the saloon, you know where to find me." Finished Reece as he began to listen for the strangers' response.
"Care for a bonbon? They're interstellar and blueberry!" Asked Reece, automaticaly. "This was getting weird for Reece, had the IBBB organisation taken over his mind? Or had the ad truly stuck with him?" Thought Reece as he began to shove a handful of bonbons into his stomach before twisting to offer the Poncho-wearing male some as well.

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Mystery Man
Lazarus Love

Driving across the red dunes at top speed listening to the radio full blast, almost made it seem like he was back home in Southern Utah. There weren't that many Radio Stations on Mars so he made up for it by playing the songs he stored in a drive while he was on Earth visiting his family. He didn't let it distract him from monitoring his surroundings, Mars was a dangerous place, and for this run, he didn't have the protection of a convoy like he usually did. He only lost a shipment once before and that was because the Kho'dais got to it before he could recover it and they destroyed most of the shipment in their search for scrap. He's had to hunt down quite a few bandits back to their hidey holes before he could complete the job and it's always a pain to do. Much easier to make sure you see them coming. That's why his custom rig had a crapload of upgrades dedicated to state of the art sensor arrays. His rig was also another thing he had to recover more times than he'd like.
Space Truck.jpg
New Eden was quite the Backwater, but they needed their stuff shipped to them the same as any other. They were too far out of the way to send a convoy and too small anyway to need one. That's why they sent him. He was reliable, always made his shipments, only rarely got delayed, and could be trusted not to drink and drive, the perfect employee. Thing was, there was another reason they sent him on the solo runs, he didn't always get along with the other Convoy truckers, he ran a tight shift and could be a bit harsh when they were running behind schedule. He also didn't really socialize with the others when they went to get drunk and gamble or otherwise blow off steam. They saw him as a bit of an outsider. That was fine by him, although the solo runs could get quite dangerous. His sensors suddenly picked up a mining ship coming in for a landing, and soon afterwards he saw it breach the atmosphere and crash. His sensors also picked up a single humanoid traveling by foot near the site where the pod crashed. Well, time to go see if there were any survivors from the crash.
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Elongated Muskrat
Well, now. Here was a real Chatty Chester. Levi accepted the barrage of questions and the blueberry bonbon being offered him; he tucked it away before replying, in fewer words than this Reece fellow had used. He subconsciously glanced down at his tattered poncho as Reece called him "Poncho-Man," and didn't appreciate the use of the term "regretful job," but he did not make his opinions on that subject known. "Levi. Saloon's that way," he said, pointing in the direction of the Touch of Home. "Largest building. Right next to a repair shop, you can't miss it. And I'm 'fraid I can't go treasure-hunting just yet; I have other business to conduct first. Maybe after."



Mystery Man
Lazarus Love, "Zions Zombie"
He pulled up next to the crashed moon pod and saw that there was at least one survivor. He got out, making sure to grab his Assault Rifle that was in the holster next to his seat, you could never be too careful these days. "Hey, guys I saw the pod crash and came to check if there were any survivors. Was it just you with the briefcase that was in there? Or are there more that are hurt?" He made sure to raise the volume of his suit's voice slightly to compensate for his normally quiet tone. The entire time he said this he had his gun at the ready, not pointed at anyone but still able to jump into action at any point.
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Mars' brand new favourite place to hang out 'the dusty crater'

Levi, it was an interesting name for sure, it definitely beat Reece by a longshot, Reece was just itching by the thought of it, he ran through the man's descriptions of the saloon in his head and attempt to note them down, around the same time he managed to remember that he was still in conversation "Thanks Levi, I'll let you get on with your business, oh and enjoy the bonbons." As Reece was about to head off he heard a man from behind hop out of a vehicle and say "Hey, guys I saw the pod crash and came to check if there were any survivors. Was it just you with the briefcase that was in there? Or are there more that are hurt?" Based off instinct Reece swivelled around and replied to the question "Nah, just me and my bad flying skills..." Reece began to hone in on the man's armour, the hat, the mask, the overcoat, it was the Zion Zombie himself, Reece was immediately on edge, his alert-behaviour straightening his spine and swallowing his 3rd bag of bonbons, he slowly scanned the man, his gun was to his side, likewise was his hand; Reece ran through a mini-press conference in his head, the Zion Zombie was a huge target down in the criminal underworld of earth, the bets for those who would put him under were insanely popular, however, likewise, Reece thought about the death mark he'd get from most if not all big-bads, if he messed up their chances.
Reece had to admit though, the Zombie was an alright guy if you weren't trying to kill him, "Hell, a muscle like him would be good for raiding." Considered Reece.

The trio had been standing awkwardly for a good 30 seconds or so, in response, Reece thought it was fitting to introduce himself, "Oh, yeah, the name's Reece and don't worry, I know who you are, you're the Zion Zombie himself, the underworld's sixth most wanted man, the bets on who can put you under are off the charts, make sure you check that armour of your's when you're out and about, hell, I'd try and kill you if it wasn't so fucking impossible. Anyway, you don't need me to ramble on forever, I'm sure you and that truck there have places to be and, likewise, so do I. If you're looking for some fame, I'll be near the saloon, if you're looking for some 'business' go consult Mr Poncho over there, or Levi, (To Levi) Levi wasn't it? Forget it, I gotta go. Thanks for the directions, Mr L!" Reece was heading his way towards the Saloon, he needed to find somebody who'd fix-up the PD to Mars' radio waves, which Reece hated the idea of somebody touching his tech, or somebody who knew where some Khodai treasure could be.

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Body and Soul
"ATTENTION! This is a major announcement to all the citizens of Mars!"

Every radio, television, and transmission feed has been interrupted and taken over by a new broadcast. Those watching on a video screen get the chance to see something special.

A voice speaks:
"This is a story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend. When the ancient, barren red planet was harsh and cruel. When the inhabitants plagued mankind with pain and suffering. Only one man dared to challenge their power................Zack Hall!"
*Zack Hall appears on the screen*

"Zack Hall possessed a strength the world has never seen. A strength surpassed by only the power of his heart.
*Video cuts to Zack Hall inspiring the children of Mars with his presence*

"He journeyed to Mars to stop the evil forces of Khodai and battling the evils of bandits and lawlessness."
*Cut to movie scene of Zack Hall overlooking dramatically the sights of Mars*

"But wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent would suffer, there would be..................Zack Hall! These are the true tales of Zack Hall"

*Scene cuts to Zack standing in the middle of the Touch of Home tavern. All the patrons and locals inside smile, hug each other, and throw their hands in the air celebrating. Grown men crying and women fainting*
Movie Announcer: "With Megan Fox as Erica Branton"
"You're Zack Hall aren't you? The bravest, strongest, and most handsomest man on Earth..........and now Mars, aren't you? Our prayers have been answered. *Erica throws herself at Zack's muscled arms and faints*

*Scene cuts to Zack outside of the tavern practicing and shooting tin cans 5 miles away, never missing a shot*
Movie Announcer: "With Jared Leto as Levi, Shia Lebouff as Zero, and Emma Watson as Okada Kanai"
*Levi, Zero, and Okada all stand with their mouths open and in awe*
Levi: "How does he do it?"
Zero: "Is there anything he can't do?"
Okada: "Erica is a lucky woman to have Zack all to herself" *A single tear runs down Okada's face*

*Scene cuts to Zack Hall walking and coming across two robots*
Movie Announcer: "Scarlett Johanssen as Les and John Travolta as Waltz"
"Beep boop beep" "01100011" *Zack Hall approaches the two robots making robot noises* "Hi I'm Zack Hall. Even though you don't have a heart that beats like mine, I'm here to save you just like everyone else on Mars" he smiles.
"Computing, computing.............I. Have. Never. Felt. Emotions. Until. Now. Thank. You. Zack. Hall. Now. I. Know. What. Humans. Call. Happiness. Feels. Like. Beep boop"

*Scene cuts to Zack Hall taking out a notorious, well armed martian gang.................with nothing but a horseshoe and his smile. The two men of the law of New Eden Colony, are hiding in the tavern and peek out. When they see the gang taken out, they come out and approach Zack Hall*
Movie Announcer: "With Matthew McConaughey as Atticus and Vin Diesel as Adrian Hawthorne"
Adrian: "Please save us. Here are our badges" *Adrian and Atticus give their badges to Zack Hall*

*Scene cuts to Zack Hall running through a burning building with two women in each shoulder*
Movie Announcer: "Emma Stone as Lucy and Angelina Jolie as Gwenaelle"
Zack puts down the two ladies and a dozen orphans that were hanging around his neck. "Zack, you not only saved me from the fire, but you saved me from myself and from believing beauty such as yours didn't exist in the world" Lucy says tearfully looking at Zack. "Zack, this isn't Earth. The rules here are different. Marry me, Lucy, and Erica all at the same time" Gwenaelle says.

*Scene cuts to Zack in a tavern with Erica sitting in Zack's lap with her arms around his neck, unblinking because she doesn't want to miss the sight of Zack Hall for even a second, when Zack notices two men sitting in the tavern*
Movie Announcer: "And Chris Pratt as Quinn Turner and Orlando Bloom as Rothe Verdante"
Zack puts Erica down and approaches the two men sitting in the corner of the tavern. "My friends, there is no winning for people that smoke and drink. The new Zack Hall Fitness Workout DVD is now available in all major retailers. You will look like me and you'll be able to achieve all your dreams".
Quinn looks up with a smile of hope on his face, "Really Mr. Hall? Someday I can be like you" Zack looks at him and replies, "I believe in you". "Me too Mr. Hall?" asks Rothe. "Sure kid, Zack Hall believes in you too" he smiles.

Movie Announcer: "Zack Hall stars in "The Handsome Stranger Comes To Mars". Based on a true story and now playing in the New Eden Colony. The world wide premiere on Mars is tonight, Zack Hall will be their in person! The biggest event on any planet! Be there before all tickets are sold out!"

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Mystery Man
Lazarus Love, "Zions Zombie"
This Reece guy was a real talker, wasn't he? He also really ought to be more careful, he was awfully casual mentioning that he was thinking of killing someone. Lazarus almost shot Reece when he said that he would have tried killing Lazarus before he thought better of it. It was good he thought better of it or he might be bleeding out on the Martian sand right now. "Well, good luck in your quest Reece. Thanks for the heads up, I don't think anyone will be collecting on those bets though, I plan on dying of old age." He turned to the other man, and said "Levi, was it? I'm sorry I've been ignoring you, that was rude of me. It's good to see another man of faith, it's getting quite rare these days. I'd like to stay and chat some more but I've got to get this delivered." He climbed back into the truck and when he arrived in New Eden he began to help unload his large truck at one of the warehouses. He couldn't help but notice the damage sustained to one in particular. He asked one of the guys helping to unload the truck "What happened to that warehouse over there?" "Oh, that? From what I hear it was a shootout between a Yeoman and Tony Finch" "Isn't he that gangster who's at the top of the Most Wanted list?" "The very same." "Hmmm. Well, it looks like we're done unloading the Truck. I'm going to go get something to eat and then find someplace to stay. Know anywhere I can do that?" "Well, there's that place Touch of Home." "Thanks." He parked his truck at the Stable and made his way over to the Touch of Home. Both his rifles were in their case and slung across his back, but his modified laser pistol was still in his holster. Upon entrance Lazarus almost immediately wished he hadn't gone in. Or that if he had, his assault rifle would not be cased. "Too late now," Lazarus thought "best get a room." "Hello, could I get a room, please? And perhaps a soda?"

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Levi accepted Reece's thanks with a curt nod, and watched him trundle off toward the safety of New Eden Colony, and the Touch of Home. He was a tad surprised that the Lazarus fellow was able to discern that he, Levi, was a man of faith, until he looked down at his satchel to see the top of his Bible poking out. Huh. At least it hadn't fallen out. He gave a small wave of farewell to Lazarus as the latter returned to his big rig rover and made tracks on his way to the line of warehouses behind the main line of colony buildings. Something about Lazarus, he determined, was pretty alright. Though he wished he had stuck around long enough to give him a ride. It was a hard job, walking everywhere.

Withdrawing Lucy's security card from his belt, he once more inspected it before returning it to its place. He still had plenty of time, he thought, before his meetup with Lucy; he could afford a little time to deviate from his course. The presence of a Lunar pod on Mars particularly intrigued him, as those were something one only really saw on the Moon. He trudged over to the wreck and carefully wormed his way inside, making his way to the cockpit, hunting for answers to the question: what was it doing here, and why had it crashed?

(@RedEmRa @MrThe)

# # #

A new customer had arrived within the Touch of Home, inquiring about a room and a soda. One of the serving robots, Robecca, approached the newcomer. "Welcome to the Touch of Home," it said in a chipper voice. "Please take a seat. Your order will be out shortly."


New Eden Colony, Mars' only safe colony

The Colony wasn't much of a sight, it lacked any form of awe and appeared to be a slightly polished bare-bones town.
Except for the beacon of community that was the Saloon, the sign was huge and read 'The Touch of Home', Reece wasn't much of a drinker, he only drank rum, which, as he was frisking himself down, appeared to have been left in the mining pod, however, Reece wasn't after a drink he was after a person.

Reaching the doors of the saloon he sighed a bit, places like these, communal places, was what Reece missed the most from his old place of residence, the cinemas, the home-brewed shops, the restaurants, they were all part of Reece's fond memories.

The Touch of Home, Mars' most common meeting site.

Pushing the doors open his PD received a transmission from Earth, it was none other than the commercial for Zack Hall's new film "The Handsome Stranger Comes To Mars"! Reece was in pure awe, he grew up with Zack Hall's films, watching them as a teenager, with his favourite being "Hey Amigo!" The excitement, however, had to be put aside, because Reece had to focus on finding somebody with knowledge about Mars, or somebody with enough money for him to buy his way into learning about Mars, as Reece was broke. Pacing his way to the bar counter Reece retracted his helmet showing his brown hair and choppers, he then began to fish out 3 chunks of Lunar Rocks from his pocket and said, "How about all 5 of these for two weeks worth of a room and some rum? Unless you're willing to give me a job to do." Turning his head from the counter he gave a cheeky wave to Lazarus who he noticed, was being seated toawrds a table. "I'm guessing you're getting a space to rest too, right bud? 'Cause your truck there doesn't look too roomy." Noted Reece, with a chirpy attitude, grabbing a seat opposite Lazarus.
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Mystery Man
Lazarus Love, "Zions Zombie"
He should have figured that loudmouthed lunatic would be here as well, it's not like there are any other places to be in this place. He sat down and said, "You guess right." to Reece and to the robot he said, "I'll take a Mt.Dew if you have one, and a Sprite if you don't." Lazarus turned back to the man across from him "It's quite obvious you've never been to Mars before. Why are you here? And what do you want with me?" @RedEmRa
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Zack Hall(The most handsome man on Earth, Mars, and the solar system is back)

"I can't believe he's here!"
"You think he'll sign my copy of "Stop! Let me fix my hair before I kill you"?"
"I tried getting a room here but their all booked up, Zack rented out most of the rooms and the people that heard Zack was staying here took the rest of the rooms!"
"I can't believe Zack is staying here tonight until his big movie premiere"
People chatting and talking excitedly in the tavern.

One of Zack's assistant is on the phone, standing near the bar where a few people are drinking and ordering their drinks.
"Zack Hall, THE Zack Hall, the greatest Western Action movie star of all time requires Acquadi CristalloTributo a Modigliani, I know this brand of water is only found in the most remote places of Earth, but he wants it and he wants it now. Only the best for the greatest actor of all time!" he hangs up the phone. "Sheesh" he says as he takes a seat at the bar. A girl walks up to him, "OMG, you know Zack Hall? Do you think you can take me too meet him?".
The assistant looks at the girl indifferent, "No offense mam but you're a 10 out of 10. Zack only dates women who are 20's and who are at least half as beautiful as him." she storms off.
"Zack Hall has almost all the rooms in this place but I still have to sleep in the porch, I bet if I ask him, I can probably get a room here"

Suddenly there's a roar of the crowd. Lights flash everywhere, blinding anyone not wearing glasses. People rush to the door.
When a tall 6 foot 6 muscley movie star walks in through the door.
"Remember to breathe, yes it is I, the Zack Hall in person." he says with a smile.

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Rusty Kerman

Idiot on the moon.
Cain Lumen:
Meanwhile, While everything is occurring, A man is falling into the atmosphere in a old spacecraft from the 21st century... Surrounded by enough debris to make a frag grenadine jealous.
He checks the trajectory and realizes that its heading straight towards the middle of New Eden Colony.
He starts rapidly trying to change course to no avail.
He Grabs a wrench and hits the main console causing it to respond again.
YEAH! Impact calibration saves the day again!
Seconds before crashing to the ground. He pulls up and preforms a emergency landing, Right in the middle of the colony, as debris burn up in the atmosphere above everybody heads.


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Jebediah Klainey:

"Looking for a good gun? Then step right up and give good ol' Trashman Jeb a chance!" A crackling voice warbled from the speakers of an old holo-tablet which was propped up against a wall and projecting the pale blue form of what looked and sounded like a foot-tall carnival barker. "Bounties, debt collection, pest control, security! Jebediah Klainey does it all!" The ghostly barker cried out into the streets, motioning to a large half-slumbering mountain of a man that had wedged himself in a tight alley. How he managed it surely was a mystery. "Did I mention he also does odd jobs? Warehouse work, roofing, basic landscaping!" The holographic barker paused, pursing his lips under his thick handle bar mustache before he added with a loud cry, "Man is also a GEN-U-INE fortune teller! Can read your palm like a programmer reads code! You there, miss! Want your fortune told? Quick readings are free!"

While the hologram fruitlessly advertized the skills of his owner, Jebediah's attention would be brought up to the flash of light from above. "Now what in the name of the belt is that there?" The man rumbled under his breath as he slowly stood up to his full height of six-foot-two. "That's 'nough now Barker, got somethin' more interestin' to check out." Jeb spoke with a loose drawl as he bent down to pick up his device, shouldering his pack and sticking his hands in his pockets as he slowly lumbered towards the approximate destination of the ill-fated Cain.
@Rusty Kerman
Rothe Verdante "Juiceman"
"Ohhhhhh gawwwwwd...." Rothe moaned as he vomited his guts into the alleyway outside the bar. He wasn't a good drinker at all, never knew when enough was enough.
Of course he didn't actually care that much, this scene had played out so many times in his life it had become almost like a ritual.
Not a ritual he liked for that matter, but he couldnt realy help it. He wasnt addicted, he just really really enjoyed getting intoxicated.

"Yo Quinn, could ya grab some aspirin outta my bag?? Dont fuckin touchhh anytthin else though" Rothe drawled as he slumped down against the alley wall. Quinn had walked outside with him as the bar had begun to fill up again, most likely to get more drugs. Rothe didnt blame him though, it was difficult to find good dealers on the
Red Rock. Everyone was thinking of short term gain and quick highs so it was horribly common to end up getting shot at after, before or even during a purchase of the commodity he sold.
(Un?)Luckily for everyone on the desert planet, the population influx to Mars was quickly reaching the point where real organized crime was becoming common, the mass of immigrants to the Crimson globe was good for the growing economy but it was bad for the police force.
Life expectancy for the average citizen was at an all time low.
"Lets find some chumps for this job after im finished with this my frienddd.." Rothe muttered as he violently retched the last of his lunch onto the street.
"We're bound to find some idiots who'll take a bullet for us.."
There were plenty of idiots being idiots for free on Mars. Trouble was finding them, and getting em to stop being idiots for long enough to convince them to be idiots for money.
It was something Rothe had a slight penchant for.
He smirked again as he thought of the money they were going to make. And then began vomiting again.


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